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  1. Spectra Compatibility With Blackracks Volumetric Clouds What this mod does remove the 2D clouds in Spectra while retaining the aurora on the planets that have them. With the previous clouds removed you can use blackracks volumetric clouds along side the auroras of Spectra (It looks so pretty!!!) Installation: If you have any graphic mods such as Eve, astronomer's visual pack, Sve ect you need to delete them. Any mods that provides clouds/cloud textures get rid of them. Once that has been done unzip the download and move Spectra into your game folder along with the Module Manager 4.2.2 (unless you already have it) Follow the same instruction for the Extra, remember the extra folder requires Scatterer Required mods: -True Volumetric Clouds Early Access Update 14/01/23 at https://www.patreon.com/blackrack -Module Manager 4.2.2 - included in the zip but just incase it gets deleted Optional if you want extra eye candy: -Scatterer: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer, this is reqiured for the scatterer file provided in "Extras" I have not modified it in any way, it's the additional scatterer file included in Spectra. All credits go too: @Avera9eJoe For making the amazing mod spectra @Benzo Kerman Building almost exclusively the release to 1.6.0 @blackrack's Scatterer Atmospheric scattering and tinting with custom configs. Ocean shaders. @JadeOfMaar's Sunflares of Maar Spectra uses a more stockalike version of Jade's Primus sunflare. I would like to add that I had no part in the making of any of these mods. These creators take all credit and if I'm missing someone within the credits please contact me so I can fix it. All I did is make this work together. Download Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3440/ Spectra Compatibility With Blackracks Volumetric Clouds#info
  2. So three points on graphics that I would like that they would be improved, all linked to the sunset (example on kerbin but might be relevant for other atmospheric planets). Firstly, the atmospheric scattering. The sun stays exactly the same color at every stage (just the background colors that change) and doesn't scatter away: What's weird is that we got something quite good in the pre-alpha previews: Secondly, the ground lighting is not always great (especially on kerbin): Why the ground is white? Grass doesn't reflect the sun like that and where is the orange projection of the sunset? Thirdly, same complaint but for clouds: I see the potential of this picture (the atmospheric color is quite good if we omit the sun) but what is a bummer is that clouds are just darker at sunset, they should have an orange color projected on them. One IRL picture to grasp what I mean (and want): I do believe that with the introduction of HDRP (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/214806-developer-insights-18-graphics-of-early-access-ksp2/) it will improve, at least I hope. So I create this post to know if it bothers other people too and to show that we have an interest in that. Even if I understand it's something that might cost performance.
  3. TUFX - Textures Unlimited Special Effects This is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that makes the Unity Post Process (v2) package available for use within the game. All supported effects from the package are available for use within KSP. The goal of this mod is to add the ability to use industry-standard image post-processing effects during realtime rendering of the game world, allowing for increased visual fidelity in general use, or for specific effects for cinematic purposes through specially configured profiles. TUFX allows for users to select a specific 'profile' to be used for each game scene. These profiles specify which effects will be enabled for the scene, and specify the values for each of the parameters for the effects. The included default profiles in the comparison images below have been setup to be low-impact, both visually and performance-wise. More aggressive post-processing is available through the creation of custom profiles, using the in-game profile editing tools. Before After Cinematic Effects (not default profile) Before After Requirements: Windows / DirectX11, required for single-camera setup in KSP ShaderModel 3.5 or later graphics hardware support (5.0+ recommended) KSP 1.9.0 or later, required for single-camera setup No exceptions. No OpenGL. No DirectX12. Definitely not DirectX9. Any other requirements of the Unity Post Process package (look them up if interested) KS3P will cause conflicts. Choose one or the other. Scatterer currently unsupported (it is not yet available for KSP 1.9+) EVE currently unsupported (it is not yet available for KSP 1.9+) Installation Releases of the mod will be available from GitHub: https://github.com/shadowmage45/TUFX/releases Download the most recent release for your version of KSP, open the .zip file, and extract the contents of the GameData/ subfolder from the package into your KSP installations' GameData/ folder (e.g. Your/KSP/Path/GameData/TUFX). Make sure to include any other dependencies and folders (e.g. ModuleManager) that were included in the release package. Pre-Release