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Found 6 results

  1. Light Intensity Curve Calculator So I made this calculator for people to use, because sometimes making light intensity curves for a star can be quite annoying Also I want to thank WarriorSabe on discord for helping me with the right values and formulas Nevertheless here's a download \/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/12SLjtGyvh_7D392X49JOwxh_ztegydNy/view?usp=sharing To fill in your values please make sure to download or copy it to your own drive Please follow the license guidelines -Don't share a by-yourself-edited-version, please contact me for permission more info is found here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ Hope it helps!
  2. Hello there, and welcome to Kerbol Kurves! This mod aims to add better sunlight curves to the sun, and that's it. There's literally not much more to it. I'm sure someone has already done this, but it took me 5 minutes, so why not. The curves make it more realistic for the planets in the Kerbol System. I haven't done it completely realistic however. If you want to bundle this with your mod, ask me first. I'll probably say yes anyway. Repository and download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ngkt7oVNpTQkHoysq6dWYSemDeY3N_5r Requires: ModuleManager Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator This mod is licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ First.
  3. Hi all, I've recently learned that you can apply float curves to the engines within KSP in order to allow the thrust of the engine to vary as the propellant mass in connected fuel tanks varies. The example I've been given is something like this: key = 1 0.46 key = 0.754 0.46 key = 0 0.1 And what I've been told is: However, when I go to replicate this curve in MATLAB (as a new part of the KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool I develop), I can't get the results to line up. See this post: Can someone provide some insight into what is going on internally with those engine floatcurves? What's the underlying math (if anyone knows it)? Are tangents at the data points being restricted to something somehow? Thanks for the help! EDIT: Turns out that after doing some research, the better question would be to ask what KSP does when those float curves are not defined with incoming and outgoing tangents, but instead are left blank/not included, as they are in my example above. Anyone know?
  4. We've seen the cockpit and structure mods like Airplane plus、Aviation Cockpit、AoA tech、Quiztech、Nice MKseries Body,and we have the B9 procedural wings and procedural part to make more available room for editing. With the AirplanePlus' raptor engine、the QuizTech's VTOL engines and by editing the .cfg file myself, the thrust system is also not problem. However, even with these classical good mods, during my aircraft building process i still encountered some problems. The biggest ones are: Blended Wing Body、Curved wing edge、Curved(Hook) Surface. And with the famous mods that i already have, i have no idea how to make it better. So i'd like to ask veterans for help, about any mod that possible would be helpful for make the aircraft building closer to the there topics above. 1. The Blended Wing Body (smooth transition between fuselage and wing)is a big problem when we build those gorgeously shaped 3rd-generation fighter jets like Su-27 family、F-16 and more extreme examples like B-2 、Boeing X-48. We can make other jets(like mig21、typhoon) more real (because they have comparatively less smooth transition, like almost a cylinder fuselage with a wing ) by simply using the normal structures and wings parts, and F-22、J-20 can also be real (because the stealth planes all have simpler shape without that much curved lines and surfaces) . But it's really hard to make the transition smooth in su-27 and f-16. 2. The Curved wing edge: First only the WWII planes use elliptical wing like spitfire, and we have some mod for that cute little one. But many other planes also require round tips of the wing, i remember that in the old Procedrual wings(not B9 procedural wing), we have round editable wing, but that mod doesn't seem to fit in KSP1.4.x. I know that this is easier than the blended wing body transition, because by modifying carefully we can make the straight lines together look like smooth line, and that's exactly what i've been doing all the days. However there are some real "monsters", even harder than the SU-27's strake wings, for example, f-18: I tried a lot about f-18's strake wing, and failed. I also tried to search others' good design on the kerbalX, and failed. All of them didn't make the beautiful curves good enough. It seems that straight lines can't be made up to that kind of curve line. 3.Curved(Hook) Surface: Well i know this is too much and hard for KSP, the game's operation principles requires the mod makers themselves to build the 3D model and texture, so making a procedural curved surface is too difficult. But still i'm holding some hope that someone may know any mod with some "hook surface" part or even function. Let's take my old crafts for example, these are almost the limit that i can reach: The blue one's curved lines are made up by many adjusted procedural wings, and when i look closer i feel really unsatisfied. (The J-20's curved line is between the canard and main wing)
  5. How to get atmosphere and tempterature curve values without writing them? Or a generator maybe?
  6. Does this game have a difficult learning curve, for example, how long will it be before I am building moon bases and space stations?
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