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Found 19 results

  1. Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 | RAM: 32 GB Version: Severity: Medium (can render the vessel unusable, but can be circumvented by changing mission profile) Consistency: Consistently reproducible, but under particulate circumstances Here's the the relevant picture of the payload bay: The intended mission profile at this point was as follows (the mission is STS-3 from Shuttle Challenge): redock the maneuvering modules (the ones with Kerbals in the seat) to solar panel assemblies (packed on the bottom on the bay) use the maneuvering modules to extract the solar panel assemblies and dock them to the telescope (released from the shuttle just before the screenshot was taken return the maneuvering modules to the shuttle and go back to Kerbin The problem appeared on the first step: the moment a maneuvering module was docked to the up-facing port on solar panel assembly (with control point of the resulting assembly becoming the command seat), all the struts on the shuttle were broken. No matter how many times I reloaded, the struts kept breaking. And let's just say without the struts this shuttle falls apart under its own weight even on gentlest landing But then I found a solution that worked: Release the solar panel assemblies. Catch them with the maneuvering modules and dock them to the telescope. Return the maneuvering modules to their original place in the payload bay If I do exactly this and return the maneuvering modules to the backwards ports in the bay (control scheme still switches to the seat, which is backwards relative to the shuttle) the struts remain intact. But if the maneuvering modules get docked to the upward-facing ports the solar panel assemblies were docked to - the struts immediately break. (No matter how many times the game was saved and reloaded/restarted between deployment and return of the maneuvering modules). Probably needs double-checking/verifying on different vessels, but the craft file is in attachment if anyone wants to replicate it on this one. Just get it to orbit and experiment with the maneuvering modules (the RCS modules might need to be switched on through part manager) Included Attachments: HROSTS3.json
  2. Reported Version: v0.1.3.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 22H2 | CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor 3.70 GHz | GPU: 3070 TI | RAM: 32,0 GB 3600 mhz (operating at 3200 mhz) cl17 Specs: This I haven't succesfully been able to reproduce yet. I tried with a test craft, quitting to main menu, opting yes on popup window asking to save, and reloading the save from the main menu again. This happened earlier today, as I finished my construction session for the time being. I left the craft in the VAB, saved before quitting the game, reloaded save later with the same craft fin the VAB, and all struts vere severely broken. They appear fine from the VAB and show up after launching craft, but they don't seem attached to anything. When launching the craft, it violently shakes it self apart from the SROBs, and the struts seem attached to SROBs but not the node at the core. I promise that the craft was not wobbly earlier, but now struts don't really work. SROBs seem to be fine in second launch though. Steps to reproduce To be investigated further. Included Attachments: Jool5traveller.json
  3. Reported Version: v0.1.3.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 22H2 | CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor 3.70 GHz | GPU: 3070 TI | RAM: 32,0 GB 3600 mhz (operating at 3200 mhz) cl17 Specs: This bug is a bit tricky to reproduce. It applies for fuel lines as well, as they are based on the same placement mechanic as struts. If you end up fiddling around with the symmetry in the right wrong way while placing them, they leave behind initial placement parts as described above. Steps to reproduce Choose high count symmetry. Place struts Choose lower count symmetry Grab the last placed node Place it again Pick up the last placed node again, and delete it. The nodes left behind is still placed in original symmetry, but the symmetry does not apply anymore. As shown in the video below, they will have to be removed one by one, regardless of chosen symmetry. They all do disappear at launch though. Possible fix This didn't really fix the issue in my opinion, to me it appears that you are just blocked from changing symmetry while "holding" a strut. A possible fix to the bug described above, could be that you are allowed to change symmetry when selecting a strut or fuel line from the part manager, but will be blocked from changing it after placing the first node. Included Attachments:
  4. Yeah, this is after the update when I tried to stream myself doing the weekly challenge. I encountered the issue with struts and docking ports after loading a quicksave around the Mun. The attempt before I tried to undock so I can get ready to land, but that ended in the termination of the vehicle. And yes, before anyone asks, the CSM is an EJ_SA design. I copied him while he was building it to try and pick up some new tricks for building craft in KSP2. On that front, I would like to apologize for copying. I just needed to do a bit more to actually learn.