Note: Anything marked as a 'Pre-Release' on the GitHub page is exactly that -- a pre-release intended for testing purposes; if you install one of these releases, you are accepting the risks that come with its use (it may not work, may conflict with other mods, may have unfinished features, etc). Configuration The mod includes a default profile for each supported game-scene, and these profiles are included in the standard installation. Additional profiles can be added as KSP-CFG files anywhere in the GameData folder; the loading system will locate all installed TUFX_PROFILE configs, and load all detected profiles into memory for selection and use in-game. Configuration of the mod is best accomplished through the in-game configuration UI. Click the 'TUfx' app-launcher button to open or close the UI; this button should be available in all supported game scenes (except for main-menu, where app-launcher is not supported). From within the configuration UI, select a profile for the current scene/to be edited (only the active profile can be edited). Once a profile has been selected, press the 'Change to Edit Mode' button on the top of the configuration UI. This will prompt the UI to display the current configuration of the profile. Press the 'Enable'/'Disable' toggle by an effect title to toggle that effect on or off. When an effect is enabled the UI will list each of its adjustable properties directly below the effect header row. Each of these properties will have a toggle to enable specifying a custom value; when this is enabled further controls will be displayed to edit the property depending upon the type of property being edited; integer and decimal values show a text input box and slider, color values provide four component input boxes, boolean values provide a simple toggle, etc. The property list for a currently enabled effect can be hidden/shown by toggling the 'Show Props'/'Hide Props' button on the effect header row. This does not disable the parameters, merely collapses them to help clean up the UI view. When finished editing a profile, press the 'Export Selected' button at the top of the UI to export the current configuration into the KSP.log file. From there, you can copy the profile out of the log and rename it to create a new profile, or use the data to overwrite the contents of an existing profile config file. TUFX does not support direct-to-file exporting, as no 'Save File Dialog' has been provided by either Unity or KSP, and I have no desire to create one myself, nor deal with the security issues that would arise from its use. See the included readme.md document for information on config file syntax, and how to manually edit/create profiles. Performance Comparison Comparison data gathered on the following hardware (your results may differ): i5-2500k @ 4.5ghz 24g DDR3 GTX970 Scene <KS3P> <TUFX> <TUFX-Disabled> <Stock> KSC NA 142 170 180 Kerbin-Ground NA 105 118 128 Kerbin-Orbit NA 125 150 165 KS3P was unavailable at the time the testing was performed, so no data was gathered. Dependencies ModuleManager - TUFX depends directly on ModuleManager for its 'Database Reloaded' callback, and will not function unless ModuleManager is installed. ModuleManager has been included in the release packages, and is redistributed under the terms of its own license. Further information on Module Manager can be found on the KSP Forums at: ( https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-18x-19x-module-manager-413-november-30th-2019-right-to-ludicrous-speed/ ), and the license and source-code may be found on the ModuleManager GitHub repository: ( https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager ). Known Issues and Bug Reports See the github issues repository: https://github.com/shadowmage45/TUFX/issues The change to use HDR rendering can cause occasional artifacts. If these are present, you can turn off HDR in the profiles by setting the hdr flag to 'False'. Licensing/Legal Full source code for the TUFX assembly is available on github: https://github.com/shadowmage45/TUFX Source code for Unity post processing shaders are available on github: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/PostProcessing Custom code and classes (everything outside of the PostProcessing source folder) is under GPL3.0 or later license, the full text of this license may be found included in the release packages and on the GitHub repository: https://github.com/shadowmage45/TUFX/blob/master/LICENSE.txt Unity developed classes, shaders, and textures are provided under Unity companion license, with source and license references available from: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/PostProcessing Modifications to Unity classes (adding ConfigNode load/save methods) are released under public domain or as close as possible under US law. ModuleManager (fork by Sarbian) is included and redistributed under its license: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/blob/master/README.md Credits @Shadowmage - Coding and development. @SQUAD - For creating and publishing KSP. @sarbian - Forking and maintaining ModuleManager @The White Guardian - For creating KS3P, without which I would have never known about the Unity Post Process packages.
