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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, I know it says stock up there, but I will allow the flight contoller from BDArmory (to stop probe cores from physicsing out in atmosphere) and MechJeb. Everything else is strictly stock. PROFILE: Design and deploy a space launch system comprising of precisely TWO stages (SRBs permitted as a boost strap-on as long as they're fully retrievable) and a useful payload (robot probe, comsat, station part, whatever, as long as it has solar generation and battery storage and one antenna. Extra points for a multiple payload launch). The top stage forms part of the payload. Crewed payloads should also have some controllability, as in being able to choose the landing site anywhere within 20 degrees of the orbital plane. The first stage should have the capability (demonstrate, please) of making a turnaround landing at KSC (as in, refuel, attach the payload and light the bottom). The first stage is NOT allowed to enter orbit. [Challenger's note: Images to follow, I have not yet managed the landing part, seems the boost stage doesn't take too well to lithobraking on the pad at Mach 3 - fuel is the problem for me, and 8 stock parachutes don't seem to do a lot with a 17 ton deadweight). This is a Kudos challenge: great if you can demonstrate your design. Even better if you can perform a turnaround launch! Suggested timeline: Launch Kick MECO Stage sep (<40km) SEB to p.100km, SECO Switch to primary stage Boostback burn, deploy chutes Switch back to payload Orbital insertion Switch back to primary Landing Switch back to payload, deploy. Mission Badges: [EDIT] You're all going to hate me, but here's a mission extension I've not only been playing with, I've actually gone and done it. Using your current design stock launcher, put a crewed station module in orbit and then dock a spaceplane to it. Profile: Spaceplane should be STOCK. MJ and BDAI permitted addons. Station module should have an antenna, *space* available for the spaceplane crew, and at least one permanent crewmember. Demonstration should consist of a horizontal launch (on wheels, on the runway) of your spaceplane, and successful landing of your Dragon booster. (Pics to follow. I built and docked an X-Wing to a 35 ton science station. Tried getting a fuel tanker up there but didn't have the TWR on the top stage to make orbit).
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