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Found 2 results

  1. (Take two on convincing the community to be nice (take one) because the first one did not work and I’m more stressed about it this time) Ok so, as it seems, I’m not having an easy time motivating myself to stay active on this community. You may be familiar with my first post. The schism is still here, and therefore I still have more stuff to complain about. So, I’m going to make another post, even longer this time, hopefully this time with better formatting and active correction to remove bias. I really just want this whole thing to calm down. the schism As everyone who’s ever poked KSP2 or these forums with a 39-and-a-half-foot-pole has noticed, there’s a big schism in the community between what is basically two parties engaging in passive aggressive discourse on basically every single forum topic in this entire freaking subforum, even on other sections of the greater forums as a whole. The two sides, as I see it, are: On one side, there are people who have trust in the developers, and believe in a future for the development of KSP2. They see patience as a necessity to a good community, despite the fact a full release was expected 3 years ago. They think the devs aren’t bad people, and they deserve trust and patience. The vision they dreamed of for KSP2 is coming, and all they need is to sit tight and encourage the developers. Eventually, one day, the version of KSP2 they get heart palpitations just thinking about will be here. A few (not all!) members of this side deny there is anything wrong with KSP2, and see genuine constructive criticism as bad. On the other side, there are people who have little to no trust in the developer team’s competency. They see the 6 months of little tangible feature development as a sign that KSP2 is dead, dying, or doomed. The devs did an awful job launching, and the game probably won’t survive very long before T2 pulls the plug on funding. They typically provide genuine constructive criticism of the game, usually with tone issues. Often they think the developers overpromised or are otherwise incapable of meeting their promises, and that the dev team is inefficient or slow at development. A few (not all!) members of this side think KSP2 is a cash grab scheme, or think everyone who bought into the game early has been intentionally misled and can’t see reality. Where do I stand? Well, in the past, I’ve been pretty firmly in the first group, and I think I still am to some degree. However, as I step back a bit, I see the development is going really rough. The game is certainly lackluster in comparison to modding its predecessor, and I enjoy and play KSP1 way more right now. The devs are doing all they can to maintain a positive public image, and can’t, because let’s be honest, the launch was really frickityfracking awful. Communication issues, performance scares, and the incredibly buggy nature of the release has huge and long-lasting effects. Player count is not going up. Things are Not Great. But, how I see it, in my personal opinion, the devs still deserve some slack. The devs faced extreme hardships, and they deserve patience. In my opinion, any predatory release tactics are probably T2’s fault (like, honestly, it’s kinda like, their whole identity at this point in the gaming community). KSP2 is objectively not very good right now, but recently the devs have managed to remove a TON of huge and pressing bugs. Performance has freaking skyrocketed, pun intended, and multiple people I know are now capable of running it on their machines. Foundations have been getting put in place for future updates. I have trust in the developers and a good belief that KSP2 will, one day, a year or three down the line, meet its promises, and I will be encouraging and patient. But honestly I’m not here to talk about all that. I’ve got like, a much more pressing problem to talk about. the actual issue of the schism I’m not here to focus and fixate on the squabbles. I hate to participate in them, they make me feel icky. I don’t want to fuel the fire, because it’s an objectively really really big and long-winded fire that I subjectively just want to see the end of. I think my last post contributed to the fire, because more of it than I’d like was centered around “no guys devs actually good”, but I realize standing behind my opinion and tainting the possibility of neutrality of my post probably detracted a lot from it and was in general disagreeable to the side I wasn’t a part of. That’s why I’ve cut down on that, and I’ll be spending the next obscene number of pages focusing on this community. The fact there’s a schism at all is harrowing, is it not? Let’s think about what both sides have in common: we’re all fans of KSP or KSP2. We’re all astrophysics majors, rocket scientists, dorky nerds who like space, armchair engineers, computer scientists, and geeky nerds who play with model rockets in their backyard. We all are disappointed by the state of KSP2. We all looked at the trailer and probably died of heart attack at least