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  1. Imagine visting Duna and seeing solar glare from Kerbol. Or landing on Laythe and seeing a meteor shower. I think that the small things, like auroras on Kerbin and Laythe and small flashes visible from Jool's moons on Jool (meant to represent turbulent lightning storms). I don't even think this really has to be features in the game world; it could even be a change in other aspects. What i'm asking for really is just some small details that add to the realism and immersion of KSP2. Some more examples would be the frequent solar storms on red dwarfs; if there is a red dwarf (We don't really know what System 3 is), then solar storms would be great. Another good thing with gas giants would be the way that wind currents travel on them. Wind currents travel in bands on Jool; this implies that there are belts and zones on Jool, just like on Jupiter. In that case, the zones would be high, cold air, i.e icy and therefore lighter in color. the zones generally move slower than the belts; but their relative speed varies. They also form less storms. Again, the immersion benefit would be absolutely massive if these sort of tiny, but good, changes make it into KSP2.
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