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  1. This is a continuation of Camera Tools originally made by BahamutoD and previously maintained by jrodrigv. It is intended to be used with the version of BDArmory Plus that has been extensively built upon after gaining a surge in popularity from Scott Manley's use of it in Runway Project and is currently being used for Flying Circus, but probably works fine with other versions of BDArmory too or even without BDArmory. > Download from SpaceDock Source on GitHub License: GPLv3 New features in v1.34.0 New features in v1.33.0 New features in v1.32.0 New features in v1.31.0 New features in v1.30.1 New features in v1.30.0 New features in v1.29.2 New features in v1.29.1 New features in v1.29.0 New features in v1.28.0 New features in v1.27.0 New features in v1.26.0 New features in v1.25.0 New features in v1.24.0 New features in v1.23.0 New features in v1.22.0 New features in v1.21.0 New features in v1.20.0 New features in v1.19.2 New features in v1.19.1 New features in v1.19.0 New features in v1.18.2 New features in v1.18.1 New features in v1.18.0 New features in v1.17.0 New features in v1.16.4 New features in v1.16.3 New features in v1.16.2 New features in v1.16.1 New features in v1.16.0 New features in v1.15.4: New features in v1.15.3: New features in v1.15.2: New features in v1.15.1: New features in v1.15.0:
  2. Can we make the camera speed be separate from the scroll to zoom speed? I like to move the camera fast but I like for my zoom to be smooth. Within the game I have to choose one or the other, I would like a setting to control zoom speed separately. My camera jumps each time I scroll and its jarring and takes away from the cinematics of the game. Thanks
  3. In KSP1, we were able to focus the camera on literally any part of our craft by right clicking it and selecting "Aim Camera". Current camera system on KSP2 seems to be quite on the works still, so I wanted to suggest this for the future. I personally was a user that used this function so much during my missions and it allows for so much versatility that I can't imagine my KSP2 life without it
  4. Since 1.5.0 landed, I've dared to make slightly more ambitious vessels and it got me thinking... When interstellar stuff arrives, I really don't think current camera control will suffice. Zooming/un-zooming would take way too much scrolling Part Manager will become overcrowded Focusing on specific part (like in the VAB) would be a very useful, QOL feature. Do devs have any plans to address these things?
  5. Idk really why but I think its something to do with merging crafts, but the camera focuses on the middle of two stages, and both stages are still able to work. Is there a current fix for this issue?
  6. Camera can't normal track vehicle if on previous stage was also drone core (or cabin?), camera focus on center between of vehicles. I realized it when had same bug with airlaunch and decoupling upper stages of this rocket, here is picture under spoiler to better understand what we're talking about You see that rocket has one drone core with small size, and other drone is core under fairing. When stages decouple camera tracks center between them and control is lost. Also same situation was when I air-launched rocket, camera focus on center between rocket and plane. But I didn't record these ;( I saw that not only I had delt with this, there are topics with names like "airbugs after decoupling " and other about camera. Here one with detailed video illustration Please if you have recordings share them to make the bug understandable
  7. When orbiting at very low altitude around Mun (or any other planetoid), the camera cannot distinguish if it must be in Orbital mode or in Ground mode, and switches between modes 5 times per second. Clicking on the interface (surface/orbit) or (ground/sea) does not stop the mode from auto switching continuously. Although it is not hard blocking, it definitely prevents a proper view of low altitude situations:
  8. KSP Version Unmodded stock steam release Launched via stock launcher Operating System and version (Windows 10, Windows 11) Windows 11 CPU and GPU models, any other system information which could be relevant CPU: Intel i9-13900K GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Description of the bug F2 does not show free view anymore. There is the timewarp console left in middle bottom of screen. Expected Behavior F2 does show fully free view, for making videos for example. Observed Behavior F2 does not show free view anymore. There is the timewarp console left in middle bottom of screen. Steps to Replicate Press F2 in flight Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) Not known. A list of ALL mods. If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window. None Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..)
  9. Hello, KSP Version Windows 11 Laptop with an i7 1280P and a desktop GTX 1080 Ti as eGPU When orbiting at fairly low altitudes the camera begins to spam messages because it can't decide which setting it should use. It's at potentially not safe altitudes, so I can't really blame it for panicking. Expected Behavior: Decide for one setting camera, you are trained for spaceflight, so behave like that Observed Behavior: See the screenshot below Steps to Replicate: Go to a very low orbit around a celestial body (I just tried it on Moho so far) Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) No mods Screenshots: Also the probe just crashed into the surface because it altered the orbit while writing this post (is there a secret atmosphere on Moho?)..
