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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, and welcome to... TheEpicSquared's Crazy ContraptionsTM (Warranty void if crafts not used in crazy fashion) Note: The reason why so many categories say "Coming soon" is because I haven't built many crafts for that category. They'll all be filled in sometime. So what's this? Right, so without further ado, let's get to the categories: THE CRAFT: Aircraft Airliners The Kossak K-100, manufactured by Kossak Aerospace: The Kossak K-200, manufactured by Kossak Aerospace: The Kossak K-250, manufactured by Kossak Aerospace: Fighter Jets Coming soon Stunt Planes Coming soon Spaceplanes Coming soon SSTOs Coming soon Rockets Lifters Coming soon Transfer Stages Coming soon Spacecraft Crewed Spacecraft Coming soon Satellites Coming soon Space Probes Coming soon Crewed Landers Coming soon Autonomous Landers Coming soon Ground Vehicles Trucks Coming soon Cars Coming soon Rovers Coming soon - in fact my rover for the Elcano Challenge will be up here within a few days, as it's in the final stages of development Miscellaneous/Silly Stuff Coming soon Thanks for viewing my Crazy Contraptions!
  2. Hello! In fact, I post this thread that because I like to recreate beautifull machines that wrote history. I not the most advanced creator in KSP but my goal is simple : only use a few mods and play with the scales of the stock part. Sometimes it works, sometines not... I would like to share my humble work, just for fun and sharing, and talk about creations you've possibly made. I will update as possible the topic for new content! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most used mod(s) : Tweakscales (after all, is not the main theme of the thread? Nah, forget about it!) Discontinued Parts For the rest, look on KerbalX description! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [KHEED] KHEED K-104 series ---------------------- [KOEING] KOEING K-52 ---------------------- [NEXT COMMING SOON]
  3. Ok the challenge is try to make a world war 2 aircraft,But it must be really realistic looking if you made one put a screenshot here and you can use any mod And here is my supermarine spitfire And the P-51 Mustang
  4. ST Aerospace Custom aircraft made to be used specifically with BDArmoury, or simply blow stuff up! Note: These aircraft are not designed to resemble real life aircraft, although some of the models have slight resemblance, it is not meant to be accurately designed to its real-life counter parts. These planes are built to execute dogfights, just turn on guard mode, adjust the perimeters, set the teams and hit the activate AI pilot mode More planes coming soon! 1. SG F001 "Todak" Part count: 36 Mods used: BDArmoury, Adjustable Landing Gears, SC Panzer Speed: 266m/s (w/o AFB) : 337m/s (with AFB) Mass: 9.7t Size: 3.7m x 8.7m x 10.5m Engine: J-404 "Panther" x 1 Armament: 20mm Cannon x 2 Capacity: 1 Cost: 23240 Download link: https://goo.gl/0cO3U6
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