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Found 15 results

  1. Hola, tengo un problema instalando KSP, ok, la historia es que después de comprarlo (en Epic Games) lo instalé y se instala un launcher de la empresa creadora de KSP todo bien pero el ese launcher me dice que instale el juego cuando le doy al botón de instalar me dice que instalé un idioma, selecciono el idioma español y descargo. Cuando termina voy al launcher y me aparece el botón de jugar en gris, supuse que no había detectado así que cierro el launcher y vuelvo a abrir el juego se abre el launcher y me dice que lo instale otra vez lo instalo otra vez y repito esto en bucle durante media hora para después investigar y ahora estoy aquí buscando ayuda.
  2. CKAN now fully supports KSP 2. Here's how to install CKAN as well as install your game instance of KSP 2. This is the best way to install mods.
  3. I am not exactly sure where to put this thread, so if it is not in the correct forum section the moderators will move it (Sorry to make more work for you!) I just want to know how to install KSP without steam because I am soon switching over to a different computer, and I have heard that it is best to play modded KSP without going through Steam. Can you tell me how to do it, or where to go to to find instructions?
  4. Hi, Im wondering if I can install ksp on kali (i need steam) becouse kali is a debian baced and practicly a skin of ubuntu with some different tools. Im trying this tonight so i will post my result here. Thanks, Mine 36
  5. Hi there, It's been a LONG time since I have played KPS, so much so that when I tried to boot it up recently, it started loading the game (with the loading screen pictures and funny quotes and stuff) but said I was running an unsupported version, and that I should download the latest update ( It even gave me a link to click on to do so. Problem is, when I click on it, I get a screen that says "The page you requested does not exist." This is weird to me on two accounts. First, because it's a link that was generated by the game itself, not a forum or tech support person or something. And more importantly, Steam is designed specifically to keep my games up to date at all times, as it reminds me every single time I open it. Any ideas? I am playing this on a newer computer right now than when I previously played it. On that older one I had mods, but this one I do not, and I also uninstalled my making history expansion so it should just be vanilla right now. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I tried verifying the cache. What am I missing? Thanks! Brad
  6. I am installing KSP for the first time on a Mac running El Capitain. The program has been loading now for over 5 hours. It’s not hung, so I am reluctant to shut it down, but this can’t be right. The progress bar looks about 45% complete and it says “Loading Asset Bundle Definitions.” Every few seconds, the screen image changes and I see an encouraging new message (Flying Sage, Adding More Stuts, Terminating Debris, etc). What should I do?
  7. I"m in need of some help installing making history add-on. I"m running Linux mint on a Quad core Asus motherboard I built. the basic program runs great, so i decided to buy the Making history Add-on. I"ve unzipped the files to a folder on my desktop. But the instructions tell me to run a script called dlc-mhe-[lang]. command. I"ve got no clue how to run this in the Command terminal. after i open the terminal I get this:( ray@ray-quadcore:~$ ) can anyone with some linux experience help me out? Thanks for any help Ray Gott
  8. I am using KSP Version 1.3.1 and the game keeps crashing after I tried installing USITools, KW Rocketry, WarpPlugin (Interstellar), DistantObjectEnhancement, and TacLifeSupport. I installed them, they didn't work and then I uninstalled them. Then, the game keeps crashing after it gets to "MODULEMANAGER: FINAL" when loading. Log: Oops! I forgot to mention that I also tried installing FASA with them.
  9. The Linux install of KSP 1.2 appears to react badly to some configuration data that may be stored elsewhere by earlier versions of KSP. If you get a blank screen rather than the initial menu, this may be a cause 1: The data involved is stored in one or more subfolders of ~/.config/unity3d/ (This is on an Ubuntu-derived Linux, but I would expect it to be universal. This is a hidden folder and you might need to change a setting to be able to see it.) 2: On my system I found ~/.config/unity3d/SQUAD/ and ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/ , timestamped about three weeks apart in June 2016. They contained different sets of files. I made archives of both and deleted them. Both were related to Kerbal Space Program. 3: Deleting these files led to a normal startup of KSP, in a window rather than full-screen. 4: If you have an in-progress career or science game from an earlier version of KSP, I would not be at all surprised if you need to restore from the archives you made so as to run the earlier KSP version. 5: I am told Steam does things differently. I don't even know whether or not Steam supports Linux.
  10. I am trying to update my 1.0.4 to 1.1.3, on a Mac, and it is not going well. When I unzip the 1.1.3 archive into my applications folder, it creates a KSP osx_2 folder inserted of updating the KSP osx folder with it's Saves and mods history. If I unzip it into the KSP osx folder, it creates another KSP osx folder nested within it. I'm afraid that if I start individually replacing folders and files, I'll mess it up badly. I guess what I am looking for is a patcher, not a new install, but I didn't see a patcher available, except for Windows. What is the upgrade procedure?
  11. Hey guys, I just purchased ksp for mac on steam after playing the demo for a couple weeks. Once I downloaded it, I tried to launch but it just came up with a blank white window and started to spin forever. I cant find the mac support area so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I tried the whole permissions thing but I'm sure its not working or i'm doing it wrong. I'll attach a player log and hopefully someone can help me
  12. Hi! By installing KSP through Steam (using the "Previous Stable Release" option), the version on the bottom of the main game window says "", no build data. Just to clarify, I'm planning to stick to 1.0.5 until some bugs of 1.1.1 are fixed, which completely breaks game-play - in my particular case I say. My question: is this build "1028", with all the latest bug-fixes of original 1.0.5? If not, how can I get those? Many thanks!
  13. Hello pilots. I have a question. I have downloaded the manley air race (it is an air course), and now i want to know how i can install it. If anyone can help me it would be great!
  14. Made a quick tutorial video for Installing Mods; hopefully it's helpful. It's the second video I've ever edited; tips & suggestions for more tutorials are welcomed.
  15. Hey Guys and Gals, Back to Kerbal after a long pause. Initially stopped playing because I found the space-leg fiddling annoying. Now I see a lots of mods have come out to iron out the tedious parts. I just downloaded MechJeb as my first mod and am ready to give it a go, but, ahhhhh .... errrrr, well I am old No idea how to install it!!! Any one here has a clue? TY and have a Powerful day!
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