  10. KSP Version Windows 11 AMD Ryzen 5 / NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 After loading a savegame I can't move in KSP and not select a building - see weird camera angle in video Expected Behavior Observed Behavior Load a savegame https://imgur.com/a/O6yqwHM
  11. System Info KSP Version: KSP2 Build ID 10624168 Operating System and version: Windows 11 / Version 22H2 CPU and GPU models: AMD 5800X / NVIDIA RTX 3700 / 32GB RAM Mods Installed: None Description of the Bug Expected Behavior: Kerbal Jetpack should not be affected by non-static camera views such as chase Observed Behavior: Kerbal Jetpack is affected by chase view position which creates a feedback loop between the orientation of the kerbal and the orientation of the camera causing an uncontrolled spin. Steps to Replicate: EVA on orbit Switch to chase camera mode Rotate camera off center Give the kerbal a nudge (pitch/roll/yaw) to start the feedback loop Fixes / Workarounds: Don't use chase mode on EVA (unfortunate because chase mode is really useful with the new ability to rotate your kerbal in EVA) Recording of behavior: https://imgur.com/a/am455Mn
  12. Raster Prop Monitor is great but the camera position is too high to look down at some screens in IVA. When you zoom in on a display to read it more clearly or adjust the display settings it cuts off most of the bottom of lower screens if not the entire screen itself. I'm trying to change the cameras vertical view angle range to be able to look down more but can't find anything in the parts files for those cockpits that relates to max view angle. I know I did it in the past for older versions of KSP but its either been so long I've forgotten or how those settings are handled has been removed, moved or changed in the part cfg. Does anyone know of how to do this? And if so could you tell me what to add/change and where. I have a feeling it's just a case of adding a vertical view angle variable somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm quite surprised that a mod allowing for some building craft timelapses never emerged, and I'm clearly not able to do it by myself. Sooo what would it do ? I'm thinking that it might be possible to control the camera in VAB/SPH : a hit on a button would memorize the exact camera location and framing and another one would place the camera at the exact same place an framing. The user could then build his craft, let say, add a part "here", hit the magic camera button, take a screenshot, and go back to his craft, to add another parts, etc. This way, we would gather XXX screenshots with the exact same framing so that a Timelaspe actually looks like something cool instead of accelerated x16 videos that record all the process. I kinda like it, actually, but i'm a designer who take a LOT of care at each step and my craft usually takes about 15-50h to be done with multiple insignificant details that are not interesting or deadends / new ideas, etc. I really would like to get some proper timelapses. What I would actually do is... Shooting everything in reverse. Like, my last 50+ hours SSTO is now finally done, but there is no way I would start it again from scratch. There is multiple fine details that are a pain in the ass to reproduce, I would have forgot some of them, etc. Instead, I can dismount it, taking a screenshot at each step, and then reverse the video. But so far, I can't do that without being sure to get the exact same framing. I tried to use some trickery like switching from VAB to SPH and back reset the camera position and framing and it could be used, but damn... Also, a next major step would be something that help the... Dismount of the craft, like, moving the parts from the craft to the void, so that in reverse everything goes from the outside to the craft, automatically, but i'm dreaming haha :p Is this possible to control the camera in VAB/SPH, and to make such a mod ? Thanks !
  14. i want to have camera support on a cabin part, so if anyone has the monitors for rpm, they have a view of the cabin window, which is rotated to outside of the part. how can i achieve this? what do i need to change in cfgs?
