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  1. Obviously my own "stupidity" rating is on the high side... I've been trying (and failing) to piece together something understandable from all the discussion of landing gear/wheel problems in 1.1.2. Would some kind Kerbingineer please summarize it at a relatively simple (i.e., non-programmer) level? I have searched through a lot of the discussions on the forum, but I haven't found a post that explains it all satisfactorily. Specifically, I hope to find straightforward answers to these sub-questions: 1. I have heard that landing gear/wheel behavior has changed, apparently not for the better, in 1.1.2. Is this a bug, an intended modification of the game physics, or perhaps a combination (i.e., buggy modification of physics)? 2. Are all landing-gear type items affected? For instance, landing legs, aircraft landing gear, and rover wheels? Anything else that contacts the ground? 3. Is there a known workaround(s), patch, or recommended best practices to minimize/avoid the problems?
  2. This applies to any version, First make a dragon like Resupply craft. And then make a fully reuseable rocket, then: You must land the first stage and recover it(No parachutes(No drouges either)).Then land the 2nd stage from orbit(drogues are allowed on the second stage de-orbit/landing)and recover it.And then resupply a space station with the dragon like craft.Then finally land the spacecraft and recover it.(you can use parachutes and drouge chutes on the spacecraft).
  3. So I've been having issues with loading in Warships in Kerbal Space Program. Going from Tracking Station to the Ship, or having a vehicle come into physics range causes ships to randomly explode. I've been trying to figure out why my ships are exploding for last couple of days and seeing if I could find the source. I have Kerbal Join reinforcement as well as Airpark. Mods List here: Link to Mods list (Idk how to add images, I'm having issues with that atm) System Specs: AMD Ryzen 1700 (3.2 Ghtz) EVGA GTX 1080 SSC 32GB G.Skill Aegis Ram 850 Watt PSU OS: Windows 7 SSD 256GB Samsung 840 Evo (Holds OS and the KSP Folder) 2x512gb HDD 1x2TB HDD
  4. I decided to try building a rover for the first time today, and I noticed that any rover I construct will turn to the right at the moment that I press W (forward). This is no matter what wheels or probe core I use. I downloaded a fresh new copy of 1.1.2 and continued to have this problem, even with some of the stock rovers like Rover + Skycrane and Prospector Rover (I don't see this problem with the Crater Crawler nor with the Bug-E Buggy). Now, this is not a continuous turn to the right - it is only upon pressing forward. For example, from stop, I will press W and the rover will begin to move forward and turn right about 15 degrees or so, and then if I continue to have W pressed, the rover will continue straight at the new 15 deg angle. However, if instead of continuously holding W I pulse W for one second pressed, one second unpressed, one second pressed, etc., the rover will go forward-right ~15 degrees, then forward-right another ~15 degrees, then forward-right another ~15 degrees...and eventually I am traveling in a huge circle, without ever hitting any other key but forward. This will happen even if I disable steering on each of the wheels. This will also happen if I try to create a rover with awfully misaligned wheels to see if it will drive left or affect it in some way - and it doesn't. The rover does the exact same thing, with no differences. I have tried this with a 4 wheeled and a 6 wheeled rover, and the problem seems more pronounced with a 6 wheeled rover. I have tried it on completely flat terrain and I have tried to make sure the terrain was exactly the same for all wheels (driving on the runway and in the grass around the KSC). I tried downloading a fresh new copy of 1.0.5 and this problem was no more. The rover drove as straight as could be. I even tried to create a new rover with misaligned wheels again, and even this horribly asymmetric rover ran 100% straight. So, this seems to be a problem with some release after 1.0.5 (I do not know which release because as I mentioned before, today was my first ever trial with rovers). Does anyone else have this problem with 1.1.2? This seems to me to be a pretty significant bug. I am running Windows 10 64-bit. I've tried KSP 1.1.2 in 32-bit mode and 64-bit with the same problem.
  5. Hello, So the other day BeardyPenguin released his Fall of Kerbin mod list. I was really excited to give it a shot but when I found out it was 1.1.2 I thought I could just go into betas in steam properties and find 1.1.2 but I cannot I only see 1.0.5 and 1.1.3. Is there any way to get 1.1.2? Any help would be most appreciated.