  4. A TUFX profile I made, to make KSP look nicer. Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3510/Dan's TUFX Profile#info Enjoy! Installation: Step 1: Simply put "Dan's TUFX" in GameData. License: MIT
  5. While playing KSP2 I noticed more than once the prop loading that really takes the immersion out of it. Often while landing on a planet I see a circular area of props with quite clear boundaries expanding below me in real time. And after landing, you can see this picture Because of the far distance to the horizon, the beauty of the scenery is compromised, because the prop generation area is smaller than this distance. Ideally, the player expects to see rocks to the horizon. But this is not physically feasible due to performance limitations. That's why the Unity impostors comes to the rescue https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/impostors-runtime-optimization-188562 In simple words instead of generating 3d meshes, the impostor system generates a 2d sprite of your object, which requires less resources. The sprite of the object is practically indistinguishable from itself at a far distance. So you can increase the drawing distance and the number of objects on the scene with minimal impact on performance. Stones on the scene do not have exotic complex geometry and their sprites can be generated without problems and be indistinguishable even at some smaller drawing distance than now Now during landing props will be rendered earlier and smoothly increase in detail as they approach the surface so that the moment of abrupt transition of the prop to the drawing radius will not be noticeable. Landscapes on planets will become more picturesque, because with greater rendering range will increase the number of small details in the picture and increase realism of scene
  6. Note: GGE and GGE-Moons are now integrated with KSRSS! Unlike most mods I can send a thousand screenshots and you still won't understand the beauty of this mod. So here's two videos! Still confused? This mod includes a variety of other features such as: -16k Textures with 6 bands for Jupiter. -16k Textures with 8 bands for Saturn. -10k Rings for Saturn. -4k Textures for Uranus with 4 bands. -8k Textures for Neptune with 5 bands. -All bands utilize UV Noise causing them to wiggle and move over time. -Tilt for Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. -New optional rings for Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. -Scatterer fixes for KSRSS's gas giants. -Fixes Titan in KSRSS. -Full revamps of Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Gallery bellow Compatibility This mod is not standalone is designed to work with other visual packs. In other words this mod works with other visual packs. This mod is also designed to be compatible with both RSS and KSRSS with no additional patches needed. Download | LATEST RELEASE 0.6 Primary -https://github.com/ballisticfox/GasGiantsEnhanced/releases/tag/v0.6 Backup/CKAN - https://spacedock.info/mod/2969/Gas Giants Enhanced Notice & Licensing This mod is still very "tech-demoish". Gameplay friendliness is not completely guaranteed and you may have serious performance hits using this mod. This mod is license under CC-BY-NC-SA. You may use textures in this mod. Credit must be given. May not redistribute textures for commercial purposes. Must be under CC-BY-NC-SA. Credits files are provided in each texture set, if you want to use the textures, just throw the credits from the folder into your texture folder. Want more? The final plan of this mod is to completely remake all current gas giant moons and add more minor moons.
  7. LFO Lux's Flames and Ornaments Make your plumes pretty! and more! If you're having troubles installing, try CKAN! Current Features a new Additive transparent shader (LFO Base) - this shader, when layered, allows for realistic looking plumes! (Heavly based on Nertea's waterfall, thx Nertea!) Atmosphere/Throttle controlled values - Control all your plumes the way you want! make them change either they are on vaccum or on the KSC! =============================================================================== Soon Tank frost shader - FREEZE! Char shader - To add to the soonly available heat mechanics, i'm also working on a char shader that will be overlayed onto the vessel during reentry! =============================================================================== Links Github - Latest Release - Source Code Spacedock =============================================================================== Dependencies BepInEx (comes in SpaceWarp) SpaceWarp [1.1.1] Changelog Special Thanks to: munix for providing me with reference videos for the plumes and feedback about them Nertea for creating waterfall and paving the way for this mod to be created Soon there will be an ingame editor for the plumes (along with an ingame way to save the configs) License
  8. I've made my own sunflares because i found the stock sunflares to look kind of.. ugly. These mods require Scatterer and EVE, Created using Kabram's Sunflare pack (edited Blue sunflare config) Enjoy! Stock Config: https://spacedock.info/mod/3464/Dan's Sunflare (Stock) Recommendations: Better Kerbol and Better KerbolRescale RSS Config: https://spacedock.info/mod/3465/Dan's Sunflares for RSS License: MIT
  9. Can I get a suggestion on what mods to install to make the game look better? I use CKAN and the game version is 1.12.5. Keep in mind that my laptop has only 16gb RAM and an in-built graphics card. Something better than nothing. My lap overheats very fast so stick to the resource conservative mods. I already have some mods installed like PlanetShine, Restock, Module Manager, Waterfall and Pood's Milky Way galaxy skybox. All suggestions accepted and thanked for...
