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Found 15 results

  1. I wanted to show you guys my very first fanart I'm posting! (this is a really old image, been meaning to post this for a while now actually) Jeb accidentally fainted from excitement while trying to land on the Mun, faceplanting right into the Staging button...
  2. The Rockets of Kerbin is a lineup of all my viable launchers. In my original version from a few months ago, I only had the best ones, but I've decided to expand to all of my currently active rockets. RRR: Rambunctious Redneck Rocketry, LLC AAA: Atrociously Ambiguous Aeronautics, LLC QQQ: Quantitatively Quirky Quarks, LLC From left to right: Top Noiro I (QQQ) Noiro II (QQQ) Lares I (QQQ) Lares II (QQQ) Hipporocketus (QQQ) Kenergia/Burannott (AAA) Kerbin Launch System Block 1 (RRR) Kerbin Launch System Block 2 (RRR) Varek Crewed System - KLS Block 2b (RRR) Kerbin Launch System Block 3 Sea Kraken (RRR) Gigantus II (RRR) Bottom Pigeon 1 (AAA) Pigeon 2 (AAA) Pigeon 6 (AAA) Pigeon 7 (AAA) Pigeon 8 (AAA) Pigeon 9 (AAA) Spork I (RRR) Spork II (RRR) Spork III (RRR) Spork IV (RRR) Spork V (RRR) Spork VI (RRR) Spork VII (RRR) Spork VIII (RRR) Spork IX (RRR) Spork series rockets are the most powerful, the biggest and meanest heavy lifters developed by RRR, LLC for huge payloads. Pigeon is a unique recoverable product line by AAA, LLC. Every rocket's first stage is capable of boostback to launch site, or remote landing in the ocean. Kenergia carries the Burannott shuttle on LKO flights with multiple crew members, or carries unmanned payloads up to KSO. KLS 1, 2, 3 were made for ferrying cargo around the Kerbin system, or out to an interplanetary mission. Sea Kraken is an SSTO rocket with lots of engines. There is no promise that the first stage can be recovered after orbital injection. Lares I and II are medium-cargo rockets for LKO. Noiro was specially designed as a way to quickly and simply land Kerbals or cargo on the Mun. Hipporocketus is a sad, uninspired attempt by QQQ, LLC to compete with the Spork rockets. When we figure out the purpose of Gigantus II, we'll let you know.
  3. I will start. And let's give ourselves some constructive constructive criticism.
  4. I didn't find any sprite of kerbals for stream avatar so i made some i'll keep it updated, here goes nothing : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AwC9BddIXuT1QwlEEfL9OuEVEK3U-uPE?usp=sharing
  5. Who doesn't love some good space-themed art? Here, you can show off some of your favorites! It can be either one you've made or one by somebody else, as well being a traditional painting, drawing, or digitally-made art. You don't have to, but I recommend also saying the artist and title of the art, too, just in case someone wants to know. Here's "Exploring Mars" by Chesley Bonestell:
  6. This is the last version i promise! Made in Paint (again)
  7. IMPORTANT CONTEXT This takes place in the universe of the NationStates Kerbin Region, which is a modern-day, geopolitically diverse collection of nations inhabiting the planet Kerbin and based on Kerbal Space Program in the online browser game NationStates. However, Kerbal physiology is... weird, to say the least, and as such they have such been replaced with humans. A bunch of little green aliens with comically large heads isn't exactly conducive to the tone of this fairly serious story, and I'm not going to stick K's in front of every word or name everybody Kerman. While some of you may have a problem with that, I have this to say to you: that's kringe. While the name "Kerthenia" is used by my nation, there is no association with TAPE Gaming, TheBeardyPenguin, or Kollaborative Warfare. I just went with the name a few years ago because it sounded cool and I am unoriginal as heck I couldn't come up with my own, and have since gotten quite attached to it. I. PROLOGUE The year is 1985, and the worlds of the heavens are for the first time within reach. The year is 1985, and among the heavens, tragedy has struck. Sixteen sols after the Sirius III landing, as millions around the world watched the astronauts of Sirius III on an extravehicular activity in Duna's Great Canyon, an unexpected rockslide completely buried Flight Engineer Nathaniel Moreau and crushed the left leg of Mission Specialist Kassandra Tzetes on live television. Contact with Moreau's suit telemetry was lost almost immediately and he was declared Killed In Action. While the astronauts attempted to clear the rock pile to retrieve Moreau's body, events would transpire forcing them to abandon the effort. Tzetes' leg was broken, and while her counterpressure suit had thankfully not punctured, she was suffering from a significant degree of internal bleeding, jeopardizing her life. Flight Surgeon Dr. Scott Miller was forced to amputate and tourniquet Tzetes' left leg at the Habitat Module in an extremely improvised and completely unanesthetized procedure, but she was unable to be completely stabilized with the limited resources groundside and would likely need a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, the only universal donor aboard the mission had just been killed in action. The presence of a better-equipped medical bay in the spin-gravity section of the Duna Transfer Vehicle and its stock of O- type blood prompted Mission Commander Kevin Ochoa to perform a medical abort of the Sirius III mission. Public support for the Kerthenian Space Agency was only barely beginning to form. A failure to secure early, high-profile victories in the Space Race due to the KSA's long-game, interplanetary-focused approach to its development resulted in a public opinion of them as sluggish bureaucrats at best and dangerously incompetent idealists at worst. The explosion that destroyed their fifth Mun landing mission, Arcturus V, and killed all three souls aboard with the eyes of the world watching did not help their case, and the accident board convened after only narrowly cleared the KSA as an institution of responsibility for the accident. This was largely due to the Congressional testimony of astronaut Michael Shepard, who during the