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  1. (regular font = serious mode) For those of you who don't know me, I'm HansonKerman, and I usually post in Lucida Sans. My serious mode is this default font. This is my serious size. So you can se that I'm very serious right now. <venting anger> So, I've been noticing, after reading a certain Starbound web serial (paging @Fraston, he knows what I'm talking about,), I realize that too many people refer to nonhuman animals as "it"! Also, they refer to nonhumans as "animals! Ahem. Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. With few exceptions, animals consume organic material, breathe oxygen, are able to move... etc. Wikipedia. Nonhumans and why they're not the only animals. Or, Humans are animals too! So, humans do all of the above! And yet, they still refer to only nonhumans as animals! This needs to S-T-O-P STOP! Nonhumans and why they should not be known as "it". Or, Nonhumans have genders too! ARGH! This one infuriates me the most. It's not helping that my sister is watching Pokémon. Nonhumans also have genders. So why can't we call them "he", "She", if they have a name, "<insert name>", and if you don't know their gender, "them/they!" Conclusion All in all, I hope my lecture has brought you to your senses. If you know me (in real life), great! I look forward to seeing your reaction in school. So, the moral is, um... see above. I, Hanson, hope that this has brought you to your senses, and you will be kinder to animals from now on. STILL VERY ANGRY, Hanson.
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