  15. A couple people have expressed interest in my TUFX profiles, so here they are, refined for public use. These are my first publicly-released configs/mods for KSP (or anything, really), so I hope I'm doing this right. My goal with these has been to recreate the appearance of in-flight television footage from the pre-digital era of spaceflight, particularly the footage of the Apollo moonwalks. Basically, if you're looking for something to make your game look "better", best keep moving. This film is usually characterized by a heavy amount of grain, lower resolution, and a sort of washed-out look to the colors in the frame. There are some amazing TUFX setups out there which can sometimes make it hard to distinguish between a KSP screenshot and a real photograph, but I've yet to see anything that properly emulates the feel of the primitive methods by which the early decades of spaceflight were recorded. Hopefully these three profiles will improve the authenticity of your KSP screenshots and make for a more immersive mission experience. All screenshots are my own, captured on various missions performed in 2.5x KSRSS with other visual mods such as Scatterer, PlanetShine, and Distant Object Enhancement. Apollo CTV Camera: This profile is inspired by the television footage of the last three Apollo landings, where the TV camera was mounted to the lunar rover and commanded remotely from the ground and the footage underwent an artificial cleanup and enhancement process between being transmitted to Earth and being broadcast on television. This filter applies a moderate amount of film grain, with a slight alteration to focal length to blur out background objects and reduce the overall quality to appropriate levels for 1970s technology. Additionally, it features a subtle color grading effect to emulate the conditions on the lunar surface and a large amount of lens dirt, light scattering, and an HDR effect to imitate the harsh lighting conditions experienced in zero-atmosphere environments. Apollo CTV Camera (Lower Post Exposures): While the first profile was well-suited to the relatively dim lunar surface, when I began flying more Low-Earth Orbit missions in my current save I realized that it was much too bright to be used so close to a planet or within atmospheres. In order to remedy this I developed a second variant of the CTV Camera profile with reduced post exposures, allowing it to be used more effectively in LEO or in an environment with other bright light sources. The differences won't be very apparent in these screenshots, but trust me when I say that it makes a huge difference in-game. Incidentally, this profile also works quite well for "filming" rocket launches: Westinghouse: While the TV footage of the J-series Apollo landings was the most technically impressive and produced the best image, the ghostly grayscale film of the Apollo 11 landing still remains the most famous. It wouldn't feel right to release the color TV profile without something to represent the footage captured by the rudimentary black-and-white Westinghouse cameras carried on missions such as Apollo 8 and Apollo 11. This profile, in addition to the grayscale saturation, also features heavier film grain and noise, a shorter focal length for even more blurriness in the background, greater chromatic aberration, and a few slight alterations to the color grading, saturation, contrast, and temperature of the image to better suit the colorless film. Installation is simple; all three profiles come bundled in the same config, which should be placed in the "Profiles" subdirectory of your TUFX GameData folder. DOWNLOAD *These profiles require TUFX and its dependencies* *You may copy, modify, or share these profiles, so long as you credit the original author (that'd be me). You may not use these profiles for commercial purposes*
  16. Updated for KSP 1.3.1 Once upon a time there was LAZOR mod from famous Romfarer, which included a useful docking camera, that displays the videostream a small window in the main flight scene. However, it has not been updated for a long time, and refused to work in recent versions of the game (or I could not start it). Nevertheless, I like it output style of information and I was bored without this service. That in turn has led me to attempt to revive the aforementioned docking camera. And YES, i know about Docking Port Alignment Indicator, HullCamVDS, cameras for RasterPropMonitor etc. But i do not know about any working cameras in window. New shaders example: So, what we have here. Docking-camera itself, which can be integrated to any part (MM patch enclosed for the docking port modules). It looks ahead by the vertical axis of the vessel's and displays a minimum of necessary info for the docking maneuver - namely, range, speed, angle, alignment and when the correct trajectory occured - time prior to docking with the mark that such trajectory will lead our vessel to dock without additional actions (small lamp will become green and will show time to docking). camera window has three size presets. It also has three viewing modes: color, Black and white and infrared. Powered zoom function. Also, there is a button to remove flight data from the screen. Furthermore, effect of television interference can be added. The range of the camera,parameters of night vision (RSMA) and presence of noise - can be configured through CFG. Camera requires a target to operate. In addition the ugly external camera enclosed. It can show videostream only and also has three modes of vision and is able to rotate on two axes. For cameras, installed under the belly of the aircraft (which gets inverted upside down) there is the mode of rotation of the image. In the CFG of the partcamera some meshes could be configured for use with other camera model. All cameras have a title with its number, and also can work a few pieces at a time. Docking camera reporting its target on its window title. There is an experiment on part camera - a try to reproduce a surveilance (spy) activity. You need to be at a distance less than 1000 m near any targetable thingie, catch it on camera's screen and targeted. press "⦿" button. A ray will be shoot. If all requirements have met and there are no obstacle on ray's path - you'll should get experiment results, if something wrong - you just spend one bullet. Experiments is limited by bullets (4 yellow balls around cam, dissapearing one by one each time). I thought it will be interesting if contracts. Camera has 3 presets of shaders (noisy TV 1960th style, TV 1980th style and standart (color, b/w and nightvision). available via button, appearing when blizzy toolbar is installed. Also, by toolbar button you could find info about nearby cameras installed on other vessels in transmission range. If camera has been activated on some vessel, but you drive other one - a new window from distant camera will appear when distance from first one will become less than 2500 (or 10k (customizable)). If you want you can use "look at me" mode by activating it on distant camera. "Targetcam" and "follow me" modes on your active vessel (set camera position using scrollers). The cameras can transmit the videostream to nearby vessels, but only at a distance of up to 2 500 meters. You can change this unload range via toolbar button. Configuring examples History Download from Spacedock DONATE Source installation: remove previous version and just extract an archive into Gamedata. requirements: ModuleManager recommends: Blizzy Toolbar
  17. Hello! I seem to be having problems with my camera (in Flight View). Whenever I zoom out, the view sort of distorts, as if it's extending the FOV/POV or something (I don't really know how to describe it). When I zoom in, the opposite happens. It seems that when I restart the game, it returns to normal, but it starts happening again after a while. Please note that this problem happened on a second KSP install, which I copied into my Desktop. Thanks!
