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Found 7 results

  1. So recently, I noticed Jebediah and Valentina weren't in my inventory. And if they were missing, they should have been back by now. I checked the astro complex and it said both were"K.I.A". Fyi, they're not missing as i checked everything in my tracking station and the astro complex doesn't say that they are missing. Edit: I found out that K.I.A means killed in action, but they should've re spawned. I set the re spawn timer to 1 hour and I'm sure I've been playing for more then 1 hour. Any of you know how to respawn them?
  2. Previously in Kerbal Space Program: Quietly and without anyone noticing, from the depths of the nethersphere the Kraken grew restless. Reaching into the substructure of the Kerbiverse with it's many tentacles it began it's interminable work. Nothing noticeable at first, a glitch in the matrix *cough* an unexpected repeated meme. Here and there a delay in time. Barely tangible and passing unremarked by the Kerbals and indeed the Superuser herself!. But bit by bit by byte by megabyte the fractures and fissures festered unfettered across the divine snack platters of the Kerbiverse and indeed the entire multiverse and then ... nothing. The Superuser tried in vain to coax the spin back into the Kerbiverse but it's snack platters could do nothing more than a brief cheddaring noise before sinking back into nothingness. With that everything was wiped from existence. No more would Babylon K dominate the local system it simply vanished from Minmus Orbit. No more would hapless tourists with only a few funds find themselves unexpectedly transferred to the Minman Ore Mines at Rura Penthe Base. All was not lost however. The Superuser, though thoroughly spanked by the copious tentacles of the Kraken for completely missing the foretellings of the SMART, began again. This time the multiverse was rebuilt with no spin but was in a solid state to the core. This time there was the technology, she could rebuild it, stronger, faster better than before! And would find the route back to Kerbin! So Say We All! Valentina opened her eyes. The sky was blue and cloudless above her. As she came too she recalled the memories of a previous life. She knew she was powerful! But this new form, this new form - It was weak! But not for long. She luxuriated for a few moments in the kerbal enriching sounds emanating from the great speaker and slowly became aware that the space centre was back! More! there was a count down going on T minus five minutes!. There was just time. Sprinting as fast as her shift key would allow she ran back to the astronaut complex. She threw on her suit and made for the launch pad on foot, stopping only to pick up a number 3 pool ball. Ahead of her she could see Jebediah sauntering towards the launch vehicle confident in his status as pilot of the first Kerbal Launch Vehichle. With all her strength she threw the pool ball at Jeb. It sailed in a lazy arc through the air and came down right on target! It bounced off the top of Jeb's helmet and landed in the grass in front of him. Round and red amongst the green blades, he could not resist, It looked exactly like a mini ball of Edam. A fine snack to be sure. He removed his helmet and stooped to pick it up. Sitting on the grass he dropped first one glove and then the other. He turned the ball slowly, realising with horror his mistake as he spotted the number 3 on the side. Quickly he turned back towards the launch vehichle. Simple as it was, just two goo canisters, a pod and a flea booster it was a fine sight and scrambling through the hatch - Valentina!. Clipboard in hand. She had already done her crew report and EVA report. A goo pod opened and then a great pit opened in Jebs stomach as he realised - he had eaten the pool ball!. That was going to be painful later! The countdown reached zero. A mighty roar filled the air and Valentina Smiled as she was pressed back into her seat. She had forgotten to check her staging and the parachute had deployed at the same time the engines fired. But no matter. The science from the goo pods and her crew reports would vinidcate her. Empress Valentina was on her way back! And she was going to science the Kraken out of this! ( or at least make someone else do it ) I'm no graphic artist - if someone can help me make a better flag along these lines I'd be very grateful - 8 planets of the Kerbol sytem in a row. Kerbin dominating and a gladius over kerbin to represent the Empire!
  3. Doing my first Mun MIssion in a new game, I designed my Rocket put Valentina in the pilots seat and went to bed. Reloaded the game this morning and launched and half way to space I notice that Jeb has replaced Valentina. I prefer to use Valentina for everything over Jeb. No real reason other than I like her better. How can I promote Valentina over Jeb permanently, so that she's the default Kerbal crew member. I realise I can simply turn off Kerbal respawning and fire Jeb into the sun but I'd rather not do that. Game file modding is fine by me.
