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  1. Kerbal Lawn Chair Program After a mishap around Duna, your space program's budget has been slashed. A lot. In fact, it was slashed so much that you can no longer afford any rocket or jet engines. The only parts that your agency could refurbish with their new budget are wings, a Chromebook and launch clamps. Oh yeah, and also an old lawn chair from Jeb's backyard. Goal: The goal of this challenge is to see how far you can make it away from the launch pad with only a few low tech parts. You might want to remember what you can do with the lawn chair's PAW . You will have to show a picture of your co-ordinates. You can get your co-ordinates through looking at the map view or by using mods. Whoever tries this challenge will be put on the leaderboard and may add a badge to their signature when I get round to making them. The KSC's co-ordinates are 0° 5' 50" S and 74° 33' 28". Rules: 1. Only parts allowed are the lawn chair, launch clamps, Probodyne OKTO and any wings. Jetpack and kerbal parachutes are allowed. Make sure to keep your craft stock. 2. Your craft must stay beneath 3500 3. Share your craft's cost and mass at launch and co-ordinates when landed. Pictures would be appreciated. 4. Please launch east towards the ocean, it makes it easier to judge who wins. 4. No Alt-F12 or kraken. Pretty self-explanatory. 4. Don't cheat, keep it fun for everyone . I won't be recreating your craft step by step to see if it works, so just stick to the honor system. Leaderboard 1. 2. 3.
  2. Rational Resources is designed to operate on the Community Resource Pack or the WBI Classic Stock resources and to strip out the entirely random resource distributions and to apply distribution templates (carefully configured groups of resource distributions) according to the logically expected class and composition of a body. Rational Resources is inspired by Realistic Atmospheres made by @OhioBob and is part of the JNSQ (the planet pack) experience. While this mod is installed, un-configured bodies will have no resources at all (except for less Ore than by default). This mod may inflate your ModuleManager cache quite a bit. Notice that the logo image tells the following: Mun has a sizeable portion of MetalOre and Oxygen, but no Water (will be handled by biome specific config) and no Uraninite. Kerbin has a sizeable portion of Rock and Silicates, and there's a display for crust, ocean and atmo. Duna has a sizeable portion of CO2 in crust and atmo (not in legend), MetalOre, RareMetals and Uraninite, but no Minerals or Silicates. This mod enables planet makers to easily assign these distribution templates to their planet packs and skip the headaches of figuring out and writing the individual nodes themselves, and assorting all of their writings into several per-resource config files. Active CRP Resources Surface and Atmosphere Ammonia, CarbonDioxide, ExoticMinerals, Gypsum, LqdHe3, Hydrates, Hydrogen, MetalOre, MetallicOre, Methane, Minerals, Nitrogen, Ore, Oxygen, RareMetals, Rock, Silicates, Substrate, Uraninite, Water. Ocean Carbon, ExoticMinerals, Gypsum, LqdAmmonia, LqdCO2, LqdMethane, LqdNitrogen, LqdOxygen, MetalOre, MetallicOre, Minerals, RareMetals, Rock, Water. Star Ammonia, Antimatter, Carbon Dioxide, LqdHe3, Hydrogen, LqdDeuterium, Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, XenonGas. The resources above are preferred and used. are patched to display them all. Ocean resources only show non-zero values when the scanner vehicle is splashed. The Star series templates apply resource bands to a narrow and general classification of stars, automatically making them all viable as mining destinations for interstellar vessels. The expected members of this seres are: Yellow; Red Dwarf; Red Giant; Blue Giant. Due to a very nasty bug in stock, any resource bands around a star can only have a a maximum span of somewhere under 2 Gigameters. WBI Classic Stock system support: Rational Resources shows in the WBI play mode switch UI. (Picture needs to be updated) Assigning a template to a planet is as easy as: Current templates ISRU With omnipotent Ore being stripped of its Godhood, the following ISRU chains are proposed and encouraged for use by seasoned modders. Ore abundance is capped to 5% and its presence chance to 80%. It will be inconvenient for most players... but it will still be around. Ore tanks will be changed, at least, to hold the cryogenic input resources. Players may find themselves forced towards using Hydrolox rocketry since the required resources (Ore or Carbon Dioxide) for LiquidFuel may often be scarce meanwhile the requirements for Hydrolox (Hydrates, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Water) can be quite abundant. Metals* = Can be the Metal and MetalOre resources used by Extraplanetary Launchpads (EL), Metals and MetallicOre used by USI, or Aluminium. Sorry, it can be a bit of a mess here. Oxidizer options do not appear when RealFuels is present. Compatibility Due to the listed resources and the nature of Rational Resources, compatibility instantly extends between configured planet packs and the following mods: Kerbalism (consumable resources only) TAC Life Support Near Future Tech suite Hydrolox rocketry mods (including BlueDog Design Bureau, Cryogenic Engines, Kerbal Atomics) Potential Methalox rocketry mods Some resources and their distributions are conditionally spared while the rest are removed. Spared resources include ArgonGas, XenonGas, but not Karbonite and Karborundum. Purged resources include Dirt (used by MKS alone but supplanted with more Rock) and any other mod that adds resources (and especially extremely handwaved ones) such as The Gold Standard. But a provision exists to allow such resources to not be purged. Requires B9 Part Switch for tank options Requires Community Resource Pack for the resources in the tank options DOWNLOAD :: GitHub :: SpaceDock Wiki :: GitHub LICENSE :: MIT
