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Found 12 results

  1. Currently creating the models for this mod. The goal is to add some unique heatshields to the game in time for the re-entry update that will be coming! Sizes to get shields: XS, S, M, L, XL Not sure if I'll make a procedurally generated heatshield. I would love to but I'll need help figuring out how that works. This is the first model I'm working on. It's for medium sized tanks. I've also made a Budget Starship to test out the hexagon heatshield. More to follow as I'm still actively developing other mods! Showcasing a new heat shield in Kerbal Forge!
  2. I am a new player. I have a heat shield contract to be tested at 18,000 - 30,000 m at 2060 m/s - 3,300 m/s speed. But my bloody rocket is too slow. Max it can reach is 1500. Both upwards and downwards. What to do?
  3. Hi everyone, I am using the inflatable heat shield that has a "HS Jettison Staged" option, and I was wondering if there is a possibility for the "Inflate HS" to be included in the staging sequence as well. I tried adding "stagingEnabled = True" in the ModuleAnimateGeneric of the HeatShield.cfg file, but it doesn't work. Is there a way of doing that ? Thank you.
  4. It's what it says. Be able to enable fuel crossfeed in heat shields, just like with decouplers. Sometimes your lander is in the middle of your longish craft, and with the engines at the back, and the heat shield in the middle, you have to transfer fuel manually from the tanks at the front.
  5. Hello, I have a spacecraft with two inflatable heat shields (front + back) and I am trying to land on Eve. However, when I reach a specific attitude (e.g. around 47/49 kms) something weird happens: it looks like the heat shield (which faces the heat) is pushed backward more and more until this becomes way too much, and passes through the bottom parts of the craft (e.g. engines, landing legs, etc) leaving them exposed to heat. What follows next is that these parts of the aircraft are over-heated (since the heat-shield is pushed way too back and has passed through them) and so they explode. I have 200+ hours of KSP (not a veteran and so there things that I don't know yet) and I would like to understand 1) what is happening --- i.e. what is it that makes the heat-shield to be pushed back; which one of the measurement indicators was the alarming one? , 2) potential ways to prevent this from happening. I wasn't able to find this information elsewhere as I didn't observe a similar incident occurring in any other video/thread. Here is a picture of the situation: Here is a picture in space before that: Here is whatever remained from the vessel after all the explosions that followed: -- (luckily/funnily enough) P.S. I use the stock version of the game, the only mod I have is Kerbal Engineering Redux.
  6. I heard of this one cool concept to protect spacecraft from aerodynamic shock heating with an electromagnetic shield. I would love to see a mod of this, how it would work is a part would project a bubble around the ship, and use electric charge to power it, the diameter of the bubble could also be variable, the larger it is the more power it consumes, when there is no more power left the shield goes away and parts are no longer protected. This could be done through the use of separate parts or as an option that can be changed both in editor and in flight. The bubble should have a near infinite thermal tolerance but i think it would be more realistic if the power usage was proportional to both the size of the bubble and the heat acting on it. Also the bubble should have drag that depends on the diameter. here is an example of how it would look. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329763-100-magnetic-bubble-may-give-space-probes-a-soft-landing/
  7. Hello, Under what conditions is ablator depleted from a heat shield in ksp? I made a ship to do a 5,000,000km flyby of the sun then re-enter kerbin atmosphere. All went well, but as i was planning a heavy, steep and fast reentry i used the next size up heat shield (2.5m for a 16 ton 1.25m re-entry package) with the default amount of ablative material (all of it). As i crossed 70km coming home, i noticed that half my ablator had disapeared before i hit atmosphere. I flew the mission again and watched the ablator levels. I didnt loose any on ascent, but it did slowly drain away while i was outside kerbins soi. I have a hefty heat source on the ship in the form of an NFE reactor, i believe its adequetly cooled (radiator dont exceed 50%). Could it be the reactor heat causing this, or heat from the sun, or maybe the game models solar wind ablation now? Has anyone else seen it, or have i discovered a wierd one off interaction between 80+ different mods?
  8. I'm working on redirecting a class E asteroid into LKO and have observed that my tug (pusher, actually) is subject to shock heating even though it's on the "shielded" side of the asteroid. I had assumed that the asteroid body would act as a heat shield during aerobraking, but that doesn't seem to be true in this instance. Is this a result of using FAR or is it due to more fundamental KSP physics? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer!
  9. This is a simple Module Manager config that adds a heat shield and ablator to the Mk1 Command Pod. I made this for myself after seeing the pod appears to already have a heat shield, and I thought, "Why not put it to use?". No pics, no clicks, I know Module Manager is required for this to work. It can be obtained here. Download SpaceDock Available on CKAN How to Install 1. Download this and MM 2. Extract file(s) and place into GameData 3. ???? 4. PROFIT! Changelog License
  10. Hi there, Just a quick question. Is it possible to aerocapture a vessel with a direct transfer from Kerbin to Laythe using heat shields? I've been trying this all night long, but the vessel keeps exploding the minute (nay, second!) I enter Laythe's atmosphere! Below you'll find a picture of my vessel. As you can see, I'm coming in hot (orbital velocity is + 8000 m/s). The vessel consists out of 5 FL-T stacks with 5 large heat shields. Do I need more heat shields? Or maybe the larger, inflatable one? Or is it just impossible at these speeds. If I need more heat shields, thus weight, I'll bet it's much more efficient to just fiddle around with gravity slings around Tylo to get a capture with Laythe.
  11. I'm devoloping an Eve launcher from sea level, and while testing it on a Kerbin reentry, it always flips at 15,000 m aprox, and gets destroyed. It has 5 heat shields (1 big, 4 medium) and 4 AV-T1 Winglets. Also has 4 Advanced Inline Stabilizers. And it's perfectly symmetric. What I'm doing wrong? Here are two pics, one before the flip and other after: http://imgur.com/a/r0kJI Thank you very much for your answers!
  12. So, I have a potentially crazy idea; So say you have a Spaceplane, like Dream Chaser or Skylon, but the heat shield tiles are exposed, meaning during liftoff, they could be damaged, so what if we had this on our Spacecraft? 1 One single heat shield, no tiles And 2 And a very thin, lightweight (Aluminum/Carbon fiber) hull plate over the heat shield to protect the shield from damage. (That would burn up during reentry, exposing the heat shield) I have a question about this; If the Space Shuttles had this, could Colombia have been saved?
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