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Found 5 results

  1. I've recently gotten interested in expanding the KSC with new buildings and a runway mod. KSC Extended can add this but is currently bugged for me, as it makes the textures of the buildings added pink. Could anyone recommend mods that add more buildings and runway stuff? Thanks. (KSC Extended issue. A friend told me that KSC Extended is broken, but I'm seeing reports of it working perfectly. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.)
  2. I recently downloaded KSC Extended but the ground around the KSC Extended buildings are pink or purple. Someone on the KSC Extended topic gave me the color patch, but where do I install it? Thanks
  3. I recently installed KSC Extended and all the mods are up-to-date but the ground around the buildings are pink. How can I fix this, it's a huge eyesore. Thanks.
  4. So I installed KSC Extended, and it worked. Mostly. I've noticed things disappearing from the different launch sites. From the launchsites TCS05 to TCS19 there is meant to be a runway. Yet there isn't. I need help, it just is gone. Is it something related to my terrain settings? I've tried restarting the game. Any help appreciated!
  5. I was messing around with that one mod that lets you change the position of KSC (great mod btw I forgot its name) and I had KSC Extended installed, did you know that lil weirdly colored peninsula that KSC is usually on is apparently part of KSC itself? When I was flying around from a space center near the usual KSC, I saw all the usual KK KSC Extended buildings floating. Just wanted to say that.
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