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Found 2 results

  1. What is going on with Anti-Aliasing in this engine? 8x AA enabled but still image quality is really really bad. It's even worse in motion as every single edge is flickering. Is it 8x supersampling? is it 8x multisampling? What even is it using? Tried rendering at 4K with 8x AA and then downsampling with DRS to 1440p doesn't produce a clean image. More here: https://imgur.com/a/7dMEb73 This example from the VAB really shows it clearly: This 400% crop from KSC shows just everything is a garbled pixel soup: 400% crop from the main menu.
  2. Hi, Since the update to 1.1 i was one of those bothered by hard-to read text (even in settings-menu) and very blurry edges. especially in KSC view. I tried very much around driver-settings and nothing seemed to help. - So i ended up with installing GemFX and adding HDR to the screen, wich really changed things - will upload pictures later. But thats not the point. I think i finally found the reason on my rig, changed it - and nopw i dont see any difference between my gemFX settings and the vanilla anymore. First of all, i am on Nvidia with driver 368.sth. using dx9 mode - please dont rely on this for other rendering methods! So i went into the 3d-settings menu of the driver(nvidia control panel) and was also bothered not beeing able to delete my KSP-profiles here, since it seemed that i also wasnt able to add different pathes for the KSP_x64 to try out some settings. so i wiped the profiles with an external Program andd recreated a new one for a test-install. Reading carefully through the manual there was a hint, that some applications might not be able to use AA with HDR on their own, and that u should force the driver to "override the application settings"... .. well, tried that and - well, there was a huge difference. I think the reason might be that KSP / unity is using another method of AA than the driver is... "If Override any Application Setting is selected, it will ignore any AA set using the in-game settings, and instead attempt to forcibly apply the type of AA you specify under Antialiasing - Setting." You should make sure, that u still set AA ingame to 2x, since it might deactivate PPFX (edge-highlighting) if you completely disable it Im not 100% sure if this is everything you need to change, since i wiped the whole profile and set some other settings additionally - but thats what i remember to do the trick at last. I'd be happy to provide you with more information - depending on the feedback.. So feel free to ask. Looking forward to argue with you guys about it - but please NO Squad / update flame in here! Im just trying to solve this particular problem and i am going to report every post that is offtopic / not adding something to this discussion.
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