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Found 2 results

  1. Having problems getting my solid rocket boosters to attach to my center core. Any tricks to aligning parts and getting then to attach. they look good in the VAB, but when i get to launch site they fall off. I've been getting frustrated. Any help? thanks, Ray
  2. I am really enjoying the new EVA construction tools. I started a new campaign and just came back from two missions using the new EVA abilities. a mission to add Parachutes to my Minmus lander (I forgot to add parachutes during initial construction) allowing me to complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-Minmus quest objective and, another mission to add Batteries, Solar Panels, and Baguettes to a Mun lander so it could fly back to Kerbin and complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-The Mun quest objective. I really enjoyed both missions and I find the new EVA construction really neat and fun and useful. However, I ran into a few bugs/issues that were frustrating: You have to park really close to do the ship-to-ship construction (which is fine (but difficult without docking ports)). When I parked my Engineer on the ladder of either craft, it seemed like he added random impulses to the craft making it impossible to steer them next together and stay stationary. (was his jetpack helping with RCA to stabilize or something?—if so, can it not?) Therefore, I had to float freely to do the construction, this made it challenging to place the pieces where I wanted (which is fine and expected) but I miss-clicked with a solar panel and it got placed randomly in space next to the craft and gave the craft a huge impulse in a random direction. So, you know, thanks!
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