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  1. All right, time to add to the numerous new challenges popping up. The premise of the challenge is simple. Show your support for our loneliest planet, Dres!This is a challenge to perform a megamission to make Dres feel happy, so be creative on how you want to do it! I myself will be doing a circumnavigation of Dres by land later, so yeah. If your mission uses Dresteroids, the mission must directly relate to Dres in one way/shape/form. If this is a bit vague, notify me, and I'll put in some baseline examples. We at DresAwarenessLTD are here to emphasize large-scale missions to our lonely friend, Dres! A simple Land-Return mission is not enough to us, go further, and beyond! Not just Dres now, no. While Dres forever remains our Number 1, I have decided to include Eeloo and Moho on our planetary awareness list! That's about it. Carry on. Suggestions, which by no means you need to follow to complete this: Orbit: Not just one satalite, have a full NETWORK Have a space-station, big enough to be classified as BIG (unless you have a bad laptop like me) Surface: Rover? No, MANY rovers Lander? Ok, lot's O' Kerbals! Mining ops? Ok, LOT's! Base? Ok, make it BIG! Rules: -Please, no f12 or Hyperedit -Wheaton's Law -Try keeping it stock, tell me about a fun mod that doesn't ruin the challenge, and I will look into it Rules Regarding Proof: -Mission Report threads are fine, I encourage this too! -Screenshots, if used, should document at minimum, all iportant burns, manuevers, etc. -Videos are welcome! - Screenshots must show UI at all important events, beauty shots are exempt however. Please be sure to keep the UI visible if it is not a beauty shot Mods Allowed: Mods will now be handled on a case by case basis. To be blunt, all legitimate mods are allowed. That means, this is essentially a rule saying "Do not cheat by proxy of a mod" Ask for mods you find that are "on the fence" Completion badge made by an awesome friend, Dres Supporters! Successful entries will be mentioned here: -RocketPropelledGiraffe, One mission, and we see a craft of pure love Album: http://imgur.com/a/nUikV -Claw, the first to circumnavigate (by rover) Dres! 'Gratz, I'll be doing that later as part of a secret megamission! -627, for giving Dres a classroom of friends (literally) -5thHorseman, for turning one of the Dresteroids into an honest to goodness rover, driving a whopping 900 metres! - Goijra1000, for a GIGANTIC mobile orbital colony with 24/7 party dedicated to Dres -Jakalth, with three orbital tugs and an extreme Sat network, ending in with a major blow to the save, courtesy the Kraken -DoctorDavinci, for two seperate satalite networks, 80 kerbals landed, two motherships, over 40 probe landers, and a flag in each crater - DMSP, for sending a nuclear powered orbiter then tumbling it down the Dres Canyon. -Nightingale, for modding in the name of Dres! -EvermoreAlpaca- for 1664 PASSENGERS IN AN SSTO TO DRES! WHAT IN BLAZING [REDACTED]?! -Calivingamr, for sending a literal heart of love to Dres! -George van Doorn for completing the Dres Awareness challenge by sending the most overkill rocket I have ever seen for what seems to be the tiniest interplanetary tranfser to Dres ever. -Magzimum, for circumnavigating Dres, sending a magnificent station to Dres and pulling 7481.8 science points from our lonely friend. (Update, 6th of September: As well as spending upwards of 2.5 million funds to send a VTOL-spaceliner full of kerbals to Dres, with a harrowing refuel to return home safely!) -bigcalm, for an absolutely stunning textbook mission, fulfilling EACH AND EVERY one of the suggestion criteria! -zeta function, for a simple and sweet 12 probe network in orbit of Dres! -Geonovast, for an 8 satellite network and permanent base on Dres. Part 2: for forcing Kerbin to give Dres a big ol' hug! (And Duna!) -Cpt Kerbalkrunch, for sending a heartfelt and expensive love-steroid to Dres! -Zherdev, for a nicely sized space station to high Dres orbit in a single launch! -GRS, for a comprehensive 21 satellite network, and two HUNDRED Kerbals brought to and from Dres. Later goes on to perform a double round trip between Dres and Kerbin in a separate mission! Further mission to collect 30k science points from Dres! Furthermore creating a new moon named Spade for Dres! -Torn4dO, for turning Dres into a second bastion of Kerbalkind with multiple orbital vessals, a science station, asteroid miner, multiple relays, and on the surface; 13 different rovers, a science outpost, 3 separate landers, and a freaking HOTEL, with the mission comprising a total of TWO-HUNDRED FIFTY KERBALS! -dvader, for sending a science carnival to and back from Dres. It was just so colourful! -Xenocatz(Sorry for improper caps here bud), for a wonderfully executed blanket of satellites for Dres! -Eriksonn, for setting up semi-permanent mining ops and a badass looking mothership station on/around Dres! Later gives Dres a