  18. I bound the hat switch on my joystick to the camera movement. I have to invert the controls but aside from that every thing works great in external view, but when I switch to internal view the controls are inverted. If I turn off invert controls in the settings, internal view works but the external view is inverted. I looked around in the settings some and I don't see a separate setting for internal view camera controls. Is there any way for me to make it so both cameras are the same?
  19. Hello, I haven't been playing ksp for long, but I've noticed a distinct lack of any cameras in the game (I mean as parts, obviously there is "the camera"). This seems a little strange, seeing as space travel in real life often involves cameras in some form. Whether on rovers, attached to rockets or in telescopes, they're everywhere, but the only "camera" in ksp is a huge infrared telescope. As well as adding realism, cameras could be used as a science tool, and potentially even be used to boost popularity and funds like photos do in actual space programs. Maybe camera views could be switched between by using "C" to change which camera you're seeing through, and "photos" from the cameras could be saved like screenshots. Here are a few ideas for different camera types, any of which I think would be a great addition to the game: A rocket-side camera- Maybe a gopro sized thing which you could stick on the side of rockets to film as they launch A moveable mastcam or camera system- Would be great for rovers, like the ones on opportunity or curiosity A tiny, hull-mounted camera for probes or rovers- like the navigation cameras on on Curiosity, could maybe make lower quality photos A large fixed camera- maybe for higher quality photos A space telescope part- yes, there's the SENTINEL, but it would be nice if there was something else, maybe to look at stars or very distant planets and take photos, like the Hubble space telescope.
  20. Hey I want to know what camera control mod is used by YouTubers such as Hazard-ish. Thanks!
  21. Is there any way to Target a planet in camera tools (so I can zoom into it and take a nice shot) or, if not, is there a mod that can do it?
  22. Eu instalei uma câmera infravermelha em um satélite que criei mas quando eu clicava em uma opção aparecia uma mensagem dizendo que não era possível usá-la e não outra opção aparecia a mensagem dizendo que não estava em obita solar. O que devo fazer para poder usar essa câmera nos satélites ?
  23. Can the developers please sort out the god awful controls for the camera on ps4 its spoiling what am positive could be a awesome game.
  24. Hi everyone, I try to understand the Camera System in KSP and hope I can get help here. Is it possible to correctly Render everything (all the Layers with Objects that are Visible on screen except the UI) with a single Camera? And If not, how would I do it with multiple Cameras. Currently when I create a Camera and set the render Layers like this: camera.cullingMask = (1 << 0) | (1 << 4) | (1 << 9) | (1 << 10) | (1 << 15) | (1 << 16) | (1 << 18) | (1 << 20) | (1 << 23); Then the Cockpit Interior is not correctly rotated and the sky is just a blue Square over the ship. also, I have the problem that if I copy a camera other than the main Camera the game crashes after a view seconds. Would be nice If someone could point me in the Right direction. Edit: With two Cameras I can Render the sky correctly, but I can't rotate the sky camera without the sky turning into a small blue square. I can rotate the sky itself by setting ScaledSpace.transform but it behaves really odd (the rotation speeds are faster than I would expect them to be and I don't know how to scale them correctly)
  25. I remember this being the reason I gave up playing KSP on my iMac a year or so ago, and it seems the bug hasn't been fixed yet. In the VAB or SPH (but also sometimes while flying an active craft as well), the buttons are rarely clickable (they highlight, but clicking has no effect, sometimes it helps to hold the mouse button down for a few seconds, sometimes it doesn't), the scroll bar on the parts panel seems to get stuck to the pointer and not be able to click off it, the camera randomly spins and changes angles without warning, it's basically impossible to build anything. As soon as you line a part up (after managing to get it clicked and created in the first place) the camera starts spinning on its own. If it spins to the right, sometimes holding down the right arrow button for 3-5 seconds will stop it, but it'll start spinning again after a few seconds. And if you somehow manage to be lucky enough for the camera to stay still for a moment, then you can't place a part because clicking on the attachment point has no effect and it just drags around with the pointer. Other problem is in flight mode, the same thing happens - the controls randomly keep pitching up, down, yawing left and right. It's as if KSP is picking up wasd messages without touching the keys - and this is only a problem that occurs in KSP, I don't have it with any other games or programs. Has anyone else encountered this problem? OS Sierra 10.12.16 Late 2015 27" iMac 3.2GHz i5 8GB RAM AMD R9 M390 2GB KSP version (OSXPlayer)
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