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Found 4 results

  1. An Overengineered Mission to Minmus The Little Base™ - being tested on the runway at KSC. Foreword: After finishing my Mun - Kerbin connection I decided the next logical step was a mission to Minmus (getting Kerbin SOI squared off). In the beginning I thought it was going to be something pretty insignificant.. How ever.. What started with a rover and a "dropship", has now evolved into an over the top, over engineered base building mission. The documentation for the whole affair started to outgrow what was feasible to post. So I figured I would just start "blogging" now. Hopefully this will be a much shorter endeavour than the K.G.01 and 02 saga. Mission Planning: A. Design the base elements: A container housing unit (C.H.U.) A Generator for powering the base and rovers. A Command and Control Center (C.C.C.) A Rover Capable of exploring Minmus in detail. B. Design a dropship that can land elements of the base: C. Design a Crew Shuttle for the Kerbalnauts. D. Design a Vehicle that can "Carry" the mission elements from LKO to Minmus. A. Designing The Base Elements: When I designed all the different Base Modules I decided to give them all little rover wheels and "landing legs" - first of all to be able to cushion the drop from the cargo hold of the drop ship. Second to be able to dock the parts with each other, as well as eliminate any terrain differences that would flip them around. They are also all supplied with a little bit of Δv (except the generator which has quite a bit) for being able to "fly up" and catch the docking port in the belly of the dropship again - in case the base has to be moved. I've spend quite a few hours designing these little modules - I actually think it is very hard to make good looking base modules. But I think I somewhat succeeded... and the ones that are "ugly" are "ugly" in a cool way. (Talking about the CHU unit here) 1. Container Housing Unit: 2. Generator Power Unit (G.P.U.): 3. Command and Control Center (C.C.C.) 4. Mobile Lab and Rover: B. Designing a Dropship: Designing the dropship was actually the first element I went for. I recall seeing and very old KSP video where the player played on the real universe and made a long mission to Titan. He had 4 tubes connected to his space ship that housed the base modules etc. and I thought that was a brilliant way to use the stock cylindrical cargo bays. - I wish we had XL rounded box cargo bays - mostly because the circle is hard to fit base modules in. As you can see it's quite the drop for the rover... If we had parts that could crain them down etc. that would be nice. As you can see the ship is a tube with a separated cargohold - and two engine compartments that hold the fuel and landing legs. On its front it has a large CC375-D Docking port and on the back it has 4x 48-7s "Spark" engines -giving it 1618 Δv in a vacuum. These engines are meant to do a de-orbit burn. I also see a possibility of the carrier to perform the de-orbit burn. unload the dropship and boost back into orbit. Just to help the drop ship preserve Δv. For landing it uses 2x LV-909 "Terrier" giving it 1211 Δv on a full tank. Its a pretty versatile design. that can also work as a vehicle garage for rovers: Here is a better view of the interior - with floodlights and all. Now I'll be able to land all elements with out abrasive lunar dust getting kicked everywhere - and the modules can be shielded on the journey to and from the base destination. All elements are autonomous ofcourse - I see this landing by itself and base assembling by itself, and then the crew lands afterwards. C. Design Crew Shuttle: As you can see its literally just the rover design, but with legs instead of wheels and more Δv. It holds 3 Kerbals and has enough Δv to land from a 10km Mun Orbit, and get itself back into a 10km Mun Orbit. I know because I tested it with the cheat mo... *cough cough* I tested it in "simulation" D. Design Modular Interplanetary Spaceship: Now... I could have done something sensible - and flying the 4 dropships separately to Minmus and land them ahead of sending Kerbals... But this is where I decided to go overboard and over design the mission. I build a crew ship with a 4 way split, that the dropships can dock to. It can hold the Kerbals as well as mission essential modules. I loaded the craft with 4x MK3 JFT-10000 weighing 50t each to simulate the weight of the 4 fully loaded drop ships. Then I loaded it with 3x Crew Shuttles. With 2x LV-SW "Swerv" and 50t Hydrogen it gives me 3239 Δv - which if i calculated the Δv map correct - should give me enough and then some, for a tour-retour to Minmus... Yes.. its a ridicules craft for just going to Minmus... The whole vehicle also weighs 387t I opted for a "Space Tug" because I think it ISVs in Avatar is the coolest Sci-fi spaceship every put to film... and I think it's so clever exploiting tensile strength vs old boring compression. That being said - I dont think KSP gives any advantage to designing pull systems - unless you want something with a lot of drag into space. Its bit of a shame.. as it can be quite difficult to design a tug that looks decent. The Tug: I wanted the Tug to be modular. I contemplated building it in 3 pieces: the long center piece with docking tower and tether., the main fuel tanks with reactors the Main engine section. The vehicle would then consist of 2 engine pieces and 2 reactor pieces. But as I don't think the game likes parts that has 2 or more connecting docking ports - I decided to design it so it looked modular.. but testing the double connecting docking ports... To me it feels weird that we dont have to put reactors on the ships when you have nuclear engines on it. I roleplay it - So I decided to put on reactors to the ship. Also now I won't need to put on solar panels - So that's cool. I kind of whish we could remove the cylindrical gitter around the 10t ball tanks - or if we could get smaller spheres tanks.. because I think the double sphere looks great! Engines are off set a bit - to not fry the spaceship. (too much) The Crew Section: I see the crew section as the first part of a modular interplanetary vehicle. It will be the vehicle section of the future spaceship bringing Kerbals to and from bodies outside the Kerbin SOI. I already designed a second section for the ship - a Methalox Fuel load - allowing me to refuel the landers when they come back to the ship looking like this: It is carrying my Standard 9t Methalox Tank - also used on my space stations K.G.01 and K.G.02. - It will not be used on this mission though. As all the vehicles have enough fuel for the mission within them. For future missions I would like to have two gravity rings attached in front of this - or between this and the methalox section. I tried to make a gravity ring myself using wheels and empty space between sections.. but even if there is empty space between the turning section and the shaft.. it still acts as if they are bolded together. So that will have to wait until the Dev Team gives us "things" that allow us to make spinny bits. Or they release that gravity wheel they have been showing burning up in their atmosphere demos. Another thing I really miss is some easier way to attach things at an angle.. Would you believe me how hard it was to make those ~45° angle bits and have them be "straight" again for the docking port sections. Any way - I got it done.. and center of mass.. is somewhat in the middle. Moving Forward: Next step is going to get all this into space! Stay Tuned for More! P.S. If there are to many images in this blog - please say so, or you will have to expect this level of detail moving forward.