  3. GOAL: Build an asymmetrical aircraft that can take off and land horizontally. Use at least 10 parts and do not use any parts more than once. RULES: 1. You may not use any part more than once. This means no symmetry--no matched pairs of wings or any other item that has a right and left version. A right and a left lifting surface count as the same part (clarification: wings, rudders, elevators, ailerons etc). That goes for landing gear as well. 2. No reaction wheels or fly-by-wire. Internal SAS only, and bonus kudos if you can fly it with SAS off. 3. The plane must takeoff and land horizontally. No VTOL. 4. Anything else goes. All mods that do not alter physics are fine. 5. Keep in mind the spirit of the challenge. I cannot foresee every loophole. Be clever and innovative, but remember, this is about creating something unique using your building skill to achieve it. 6. Post photos, or if you can, video. 7. Impress your friends with this collector's item badge. The plane below does not technically follow the rules, since it uses some of the same parts more than once, but you get the idea of what is possible... It's on KerbalX if you are interested. https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Pablo-Cubist-Dadaist-aircraft Also, check out @ZobrAz's FrankenPlane, which inspired me in my ventures into asymmetry in the first place. https://kerbalx.com/ZobrAz/abomination-Friday-13-FrankenPlane The video below that is some old footage of the Blohm & Voss BV 141, a German asymmetrical plane from WWII.
  4. I visited various celestial bodies, both in stock and modded KSP 1, and yet Duna is the place I find myself always returning to: relatively small dV required to reach it, enough gravity for quick surface traversal, atmosphere thin enough to allow brutal reentries but at the same time just so thick enough to fly and even land planes. Pretty much everything I could do on Duna I did it: from simple fly-bys to non-refuelable SSTOs to even circumnavigating the entire planet on land With the release of KSP 2, total redesign of Duna and (future) addition of all the new game mechanics, I plan to again thoroughly explore the Red Planet. But, instead of doing it all myself, I decided to share the fun with others! Proudly introducing... The Mastery thread will consist of various challenges/achievements that you will need to complete in order to get on the respective list. Challenges must be done in order from start to finish. Depending on the future updates and new gameplay mechanics new challenges will be added, or the old ones adjusted. Rules might also be modified accordingly Rules: Usage of potential physics exploits is forbidden: no cheats or Kraken drives of any kind If you use any mods that affect stock gameplay (whether it is new parts, changed rigidity configs or otherwise), state them. These submissions will be marked as Modded General construction of the vessels is up to you: use any part you want, as long as you keep within the broad requirements of each challenge (satellites must have antennas, Rovers must have wheels, you get the idea) All crafts must be launched from Kerbin (unless specified) Post proofs of your mission: screenshots or videos. If you have a lot of screenshots, place them under a spoiler Don't mix up the missions: there must be one submission per mission and the missions must be flown one at a time State the Game Version that the mission was flown on If you have concerns or questions about the ruling - ask away! Let's get down to the Challenges. And before you ask: most of the Challenge names are inspired by various works of fiction about Mars 1. Destination Duna Pretty straightforward: build an Unmanned Probe and perform a fly-by of Duna. Very broad definition of "Probe" here: you don't need to have antennas or means to generate electricity. As long as it has a Probe Core and it fly-bys Duna - you're in 2. Otherworldly Connection Build an Unmanned Satellite and enter Duna orbit. Satellite must have an antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. Take Ike's SOI into consideration when you plan the orbit! 3. Transmitting Live From Duna Set up a Relay Satellite constellation in Duna's orbit. There must be at least 3 satellites in the constellation. Each Satellite must have a Relay antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. You can either launch new satellites or add some to the one you've sent in Challenge 2, as long as the Satellite from Challenge 2 satisfies the aforementioned requirements 4. First Landing Launch an Unmanned Lander (like Viking) and land it intact on Duna. Lander must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and some sort of landing legs. Whether you choose to use already provided lander legs or make some of your own from structural parts is up to you 5. Desolation Road Design an Unmanned Rover, send it to Duna and demonstrate its functionality by covering some distance in it. Rover must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and at least 3 wheels 6. Bring It Home Design an Unmanned Lander that can land on Duna and then subsequently return it intact to Kerbin. If the Lander is multi-stage, the stage with Probe Core must be returned. Otherwise the requirements are the same as in Challenge 4 7. Strangers in a Strange Land Land a Kerbal (or Kerbals) on Duna and then bring him (or them) back. The method (Direct ascent vs. Orbit rendezvous) is up to your choice. If you send multiple Kerbals, all of them must return home: leave no one stranded! 8. Come Fly With Me Design a Duna Plane and demonstrate its ability to navigate its skies. Plane must have wing parts and be able to land and take off horizontally. Plane can either be Manned or Unmanned. If Manned, all Kerbals must later return home (either via Plane or other means). If Unmanned, the Plane must have an antenna to reach the Relays and have means to generate electricity. Extra kudos if it can return intact back to Kerbin More to be added... Good luck and have fun!