  6. I have stumbled across this bug after loading up Kerbal Space Program in the morning a few days ago. I loaded up ksp as I would always, clicking into my steam library and clicking play full of excitement for what I had planned. When it has fully booted, I was met with the title screen. After that, I located the start game button and clicked it. After, I selected 'Resume Saved'. Now, this is when it hit me that something was horribly wrong! All the save files were gone. I was quite used to these things that I like to call 'One Time Bugs' if I fix it with a reboot, so I closed down my ksp and launched it again. After going back to the 'Resume Saved', they were still gone. But this time, I clicked out of the menu and then tried to click back in to see if this affected it (Not closing the program down ). When I was met by the start game menu, I clicked 'Resumed saved'. Nothing happened. There colour changed, but that was pretty much it. At this , I was getting quite worried so, rebooted my PC to see if that helped. This had no effect. Then I checked my save files via my PC files. Surprisingly enough, they were all there. I spent a few days tinkering with my ksp to try and get it to work to no avail. So, I moved my save files to my back up folder and deleted ksp. Then I reinstalled it via steam. This again, did not work. Here, you will find my specs Windows 10 4GB RAM Intel Pentium 64-bit Operating system Integrated graphics (As you can tell, not the best PC on the planet.) Here, you will find screenshot I took of the incident. Loading to the start game menu Finding my saves gone Then trying but failing to open it back up again Checking my PC for the files Looking to see if I was modded. Very sorry I had to report this bug, hope you have a fix and that I have reported everything correctly. Yours faithfully -Natural Hold on, not showing my images...
  7. Ok, the title is vague but here is my criteria for 'inspiration': - 1st it needs to look cool... - 2nd It needs to be able to make it to Duna + Ike at least! - 3rd FUNCTIONALLITY! - 4th I'd prefer ideas to be thrown at me providing images for possible designs but ultimately I make the final post and compose what I did here... That is it pretty much Crafts inspired by this post... awfulcraftdesigns, Signing Out!
  8. I abandoned the original thread because nobody answered me. STAR SYSTEMS MOD [WIP] This mod is still in development but, i think soon i will test it and release it. Explore new star systems: Special thanks to: - KillAshley ( Code and Textures) - Daeridanii ( For tell me how to make decent textures with GIMP) - Me ( I programed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - Sigma88 ( LavaLaythe)
  9. Just finished a flight test on some tweaks I've been doing for my own game. I'm willing to bet many of you playing with aircraft have problems with skidding and spinouts from even the slightest yaw input while on a takeoff roll or landing. Most people don't make sense of the new tweakables, and settings, and I've noticed that some critical settings are counter-intuitive. I have some workaround fixes that may improve ground roll performance. I'll start by advising you, part of this light fix will be modification to Squad parts files. Back them up. And here's the fix list. 1: Input Sensitivity value is inverted. Set HIGH, not LOW. In your game settings, under input for vehicles, you'll have a sensitivity slider that ranges from 0 to 100. For some reason, the value mode is inverted. 0 is HYPER sensitive (The slightest tap takes the control range to max). Set your sliders to 100 to minimize sensitivity. This is likely a bug, so be prepared to verify this on any given update of KSP. 2: Use increased, but not identical friction on gear. When setting up landing gear in tricycle arrangement, set the friction value of the aft gear to 2, and the friction of the steering (forward) gear to 1.5. In this manner, your forward gear will slip while your aft gear are still gripping. So just like tires on cars: Newest tires with the best grip go on the back to prevent the aft end coming free. The increased slippage on the front gear also prevents an aggressive turn command on the steering from grabbing too suddenly. 