  5. Hi there, i'm trying to construct a modular surface station concept. This has been my last try: The vessel in the middle have had a ground anchor, it exploded as i docked the third vessel. After i docked the fifth vessel and joined using the KSC tracking station it was kicked few hundred meters up in the air, parically exploded and broke apart Managed to set up four vessels again, next time when i used the tracking station to control it, it was trown up and broke in two parts and exploded again The effect seems worse when i use the KSC tracing station to jump on it, compared to when i approach slowly with another vessel My question now is how may we build a vessel that reduces this effect or how to make it more robust against it or reduce the effects causing it? Already searched the forum and other places on the internet about it - there are few outdated opinions about it, some say more struts, other say less autostruts... As you can see i've got 20 landing struts and 24 wheels, all "locked autostruts heaviest part" - if there's any problem with it, i surely triggered it. May more "real" struts or more ground anchors be a solution? Or may it be better the other way - most flexible joints and no struts? Or is or it solveable with RCS / reaction wheels and SAS? I'm also playing on a DarkMultiPlayer server, that makes it worse i guess. But i think this effect takes place in vanilla as well? Looking forward for ideas, kind regards, Michel_0 KSP Version: v1.12.3.3173 Windows player x64, 1.12.1 Making history, 1.7.1 Breaking ground, Win11 x64 EDIT: The vessels got big reaction wheels, plenty of RCS and liquid fuel thrusters. I made sure to shutdown all thrusters, turned RCS and SAS off before i left the station (and it still was as i rejoined).
  6. My rocket, a 1,825dm rocket with some 1,25dm engines work fine. But as I was to edit my design (I use contruction time) the struts does not seem to attach on the second point. I am able to attach the first point, drag the strut as usual but when I click to attach it, it dissapear, or my mouse seem to select the part I am clickin on. Anyone else familiar with the issue?
  7. Hello i was just wondering since normal struts have weight do autostruts also have weight?
  8. When I click to connect an anchored strut from one object to another, the anchor moves from the part I put it on originally.
  9. After having the beginnings of my first space station wobble into my own personal Kessler Syndrome, I've decided to look at other options to keep my creations stable. I previously only used EAS-4 Strut connectors, and they did just fine for keeping rockets and landers together. But my space station, having been composed entirely of Sr. docking ports and pieces which are entirely stable on their own, did not have this option. My searches suggest that Autostrutting may be the answer to my problem, but I'm having trouble getting clear info on it; Does Autostrutting dynamically change what an object is "attached" too depending on circumstance (docking/undocking, decoupling, explosive spontaneous deconstruction, etc.)? If not, what happens when the object strutted to is disconnected or destroyed? What do the various options do, and when are they best used? "disabled" is obvious of course, but the rest confuse me, especially since I'm not sure about the above two questions... Should Autostrutting be used to replace EAS-4 Strut connectors or supplement them? How effective is it at keeping space stations and other large docked up structures from destabilizing and damaging or destroying themselves? I've heard people sing it's praises, and I'd like to know why, but I'm just not sure how to make use of the feature, or even where to get good info on it. Also, I'm trying to go vanilla for now, so I'm avoiding mods; I've only just started, so simple things like bringing one-way payloads to planets and moons are still a real struggle to me. I'd like to really get to know the game before I mod it...
  10. So I have actually had this problem for a while now but have never asked it. As an example situation, let's say I'm going to Duna and want to have some detachable boosters on the side of the first stage. If I just attach them to the side of the ship by the side decouplers, they will wobble all over the place because they are attached by a very small point. That's not an issue, right? Just go back into the VAB and attach some struts going from the booster's nose cone to the first stage fuel tank. Easy. But then something strange happens when I am placing the struts - I'll stick the first point onto the nose cone, and then the second point on the fuel tank. But when I place the second point, it just teleports right next to the first point. Then I'll have to try over and over again to find a spot where this doesn't happen. It's starting to bug me. I have some mods installed, but this problem started before I had installed any of them so that's not the issue. I thought it might be that the struts were clipping through the nose cone, but it still happens if there is no possibility of clipping. Is this a bug or am I just doing something stupid?
  11. I'm trying to build a Mimnous space station that hopefully, will act as a Kerbin system gateway. This station is vast since it has a lot tanks for refueling outbound Kerbin system travelers. I've built the thing part by part launch by launch with connection ports. However, it has become extremely unstable and it wobbles like a rattle snake making further docking impossible. I've read that that I could solve this problem with EVA struts. Question: So the question is are EVA struts available in PS4 enhanced edition? P.S Thanks for the great game.
  12. [ KSP 1.2.2 + RSS + SMURFF ] When building tall rockets in the VAB, we need struts to reduce wobble. Sometimes it works nicely, struts attach perfectly with symmetry 4,6 or 8. At other locations, strut ends seem to refuse to attach even after repeated attempts and varying the locations slightly. And even when doing individually (no-symmetry). Usually the first strut end stays in place, while the second strut end jumps to somewhere else, either shorter or longer. Is this a known bug that I just have to live with?
  13. I'm returning to KSP after some months. Last time I played was in November 2016 and I really enjoyed the auto-struting option that was added in 1.2. Now I'm playing 1.3 and can't find the struting option on any part anymore. Was the feature removed or I'm looking in the wrong place? Playing sandbox btw. Nevermind, found my answer! "Advanced tweakables" was deactivated in settings.