  5. Reqired RO&RSS Rules:No Any Cheat , Allow probe/command pod , Allow Non RP-0/RO parts , can use any mods about NTR , Can use Gas/Liquid/Solid Core , No other engines(Except RCS) , Allow other propellant (only of single propellant for NTR). Reputation: Landing Bonus (Except Earth):+50% Science Data Bonus:+20% Return Bonus:x2 Planet's Moon Bonus(Except Earth):+40% LEO/GEO/HEO:+10 Moon:+20 Mars:+40 Mercury:+50 Venus:+60 Jupiter:+80 Saturn:+100 Uranus:+120 Neptune:+140 Pluto:+150 Exoplanets:+10000 Reqires Screenshot or Record Video.
  6. Exploring Lagrange Points & Rectilinear orbits...Let's start with the Moon Retrograde Square Orbit Why explore this intriguing region of space in KSP with Principia & RSS? The upcoming ESA/NASA/JAXA Lunar Gateway DSL station & SLS Artemis III+ missions & the 'mind puzzle' of navigating the 'shape' of forces in this region of space. One simple way to start exploring the 'shape' of force potentials around the Moon gravity well in the Earth-Moon system is the DRO 'Lunar Retrograde Square': an orbit from near L2 towards L5, back near L1 then towards L4, & falling back towards L2... Update: Principia added an EML reference frame -- with the option to show equipotential lines for the sum of forces associated with gravity & rotation in the plane defined by the orbital of the Moon around Earth... These equipotential lines are shown for a single plane & for the 'current time' & do shift slightly with the Moon's distance from Earth i.e. the location of the equipotential lines will be slightly different when a craft actually reaches a given point on the Principia projected fuchsia or dashed paths... the shift is quite noticeable over time along the direction of an imaginary line say from L4 to L5. a visual explanation of equipotential in a video by Scott Manley The EML frame offers an insightful way to visualize the dynamics shaping the Lunar Retrograde Square Orbit... For example, for the 'square' orbit plotted in the MCI frame... see how a lower AP creates a more rounded 'corner' (e.g. see the AP on the L4 side of the orbit in the screenshots below); where as, traveling further towards L4 or L5 creates a sharper 'corner' (e.g. see the AP on the L5 side of the orbit in the screenshots below)... well, that is at least until you get close to a transfer to L4 or L5 where you will see a loop 'ear' corner instead. Note: To help interpret the craft path, I have added to the screenshots in yellow text approximate L point information...this is _not_ shown in game. The above animation shows the 'Square' orbit over 7 years in MCI (Moon Centered Inertial) frame (fyi...with the small vessel in this save the 'square' path persisted for about 18 years with no station keeping). Clarification: the Earth is traveling along the blue-ish arc counter-clockwise. Summary of Earth-Moon system Challenges: Challenge #1 (Beginner): "Get a feel for the dynamics that shape the 'Retro Square' orbit: Make a 'Moon Pentagon' orbit" Challenge #2 (Intermediate): 'Transfer to an Artemis III & Gateway Station type of Moon NRHO [pdf] (see animation & NASA graphic below)" Challenge #3 (Intermediate): 'Transfers along the 'Lunar Retro Square' to halo orbits around L2, L1, L4, L5' Challenge #4 (Advanced): "Moon L1 halo to Moon L2 halo transfer similar to the 2010 ARTEMIS-P1 mission (see NASA drawing below)" Challenge #5 (Advanced): "Create a 'Lunar Gateway (images post by NASA of the planned station) ' type station (module link sequence video NASA) (or a magic potatoroid mining station [Matt Lowne] ) in a long term 'Lunar Retro Square Orbit' (since a Moon NRHO might require more frequent station keeping) for ease of docked ship transfers to Moon NRHO, L2, L1, L4, L5" Challenge #6: Create an even better n-body related challenge & share it! Challenge #1: "Get a feel for the dynamics that shape the 'Retro Square' orbit: Make a 'Moon Pentagon' orbit" In the provided save, with a single less than 10s burn, turn the Retrograde "Moon Square" orbit into a "Moon Pentagon" orbit: Inspired by the @maccollo "Principia Mun Retrograde Square Orbit" during the afternoon of an 'at home from school not so well day', my son & I decided to see if a related "Square Retrograde Moon" orbit could be created in Principia