Arcturus V hearings gave a fiery, impassioned speech that became legendary across the country and who would later would go on to become the first man to walk another planet. The public was furious about the Sirius III incident, demanding the KSA tell them what had transpired even as the Agency was only just getting the information themselves. Unlike the military space programs of the defeated empire of Dolfiklund and the two Communist powers of Anderia and Blorbs, the Kerthenian Space Agency is entirely civilian in nature. Both their successes and their failures have been completely within the view of the public eye. This civilian program almost never came to be, but after the Great War ended in 1934, the 1940s-1950s saw a renaissance of space research and the beginning of the ongoing Space Race. During these two decades, the KSA competed against the Navy's Naval Space Command and the Air Force's Extra-Atmospheric Flight Technology Development Center for control of the space program. Miraculously, the KSA won, and authority over the flagship space program of Kerthenia was transferred to it. All military astronauts joining the KSA Astronaut Corps would temporarily resign from their commissions, and the KSA would venture forth with open arms rather than martial armaments. Antochi means "endurance" in Greek. The Sirius III disaster has caused an existential threat to the future of Kerthenia's civilian space program, the only one of its kind. Antochi: The Sirius III Files will follow the story of the people on the ground and in space working to save not only the life of one person, but the future of many millions more, and to ensure that the dream of peace would endure. This is the story of the brave people who dared to go, not by force of arms, but by trust in peace. TABLE OF CONTENTS
  8. Valentina's mission to rescue Jeb from orbit. My first shot at retouching a KSP screenshot, since my computer is a potato and scatterer kills my fps. Please go easy on me Image contains the following mods: ReStock ReStock+ Universal Storage II Near Future Electrical USI Life Support Surface Mounted Lights Environment Visual Enhancement (EVE) Craft file: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2086376915 Background: I started playing KSP since the pre-release days. I didn't know what kept me lurking all those years, but here's my first contribution to the community. However I'm still ashamed now that KSP 2 is announced, I still haven't gone any further than the Mun, Minmus and Duna. During that time I've developed quite an "expertise" in designing Apollo-style spacecrafts. This is my latest iteration, creatively named the "Mk1-3" (Believe me I went through every name possible ). As a way to encourage myself to fly further than my previous destinations, I've decided to dedicate some my free time to take and enhance screenshots of my future missions with my Mk1-3 and its derivatives. My goal is to do a grand tour and visit every celestial bodies in the Kerbol system before KSP 2 releases. My current rules: Sandbox mode with USI Life Support Keep cost down to a minimum Feedback from everyone is greatly appreciated. Let me know what I should do next! Thank you! - Your fellow Kerbal
  9. Hello there, I've been posting all my fan art on the Kerbal Space Program sub-reddit (as DJOzmanMJ) so far, but figured the best place to post them is on the KSP forum itself. So, I'll be posting all my previous artworks as well as any new ones on here. So what's the image below? I could go in detail but why don't you have a look at the deconstruction I posted on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2xLdNK. Simply put, I render most, if not all of my images in Element 3D - a 3rd party Plug-in from VideoCopilot for After Effects. Enjoy! - Tinem
  10. Several weeks ago, I thought about how Kerbin would look realistically, under the satellite eye. I decided to create a pseudo-satellite image portraying the presumed vegetation and settlements realistically. I made it by superimposing the KerbalMaps picture of the region with various textures based on real-world mapping data. Enjoy.
  11. Hey guys! I thought of a challenge for you guys; if I could draw a design or an artwork/paintings of anything (KSP related), See if you be able to make it and build it in ksp and post your pictures here. (sorry if there are similar challenges like this before in this forum, I did not have time to do a bit of searching) ok let me upload some drawings!!
  12. Hello everyone. Just a simple topic about my artwork on KSP theme! Enjoy! Deep Space Eploration Kerbal Propaganda I
  13. Hey there, It was not the first time that my son Alex(7) saw me playing KSP. He seemed to develop more and more interest over the time. He even asked me to teach him how to play the game! (I almost lost a tear in that moment) I told him lots of things about the game and space in general, even though i doubt, he understood everything. This evening after coming home from a long work day, he surprised me. First, I was about to send him to bed. (How dare he stay up so late?) My wife calmed me down and told me to wait. He took out a large piece of paper, he had rolled up behind his back. It was a watercolor painting he did in school, titled "Alex and Pa together on Dune" (I think he meant Duna). I almost cried, Never been so proud. I'll certainly spend more time with him now. I'll have to switch some shifts and maybe do one or two extra, but spending time with my son, see him grow, see him develop an interest in science, that is just priceless. Here it is: He's planting the flag, while I'm landing with my spacecraft.
  14. Sorry if picture is too big, scroll to the right. It's the first time I actually have made real artwork with GIMP!
  15. As I explore the universe that is the "Tales of the Swan" I thought about the ship patches for the major ships, the transport squadrons, etc. Does anybody have any good reference materials or blank templates for creating them? My google-fu finds me a fair number of people that will make them, but not much on them.
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