  2. After the first successful orbital mission of Ike in the history of Kerbalkind, data has confirmed that Ike is geologically active! The photo taken by the spacecraft below is among many taken aboard that hint at geological activity on Ike. Following the discovery, the brightest minds of the space agency have theorized that Ike's volcanic activity can be linked to Duna's tidal forces on Ike. The government has been well pleased with the Kerbal Space Agency's findings and has since granted bonus funds for future voyages to Ike. Now, the agency selected Jebediah Kerman to operate a manned rover exploration of Ike to learn more about the red planet's volcanic moon. Hi everyone! DylanSP here! I'm a new member of this forum, as you might be able to tell. When I got KSP2 in June, I was taken aback by the immersive experience. Is the game complete? No. But do I love KSP2? Without a doubt. Before I continue, I'd like to give credit to @Sp1f for inspiring me to start a ground-based circumnavigation mission of my own. You can check out their mission below. As my fictional introduction suggested, during my circumnavigation of Ike, I will be exploring the stratovolcanoes on Ike. Along the way, I hope to find places of interest and maybe even an easter egg! Inevitably though, I will have quite the bug collection along the way. So this is also an opportunity to help the developers find all the bugs and squash them! Anyway, My journey will be documented by days, which I don't mean ig days or irl days since the mission began, but rather irl days of active progress since the mission began. With all that being said, let the journey begin! Day 0 and Day 1 Preparation and the first part of the journey
  3. THE PRELUDE STATION THE BEGINNINGS OF THE KERBAL BASE STATIONS Well, the time has come. After almost 200 hours of KSP1, and 100 hours of KSP2, it was time to nail down my rendesvouz and docking skills to build a space station. Or two. Maybe three. Enter here, the adventures of the prototype station, the K-lab. So the K-lab was meant to be a refueling depot in LKO, some 200 km above the ground of Kerbin. The station was not designed in the VAB, and was rather designed, built and launched one by one. In the middle of the build, I stole some drones from the Kerbonaut of @BechMeister. This made the assembly of the station much easier. There was one hitch; Bill snuck on the station at launch, even though he was ordered not to. Ah Bill, the adventorous little soul. He probably wanted to sit in the cupola on the top (bottom?) of the main bus, witnessing my rather untalented first dockings and assemblies of the K-lab. He was not allowed to, and was promptly sent back to Kerbin. This first post will have a lot of images for your viewing pleasures. Of course I met a few struggles assembling my stations, and the Kraken entwined it's long space-time tentacles around my craft more times than I can count to on both my hands and feet. But KSP2 is so beautiful, and with the roadmap ahead it has so much potential. I want all the updates now, but have settled with the fact that I will have to wait with patience, as I had to with KSP. I hope to share some of this beauty in the screenshots below. (yes I am considering removing the telemetry data showing my FPS and stuff.) Here is a overview of the main bus while I'm docking the solar array: As you can see I opted for the cupola in this design of the main bus. Here Bill, Jeb and Val could enjoy the views of Kerbin from LKO. Although just one at a time, as the cupola only seats one, and the view from the crew module is severely limited. But, the station was never fully assembled. More on this below. I also added necessities for docking like monopropellant, some methalox and a battery to the main bus. I have found that adding this to the first launched piece of the station will give you a little wiggle room while docking it, before you dock extra monopropellant and methalox reserves for later. Below are some more screenshots of the docking of the station: Here the station is, in its current state. The part count got too high, the FPS too low, and the station was never designed from the VAB together. To many new ideas lead to the assembly of a new station, with a larger crew and better capabilities than the K-lab. It will be parked here in LKO until heating and shock cone effects are added to the game. Deorbiting it then is going to offer some great views! Next post: the establishment of KERBAL BASE 1, or KB-1! Stay tuned! - Sylvi, out
  4. Unfortunately the landing of this isn't recording correctly. It gets very spotty. I'll keep trying today to see if I can get it to record though. Lander safely on the North Pole of Duna.
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