RSS. Indeed, we found something similar that we could also manipulate purposefully with a single small burn at a specific time: In this 1st case, turn the "Moon Square" orbit into a "Moon Pentagon" orbit as shown in the images with a single less than 10s burn like we did (yes, that's a hint, & improvements welcome). We share this as an introduction of a thread to explore, discuss & share refined versions of this orbit as well as new saves of other intriguing orbits with the 'flight plan' of burns to reach them... Discovery either by blind fortune dragging Principia maneuver burn sliders or intricate use of KSPTOT 1.6.9 welcome! KSP version: 1.12.x Required Mods: Principia, RSS Optional Mods: RealScaleBoosters, SMURRF, KOS To load: download the "Moon Square Orbit" save create a KSP 1.12.x GameData with Principia, RSS load KSP & create a new save game, find the folder with the name you gave to that newly created save game on your hard drive & copy into that folder the "MoonSquare.sfs" Load the MoonSquare save as normal from the usual in game menu (e.g. from the Space Center screen) Find the craft in the Tracking Station & select it to fly. if you are unfamiliar with Principia here is a link to a post with some visuals & suggestions. Metrics: Orbit Uniformity & Stability (both improved revisions as well as your own original orbits welcome) Quality & Ease of the flight plan (the easier/simpler to execute the better) in the save you share discovery of a simple regular maintenance maneuver(s) would be a nice plus most importantly -- the fun factor: how much fun we all have exploring what you improve/create! Objectives: 1) Fun (with Principia RSS ;-) 2) hands on play with fascinating orbits, one barely new existed, with saves someone else took the effort to make 3) improve a save: create & share Principia 'flight plans' of maintenance burn(s) that make a given orbit more uniform & stable 4) make a new save (with a simplified mod list): and share your own flight plan for some type of cool orbit... Flight Plan to make the "Moon Square": requires RealScaleBoosters added to GameData in addition to Principia & RSS Related to Challenge #1: The recent SLS Artemis 1 mission made use of a Lunar distant retrograde orbit (DRO) [source link for animation below] (not square though ;-) The Principia EML frame is similar to the left 'Earth-Moon Pulsating Rotating Frame': Challenge #2 (Intermediate): Transfer to a SLS Artemis III & Gateway Station Moon NRHO: NASA explains why a NRHO vs DRO or low lunar orbit for Gateway station: https://www.planetary.org/space-images/near-rectilinear-halo-orbits Challenge #3 (Intermediate): 'Transfers along the 'Lunar Retro Square' to halo orbits around L2, L1, L4, L5' Challenge #4 (Advanced): "Moon L1 halo to Moon L2 halo transfer similar to the 2010 ARTEMIS-P1 mission" 2010 "ARTEMIS-P1 - The First Earth-Moon Libration Orbiter": Additional videos: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio 2010 ARTEMIS at Lagrange: "In this version, the satellite trails are are constructed in a lunar-centric inertial coordinate system so the trails reveal the motion of the satellites relative to the Lagrange points in INERTIAL space (fixed with the distant stars)" Some examples of additional orbits to explore: Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit (NRHO) "KSPTOT LVD: (Tools -> Halo Orbit Constructor menu)" Arrowstar's post with details about this new tool (link) Lissajous orbit WMAP at Sun–Earth L2,[7] Earth-Moon L points Visual Data Mission ideas: place a station, gravitational wave 'telescope' (link), or comsat(s) at the stable Earth-Moon L4 & L5 Note: L3 is an unstable L point = requires small periodic maintenance burns. Images: source source source
  7. Hi, This a super submission for a discord challenge : send a reusable rocket SSTO without wings, airbreathing engines, or EVA pack to a destination and back. And Jeb choosed to go to Gilly ! As Jeb was disallowed to use his EVA pack, Kraken drives, or any mass drivers in any kinda of form, he resolved using a more traditionnal craft, instead of the tradionnal 3 parts rocket, usually used for such a destination... With uses of gravity assists, that thing could go anywhere really, Jool, Eeloo... Cheers !
