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Found 7 results

  1. I want to make videos of orbits and the ?questionmark? objects are a distraction. Is there any way to prevent these objects from showing up? I'm using the RealSolarSystem mod.
  2. Malah's Stock configs are configuration for Module Manager to keep a savegame without plugin's parts You can download all of my mods on SpaceDock, on GitHub or some on KerbalCurseForge. All my mods can be installed with CKAN and are KSP-AVC compatible. Released: [1.1.X] StockSCANsat [v1.02 - 2016.04.22]: SCANsat with only stock parts [1.1.X] StockRT [v1.33 - 2016.07.21]: RemoteTech with only stock parts [1.1.X] StockPlugins [v1.22 - 2017.01.14]: No new parts from DeadlyReentry, Graphotron, KerbalEngineer, kOS, MechJeb, Protractor and Telemachus [1.1.X] StockNoContracts [v1.03 - 2017.01.14]: Block all Squad's contracts * Currently, I work on these configs, an update will be released soon. Known bugs: If you like these tiny mods you can consider a little donation... StockSCANsat What is it ? StockSCANsat is a ModuleManager config file which adds the possibility to use the SCANsat mod without the additional parts. This config file requires SCANsat v16.X and ModuleManager v2.6.X. This config file support Asteroid Day mod, the Contract Packs: SCANSat and PartUpgrade mod. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations: StockRT Hello, I couldn't imagine playing Kerbal Space Program without RemoteTech, but I didn't want too many parts on my savegame. I decided to release a Stock RemoteTech as I thought it might help you too, feel free to do whatever you want with this, it is easy to use and easy to edit. What is it? StockRT is a ModuleManager config file which adds the possibility to use the RemoteTech mod without the additional parts. This config file requires RemoteTech v1.7.X and ModuleManager v2.6.X and support Unmanned before Manned. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations: StockPlugins What is it ? StockPlugins is several ModuleManager config files which adds the possibility to use a plugin without the additional parts. StockPlugins support DeadlyReentry, Graphotron, KerbalEngineer, KerbalGPS, kOS, MechJeb, Protractor, RocketWatch and Telemachus. You don't need all these plugins for the use of StockPlugins. If you want that it supports an other mod, you can just make a request here This config file requires ModuleManager v2.6.X. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations: StockNoContracts What is it ? StockNoContracts is a ModuleManager config file which disables all stock contracts types. You can easly edit it to enable the contract type that you want to keep. This config file require ModuleManager v2.6.X. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations:
  3. I'm currently deciding which mods to use for a modded career game. I'd like to use both Outer Planets Mod and Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. But Kerbal Planetary Base Systems uses two non-stock resources, Enriched Uranium and Depleted Uranium. Those resources are added by one of its dependencies, Community Resource Pack, and it appears that combining Outer Planets Mod with Community Resource Pack leaves me with some blanks to fill in. Community Resource Pack adds many resources and planet specific configurations for some of them. For example, the resource Alumina isn't found on gas giants, so the Alumina.cfg file has a section setting all of its values to 0 for Jool: PLANETARY_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Alumina ResourceType = 0 PlanetName = Jool Distribution { PresenceChance = 0 MinAbundance = 0 MaxAbundance = 0 Variance = 0 Dispersal = 0 } } It has no such sections for Sarnus, Urlum, and Neidon, so those are some of the things that need to be in the configuration file that I'm missing: PLANETARY_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Alumina ResourceType = 0 PlanetName = Sarnus Distribution { PresenceChance = 0 MinAbundance = 0 MaxAbundance = 0 Variance = 0 Dispersal = 0 } } Note that Outer Planets Mod itself already has these sections for the outer gas giants and the stock resource Ore. And in the exact same file where Outer Planets Mod has those sections (OPM_Resources.cfg), there is also a section to disable ISRU contracts to extract Ore from the new planets that don't have it: @Contracts { @ISRU { @RESOURCE_REQUEST[Ore] { Forbidden = Sarnus Forbidden = Urlum Forbidden = Neidon } } } Community Resource Pack's configuration files don't appear to have any sections to disable ISRU contracts to extract new resources from Jool. Is this because the stock configuation for ISRU contracts can only generate an ISRU contract for the stock resource Ore, so there's no need to disable them for new resources? Regardless, is disabling ISRU contracts for new resources from the new gas giants something that should be done in case another mod enables them? I imagine that this would require a configuration section like this: @Contracts { @ISRU { @RESOURCE_REQUEST[Alumina] { Forbidden = Jool Forbidden = Sarnus Forbidden = Urlum Forbidden = Neidon } @RESOURCE_REQUEST[Dirt] { Forbidden = Jool Forbidden = Sarnus Forbidden = Urlum Forbidden = Neidon } } } Is multiple @RESOURCE_REQUEST sections in a single @ISRU section in a single @Contracts section the correct syntax? And will it combine badly with the stock configuration for ISRU contracts that doesn't generate contracts to extract non-stock resources? And where would the new configuration file need to be installed? Add it to the GameData/[ModName] subdirectory for Outer Planets Mod or Community Resource Pack? Or in a new GameData/[ModName] subdirectory? Would it need to be loade d after both of the mods that it affects? And if so, how do I ensure that? Am I re-inventing any wheels here? Has someone already created this missing configuration file?
  4. Looking through the settings.cfg I spotted two items I'm not clear on the function of... } TOGGLE_SPACENAV_FLIGHT_CONTROL { primary = ScrollLock secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } TOGGLE_SPACENAV_ROLL_LOCK { primary = None secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } What are these? (I'm guessing I already know but am not making the right mental connection somehow...)
  5. Done some searching around but can't find anything on this... I'd like to assign "unset target" to a key in the keyboard setup, but it's not something that's available on the existing config screen. Is there a config change, lite mod or module manager tweak that would allow this? I'd like to skip the step of going to Map Mode and clicking and then returning to flight mode if possible. If not possible, it's something I've lived with so far. But if I had my druthers, I'd have a keyboard shortcut for it.
  6. Hey I have recently come back to start playing after taking a break for real life. I am trying to get my old parts updated for 1.3.1 and new Unity. I have most of my config files working now and am almost ready to start a new career game.One file I just cant get the IVA to line up with the model ? The position and rotation command's don't work under the IVA config file. I seem to remember that this also used to not always work? I am not sure why this works on some models and not others? I know that the offset comand for the IVA in the regular part config works But I cant remember what is the command for changing the rotation? I tried rotate, rotation, and angle, and none of them work's. The offset command work's but I need to rotate the IVA 180-deg to make the hatch line up correctly? Anyone remember the command for rotation in the regular part configuration file? And is there a Wiki or something for config file commands "Thanks"
  7. How to get access to KSP Physics configuration settings by code?
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