three times each. Nobody can say that KSP2 is really superior to KSP1 with mods, in terms of performance, features, playability, stability, support, customizability and in some cases even graphics too. We all have been impacted by the really awful launch. We all participate in the community, regardless of whether we argue or just chat or just lurk, and want to play a fun game. What differences do we have? Well, one side thinks KSP2 will be good and the devs deserve slack, and one side thinks KSP2 won’t be good or that the devs are meanies. Well, when you stack it up like that, it seems kinda silly how we’ve driven a wedge between the two parties who both just wish they could enjoy KSP2 as much as the release trailer promised. We’re all KSP dorks who just wanted a cool sequel like the one in the trailer. We can all agree we don’t have that yet. Is it coming? Depends on who you ask. I think so, but my opinion is not relevant to this part of the post. I’ve stayed off the forums for a while. I’ve lurked a lot, checking the forums basically daily, since my last post. Most of my interactions with the community since then have been posting youtube videos and responding to comments on the original post. I tried to come back and have a good time, but the sense there was this unkillable beast of flame wars and tension writhing in one of the most active categories of this forum is at least a little unsettling. It says a lot about the lack of coherence and unity in the community if people can split themselves for OVER HALF A YEAR over an issue like this. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge and stressful issue. But how I see it, this is no excuse for how we (me included) have been treating others on the forum. we are the schism. that's us. Here’s a friendly reminder: Community is everyone. Community is you specifically. Community is also me. Community is also my friend Steve. Community is also the mod & dev teams. Community is every member who reads this page or responds. Community is a Lot of people. In fact, community, as it so happens, is all of us. We did this. Nobody is at not at fault to some degree. We’re to blame. We’re responsible for fixing this, me included, you included, and we’re responsible for being nice to the community (this includes everyone in the community). As a community it is OUR duty and responsibility to not be mean or blind about it. WE are the community. Please take a second to just read over this paragraph and internalize it. This post here is the next chapter of my participation in trying to patch the schism, but no one single dweebus such as myself can do this alone. But seeing the state of these forums doesn’t give me confidence we can recover naturally anyways. We’ve already torn this huge gap in the community, and if we don’t close it, that gap will stay there. If it’s announced tomorrow that funding gets slashed severely, there will still be individuals who claim that the devs will rise from the ashes and miraculously make one of the most ambitious video games in gaming history. If KSP2 miraculously gets an update tomorrow that makes it completely exactly how we all wanted it, colonies and interstellar included, hundreds of handcrafted star systems, there will still be individuals who claim it doesn’t meet standards and bash it on the forums. Not one year ago, the KSP forums community was a freaking amazing place to be. We’d all go screw around with silly mods, make cool videos, share epic screenshots, say “guys won’t KSP2 be so cool when it releases” while ogling at some dev videos, and collaborate together with massive and elaborate community projects, and I would be hard pressed to find a single genuine insult anywhere on the forums, which still had like bajillions of active members. I really miss that community. I want it back, if that’s okay with you guys. I don’t like this place very much right now, and I can’t convince myself to stay active here for very long, because I simply don’t like the vibes that like 40% of the forums radiates and the other 60% is actively trying to ignore or pretend isn't a problem. Multiple people have left the forums before my eyes due to this issue, some even having directly contacted me to talk to me about it, because what I described in my first post is exactly why they left. This is a genuine issue. These forums are not as fun to stay in as they used to be, and the sense of unity and community and fun is severely damaged. This is a genuine concern I genuinely raise about the genuine state and genuine future of these forums. I don’t know how else to emphasize “guys this is a problem, we should fix it together”. If this post hasn’t convinced you “maybe we should be nicer to eachother” then I don’t know what to do, since this is the last thing I can think of to do, unless I wanna write four thousand words next time I make a big post. Which I don’t feel like doing. Please don’t make me have to write another post. I have carpal tunnel. ok, cool, whatever, so what do you propose we do then, dweebus? I genuinely don’t know. My guess is to