  4. Foreword by Jebediah Kerman It is no secret that Valentina and I did not always see eye-to-eye... Even during the Kerbanaut Training and selection process a bitter rivalry developed between us that alienated her from the rest of the Kerbanaut Candidates. Before applying to join KSP Valentina had served as a Major in the Imperial Air Force - commanding the Emperor's Personal Fighter Wing and flying the latest in experimental aircraft. She had grown up in Kerbin City and her family were influential members of the Imperial Court. I, on the other hand, was a former resistance pilot hailing from the farming province of Korvega. In stark contrast to the advanced jet-powered fighters of the Imperial Air Force, the Independent Air Force flew aging propeller-driven aircraft that spent more time on the ground undergoing repairs than in the air. After the war ended I survived by recycling war surplus materials and dabbled with rocketry as a hobby - stripping down several of the deadly VK-1 rockets that the Emperor loved to fire at Korvega and which my fellow resistance pilots desperately tried to intercept. By reverse engineering the VK-1 engine my engineers - all hobbyists I might add - managed to develop the LV-T30 engine and conducted a number of test flights which caught the attention of the infant KSP. I think this was there the rivalry with Val really stemmed. Though I was her equal in the cockpit, she believed that I was only selected for Kerbanaut Training because my company supplied most of the components for the Apex-I rocket that would carry Stayputnik-III - the first artificial satellite - into orbit. Ultimately, as you will read in her biography, there were a number of other factors that played a major role in deciding who would become the first Kerbal in space... After Project Trailblazer - the missions to put a Kerbal in orbit - had been completed the "Original Four" Kerbanauts were lauded as global heroes. Over time the bitter rivalry that had once existed between Val and I softened into a friendly rivalry and ultimately...genuine friendship. Whilst I happily returned to my scrap yard and continue to dabble with rockets she remained with the KSP to train the next generation of Kerbanauts that would continue the mission that we had started. Yet going into Kerbin orbit was not enough for Val... When the KSP Administrators decided that they needed a steady hand on the tiller for the Kerpollo Mun Programme Val was the logical choice. To demonstrate how far our friendship had developed she did not hesitate to contact me for help when the new Kerbanauts struggled to land the Munar Excursion Module in simulations. Yet the one thing she was adamant about was that - after watching me become the first Kerbal to leave Kerbin's atmosphere and Bill become the first Kerbal to orbit the planet - "She" was going to be the first Kerbal to set foot on the Mun. This is her story... [PROLOGUE TO FOLLOW SOON]
  5. A little kerbal version of Statue of Liberty File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/19xtququ2zgbjee/Valentina's Statue.craft?dl=0 Screenshots:http://imgur.com/a/90hE6 Yea i know it's ugly
  6. I decided I would take my best girl someplace special tonight. Looks like she had a good time. I like Val. She never fusses and afterwards I can drop her off anywhere
  7. MatttheCzar


    Prologue The rovers had driven for 80 km, when out on the horizon, the glint of metal appeared, glistening, bright enough to outshine even the bright münar soil. Valentina turned to Seanfel, who was busy warming up chili in the rover's microwave. "We finally made it!" To that, the entire cabin perked up. Copilot Wehrton started to get a little giddy at the thought, while engineer Megta broke into questions immediately. "Is the descent module intact? Is it true that the flag was knocked over in ascent? Why, I can't wait to see the effects of the münar heat cycle after so many years! Does it st—" "Slow down!" Val had to giggle at her passionate wave of questions. "We'll know soon enough." As she focused back on her driving, a smile overtook her face too, as it often does. The descent module had been there for more than what some kerbals would call "many years." A kid could have been born on its landing date, and would be married and with children by now, much like the pilots were at the time. Seanfel peered up from the chili with a look of awe on his face. Even though there was barely an atmosphere on the Mün to weather the craft, the lander showed its age. Decades of micrometeor impacts had faded its shiny orange paint, and the lander feet were buried in regolith. As the rover got closer, the radio onboard flickered to life. It was Jebediah Kerman, Kerpollo 11 pilot and now aging space booster entrepreneur. "How is it, crew? Is it as good as the pictures?" Wherton peered past Val, looked for a few seconds, and said, "Better, much better! Now can we finally get out of this tiny car and get a look at it on foot?" Jeb's laugh came out as static. "Ha-hah, just my style! Bring out the camera too, this is a milestone!" EVA suits on, the crew depressurized the rover and stepped out. The regolith under Valentina's feet was unlike the virgin soil she was used to. It felt packed; she looked down and saw a bootprint, under her own boot. She looked back up, and there it was. Kerpollo 11. Jebediah interrupted that thought. "Look at the TV, Bill! Home again!"
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