  8. Hi ! I think I've hit a record while doing the discord challenge "Around the World in 80 seconds, more or less", since the closest I red about was Stratzenblitz with 19 min, please tell me if you know about any other time ! Goal is to circumnavigate Kerbin as fast as possible. As I explain in the video, it's far from perfect, and there's still a lot of room for improvements ! Cheers
  9. Hi ! I had lot of fun completing this challenge, from KSP/discord, "Patched nonics". Rules were : Land and return from [x body] without using patched conics display, maneuver nodes, or informational mods like Kerbal Engineer. Patched conics display and maneuver nodes are not allowed You must be in career mode with a level one tracking station (This disables patched conics display and maneuver nodes) You may use the cheat menu to get funds, science, and experience to level up the rest of the KSC, build your craft, and assemble your crew No further usage of the cheat menu is allowed after launching your craft You may not use Kerbal Engineer or other mods like it to gain information All default challenge rules apply This was really interesting and challenging to do ! I reminded me a bit the feeling of my first days in KSP, a whiiiile ago, when I was just firing engines cluelessly in deepspace Cheers
  10. Considering that planes are probably the single biggest upgrade over stock ksp1, i figured id make a challenge that would incorporate them nicely well providing unique challenges to both new and experienced plane builders Once atmospheric heating is enabled, the maximum speeds that people will be able to achieve will likely be a lot lower, so this is a limited time opportunity to set an all time record that likely wont be broken in the future. The eVe.max challenge is: achieve the highest speed possible on eve under 1000m (sea lvl) Rules: 1. It does not matter how you get to eve, cheats are encouraged for eve transport. Id recommend using lazy orbit to ''land'' your self ~2000m above eve's surface to start the run. 2.The speed record MUST BE below 1000m, higher altitude runs will not count. 3. V.max must be reached in level flight (no diving). 4. No infinite fuel. 5. Craft doesnt have to be manned, but it will need a powerful enough antenna to maintain legit contact with ksc if you choose to make it a drone. 6. There will be separate leaderboards for kraken drive craft. 7. No staging How to enter: 1. Submit a picture of your craft at its highest top speed with both the speed indicator and altimeter (set to altitude above sea level) visible. 2. Have fun Leaderboards Vanilla: ID Date V.max Alt. 1 Sequence 3/21 472 951 2 3 4 5 6 Kraken drive: ID Date V.max Alt. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  11. Send Val to vall To complete this goal, you will have to send Valentina Kerman to Vall (I got this one from the loading screen, I spend a lot of time there) Plant a pole on pol Goal is simple. send a kerbal to pol and plant a pole (flag pole) on pol! Laythe lazy Very relaxing, simply make a kerbal take a bath in laythes water. Rules: 1. You must not use cheats of any kind. 2. You must take a screenshot every time you enter and exit a sphere of influence, land on a body and when you launch/return to kerbin. 3. You must not kill any kerbals. 4. You must have fun! if you do not follow one or two of these rules, your mission will still count, but points will be deducted. Community Challenges Tylo low flyby Fly by Tylo as fast and low as you can - Superfluous J Bop on Bop This challenge has 2 parts to it. First, send a crewed lander to Bop and perform a hard landing. A hard landing is defined as anything greater than 2 m/s, but you should be aiming for as hard of a landing as possible. You know, you are trying to bop Bop (like landing a punch). The second part is to take that crew and get them on the surface and dancing around. Gotta have at least 3 Kerbals present to call this a party. - Scarecrow71
  12. Launch into Kerbin orbit, Fly and land on Duna's surface, return and land 10 kerbals safely on Kerbin's surface... Without encountering a single bug. Any bug or glitch qualifies as an immediate faliure and the challenge must be restarted. Should be easy, am i right? its not like im asking you to land on a big body... like Jool proof would be good on a video to ensure there's no cheaty exploitation either. no infinite fuel or strength. just stock KSP2
  13. Primary: Launch Starship to the orbit Stretch: Launch Starship to the orbit and successfully land Superheavy and Starship near KSC Jeb Level: Land Superheavy without RUD, make flyby around the Mun by Starship and return to KSC as one part Val Level: Transport as many kerbals as you can by Starship to Duna! Take them out of the landed vehicle and take a picture together with the Starship. And don't forget about Superheavy!
  14. Hi All, I'm thinking about creating new structures... big ones if I manage to make them... to help transfer ships around. Maybe you already have one or two of those saved... would you share them here? I hope they trigger some inspiration for new and better ones. As an example of what I'm talking about, here is my first "pull" structure to help transfer landers around. With nothing attached to it, it has 14.5k dV. No wobbling (lots of struts ) and it moves really quickly because of the 4 reaction wheels. Very well illuminated. The XL tank was added after the structure was in orbit. The idea of the central docking port is to refuel the structure. If you like to suggest changes, please let me know!
  15. I did this and it gave me a challenge idea. Dock a docking port to another docking port without having any control over it while in orbit.
  16. As part of the Apollo Applications Program, a manned flyby of Venus was planned by NASA in the 1960's. Similarly, the former Soviets had planned a flyby of Venus for their TMK-E variant rocket. Obviously, neither program saw the light of day. No worries! We can recreate what should have been our gloriously bright future in our currently not-so-glorious, mediocre present! KSC is proud to announce: KERPERNICUS : KER-MANNED MISSIONS TO EVE Challenge Tiers: [EASY DIFFICULTY] : Complete a flyby of Eve, take a screenshot in orbit, return your Kerbals safely, all in ONE GO! Your Reward: [CHALLENGE DIFFICULTY]: Complete a two-way crewed mission to Eve. Land your Kerbals, take a screenshot of them dancing alongside their flag, and return them to Kerbin alive! EXTRA POINTS if you encounter a Kraken-attack and successfully recover the mission! Your Reward: [IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY] : IN KSP2 PRE-PATCH VERSION (First release version of KSP2 Early Access) Complete a two-way crewed mission to Eve. Land your Kerbals, take a screenshot of them dancing alongside their flag, and return them to Kerbin alive. Your well-deserved Trophy: Post your screenshots and Mission Report in the comments! If you need a high-quality, background transparency version of the badges, let me know! Good luck!