  10. This page is no longer being updated! @Lisias has continued development here KSP 1.12.x Distant Object Enhancement Continued [] Last updated September 24th, 2021 Distant Object Enhancement Continued is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances. It is an update of MOARdv's Distant Object Enhancement bis v1.9.1.1, which is a update of Rubber Ducky's Distant Object Enhancement. I have adopted the mod with permission of MOARdv Downloads CKAN SpaceDock GitHub This version keeps Ducktopia's CC Attribution 4.0 International license. Source code here: Github source
  11. Hello! This is my first publicly released TUFX config and my first topic on the forums so bare with me here. This config aims to have a realistic neutral tone without looking blown-out or bland. Here's what it looks like Alright you probably get the idea now. Looks good in RSS, KSRSS, as of 1.3 stock beyond home, etc look good now! There are currently 3 configs with HDR variants of each, Cold (The standard config), Warm (A cozier warm config), and Bright (Designed for Lunar expeditions). Non-HDR vs HDR? HDR gives parts a far better shines, increases the color range and adds some sweet engine plumes, it can cause some serious graphical artifacting though so I have one of both. If you know that HDR causes artifacts with your visual set-up go into Gamedata/Fox's Profiles and delete Fox-Neutral-V1.2-HDR.cfg If you want the vintage config head over here. Download (Spacedock) or CKAN. Requires TUFX and Module Manager. Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. -Frank Borman License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Upload your changes as you wish as long as you credit me and indicate changes were made. Do NOT use for commercial purposes. If you build upon or remix the config it must also be under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Suggestions and Feedback are always welcome feel free to leave a review in the replies! Big thank you to @SovPenguin, @TruthfulGnome, @ZombieZilla, @apempathy, and @AmateurAstronaut1969 for testing and feedback!
  12. The terrain of Kerbin when in shadow appears much too bright when in flight (not on the map view). Eventually at a far enough distance from Kerbin the issue gets fixed, and the terrain appears normal, but returns when the vessel gets close again. The terrain on the light side seems to be fine, but that could be that the problem isn't very noticeable on the light side. I'll attach a screenshot later when I get the chance. There also seems to be too much ambient light on the vessel, but I'm pretty sure that is a separate issue. KSP Version: (Build ID: 10752762) OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (12) @ 3.600GHz GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
  13. Accidentally posted in suggestions. Tazooka noted that they look like temperature bars, which I do have enabled. Disabling them did not take them out of current instance
  14. On Duna (and likely other bodies as well), most of the small terrain scatters render underground and are not visible. The two attached photos show the same location, one with the camera underground showing the amount of scatter, and the other image with the camera above ground showing how those scatters are underground and are obscured. KSP Version: (Build ID: 10752762) OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (12) @ 3.600GHz GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
  15. There should be a way to turn down the sun Glare in the VAB Some examples
  16. KSP version Win 11 22H2 Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700KF 3.61 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable) NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti filed.teeth: Even when set "prograde out" the shroud slides directly through the rear craft the forward section is separating from. Shot 1 is prior to stage separation. Shot 2 shows shroud sliding over nose of rear stage. Shot 3 shows shroud sliding out behind rear of ship. Not a game breaker, just something to look at after the important stuff is done...
