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Found 6 results

  1. Ok this is just a dumb idea I'll surprised if anyone can actually do this. Objective: Circumnavigate any body with atmosphere or on ground before the song Around the World by daft punk ends. No landing is needed and you can use any number of stages additional rules: Phys-warp only up to 4x speed Short jumps are ok no going underground and stuff every engine is ok to use (including propellers and other motorized transportation) Kraken drives and KAL glitches are a-ok Try to stay in a straight line ok bye
  2. Around the World in a OneOscar: Hey everyone. I've recently created some tiny planes in @Socraticat's OneOscar fan club and I wondered how far I could go with one. Could I circumnavigate Kerbin using only OneOscars? Fan Club links: Q&A Modlist: So without further ado... THE PLANES: Left: OneOscar FGC2x "Phoenix" Right: OneOscar FGCXL "Silver" The "Phoenix" will be used for shorter range flights as it is easier to land while the "Silver" will be used for longer haul flights as it's pretty dangerous to fly but has a much longer range. Anyways, it's flying time!
  3. Thanks to a bunch of hippies from Green Springs and their goons at the so-called Environmental Security Agency (or, as we like to call it, the Economical Screw-up Agency), we now have to limit our Kerbin circumnavigation challenges to have ZERO overall emissions. In other words, whenever we circumnavigate the planet, we have to do it in an electric vehicle. Fortunately, thanks to our folks at Kerbal Motion LLC, we now have the means to do so. It may be slow, but it is possible. In other words, the challenge is to go one full equator's length of Kerbin WITHOUT any gas-powered engines - which means ABSOLUTELY NO: Jet engines Rockets Gas-powered turboshaft engines (like the R121 or the R7000) Electric motors are okay. Here are some other rules for this challenge. Leaderboard placement will be awarded based on TOTAL MISSION TIME ELAPSED (As you may have already guessed) vehicle must be all-electric. Which means are solar panels and/or RTGs are highly recommended. Having liquid fuel and/or oxidizer is okay ONLY for weight and balancing purposes. This can come in real handy if you need to move your CoM forward or backward. Fuel cells are not permitted, since we're trying to conserve gas thanks to those pot-smoking bureaucrats at the ESA. Even if I did allow fuel cells, they won't be enough to push your vehicle through the whole length of the trip. Stock and/or DLC parts only. Autopilot/navigation/gauge mods okay. Generally, no mods outside of DLCs that come with additional parts EXCEPTION: mods that come with balloon or dirigible-related parts are permitted, but those craft go in a separate division. If you want to allow a specific mod that conforms to the other rules, let me know and I'll take a look at it before deciding if it shall be allowed. Your vehicle must come back IN ONE PIECE. Not that you should need an extra fuel tank for an all-electric vehicle. Surface vehicles are okay, but they'll get placed in a separate division. Mostly because you'll take longer to go around the planet. On the bright side, if you have to stop to recharge, you can pause and take a break IRL. Just keep in mind that any and all recharge breaks in which the MET clock is running count for your finishing time. Crew capacity is optional. Divisions are as follows: Trekker Division - vehicles that can't fly, but travels on land and/or water to complete the journey. Earhart Division - aircraft like planes, helicopters, and gyroplanes. You'll get an Earhart Division: First Class medal if you successfully fly Kerbin's equator WITHOUT STOPPING. Heisenberg Division - balloons, blimps, zeppelins, et cetera. I don't know much about the balloon/airship mods, but the reason they're a separate division is because they can stay airborne without needing to land or stop. This may provide an unfair advantage over the aircraft, since they'll have to come down and recharge for God-knows-how-long before taking off again. Sun Soaker Division - any craft that can successfully cruise at 175 m/s. More details later. Multiple entries per person allowed, but only the best-performing one for each division will be accepted. Pictures and/or video required for entry to be valid. Be sure to include: Your craft in action. Start/finish