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Found 2 results

  1. Ecliptic Science! So I decided to make a science project related to the eclipse. Does barometric pressuer go down in an eclipse? I dont know. Is anyone else "doing science"(taking pics/vids) during the eclipse? I will use a Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT to take barometric pressure measurements for 6 minutes. This will encompass all of totality. I will then take the resulting .csv file and turn it into a graph. PSA: Remember, when doing anything before or during the eclipse, do not look directly at the sun. The total phase is safe to look at, but the moment the sun starts to return, be sure to start using eye protection again. Unfortunately, partially obstructed disk isn't as painful to look at, but just as dangerous. Watching for 30 seconds can leave you blind, and even shorter exposure can lead to irreversible eye damage. To see how the sun damages your eyes, see this scott manley video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVDmEboPkOw Special Thanks: @Nertea for Python help and the solution in disguise. @blowfish for python help HackSI for the obvious solution.
  2. Jupiter In Opposition at 6PM EST time! Where do I see it if I am in the EST time zone, at 6PM?
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