  14. Installed v1.2.2 on my system and started importing my craft files into the save folder. Noticed that all the strut endpoints are protruding from the surface location they're attached to. Looks rather clunky compared to their historical behavior from 1.2.1 as far back as I remember them being added into the Alpha versions of the game. Not sure if this is intentional or a by-product of the following item listed in the 1.2.2 changelog: * Fix for strut connectors attaching below surface on SRB-KD25k. Anyone else noticing this? I know a lot of players (including myself) relied on their previous behavior for aesthetics when creating structural "frames" using struts. I know you can use the offset tool to move around the origin endpoint, but the destination endpoint is stuck outside whatever surface you attach to.
  15. Hi all, Early on in my career game Lageranda Kerman managed to get herself stranded in low Kerbol orbit. It took several failed rescue attempts to teach me just how far down the gravity well that is. In fairness, there was no way the Terrier's and FLT-800's I had access to at the time were going to cut it. I've come a long way since them, and am determined to bring that kerbal home no matter what the cost! (And for my own gameplay reasons, preferably without resorting to Xenon tech). I'm completing work on a huge, single-launch behemoth that will establish a research and mining base on Moho, then use it as a refueling depot for my low-Kerbol rendezvous. This is roughly what it looks like so far: Initially I attached my boosters like so, and am able to get this into orbit fairly reliably: But for realism (and aesthetics) I'd like to wrap that equipment at the top up in a more aerodynamic fairing. Unfortunately I kind of backed myself into a corner by not having everything coalesce down to a single convenient attachment from which to build the fairing. I could stick it between the mining rig and tanker, but the tanker's un-aerodynamic reaction wheels would still be exposed. Note the reaction wheels are welded into a single part with most of the tanks below, and I don't want to break them up. Also don't want to stick anything between the rig's thrusters and the damage-protecting "thrust plates" below them (which eject after use). I wish I could start my fairing from the top and close it to the surface of my tanker, but that doesn't seem to work. So I figured, let's just throw more funds at the problem and encapsulate the whole shebang in Kerbin's biggest egg - with some assistance from Procedural Fairings (which lets you attach boosters directly to the fairings, helping me avoid a rocket too tall to fit in the VAB): Launch could have gone better... Liftoff was actually fine until separation of the first pair of boosters. What's weird is the F3 Flight Results didn't report anything wrong until later in the RUD than I would have expected. Slowing this down and going frame-by-frame, I discovered that as soon as I detached two of the boosters, all the struts holding the other ones broke as well! And that happened before anything at all (other than "Separation of Stage 21 confirmed") was reported in Flight Results. 1 frame before separation: 1 frame after separation: I played around with different AutoStruts settings on the boosters, fairings and fairing base, with varying results from a craft that wouldn't stand up on the launchpad to boosters that all fell off the egg before launch. I suspect the problem is my boosters need moar struts to something on the inside of the fairing - but it's kind of hard to attach them with the fairing in the way. Any suggestions? Any radically different ideas on making this beast aerodynamic? p.s. Note those boosters each consist of only 3 parts: - Tanks, Separatrons and decoupler (1 weldment) - Mammoth engine (stock) - Parachute (Mk2-R scaled up 4x) I can share my craft files and parts if anyone wants to play with this. I don't want to split it up into separate launches so please don't suggest that :-). Edit: Simply right-clicking one of the boosters while on the launchpad and decoupling it also causes my ship to fall apart. Edit: The problem isn't specific to that pair of boosters. If I remove them from my craft, it launches just the same and the struts all disappear when I stage next pair (which are now first to stage).
  16. How often do you use them?? i use them when i build big vehicles and realising i got too much parts for a mission. i personally really enjoy them as a new feature and i think its pretty cool. what are your thoughts?? -Alan
  17. Hi! I’m using LT-2 Landing Struts to land on Eve, below its tolerance limit of 12 m/s, but they always crash. Maybe I don’t understand how this works, and impact tolerance is not the same as stress tolerance, but when the vessel “lands” it’s going at 9.4 m/s, which I thought was safe. Here are two pics of before landing and after “landing” (all struts explode and then the vessel flips and everything is over: http://imgur.com/a/6SnKY (pics are from different landings, but both were going at the same speed and ended exploding) Thank you very much!
  18. In the release notes of V1.1.1 there was mentioned, that wheels now have "auto struts [...], similar to fairing struts". Are those fairing struts noticable somehow? Because I'm unsure if I now still have to stut up my payloads in fairings, or if they get added "magically" when loading the craft onto the launch pad. How are those things working in V1.1.2?
  19. I think it would be cool to have landing struts that could auto level your craft when it lands on a slight incline? Can't always find a level surface to land on. Basically independence suspension for a lander.
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