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Found 1 result

  1. Yes, I am aware that this type of thread already exists - where the users add words or offer paths that the next user can elaborate upon, thus creating a story. Usually, we end up with a comically convoluted 'plot' that makes little sense and changes every few pages. In this thread, I would like to do something similar, but change it so that the story has a clear 'goal' and the users can elaborate a little more than by just adding a few words. For example: Assume we make this thread about a person who is trapped in, say, a space prison. No background information is added regarding the reason for the protagonist's imprisonment. The goal of this thread would be to collectively 'write' a short story during which the protagonist escapes and gains his freedom. In the end, I would like to compile the entire story and edit it so that it is all in one piece, and then share it somewhere on the forum with a list of the participants/'authors' RULES: Lets try and use the previous example: the protagonist is trapped in a high-security space prison - the reasons/cause for this is irrelevant. The goal is to get them out of the prison. This will be done in two to three-sentence posts, where each user adds as much to the story as they can fit in two or three decent-sounding sentences. The next users will decide the path the story takes: they will decide what the prison is like, the level of security, the number of other inmates, the guards, any friends the protagonist might make, etcetera. Be creative. Not everything has to be dialogue and/or actions. Add descriptions and facts that will elaborate the setting, and try to think up logical things to add - interpret the previous user's post and add to it in a meaningful way. Don't just spam something random in your post. (Though you can certainly do it in small doses). Try to think logically about the situation and how the protagonist can escape. Don't upload more than one post at a time. Let at least one or two other people add their part before posting again. Check the previous posts before making changes to the world and/or adding facts, since they may have already been established. Additionally, try to draw things out a bit - don't rush. We don't want the story to end too quickly * * * If this thread becomes popular and receives enough attention, and the story is eventually completed, then I would thoroughly enjoy making a new thread with a different theme. Suggestions are welcome (Also, out of convenience, lets all just refer to the protagonist as 'Kerman.' It makes things easier, I think) I'll start: Kerman sat on the iron-hard sheet of steel that he called his bed, staring at the wall with a feeling of helplessness. He heard footsteps, and looked up in time to see one of the armed guards stop before his cell and open the door with a swipe of a card.
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