start along the lines of “be nice” but that’s a lot easier said than done. I’ve seen a lot of mean comments thrown at people. I’ve seen a lot of passive aggressive ickiness from both sides. I’ve seen a lot of people just joke and make fun of other people for having an opinion that is not theirs. I’ve seen people start cursing out eachother or even hurling slurs over something as silly as “should there be this thing in this silly computer program about silly green aliens doing rocketry” or perhaps “why isn’t this thing here in this silly computer program yet”. And, mind you, this is all the stuff I’ve seen AFTER the moderation team filtered out the worst and most rulebreaking attacks. I’m not a mod, so I have absolutely no clue what the worst of the worst looks like. All I know is what I’ve seen can only be the tip of the iceberg. So what I propose is maybe just like, let’s all collectively resist the urge to yell at people who don’t share our opinion. Let’s also collectively resist the urge to yell at people who yell at us. Those usually are conducive to a good community, I would assume. Maybe we can set some collective terms for what we want, such as “constructive criticism is good but let’s be nice about it”, or maybe “let’s all agree KSP2 isn’t perfect yet”, or even perhaps the apparently very controversial and difficult to understand “i don’t like to be called a [insert long string of swear words]”. Those seem like reasonable demands to make of our friends and allies here in the community. But I don’t have a good idea of what we as a community should do. These situations probably have a lot more nuance to them than I can immediately think of, and my solutions aren't easy nor universal. I don't have an objectively untinted view of the situation, and I don't have a bird's eye view like moderators or developers might. I, as a dweebus member of the forums with no qualifications, really do want you all to collaborate and work together to find a way to make things better here. I want people to start thinking of ways to make the community a less toxic and flame-infested place, and I can’t do it alone. I'm not that good with people. Plus, you can’t do it alone either, since you too are just one person. Can we perhaps do this together please? I’d like to think this post is less of “i’m complaining, but loudly, and then some people agreed with me” like last time, and more “call to action to help actually make the community less mean to eachother” or perhaps even “open letter” in style and purpose. Like seriously I really just want me and everyone else to be able to enjoy the community like we did before. I really want us to be a unified, collaborative community again. It really hurts to see people just being like this to eachother. a conclusion i guess Ok, so, to recap: we’re all being mean to eachother, despite the fact we’re pretty similar in the end. This is bad, because being nice to eachother is good. We should all make an effort to be nicer, so that people stop leaving and people start enjoying the forums more. Nobody likes to be insulted, and we are all friends here on the forums. I propose we collaborate to do this, since we can’t really do all this alone. Please help us help eachother, which would include you. Stay tuned next time, for in 4 months I'll write 5k words on this exact same issue!! (this is a joke) (this post is prone to edits for grammar, spelling and tone. it is open to polite constructive criticism. please do not insult me or anyone else in the comments for the love of heck.) TL;DR: please be nice thanks
  2. Dear Intercept Games Team, I hope this letter finds you all in good health and high spirits. Let me start by expressing my deepest appreciation for the dedication and passion you're pouring into Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP 2). Since the game's inception, I've been an ardent supporter, following every update, and looking forward to the revolutionary gameplay experiences I know you're creating. It's my unwavering belief in the KSP 2's vision, coupled with my dedication as a member of its community, that has driven me to develop various mods to enhance our collective gaming experience. Among the numerous mods I've crafted, the "Better Parts Manager" stands as a prime example. This mod, specifically designed to alleviate lag issues within the parts manager, is just one testament to my commitment to improving the gameplay. Each mod I've developed is a reflection of both my passion for the game and my understanding of its intricate mechanics. However, as a concerned fan and a technically inclined individual, I've noticed some technical nuances within the game that I believe are worth addressing to elevate the overall player experience. Understanding Unity's Single-Threaded System: At the heart of KSP 2's operation is a system that can be likened to a single assembly line, where every item (or game element) has to wait its turn to be processed. In simpler terms, each part of the game, is handled one by one, in a specific sequence, for every frame or update. Think of it