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  1. KSP is many things to many people. It is rich with possibilities. The only "right" way to play it is to have fun -- and if along the way you amuse/entertain/enlighten others, that's a decided bonus from KSP to everyone. I recently built a plane with wing root tanks. I like this technique because you can slide them fore/aft to balance the full/empty CoM. I shift-gizmo'ed them nearly flush with the fuselage so that you could conveniently click them to refuel as long as you knew they were there. My quip at the time was, "that explains why national surveys show Kerbals prefer the aisle seats". I was modeling an actual airplane which has bulges at the wing roots indicating fuel storage there. This is "clipping for aesthetics". I've built another plane where I felt the best shape for the wings was the FAT-55, but it didn't provide me enough wing area. Imagine placing two sets of wings on that aircraft. Problem solved. Works under KSP aerodynamics. Looks awful. So I slid them together to create the same shape wing but actually even more resembling that of a real-life wide-body. Beautiful and it works. The objections based on the dogma surrounding clipping would be that a) I am overlapping fuel (moah fuel) and b) getting twice the lift from "the wing". No. It's the same plane as the ugly one; I simply moved the pieces together for aesthetics. There is a "clipping for performance". (We've all done this. Publicly or secretly.) An example would be jamming 3 Junos into a service bay on a VTOL to get sufficient TWR to hover, when a) the service bay doesn't have room, but b) there's no decent way to solve it by separating the engines out and spraying them all over the assembly. By "decent", I mean that avoiding this clipping would make the delicate VTOL balancing act ferociously harder. (I did this in my Tern-R retractable-gear variant on Brikoleur's original Tern.) I am very wary of this latter type of clipping because it's a slippery slope since performance gets to be very competitive. This is why challenges generally exercise tight control over clipping, fairly enough. I don't disdain the practice but it's crucial to clearly discern the different objectives for clipping. Then there is the Replicant crowd. The objective is correspondence to actual aircraft/rockets. Clipping is an imperative to reach the objective. This makes sense. This is a different arena within KSP. I admire the replica. I've gone as far as allowing myself to be inspired by actual machinery and imitate it in an impressionistic way. I've learned to not give real names to mere impressions. (Because the Replicants are armed and dangerous, thanks to BD Armory. ) But it makes sense and no one complains about clipping there; though lower overall part count is valued. Finally, it's worth mentioning that there are some very creative, non-obvious and elegant ways to clip. E.g. doing it without added excess drag. And for mechanisms that are otherwise impossible or irksome; e.g. releasing a payload from a fairing for an air-drop. Even more crucially, it is good to clearly discern the different reasons and objectives we "engineers" have for exercising our craft [skill, trade, art] in KSP, isn't it?
  2. EVE-Redux This is my continuation of EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancements). This started as a performance-enhanced version of EVE. See here for EVE (thanks for everything @rbray89). This build also integrates @R-T-B's and @BIOZ fixes for 1.10. Information about current EVE-Redux This version uses a few more modern rendering tricks: - Cloud shadows are rendered using the depth buffer instead of re-rendering most of the scene's geometry with a projector (saves a lot of CPU time, culling the scene+sending draw calls) - Celestial shadows are also rendered using the depth buffer instead of re-rendering most of the scene's geometry with a projector (saves a lot of CPU time, culling the scene+sending draw calls) - All the particles in a volumetric cloud layer are rendered at once in a single draw-call, instead of one draw-call per particle, saving CPU time - One MeshRenderer and one GameObject per volumetric layer instead of one per particle - Volumetric particles are rendered at 1/4 the screen resolution then upsampled with a depth-aware filter and composited into the scene, saving GPU power So how fast is it really? Known issues: -You might notice a bit of aliasing now that all effects use the depth buffer -Volumetrics may appear visible from underwater with scatterer Downloads Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2631/Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux Github: https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/ Configs: Configs are to be downloaded from the default EVE config:https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/download/EVE-1.2.2-1/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-Configs- or your favourite visual pack Changelogs: Discord: I don't have an official Discord but I usually hang out in the EVE and scatterer channels of the kopernicus discord so you can find me there, although this server is mostly for modders: https://discord.com/invite/uA69S3zZqf Donations: I do this in my spare time, if you like what I do you can support me here: Patreon: Paypal:
