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  1. Hello! I've been a lurker on the forums since around .14, and I've finally joined! Almost Real Size Replicas: Civilian Aircraft Replicas: Airbus A-380 Carries 644 (unless I miscounted) passengers. Expect it to maneuver like the 430 ton winged whale that it is. Not for potato computers. Craft File & image on KerbalX Boeing 737-600 It carries 88 passengers and flies quite nicely (in my opinion). Craft file & image on KerbalX Boeing VC-25 Carries the President + lots of VIPs. Has a bonus feature for fans of Harrison Ford Craft File & image on KerbalX Bombardier Learjet 45 Carries a modest 8 passengers. Flies quite nicely, as it's not very heavy. Craft File & image on KerbalX De Havilland DH-106 Comet Right now it carries 18 passengers, I mainly went for looks on this one, will probably change. Flies about like your average plane. Craft File & image on KerbalX Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C Carries 80 passengers, good for the casual pilot. Craft File & image on KerbalX Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B Carries 96 passengers, also for the casual pilot. Craft File & image on KerbalX McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Carries 224 passengers and... well... it's a bit sluggish... just... "Don't let the plane take you where your mind wasn't 5 minutes earlier" Craft File & image on KerbalX McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Carries 50 something passengers I think. Not the best flier, but it looks pretty cool. Craft File & image on KerbalX Aerospatiale Concorde (Incomplete) This thing doesn't want to supercruise yet, let alone do so at Mach 2. Not finished yet. Craft File & image on KerbalX Unofficial plans: work to improve Aerospatiale Concorde (maybe), maybe (757, 767, 787), 777, Cessna Citation, C-17 Globemaster lll, more. Yes I have a lot of plane plans! More coming soonish! Pictures! Military Aircraft Replicas: A-10 Thunderbolt (AKA Warthog) Currently has no missiles. I may add some later. Craft File & image on KerbalX General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon A bit squirrely and sluggish at the same time, but still fun to fly. It has no rudder at the moment, and as for the nose... I did my best people! Craft File & image on KerbalX Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Also fun to fly Craft File & image on KerbalX McDonnell Douglas F-15 Strike Eagle Fun to fly Craft File & image on KerbalX More coming soonish Totally Kerbal Crafts: Coax Mk1 A small, stock, coaxial helicopter. It currently has enough fuel for only about 5 minutes of flight, but I aim to improve that. I actually developed this after getting sidetracked while trying to use Majorjim's thermohinge to give a Concorde model a droop nose. The droop nose didn't work, but I got something much better! Craft File & image on KerbalX Igor C2 STOL Cargo Plane Originally designed for on the often debris-strewn wasteland that is the island runway on a high-traffic DMP server, this cargo plane has the ability to land and takeoff within 150m (unloaded). I once did 100m by accident (I stalled it onto a 100m aircraft carrier I was buzzing, which I may add later), but 150m is more recommended (as this will be necessary for takeoff ). Anyways, the twin Goliath engines are mounted high to keep them away from debris, and relaxed stability allows this plane to keep a critical angle of attack, allowing flight down to 30m/s (unloaded). Don't ask me why I named it Igor... I really don't remember Craft File & image on KerbalX Kerbal Cessna P3 A light, easygoing plane for beginners and experts alike. Good for island trips, flying under bridges and through hangers, and more. Can carry 2 passengers along for the ride. It's also got a happy face! Craft File & image on KerbalX Titan Mk1-2 A somewhat large tandem rotor helicopter. With the right game settings (namely just an increased rotation speed limit), this thing can lift 73 or so tons. Flies like a dream, but I can't say reliability is the same. It probably won't break, but there's always that chance. It should be fine if you don't take it over 25m/s Craft File & image on KerbalX More coming soonish Plans here include updating 2 cargo planes, a few helicopters, and more If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my builds (or anything else to say ), please let me know! Have Fun!
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