new friend named Rega and a beautiful set of rings! -Spacenerd Kerman, for literally giving Dres, Love, a new moon! -SecondChance, for a classic large scale lander-station mission with a total of 7 seats, and a 12 satellite relay network! -Robonoise, for completing the Dres Awareness challenge with a residential outpost of decent size, on Dres! -Gordon Fecyk, for a detailed and pleasing-to-follow exploration of Dres(JNSQ mod edition)! -Nantares, for lighting up Dres with deep-space relay comms, turning it into the comm hub of Kerbol! SPECIAL MENTIONS These special mentions are for those who become the caretaker of all the lonely ones, Dres, Moho, and Eeloo: - 5thHorseman Also, let me know of anything! I'm open to any fun-increasing ideas! -SPAddict
  2. This mission was part of the Dres Awareness challenge. The goal of the challenge was to show your love for Dres, with something BIG! Unfortunately, my PC is literally a hand-me-down, so extremely big was not an option. But there are other ways to be big. Dres Tourism Commission report: Reply to the previous report, from KSC Director Andrew Kerman: 18 months later... The sun was shining. The birds were singing. And another huge rocket was on the launchpad. Here's the launch: Trying to get a Dres encounter was pretty stressful, (small soi) so I forgot to get a picture of the transfer burn. However, as proof I didn't cheat, if you look at the D-v levels, they've gone down by 1629 m/s, which is pretty close to the 1540 my interplanetary transfer cheat sheet says. (The fuel has also gone down) However, I think I documented everything else pretty well. Transfer to Dres/ orbital insertion: Dres landing: Landed, safe and sound! I had fun doing this! I hope it's big enough for Dres! Maybe when I get a better PC I can do something bigger. (Like a hotel!) In previous attempts, I tried storing the billboard horizontally. It made the rocket flip over sometimes and even though I would revert the flight anyway, I tried recovering it using the remaining fuel. They all failed, but it made for some interesting screenshots. Bloopers: Enjoy! Try a Dres mission of your own if you haven't, it's an interesting challenge.
  3. Now since it's orbiting Dres it's out of communication range so it has no control. I gave up on trying to get it to Dres orbit normally so I used Lazy Orbit by Halban on Spacedock. I did this since the purpose of this mission was to get a cool photo for my profile banner so I didn't mind. I hope you guys like the photo, until next time!
  4. Hello! This is a replacement for the Dres Awareness Society as the original thread is quite old. Here is a link to the old thread:
  5. For decades Kerbals have ignored Dres and never went there. Because of this, the Kerbals didn't know much about Dres. All of this changed when The Dres Awareness Society sent a probe there and discovered Dres' secrets. Almost everything the Kerbal Astronomical society though they knew about Dres was wrong. - Dres Awareness Society Welcome to the Dres Plus mod. This mod aims to make Dres more exciting and fun. Features: Re-sizes Dres to be 950 km in radius instead of previous 138 km. Dres has rings! (They need some work though) Dres' orbit is more circular and less inclined to make it more like a planet. Surface gravity of Dres is now 2.1g Dres spins very fast now, with a rotational period of around a half an hour. (This makes landings easier than you would think) Dres has three moons. Opaki is the largest moon of Dres It almost entirely covered in a deep blue ocean, except for the poles, which have some land. It has a thick oxygen atmosphere which extends to 40 km. It is about half the size of Kerbin with a gravity of 0.4g. Okuv is the next moon. It is white and brown which makes it look like a snowball that was dropped in mud. It orbits Dres in such a way that it looks like it actually orbits Opaki in a very elliptical and inclined fashion. In terms of landing, it is somewhere in between the Mun and Minmus, as it has a radius of about 100 km. Ast. DIR-284 (also known as Fonzo) is a small moon in the asteroid belt. It is dull and grey like the other asteroids. It is a bit bigger than Gilly with a radius of 19 km, which makes it a Class-V Asteroid. (Yes, I did the math) Pictures: At the time that I am writing this, my profile picture is a sunset from Opaki. Note : This mod requires Koperncius Another Note: This mod is very much a work-in-progress. Now on to the important stuff. Download (Spacedock) License
  6. Hello, I'm here to share the evolution of the space station building inside the rings of Dres. In this episode we build, launch and dock to the DRSS (Dres Rings Space Station) two new crafts that will expand the Station and bring the first crew to it. This was my first time sending a crew in interplanetary space in KSP2, quite milestone. I hope you may find the video enjoyable and maybe learn something from my rumbling about the manoeuvers required by the mission.
