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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I know I have done many unnecessary posts, but this is not the same. I need help in Unity 3D since I am not an expert on the subject, I need to apply THIS light distortion to a KSP body, that is, a black hole. I need to apply it to several different bodies, 3 stars to be exact, I really need this and I'm not very good at Unity. Regards!
  2. So, I have decided to master a programming language. However, I can't decide: Python or C# or C... Which is the hot commodity in the market? There are lots of programming genii here, so I will be glad if someone helps me out on this one...
  3. Hello guys! I need some help with the RenderingManager. It is now deprecated, and there are no tutorials that use something different.I tried taking some code from other plugins, but i couldn't make much of it. So i need help with making a window, and adding to it some labels, and textboxes , and buttons. Thanks in advance.
  4. I used the KSPI mod with 1.4.1 it worked very well until I used the warp drive. I charged it and activated it at 0.1c and it worked fine, the real issue was when I set it to 1c. For some reason the moment I set it to 1c it got completely destroyed. I also used another warp drive mod (warp drive standalone) and it had this problem as well. Is there some kind of limit now that I didn't know about? Whats going on? PS: I have a recording of it happening if you want me to show you
  5. Why is there a "speed limit" in the universe? According to special relativity, nothing can move faster than light, but Newton's first law states that unless an external force affects it, an object's speed will always stay the same. So, if we find a large space of perfect vacuum, with no force affecting any part of it, and if we had enough fuel and thrust, we could technically go at the speed of light and faster since there would be no external force affecting us, there would be nothing to slow us down.
  6. I started working on a new Module that will allow me to do a hands-off powered descent and mun lander. The module is good at controlling the throttle. However, it is not good at keeping the craft locked on its retrograde! At first, the ship will point almost exactly at the retrograde. However, after several seconds, the craft will stop following the retrograde, and only adjust once the retrograde has drifted very far from the craft's heading. Using SAS, I can click on the hold retrograde icon, and it fixes the problem. This works, but I don't want people to have to mess with their SAS. Here is my code, and I also have a video of a working attempt:
  7. Hi all, I know I've tried to get this going before, but it's been a while since anyone's even prettymuch heard of KerbPaint. For those that don't know, KerbPaint was a mod made by Texel, that would let you paint each part of your craft. I say was, however, as Texel has long since vanished and the mod doesn't work anymore. I was wondering if someone could make a new one from scratch, since Texel is uncontactable. I would request, however, that instead of creating a mask for each part, instead, the mod detects what parts of parts are white, and applies a mask to them, what parts are black, etc. (windows, etc.) but instead of detecting 'just white', detecting which colour is most prevalent, which is second most, and which is third most. This would (hopefully) allow a uniform colour through the whole craft. Maybe apply a white mask to each area first to ensure this? I'm no programmer, so I have no clue how to do this, but it'd be pretty great, as I and many others miss it greatly... Cheers, Espresso
  8. Easy: Get to Jool with the least amount of delta-v. Medium: Get to Jool with the least amount of delta-v and come back. Hard: Get to Jool with the least amount of delta-v, go into the upper atmosphere, release a spaceplane, fly that spaceplane for 90 seconds while your craft is descending, then achieve orbit and come back. Ultra Hard: Get to Jool with the least amount of delta-v, go into the upper atmosphere, release a spaceplane, fly that spaceplane to space while your craft is descending, then achieve orbit, transfer to Vall orbit, escape, and then come back. No Alt-F12 or HyperEdit. Rules: "Upper Atmosphere" is designated as 100-200km. You must release your spaceplane between 125-150km. Only stock parts, Engineer, MechJeb, and KW Rocketry parts are allowed. (KW Rocketry for the big fuel tanks/powerful engines for hard/ultrahard) "Vall orbit" is designated as a orbit within Vall's SOI and not going within 10km. "come back" is designated as hitting, or landing Kerbin, or having a orbit with a periapsis of 70km or lower. "least amount of delta-v" is designated as total dv. You may not use a stock spaceplane. People who have tried: Easy: PLAD [V0.90] - Vall capture. See post 7 for link. 1,017m/s. PLAD, Attempt 3 [V1.1.1] - 916m/s. Medium: PLAD (again) - 1,012m/s back, Hard: Ultra Hard: Gatecrashers: PLAD, Attempt 1 [V0.23.5] - Thought that aerobraking-to-orbit was allowed.
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