times. (Optional) the craft in the hangar. If you're having trouble getting your rotors to work, please consult this thread below. @Echo__3 and @18Watt really helped me out when I started to use the Breaking Ground DLC. Sure, I originally asked about a motor that's prohibited on this challenge. Nevertheless, the same principles still apply - and I got the electric-rotor plane to work successfully. As promised, here's an explanation as to why the Sun Soaker Division has a speed requirement: And last but not least, here's my entry. Can't wait to see what you all come up with. LEADERBOARD - (ONGOING) MARCH 7, 2023 TREKKER DIVISION (empty) EARHART DIVISION @18Watt - 3 hours, 14 minutes (FIRST CLASS) @Mars-Bound Hokie (ME) - 5 hours, 11 minutes, 30 seconds (FIRST CLASS) This was a last-minute entry. Better time than my last entry, but not fast enough to overtake the current leader @OJT - 17 hours, 13 minutes HEISENBERG DIVISION @Snigel - 5 hours, 3 minutes I know that he damaged the Thunderbolt's lower battery pod during the landing, but the "Come back in one piece" rule was mainly intended to prevent jettisoning and mid-air explosions. Had he kept the landing a little softer - or if landing gear wasn't too much of a problem for the craft's performance - he could have landed the craft intact. SUN SOAKER DIVISION (Could be me, but I don't really care since I was doing a speed test before sending the E-40 to Laythe) (Please let me know if I missed anything)
  4. ELCANO OR BUST! My quest to circumnavigate every planet and moon. And get the master circumnavigator badge! I recently discovered the Elcano challenge and thought: "I NEED TO DO THIS!!!". So here you go, my attempts to circumnavigate all the planets (and moons) This will be written in the style of @purpleivan's own circumnavigation: Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation - (You should check it out, its really funny and interesting) Order (Subject to change): Kerbin Mun Duna Ike Laythe Tylo Eve Minmus Dres Val Eeloo Moho Bop Pol Gilly The flag: Each circumnavigation will begin with a map, a craft file, and a picture of the craft, as well as stats and estimated time. Then will come an index and after that every leg of the trip.
  5. I’ve flown across many planets in the Kerbol system during the last 3k hours I wasted on this game… yet… I’ve never payed any attention to the planet where it all began! KERBIN! So that’s why I decided to circumnavigate Kerbin for a change :D. To make things a bit more interesting, I was wondering if i would be able to do it with a tiny light weight “Jetpack”! I’ve been playing around a bit and came up with this design. It’s more of a tiny helicopter then a jetpack to be honest. But it’s nice and compact! Here are the key features of the design: Weight: 480 kg (inlcuding lard ass Jeb) Top speed: 175 m/s Max Flying distance: infinite Power consumption: 0.4 u/s Power source: one huge RTG I made a small video (3:00) of Jeb using it to fly around the globe. I flew 4.000 km in 7 hours or so. And with Mechjeb as a flight assisstent, things were pretty manageable ! Hope you boys and girls like it.
  6. Today lady's and gentlemen I give to you one of the most interesting(not really) challenges ever put onto the KSP forums! Your challenge is to circumnavigate Kerbin, from one side to the other, while keeping your craft entirely submerged in the water as quickly as you can. Your craft can be as large as you want it to be and you can use any mod you want. You cannot however use any kind of cheat/cheat-like mod whatsoever throughout your trip. You also might want to make your craft self-sustainable with drills/converters/solarpanels as I doubt you could carry enough fuel/electricity for the whole journey. Okay, technically you cant go entirely from one side of the planet to the other but you can get pretty darn close. If you look at the image down below you can see there is a route that goes almost all the way around. Your mission is to get from A to B or vise versa. This post will be updated with more stuff later, I'm writing this in a fairly short amount of time. And if you have Ideas of what to add to the challenge please comment them. Different modes and rewards to come! Please post videos of your adventure down below! I cant wait to see what kinds of craft you people come up with! Good luck!
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