  3. Picture by @Vals_Aerospace Stockalike Angara and Post-Soviet spacecraft for KSP v1.1.0 (26 May 2021) This mod adds the Angara launch vehicle and it associated upper stages to the game. It will eventually include more rockets developed in the Post-Soviet era. It is meant to mesh well with Tantares, Bluedog Design Bureau, and other stockalike mods. Gallery DOWNLOADS Spacedock Github DEVELOPMENT BUG REPORTS WIKI ROADMAP Made by @EStreetRockets Support from B9PS and SAF provided by @blowfish (Un)official wiki maintained by @Friznit Special thanks to @PickledTripod, @CobaltWolf, @Beale, and @DylanSemrau, as well as many others who aided development. I am open to suggestions. Please feel free to (respectfully) let me know about stuff you think would make a good addition to the mod. Make sure check the roadmap before you ask. As of now, the scope of this mod is Russian spacecraft in the Post-Soviet era. Dependencies (included in download, check for latest versions!): B9 Part Switch (2.17.0) Community Resource Pack (1.4.2) Module Manager (4.1.4) Simple Adjustable Fairings (1.12.0) DeployableEngines (1.3.0) Installation: Merge the GameData folder in the release .ZIP with the GameData folder in your KSP installation. All of the dependencies come included with the mod. The "Eisenhower-Astronautics" folder, as well all dependencies, should appear alongside the "Squad" folder. Recommended Mods: Eisenhower Astronautics comes with support for the following mods: WaterfallFX - A cool way to create and drive engine effects more effectively. If you want cool engine plumes, get this mod. CryoTanks - This provides a set of patches provide fuel-switching features for the most basic LF/O tanks as well as orbital fuel tanks specially designed to contain cryogenic fuels. I recommend you use all of them for a complete experience. Frequently Asked Questions How are the parts balanced? Parts are balanced against stock KSP parts, which means the launch vehicles might seem overpowered. The parts are best suited for a 2.5x~ system rescale or JNSQ. Will you add feature/part xxx? I certainly accept pull requests. Please target all such things to the dev branch though! Or, you can make a constructive suggestion on the forum thread. Please check the roadmap above before asking. Licensing:
  4. Overview: Kerpton (kerp-tawn) Future Media was a software development company which created the popular singing synthesizer program "Kertsune (kert-soo-neh) Miku", which many Kerbals had used to make their own songs. But lately, its founder, Hiroyuki Kerman, had considered starting a space program after playing a realistic space simulator for several months. Using the wealth he had acquired from selling so many copies of music software, he started a new organization called the Kerpton Aero-Space Development Agency, and hired several young aerospace engineers. This thread will document the various missions of KASDA. KASDA insignia, depicting a green onion (negi) flying through space KSP Version: 1.1.3 (originally 0.20.2) Mods currently in use: Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Precise Maneuver, MechJeb, Ambient Light Adjustment, Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (doesn't seem to be for 1.1.3 anymore but I have a copy), Kerbpaint (with update for 1.1.3), Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Near Future Construction, Asteroid Day, Habitat Pack, HyperEdit (for testing only), TAC Fuel Balancer, Trajectories, Taurus HCV, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Scatterer, Stock Visual Enhancements, Kopernicus, Outer Planets Mod, Pood's OPM-VO, Planetshine, in-game Transfer Window Planner, Engine Lighting, Flag Decals, Kerbal Inventory System, NavHud, EVA Follower, Atomic Age, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, SpaceY + SpaceY Expanded, Behemoth Aerospace, Stock Visual Terrain Useful calculators: Launch window calculator, Aerobraking calculator, Parachute calculator Robotic programs: Crewed programs: Mission list (if you end up in the wrong place when you click a link, click the address bar and press enter) Timeline of interplanetary mission milestones prior to the manifestation of Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, and Plock, and everything that happened in between (Y1 to Y29) (1-100) (101-200) (201-270) (By the way, how do you people take screenshots? I can't move the camera to the camera angle that I want if it is paused, and I can't move the camera and fly the rocket at the same time.)
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