  17. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - Clouds and City Lights EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (a.k.a. EVE) is a mod for KSP that adds clouds and city lights. It is highly configurable and a number of other mods provide improved clouds not just for the stock planets, but for other planets provided by other mods. Go HERE for E.V.E. for later versions of KSP The mod works on KSP 1.8, and older versions are also available. This thread was a continuation of @rbray89's original EVE thread, please discuss on the REDUX version above. Installation The mod is distributed as two ZIP files, one small one which contains the plugin and shaders, and one large one which contains a sample configuration. If you are installing another mod which supplies EVE configurations, such as SVE, you should not install the sample configs. If you use CKAN, select EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements and then choose a config (if only one is available, that one will auto-select). If you are installing manually, download the latest ZIP files from https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases and unpack them into your KSP directory. The zip files include the "GameData" directory and so this should merge with the same-named directory in your KSP installation, such that after installing, your KSP's GameData directory will contain the "Squad" directory shipped with the game, the "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" directory which you just installed, and, if you installed the sample configs, a BoulderCo directory. Configs for other mods are generally shipped in their own directories. It is strongly recommended that you use the 64-bit version of KSP when using EVE, especially with advanced configurations. Note that you will not necessarily see any clouds on Kerbin in the main menu, and they may flicker. Load a game to check if you've successfully installed the mod. If you wish to install for KSP versions prior to KSP 1.2, see the original thread, but note that there is little support for old versions. Compatibility with other Mods EVE is compatible with most mods, but in particular it is tested to inter-operate well with these visual mods: Scatterer - makes atmospheres realistically "haze". PlanetShine - makes the glow from planets/moons produce ambient light. Stock Visual Terrain - make the terrain detail of the stock planets much better quality. There are also a number of excellent mods that provide advanced configurations beyond the sample ones shipped alongside EVE: Stock Visual Enhancements (SVE) - high quality visuals, recommended for higher-end systems. Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack - sleek but still beautiful visuals, even less CPU/GPU demanding than the basic configuration. Be sure to remove the sample configs (the "GameData/BoulderCo/" directory) if you manually install a mod that provides all its own configurations. If installing via CKAN, you will be prompted with what needs removing. If using the Real Solar System mod, you will need different configurations, such as: Real Solar System Visual Enhancements If using the Outer Planets Mods, you will probably want to add EVE for those too, such as: Pood's Outer Planets Mod Visual Overhaul Performance EVE runs fine on mid-range systems. See the alternative configurations above for different performance characteristics. The most expensive effect is currently the volumetric clouds. You can turn these off in the in-game configuration dialog, or by editing the configs with a text editor. Obviously the more cloud layers, the more costly are the effects. By default, only cloud layers within 10km of the camera can produce volumetric clouds. Note that while some outdated information online recommends using the -force-d3d11 option, this is not needed with 64-bit KSP (which you should definitely be using if using EVE), and has been reported to possibly cause memory leaks. Configuration The sample configuration includes a single layer of clouds and city lights for Kerbin and cloud layers for other stock planets/moons as appropriate. You can modify the configuration in-game by pressing Alt-0 (zero), though be warned that this is an advanced feature. If you save broken configs you will need to re-install your chosen configs. There is no undo. Documentation for the config files is currently pending, but note that since EVE-1.2-1, the _MinLight option has been changed. It should be set to 0 (the default) unless you want clouds to glow on the night side (eg. auroras). Also note the relatively new "UVNoise" setting, which allows adding noise to the texture look-ups, either for large animated cloud effects (see Jool), or to mask pixelization in fine detail (see Kerbin). Pretty Pictures and Videos For now, see the original thread for slightly outdated pictures and videos. If you have ones you wish to display here, provided they are short and contain no revenue-generation, just ask. Contributing If you have code changes you would like to contribute to the core plugin or shaders, please submit a Pull Request on the GitHub project: https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements If you have major config changes you would like to contribute, these are probably best supplied to users as an independent mod, in the same way as others listed above like SVE. If you can find a nice way to make use of the BumpMap config, let me know! If you'd like to donate, be aware that I'm only maintaining the great work of @rbray89, but you can donate from the CurseForge EVE page.
