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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys. I recently started RSS and in their tutorials and many other outside ones, it is said that with Ascent guidance that I need to have omit coast checked, but there's no such button in my AG window. There is a "fixed coast length" that can be ticked and a space for what I assume is time in seconds next to it, so do I leave this at 0 and/or checked or unchecked in order to have the same effect? I'm playing on KSP 1.10.1 with the latest Mechjeb 2 dev Version available for it
  2. Hey guys, I have a good working RSS/RO modpack for the Version 1.10.1 Everything is fine only the fact that something seems wrong with the delta V maybe i am also just not good with RSS But the thing is I have a Rocket that uses 42000kN thrust for a payload of 18tons... that should end in an orbit 400KM aboth earth. SpaceX needs only about 10.000 kN thrust for 21Tons. But it makes also nearly no difference with the deltaV if I am on the surface of the earth or somewhere in space it changes only 1000 deltaV. I am new with Real Solar System so maybe it should be like that and I am just building wrong... I have uploaded my Modpack and the craft-file on Mega so you can check it out. I dont know if I am allowed to show the link to everyone for Copyright reasons but you can ask me to [email protected] hopefully you can help me
  3. Hey everyone, just a little bug i found: i landed on the mun and went on an EVA, but both my kerbals won't stop sliding, even after switching to a vessel in mun orbit. it seems as if the game thinks they are in orbit/ doesnt realise they landed? one of them even has his arms straight out like he is floating in space... i clipped it for you, as you can see they also go straight through landing legs and whatever i do i cant control it. i already reverted and after dinner im going to try again. Any help preventing this would be great!! EDIT: this is version 1.10.1, i recently reverted the game update 1.11 via the beta's menu in steam. no mods were recently updated so i dont think that it is a mod issue. this is my first mun landing since the revert. everything else seems to work great.... as long as i stay above the ground using the EVA jetpack all is working fine. but once i touch the ground im stuck to the ground and sliding EDIT #2: reverting to a savegame before landing didn't help... Thanks , parpar78
  4. I'm having a weird issue in v1.10.1 where my SSTO is constantly bouncing up and down on the runway upon loading, and refuses to stop for minutes, if ever. If I try to take off, even if the bouncing seems to have stopped, it starts to drift off the runway within seconds, and I inevitably over-correct resulting in a crash. You can see how the game registers a speed of 0.1 or 0.2m/s, which is entirely due to the bouncing. I've flown this design to orbit and back several times, so I know it isn't a design issue (although my other, smaller SSTO seems to be unaffected). No idea what the problem is, it just started happening last night and I haven't been able to launch one since.
  5. Hello, I have a question. I have a total of 9 satellites around Kerbin. All have a Communotron 88-88 antenna. Can I built a functional network with it? Which are the best antennas for relais? -I can't even communicate with my space stations even though this was possible (100-400km) Regards, MarKu
  6. Hello I have a question, because of the satellite system I used to have several working satellites around Kerbin with an RA-100 relay antenna. Then I let it crash and put it back into a better orbit. Now I have no connection at all to any object (space stations, rovers and probes) in space with an antenna even though this worked. Antennas are extended. Did anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance -MarKu
  7. first time I have run KSP in months used my usual patch technique. Copied 1.9.1 directory to a 1.10.1 one, and the attempted to patch the new directory All I get is "directory not valid" errors - any ideas what I have done wrong? 1.10 folder ready to be patched - ksp runs from it fine trying to patch it Computer says no :(
  8. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.10.1 is live! This patch contains several bugs fixes related to the 1.10 update. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.10.1 ============================================================ 1.10.1 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Making History and Breaking Ground changelog) +++ Improvements * Fairings now get rebuilt when changing the number of sides in the PAW. +++ Localization * Fix issue with Italian translation of drill action. * Fix grammar error in MPO part description. * Add missing localization on the ESA Collaboration mission pack. * Several ESA-related vocabulary improvements in multiple languages. * Fix localization tags appearing in debug console/log when playing ESA missions without Making History DLC installed. +++ Bugfixes * Fix players of ESA missions being able to access the VAB and SPH. * Fix invalid attachment references in flag parts when attached/detached/reattached in VAB/SPH. * Fix spawn probabilities for comet types. * Fix issues when contract expires that was regarding a comet that expires. * Make opaque flag parts actually opaque when not placed over other parts. * Fix Mk2 Lander cans open door action being missing. * Fix crew icons update when changing suits with the suit picker. * Fix broken merge button on craft load dialog. * Fixed missing spacing in ESA Bepi short mission dialog message. * Fixed overlapping buttons in main menu. * Attaching a single flag on the fairings now updates the editing capabilities on the fairing's PAW in the VAB and SPH. * Fix bug where comet sample contracts were not updated if a comet was renamed. * Fix mirror symmetry when using rotate and move tool. Same as we fixed it for placement tool. * The magnetometer now weighs 50 kg. * Fix Thrust Alignment on Poodle. * Fix deployable panels and antennas no longer breaking from air pressure. * Fix reentry VFX not showing when large comets hit celestial body atmospheres. * Fix radial drill not working on comets. * Fix KSPedia page Aircraft/Basics breaking in every language except Portuguese/Brazilian. +++ Mods * Fix ModuleProceduralFairing to allow mod override of base transform name and null check. * Add file path to SelectConfigNodeCallback which is called when a craft file is selected from the CraftBrowserDialog in the VAB/SPH. * Fix callback to OnFileSelectedCallback from the CraftBrowserDialog in the VAB/SPH. * Fix loading of mod Fonts. =================================== Making History 1.10.1 =================================== +++ Localization * Fix typo in "Show map node" option in some nodes in Mission Builder. +++ Bugfixes * Werner character not showing up in mission dialogue boxes. * Fix description of comet class localization bug. * Fix engine plate parts drag settings. * Fix Sally Hut 1 - space station disappears during mission. * Fix To the Mun via Minmus - mission stalls trying to get to the Mun. * Fix Dawn of the Space Age - mission stalls at Jebnik 1 Reach Altitude 1 node. * Fix Meet Me in Zero G - Atlas Agena is not present when launching Gemini 8. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.5.1 =================================== +++ Bugfixes * Fix unmotorized hinges returning to their build angle when locked in flight mode. Remember that you can help us find bugs/issues by reporting them into our bugtracker and that you can also upvote reports to make them more visible. Happy launchings!
  9. Hope someone can help, I've been playing KSP for years with no issues but had a few month gap. I installed 1.10.1 as clean install and ever since I get random hard crashes to Blue Screen on windows after about 20 minutes of gameplay. No crash dump seems to be generated bbut here are what log files I can find https://gofile.io/d/gowZgx Every time it crashes the crash is preceded by the sound going all choppy, and then a few seconds later it crashes (In case that is any clue). Any ideas - I miss being able to killexplore with kerbals. Thanks
  10. Been playing KSP for a few months now, and i was wondering how to transfer fuel multiple times. I don't know if im missing something, but after successfully transferring fuel between two tanks i cant transfer between them a second time. No, crossfeed has zero affect on it either. Im also playing on KSP 1.10, so no fuel transfer mods past KAS work either, and I'd prefer to not have too many non-stock parts.
  11. does any body have any idea where I could find mods for ULA rockets for v1.10.1 ,if yes, plz share the link
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