  17. UKSA Challenge "All these worlds are Ours." I've always dreamed of this challenge, this ultimate goal of having at least one orbital and surface "Colony" on every planet and moon in the Kerbolar System, and then taking that to steps even farther beyond with life support, construction, shipyards, and even adding in OPM to truly push the boundaries of "Challenge" in KSP 1. So, here I am, sharing this with you all to see what you think. The Mission: Expand Kerbalkind's influence to the whole of the Kerbolar System and make the Kerbals a Multiplanetary Species that has exploited the resources of their entire home Solar System, Kerbol. Challenge Goals * One Orbital Colony per Celestial * One Surface Colony per Celestial Challenge Ruleset (Base) * SP / MP / Sharing: The "Default" setting for this challenge is a "Single Player" experience to push your knowledge of KSP, and of mods, to achieve a grand goal. If you'd like to share and go MP with it however, feel free to do so, you need only state that you've chosen to play MP with or without Save Sharing. in any posts. * FTL : Disallowed (See Difficulty Modes for Exceptions) * OPM: Required (See Difficulty Modes for Exceptions) * Life Support: Required (See Difficulty Modes for Exceptions) * Game Mode: Career Mode / Medium Difficulty or Higher (See Difficulty Modes for Exceptions) * Interstellar End Game: Special Rule - (See Difficulty Modes for Exceptions) * Ironman (No Kerbal Respawns): Optional * Mod List: Required - You must include the mods you're using in any post sharing your progression of this challenge. (Feel free to truncate the list of mods and make sure to spoiler the list in any posts.) * MODS USED MUST BE PUBLIC: Any mod you use must be available to the KSP community publicly. * Colony Guidelines: To Count, a "Colony" must be a "Base" that is either an Orbital or Surface Installation that has life support for at least 20 or more Kerbals. (seats in "Command" Parts do not count.) * Outposts: Outposts may be surface or orbital installations that are focused on logistics and operations and may be entirely automated. These could be "gas stations" or other facilities like "surface labs" for science gathering. Achievements Achievement: To Go Even Further Beyond - Swap out the Stock Solar System for KSRSS, A Rescale Mod of your Choice, or "Real Solar System." Achievement: Articles of Colonization - All your Colonies are entirely Self Sufficient Achievement: Harbor Grand Master - Build at least two fully operational Ship Yards that can produce vehicles in space using any mods of your choosing. Achievement: Colonial Fleet Command - Have at least one "Ship" in orbit of every planet. (Check Quote for Guidelines) Achievement: In a Galaxy Far Far Away - Swap the Stock+OPM system requirement with another planet pack + expansion if needed. The replacement system must have more than 20 celestials in total. (Check Quote for Guidelines) Achievement: Three Sisters - Colonize the Stock System with OPM as well as GPP Secondary and GEP (This pack turns Kerbol in to a Trinary Star System and removes the need for a /True Interstellar/ Mod.) Difficulty Options (For those that want to partake but have a more tailored experience with the challenge. Difficulty mode chosen must be stated when undertaking the challenge.) Very Easy * FTL: Allowed * Game Modes: Any / Sandbox Allowed * Life Support: Not Required * OPM: Not required * Kerbals in Command Parts Count towards Colony Size Easy * FTL: Allowed * Game Modes: Science or Career Mode On Easy * Life Support; Required (Suggested LS Mods for Easy: Snacks, USI Life Support) * OPM: Not Required Medium * FTL: Disallowed * Game Modes: Science or Career Mode On Medium * Life Support; Required (Suggested LS Mods for Medium: TAC-LS) * OPM: Required Hard * FTL: Disallowed * Game Modes: Career Mode On Hard or Science Mode Equivalent * Life Support; Required (Suggested LS Mods for Hard: TAC-LS)) * OPM: Required Very Hard * As Hard Mode + Add in at least one other Solar System and have at least one Surface and Orbital Colony in that system. How to Share Progress Please feel free to share screenshots, videos, and "blogs" / updates ni this thread of your progress if you choose to undertake this Challenge. Mod Suggestions: WIP Special Thanks: @JadeOfMaarFor feedback, support, and guidance. Also, for tolerating me talking about this challenge way to much... >.>
  18. THE GRAND TOUR Story: The KSC is out of money and the flat kerbiners are becoming more and more popular, make a spaceplane and land (with EVA) on every planet and moon (Jool excluded), returning to Kerbin to prove they're wrong. Make a spaceplane (SSTO) to spend less. Rules: -No cracken drives -No mods (if not told in the difficulty) -No cheats -No part detachment Difficulties: Easy -KSP set on Easy -All the engines allowed -Landing on every planet (except for EVE) -Docking allowed -at least 3 kerbals on board Normal -KSP set on normal -only Mk1 (or smaller) or radial angines -No docking -EVA on every planet -at least 5 kerbals on board Hard -KSP on full difficulty -No ion engines -EVA and science on every planet -No engineers on board -Return to the KSC runway -at least 15 kerbals on board Crazy -No nuclear engines -No Mk3 or rocket fuselage - At least 20 kerbals on board Insane - No landing gears (only legs) - No autostruct - At least 30 kerbals on board Impossible - Engineers allowed -Following mods installed: 1- Kerbalism (or TAC life support) 2- Real Fuels 3- External Solar System (more planets to land on, except for the gas giants) 4- Dang It! Interstellar - Mod Galaxies Unbound Nova Kirbani to install -mods "near future..." allowed -mod trajectory allowed. If you want, write down here you achievements and, if you want, some footage. Obviously all the difficulty is more and more difficult, so if in normal mode docking isn't allowed, it isn't allowed for all the difficulties that are harder, I just forgot that docking IS allowed for Interstellar travel (I don't know if it's possible otherwise), but if someone of you can do it without docking write it here