  18. Whenever I launch the game, random graphics settings will be selected, there's always more than setting selected for the same option. I set my PC setting to low but the next time I played both medium and high settings were selected with a random jumble of all the other settings.
  19. When attempted to plant a flag I happened to be under 2x time warp without noticing. Bob helpfully made a flag planting animation and then a flag floated out of his backpack and planted itself. Presumably one of these isn't affected by timewarp. Throwing me out of timewarp would also have been reasonable.
  20. I'd built a ground vehicle to test oiut rover parts, and while driving off of the runway area and trying to drive up a mountain, after a while I noticed that it appeared my vehicle turned green. I'm not entirely sure why it happened, or how, but it's been consistent with all sorts of metallic finishes. As you can see in the image, it appears all mirrored/metallic/uncolored got very messily colored.
  21. I really want to start a conversation with players that have the rigs to max out the graphics and also want very high quality visuals. What do you want to see in the game from a graphics standpoint? Are you satisfied with what was shown up to this point? I think the parts currently look good, the planets look good in the show and tell videos. I'm hoping to see very nice weather visuals. Can we hope for Ray Tracing? Can we hope for good looking dynamic terrain surface (like tracks in dust and mud and snow)? God Rays? Massive scatter? True volumetric clouds (also on alien worlds)? What else should we have for maximum immersion and visual pleasure? These demo videos show what's possible in Unity.
  22. We need to have a talk. I understand the artistic choice of having the game world be realistically depicted while the UI is representative of Kerbal technology with ASCII art and pixelated graphics and icons. I like the idea. But some of the graphics are too pixelated. Just look at the icons in map view. It hurts the eyes.
  23. Too long has stock Kerbol gone unloved. No longer will it sit at the center of the solar system, ugly and drab. With new high resolution textures, Scatterer support, and custom light curves, BetterKerbol attempts to remake Kerbol as eye candy worthy of pretty screenshots. Towards this end, the radius has also been tweaked by an imperceptibly tiny amount, to get around a quirk in KSPs engine. This change does not effect the orbits of the planets, as Kerbol's mass is unchanged. Experience the searing light of Kerbol as you approach the corona, or watch is it dims to a pale flicker as you travel beyond the orbit of Eeloo. Additionally, for those who desire a more realistically scaled Kerbol, that better aligns with stock scale, a optional patch is provided to reduce the radius of Kerbol by a factor of 4.24x Changelog v1.0.1 Fix optional rescale not applying Clean up readme Features Base 8k Photosphere and Corona textures A visual surface that aligns with the true surface, opening up the possibility for spectacular close passes Scatterer configs for close up corona glow and sky tint when in the Kerbolar atmosphere Custom light curves for starlight that realistically changes brightness with distance from Kerbol Optional Reduced radius by 4.24x, bringing Kerbol into line with the 1:10.63 scale of the rest of the Kerbal universe Notes Due to a long-standing bug with the way KSP calculates solar heat, temperatures near the surface are extreme, with radiant power density approaching infinity! Bring your exploit shielding or it's a one way trip! No sunflare is provided. If using Scatterer, pick your favorite sunflare mod, personally I recommend Sunflares of Maar. This is my first Mod, pls be gentle. Gallery Download CKAN GitHub SpaceDock Installation Base Extract the zip file Place the GameData folder into your KSP directory Optional - BetterKerbol Rescale Open the Optional Mods folder Place the GameData folder into your KSP directory Provided Compatibility Scatterer, v0.0831 Requirements Kopernicus (latest version for your specific version of KSP, or latest backport release for older KSP versions) ModuleManager 4 or newer Recommended Mods Sunflares of Maar Licensing BetterKerbol is licensed by Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
  24. I have this issue whenever I approach the cloud layers on any planet. The particles are always pitch black. I installed EVE Redux via CKAN, along with the stock configs for it. I don't know where I can upload my KSP log file. If you could provide a place to do so, that would be awesome. Thanks.
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