3: Modify the Steering Curve. While fixes one and two make craft somewhat controllable, they still get extremely squirrely if given the slightest direct yaw steering input. The result is a bunch of sensitive overcorrection taps that make things ugly VERY fast. I did some digging, and brought up the module that defines steering behavior. MODULE { name = ModuleWheelSteering baseModuleIndex = 0 caliperTransformName = SteeringPivot steeringResponse = 2 steeringCurve { key = 0 30 key = 10 9 key = 30 2 } } This is code for the small retractable landing gear (Single wheel). Immediately, I noted 'steeringResponse = 2' and 'steeringCurve'. I was unable to find anything on steeringResponse, but I found some discussion around the forums talking about the values under Steering Curve. Without any final say, the conjecture is that the first value is velocity, the second is turning angle, I'm assuming in degrees per second. Which is saying in the code above that that the rate the wheel can turn is 30 degrees per second at 0 m/s up to the maximum pivot value. It is ALSO possible that that is the maximum pivot value for the wheel at said speeds. Either way, I halved the first number and left the second alone. If it's a rate curve, then the rate of wheel pivot decreases with speed, making it react slower as you gain speed down the runway, decreasing the overcorrection tendencies. If it's a maximum angle, then you STILL benefit by the reduced velocity value as the maximum turn angle is cut down much sooner. So, long and short, go down the keys and half the value of the first number in each key. This should improve turning control of aircraft on flight rolls. I noticed an immediate improvement when I did so. As a note for anyone who wants to play with modifying these values: 10 meters a second velocity is 19.4 knots, which is 22 MPH, which is 35 km/h. Keep those speeds and values in consideration when deciding how much turn you want wheels to give you. Anyone who learns more, feel free to add to the topic.
  10. to keep it short... Why can't I climb a relatively shallow hill on Eve with a rover with ruggedized wheels? The rover weights around 19t (more like a truck) and the engine seems not to have the power to climb a miserably small slope... any ideas to go around this or rovers are simply dead from 1.1.x? Note: in a game version prior to 1.0.2 this rover truck climbs it without a problem
  11. Hello, My steam client is not updating my game to 1.1.2. My game remains in 1.1.0. I have selected to opt-in the beta. But it just doesn't update it. I played with 1.1.0 a lot. And my mods are having problems because of this.. How can I make Steam to update my game? Please help me! My circle is dead, there's something wrong...
  12. The game crashed as I was about to enter the VAB Mod list : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6g0hb8lgztc1ohc/Νέο έγγραφο κειμένου.txt?dl=0 Crash Log : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b6tpzymsvdsmdi7/AABJ0QIqUdqk1H0VwLXEXNX8a?dl=0
  13. In the title lads. I built a heavy lander (around 54t) capable of carrying a crew of 2 Kerbals. I have built it with Eve in mind (hence the aerodynamic fairing, which carries the final ascent stage module); now I know that the required Delta-V is something around 6000-7000m/s but I have tested this lander on Kerbin - with 3320m/s Delta-V it was able to circularise an orbit of 500,000km above the surface (with about 15% fuel remaining). Considering the fact I've built a 1 man rival lander with double the Delta-V, this lander performed MUCH better in Kerbin testing. So would it then be capable of an Eve entry and ascent (to an orbiter waiting above)? Pics can be seen here;
  14. - 1.1.2 - Airplane - Control: Keyboard I've get back to KSP after a bunch of time, about a year, the game still amazing and very funny, while you still on rocket, but airplane become a torture. In older version they was much more playable, and for Playable I mean, that in landing-phase they wouldn't explode as they touch the ground (with the wheels ). Also, during the flight when the fuel decrease the plane become pretty unstable, in some unpredictable way, for example as soon as you push Q and E it start rolling as hell !!! I've also decreased the sensibility on ailerons at half of the value and used the caps-lock but the crazy rolling rest, so try to align the airplane to the runway and land is a real mess! Squad should think about it, 'cause there are a bunch of many causal-gamers out there and crashing the plane so easily it's very frustrating.
  15. This was taken from the original RVE thread. You can read about it here. *DISCLAIMER* This is not supported by Pingopete, or at all recommended, This is just what works for me. Use at your own discretion and please do not complain if it doesn't work, or there are bugs. This is COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED. You'll need: Latest version of Scatterer Latest version of EVE RVE for KSP v1.0.5 for linux64 (others may work but this is what I tried it with) First, install Scatterer and EVE as usual, then drop the scatterer folder into your GameData. This contains the scatterer planet configs for RSS. Finally, drop the RVE folder into your GameData. Currently, texture replacement of Earth isn't working so you are stuck with the stock earth texture, but the cloud layers are working, and scatterer is working. performance is great too. Still looks awesome, just like the good ol' days.