  19. Try to get to each moon in the Jool system by using maximum 3 rockets/spaceplanes. Rules: Use all types of engine you have eg. [LFO, Jet, Nuclear, SRB, Ion, Monopropellant OMS, Multimodal] If you have mods that add new types of engines like Cryogenic Engines, use them in your craft. Mods Allowed Gravity Assists, Aerobraking and Aerocapture allowed. Parachutes, Heat Shields and Lander Legs allowed (except any Comfortable Landing Parts) Once done, upload kerbalx craft files with one video to prove that your craft works and must feature up to 3 craft. ~~~~Engines not required~~~~ Reaction Wheel Motorised Wheel Helicopter propeller (KSP Breaking ground expansion) Deep Space Explorer engines (example FFT and MEV Heavy Industries) ~~~~Engine blacklist~~~~ Ultra efficient engines (Isp at least 100k) Warp drives of any kind Even though it is not an engine, AFK harvesters are not allowed. Good Luck!
  20. This challenge is pretty simple. Build a plane powered only by J-20 Juno Basic Jet Engines, and try and get it to the fastest speed possible. There is a manned (or kerballed) leaderboard-- I'll put you on the applicable one depending on your craft. Rules: 1. No cheats, e.g infinite fuel or hacking gravity. 2. Only Juno engines are allowed, e.g no rocket engines. 3. Stock parts only, however I'll allow a KER chip if you're playing in career. 4. Your attempt must be made on Kerbin, but I'll allow planet packs like GPP if the home planet is identical to Kerbin in gravity and atmosphere. 5. Have fun!!! There's no real scoring system for this, just submit a screenshot of your aircraft at maximum speed and I'll put you on the leaderboard---make sure I can see the velocity readout though!!! Here's my entry-- the 'Junissile' to kick things off: On the runway---it has no landing gear to save weight. I reached 330 m/s, so almost mach 1. But I'm sure you guys can do much better--good luck Probe: 1. @TheFlyingKerman 820 m/s 2. @qzgy 814 m/s 4. @Thorn_Ike 817 m/s 5. @neistridlar 813 m/s 6. @ZLM-Master 811 m/s 7. @panzerknoef 811 m/s 8. @faketuxedo 765 m/s 9. @lapis 757 m/s 10. @Vanamonde 745 m/s 11. @Dark Lion 711 m/s 12. @Gman_builder 519 m/s Manned: 1. @swjr-swis 820 m/s 2. @neistridlar 818 m/s 3. @Servo 813 m/s 4. @Andetch 801 m/s 5. @Lisias 797 m/s 6. @Val 777 m/s 7. @GDJ 765 m/s 8. @ZLM-Master 762 m/s 9. @GDJ 743 m/s 10. @FunThomas 719 m/s 11. @Aetharan 630 m/s 12. @Klapaucius 570 m/s 13. @tonimark 340 m/s 14. @RealKerbal3x 330 m/s
  21. adsii1970's sandbox micro-challenges 20221217: This thread has been updated and reformatted to work better on most devices. The challenge threads were edited to stack the stock and modded challenge requirements rather than to list them side by side. After it was reported to me, and verified, it appears that Apple devices and some browsers were not displaying the complete table. A couple of days ago I was asked on one of the Facebook groups if I would post some micro-challenge/mission ideas for those who are looking for some sort of objective in playing a sandbox game. I asked around as a profile status post to see what everyone's thoughts were. And after careful consideration, I've decided to create an entire thread of micro-challenges for those interested. I play with mods and expect that many of you do, too. Here are the mods which will make the micro-challenges easier for you: Kerbal Engineer Redux Mechjeb for all Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Snacks! By no means do you have to complete the challenges with mods, you can complete them without mods.* And you can use other mods besides these. For many of us "older" KSP players, these challenges are pretty easy but still fun. For a newbie who is just getting the hang of the game, they can be challenging and rewarding. For now, the sandbox micro-challenges will only include the stock system. If there's interest in more development of the challenges, I will add missions which will incorporate the Outer Planets Mod. Each micro-challenge will fall into one or more categories. Each micro-challenge will come with it's own leader board and signature image. Every three weeks, I will release a new micro-challenge. You do not have to do all the micro-challenges posted; simply choose the ones which interest you. You are free to use the most recently posted challenge or you can use one of the older ones. The edit of December 17, 2022 changed the format of the OP. To keep things tidy, I placed each of the stock bodies of the Kerbol system in their own heading and a spoiler under the heading where each mission will have a link. I think it will work better than the previous tables that caused some forum members to have issues with the extreme ends of the tables not properly displaying on certain web browsers. For now, there are placeholder