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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I have trouble with fuel draining from my upper stage. Fuel crossfeed is off. Also at stage separation remaining methane and/or oxidizer is not calculed properly. Is there a way to make sure my fuel will not drain into the first stage? Here first stage is almost empty : Looking at delta v, we already see there's something wrong and the upper stage leaked. Then stage separation, upper stage is only half full or half empty : My setup in the VAB: If you have any tips or workaround for this bug, it would be appreciated Thanks! Edit: To troubleshoot crossfeed, I made this testbed. Faster iterations and less kerbals stranded around the mun :
  2. This glitch drained all the fuel from my mun lander, luckily I managed to find steps to reproduce
  3. It's what it says. Be able to enable fuel crossfeed in heat shields, just like with decouplers. Sometimes your lander is in the middle of your longish craft, and with the engines at the back, and the heat shield in the middle, you have to transfer fuel manually from the tanks at the front.
  4. Been trying to figure out how to get my service bay to lock being crossfeed disabled. I have a few small LF/O tanks radially attched inside with a universal storage fuel cell. Id like to keep that fuel reserved for the fuel cell. But cant seem to figure out how to make sure my engines dont draw fuel from those tanks. Of course id prefer no part adding(supprisingly mk3 doesnt even have an inline decoupler?)...maybe a mm patch i can setup manually?? Or clone the part and add a module node maybe? Im not at home rn. I think i have the coupler mod installed(for built in couplers for tanks) but i dont think that gives crossfeed rules to the service bay. Any ideas?? Thanks
  5. Please revert the change from 1.2 to radial decouplers (TT-38K, TT-70, Hydraulic Detachment Manifold) that prevents the 'toggle crossfeed' from showing/working on radial decouplers until one has researched the Fuel Systems node. I actually thought this was a bug because it used to work before, and all other decouplers/separators/docking ports have the 'toggle crossfeed' option at all times, including the TR18-A stack decoupler which is available even before the TT-38K. Only after searching the forum I discovered this was introduced on purpose during the 1.2 update - the rationale we got for adding this weird exception was as follows: I do not understand why adding this strange exception was considered necessary in the first place: fuel lines have their own use cases that do not depend on decouplers being able to crossfeed or not (for example, 'proper' asparagus staging requires the one-way fuel lines if you want radial stack engines to cut off when they've expended their 'own' fuel, instead of continuing to feed off the other stacks due to crossfeed across decouplers being bidirectional). But disregarding any possible explanation that I can't think of, the way it's implemented now it completely fails to achieve the intended goal, since the FTX-2 fuel ducts whose 'relevancy' is supposed to be protected by this exception are not unlocked until that exact same R&D node! In other words: the fuel lines do not even become available at all to be or stay 'relevant' in any way... until the exact moment when the 'toggle crossfeed' option on radial decouplers is unlocked; which according to the logic used to introduce this change, makes them immediately 'irrelevant' as soon as they are available. So, hereby a heartfelt plea to please undo this weird exception that obviously does not actually do what it was intended to do (while adding limitations to the possible uses of the early radial decouplers). Alternatively, if reverting this change is absolutely out of the question... at least move the FTX-2 fuel ducts to a much earlier node (I suggest the same node as the radial decouplers, since them not allowing crossfeed yet would be the main use case for the ducts), so they actually have a chance at 'being relevant' during some time until the radial decouplers are deemed worthy of 'toggle crossfeed'.
  6. Hey, Have have a spaceplane with fueltanks next to each other, but i want one engine to use one tank and another to use a different tank Plane seen from the side ----< ----< Right now both engines (represented by '<') use the fuel from both tanks (represented by '----') and i was wondering if it was possible to disable the link. between the two tanks, since one consists of liquid fuel and oxidizer while the other dont. Thanks in advance!
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