as reading a list of instructions. If the list is short, you can quickly read through it. But if the list grows longer, with more detailed steps, it takes much longer to read and follow. The Problem with Parts: Every additional part in KSP 2 is like adding another instruction to this list. Whether it's a new engine, a fuel tank, or a landing gear, each part demands its own set of computations – from how it interacts with other parts, to how it responds to in-game physics. As players design more intricate spaceships with numerous components, the list becomes extensive. A single-threaded system would go through each instruction for every part, sequentially, causing a longer wait time before the entire cycle completes for a single frame. Multiple Ships, Multiple Challenges: Beyond the intricacy of individual ships, players often have multiple ships operating concurrently – whether orbiting planets, docked at stations, or exploring new frontiers. Each ship, with its multitude of parts, represents its own list of instructions. The single-threaded system, bound by its nature, processes each ship's instructions in sequence, extending the cycle further. So, while one ship's physics and interactions are being computed, all other ships are in a waiting line, leading to even longer frame processing times. In a gaming context, this sequential processing translates to lag and delays, especially as the game world becomes richer and more complex. It's like trying to watch a high-definition movie but experiencing pauses because the player can't process the data quickly enough. and that's all without adding on future updates with colonies and gigantic interstellar ships with 1000's of parts. The Evolution of CPUs and the Need for Multi-Threading: Understanding the concept of single-threading and multi-threading can be likened to the evolution of our workplaces over the years. When Kerbal Space Program (KSP 1) was developed roughly 12 years ago, computer processors (CPUs) were akin to small offices, with typically 4 main workstations (or "cores"). Assigning one primary task (or "thread") to be handled sequentially in such an environment made sense. It was like having one main project and four employees with one working on the project (the game) while the others worked on other projects (the os). Now, fast forward to today, and imagine the office has expanded exponentially. Modern CPUs have grown to have 8, 16, 32, or even more cores, similar to an office having multiple departments with numerous employees in each. If we continue to assign just one main project to one worker, it means that while one department is working, all others are waiting idly. This is not only inefficient but also a waste of potential, given the manpower available. Multi-threading is like breaking down a project into multiple sub-projects and assigning them to different departments simultaneously. In the context of KSP, consider each spaceship part as a sub-project. In KSP 1, when your spaceship had a few parts, a single-threaded system could manage. But as players demand bigger and more intricate spaceships in KSP 2, the system can become overwhelmed, leading to lag and reduced performance, especially when we have so many more "departments" or cores available for work. So, while single-threading was apt for the time when KSP 1 was released, due to the limited "office size" of CPUs, it's now outdated for the grand vision of KSP 2. The tech world has evolved, with CPUs boasting more cores, and to harness this power fully, multi-threading is imperative. It's like modernising our office's workflow to ensure every department and employee is engaged, optimising productivity and efficiency. The Issue at Hand: While KSP 2 is ambitious and promising, adhering to the older single-threaded model will restrict its potential. There could be a temptation to leave out certain features or simplify game mechanics to ensure smooth gameplay, Like in ksp 1. A clear manifestation of this limitation is the game lag with even a small number of parts, an outcome of its single-threaded nature. The Potential Solution – Unity's DOTS: Unity's Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) is a cutting-edge framework designed to harness the power of multi-threading and optimize game performance for contemporary hardware. DOTS streamlines processing, allowing for simultaneous computations, making it immensely more efficient than traditional single-threaded systems. By adopting DOTS, KSP 2 can achieve the agility and scalability essential for its ambitious goals, ensuring a seamless and enhanced gaming experience while preserving its unique intricacies. To sum up, my intention isn't to critique, but rather to provide constructive feedback that I believe could immensely benefit KSP 2 and its expansive community. I trust in the game's vision and your team's capabilities, and I'm optimistic about what the future holds for KSP 2. Sending my best wishes and looking forward to the game's continued success, Kind regards, ShadowDev
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