entries for those planets and satellites (and Kerbol) where I haven't shared a mission (yet). Don't worry, there will be missions to those far away destinations. Here are the rules/guidelines for the challenges: Once you've completed the micro-challenge, simply post to this thread and share images or video which shows your progress and completion of the challenge - and be sure to include the name of the challenge in your post. If you are using images, please embed them in a spoiler. Many people have complained that excessive images not in spoilers cause lag issues on older or mobile devices. Using spoilers seems to help with this. On that challenge's post, I'll add your name to the leader board and a link to your post for others to easily find what was done to complete the micro-challenge. The challenges are rated on a three-tiered scale of an easy, medium, or hard challenge. There are a few followers of this thread who assist me in rating the challenges. If you are interested in helping me rate the challenge, send me a private message and I'll add you to the group. A description of the challenge levels are below: Rating Description These missions can usually be completed in one to three launches and require the very basic skills of spaceflight in Kerbal Space Program. These skills include rendezvous, docking, and achieving polar or circular orbits within the Kerbin sphere of influence. Some of these missions do include the designing of specialized craft to perform certain functions. These missions can be a little more challenging and while can be completed in one to seven launches, in addition to requiring the basic skills of spaceflight, landing a probe, lander, or assemble a station on a natural satellite or planet. These missions are hard and involve the construction of space stations, planetary bases, and such which should ideally be constructed in multiple launches and assembled in place. There are some who have provided feedback saying they intend to play these in career mode to make them even more challenging. That's fine - these missions are simply meant to be a springboard to help you sharpen your skills. Sandbox micro-challenges within Kerbin's sphere of influence: Kerbin: The Mün: Minmus: Sandbox micro-challenges within the Kerbol system (excluding Kerbin's sphere of influence): Kerbol: The Asteroids near Kerbin: Moho: (newest challenge - December 26, 2022) Eve: Gilly: Duna: Ike: Dres: Jool: Laythe: Vall: Tylo: Bop: Pol: Eeloo:
  22. I've got a challenge idea! I want the community to come up with "lore" ideas for the history/their own personal canon of the KSP/KSA.
  23. The Safety First Space Program Challenge In this challenge, you'll need to imagine an alternate universe, where the safety of each Kerbal comes first. At all costs! This space program will not launch any Kerbals, it will be probes only. The safest Kerbal is one who never leaves the Astronaut Complex! Basic Rules: Start a new career game. Do not launch any Kerbals. Ever*. Complete the Tech Tree and upgrade all buildings, using only un-Kerballed probes. But I can't actually do anything at the start of the game! (Here's two ways to handle that..) What about Kerbal Rescue Contracts? You have the option of handling those in a few ways: Ok, then what about Tourist contracts? Tourists are also not allowed to be anywhere near any vehicles. Again, all in the name of safety! (Thanks @Scarecrow71 and @OJT for pointing this out) Mods: Mods are fine. If you are using mods which significantly alter gameplay, or add overpowered parts, consider that makes this much less of a challenge. On the other hand, some mods could make the challenge more difficult! If you are able, post a brief summary of how you completed the challenge. Even better would be to create a Mission Report in that section of the forums, and link to it in this thread. Be sure to describe some of the game settings you used, as well as any mods you used. Notes and Tips: Be careful accepting Station or Base contracts. Some of them only require the station to be delivered, but some of them also require specific Kerbals to be on board. Probably don't want to accept the contracts which require specific Kerbals, because you can't launch any Kerbals... If you play with Comm Net enabled (I do..), keep in mind that you won't be able to fully control probes when they pass behind celestial bodies. Unless you have a relay network in place to maintain communication links. I just completed a career save doing this challenge. I play stock, and chose to do Rescue Contracts, but did not actually use the rescued Kerbals for anything.
  24. I've seen this done before, but not as a challenge. The challenge is to launch a rocket, with a probe payload, around Ike and then launch the probe into an orbit next to the magic boulder. Then fly the rocket back to Kerbin. Rules: Both rocket and probe must be made of stock parts, The probe MUST be stationed in orbit almost close enough to touch the magic boulder. While the rocket does not need to land at the KSC it does however, need to be landed in one piece. Both the rocket and the probe can be manned or a drone. The probe must have a communications link with Kerbin after the rocket is gone. Size and parts do not matter as long as every thing is stock. The trip can take as long as you want, since speed is not the point of this challenge. Enjoy!
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