  16. A bit of a random UI question: is there a way to disable the "snap to constant radius" behaviour when building a stock fairing section? It's handy, but it also prevents access to a significant range of angles.
  17. Read into some 1.1.x wheel problem threads. Sounds like the issue has something to do with colliders and clipping. After reading that, I went back to the rover design I was working on, and offset all my wheels so that they aren't clipping into anything (which is a HUGE pain, since offsetting the wheels in mirror symmetry somehow resets them to radial symmetry, so I had to place the wheels one by one and offset them manually, but that's for another time). Anyway, I do that, and I still get the Wheel Blocked issue on the pad. What gives? The wheels are literally floating in space, not physically touching any other part models. This is the best I could do for screen shots, since the gaps are very small.
  18. Just letting the game run for several hours, with only a few ongoing flights, focused on a lander on Minmus, fps degrades from ~40 to 10. Then going to the space center takes about a minute at 1fps.
  19. In the title; I've noticed that in some loadstates my navball appears to be oriented upside down. Now this is on a planetary surface - also as a result all the controls are inverted, confusing me (especially as I'm trying to takeoff from Laythe and the bloody controls are upside down). I should note that on the entry landing the navball was the correct way up.... Here's a picture here; Is this a common bug? Don't get me started on the ice skate wheels/excessive bounciness flipping my aerodynamic SSTO forward on takeoff/landing...... Thanks for your time!
  20. I am having the hardest time figuring out where I can go to get 1.1.2. I have tried the website and the launcher. Nothing. I click the Turbo Charged link in the launcher, but the page on the website does not have an option for update to 1.1.2.
  21. UPDATE: After testing this some more, it appears that MJ is always computing the interplanetary launch window to Eve to be 157 days 4 hours 52 minutes in the future, regardless of the relative positions of Kerbin and Eve. -------------------------- ORIGINAL POST: I'm having an issue after performing clean installs of KSP 1.1.2 and MJ 2.5.7. Prior to these upgrades, I was working on a mission to Eve. I used MJ repeatedly and reliably to transfer various iterations of my spacecraft to Eve using the 'Launch at interplanetary window', 'Transfer to another planet' and 'Fine tune closest approach to target' maneuvers. Following the upgrade, after completing the 'Transfer to another planet' maneuver, and attempting to create the 'Fine tune closest approach' maneuver node, I receive a warning that (paraphrasing) the resulting orbit does not approach the target closely. MJ either creates the node with an enormous dV or does not create the node at all. I'm using the same craft and maneuver steps as prior to the software upgrade. Any help appreciated.
  22. I've been doing a stockish career mode, and I've been finding that putting <5 parachutes on my basic capsule, materials, and goo setup always ends up just destroying anything on the bottom of the craft, because I'm falling at about 15 m/s. Was there any change to parachutes I didn't notice, or am I just messing something up?
  23. I've been having very severe framerate problems since 1.1.1 came out (see my comment on but #9488), and in the process I've discovered that the framerate reported (and graphed) on the "Performance" tab of the debug window (Alt-F12) seems to be completely meaningless. In particular, the debug window reports an almost rock-steady 25.1 FPS with very occasional instantaneous spikes to faster speeds. This is despite my usual frame rate being more like 15 FPS (I would estimate), and even when the frame rate drops to just 3 FPS (yes, so slow I could count 43 frames in 15s!) Is the FPS count displayed in the debug window supposed to relate to the actual graphical frame rate, or is it measuring something else unrelated?
  24. I am experiencing poor fps, around 20, when entering the game. Sometimes, the game starts with 60 fps, but upon entering the VAB, framerate drops. It continues when launching. I have noticed that if I CTRL+ALT+DELETE while the game runs or is paused, the log file shows that the graphics device is lost, and reset. When entering the game again, the framerate is normal, at 60+. This happends both in the VAB and after launching. I also see that there is some shader problems in the start og the log file. Any suggestiongs? Has this been solved already? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6b2krxps40jerxc/output_log.txt?dl=0
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