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Found 8 results

  1. Hello fellow KSP players. I am relatively new to making SSTOs but I noticed that some of the planes have a hard time going into orbit even with enough fuel. I’m curious if it’s my ascent profile or my angle of attack and I was wondering if there is a preferred profile for certain types of space planes. Thanks in advance.
  2. My SSTO reaches 15 - 20 km and 400m/s but then the prograde continuously drops until its below zero and my plane is losing altitude no matter how much I try and pitch it up to correct it. How do i stop it from doing this?
  3. I created an SSTO to take to different planets on my Space Station. It worked perfectly without the ducted fans. With 1.9, I decided to try them to save fuel and weight. Now, every time it is airborne, it slowly twists to the left. I keep SAS on, but it does not help. All parts were applied in mirror fashion by the system. From what I can tell, my center of gravity is slightly ahead of the center of lift, just like it should be. Both are going down the center of vessel. After displaying my aero forces, the root of the problem is in the cargo, from what I can tell. It seems that the cargo is now generating aero forces while enclosed in a MK3 cargo bay. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Below is the .craft file for the SSTO in question. I don't have an image account, sorry. Science Rover SSTO
  4. I've made this kick-ass SSTO that could get up to 20 people to Laythe. In previous tests, I managed to get to LKO (and Minmus' surface for refueling) and re-enter with no problem. However, after I was done with the ALT-12 Laythe tests, for some reason the Poseidon started to fail. More specifically, it lost thrust and speed as it got to Mach 1 and never got past 400 m/s during the initial ascent. For more details regarding the previous Poseidon tests, read my "Neptune Mission Files" post about them. SPH image of the latest variant CORRECTION ATTEMPT 1 Tried the "low-angle" approach to get to a high enough velocity so that the engines can't stop working CORRECTION ATTEMPT 2 Tried to ascend as fast as possible at a 30-degree angle. Backfired miserably How do I fix this? This plane used to be awesome, and now for some reason it's a "massive flop."
  5. I am having trouble with an ssto of mine. This is only my 4th ssto and 1st mk3 ssto. It is supposed to go to a mun station, pick up 4 kerbals, then go to a minmus station, and pick up 4 more and then come back to kerbin. When I was testing it for landing on the runway I took of the runway (near the end) and then aimed for the 10 degree marker on the nav ball, physical time warped till I was 1400 meters high and then I was going to turn around and land on the runway but this thing is very sensitive when turning and flips out and stalls a lot and I don't know why. I know that at like over 300 m/s planes typically do this but with must you can at least turn with some effort but this one is way to unstable for me to fly, but I m a beginner for sstos and planes in general and I am not a good pilot either (I can only land on the runway about a third of the time). I really want this to land on the runway and use mk 3 parts to be space shuttle-ish even though it doesn't have the orange fuel tank and/or the srbs. Here are some pictures to help you (I am new to the forum and don't know how to size to pictures or anything, and this is also my first time using imuger to post pictures too.). Also, please excuse any spelling mishaps I have. Any tips?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz6GRP_b21M A good video guide on how to build a small mk 2 Sato using parts that can be accessed either late game or in sandbox it can hold little or no cargo, and only a few passengers but functions rather well.
  7. I'm planning building one with mk4 parts to hold 16 kerbals in it, but all I know is you need rapier engines that can get you to LKO, and then just nuclear engines to the rest of your flight... though should i calculate the delta-V with that little community map? or just test if the rapiers work, and then just off we go? I really would like to know if I would need to make any calculations with the nuclear engines...
  8. So, I just created a new SSTO that has about 5,000 meters per seconds of deltaV, but I can't get it into orbit. It goes well until I hit the higher atmosphere, and then it screws up. Can someone please help? Craft Image
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