  7. About This is a small planet pack I've lately put all of my effort in, the main goal was to make it as good as possible. It adds a super weapon near Dres named "Dreskiller base" as the weapon threatens to destroy Dres. In case you didn't know, this was inspired by the Starkiller base from Star Wars. I hope you like it The time has come, it's time to get rid of this rock called Dres, Wait what is Dres? Anyways, this snowy superweapon is a whole new place to explore! Screenshots Download -Dependencies: --Kopernicus (Continued) --ModuleManager -DKB has support for the following mods: --Environmental Visual Enhancements --Scatterer --Parallax --Distant Object Enhancement --Planet Shine --Rational Resources --Research Bodies --Corelian Changelogs -Fixed Module manager patching errors and warnings. --got rid of unnecessary :HAS tags. -Updated Parallax configs for Parallax 1.2.0. -Fixed the ciyclights by making the planet a main menu body. (yes, what the actual f) -Made all other planets main menu bodies too -Fixed Parallax terrain texture normals. -Filled up the trench with EVE clouds to cover up scatterer artifacts. -1.11 support. (Kopernicus Continued BE) -Added kerbercrystals. --Blue and Green crystals are the most common. --Yellow and Magenta are less common. Contact You can contact me via the KSP forums or Discord (RJVB09#4200). Issues must be reported under issues on the GitHub page of the mod. People who want to help with the localization of the mod are also welcome and will be given appropriate credit. License May the force be with you!
  8. CORELIAN - 1.0.5 RELEASE A new home for Dres The system: This mod adds a new ringed gas giant, the eponymous Corelian, to the Kerbal system. It sits right where Dres used to, though with less inclination and eccentricity to make it less inconvenient to travel to. The worlds: Corelian: A pink, ringed gas giant a bit smaller than Jool. 4700km in radius with a gravity of 0.84g; 64% the mass of Jool Thale: a dense, lumpy, Pol-sized body with a fast rotation rate and a close, somewhat irregular orbit. Baseline radius of 52km, with some areas nearly 30km above that. Baseline gravity of 0.113g, though near the highest points on the equator the apparent gravity can be as low as 0.012g due to a combination of elevation and spin rate Pras: a rocky, barren world between Duna and Laythe in size. It has a relatively thin but oxygenated atmosphere, at datum it's 26% of Kerbin's sea level pressure and only 173 kelvins (-100 degrees celsius) in temperature. Radius of 391km, gravity of 0.37g Atraxi: a rocky, Mun-sized world with a relatively high density and large canyons on its surface. Radius of 213km, gravity of 0.246g Dres: the same Dres as before, just now orbiting Corelian with its same eccentricity and inclination. Rotated so that Corelian is visible from the Dres Canyon The mod: Requires Kopernicus Continued. For 1.8.1, instead use the original Kopernicus, and set useAtraxiScatters to false in the settings config. There are no other dependencies apart from those of Kopernicus/Kopernicus Continued, but several mods are supported: Resource configs for Community Resource Pack and Rational Resources Radiation, resource configs, and science reports for Kerbalism Scatterer atmospheres Science reports for SCANSat, SSPXr, and DMagic Orbital Science Configs for Planetshine and Distant Object Enhancement Jool re-patch and tested stability for Principia And a reparenting for if you decide to use this with Beyond Home despite the clashing styles Download: From Spacedock (yes, this mod has actually been around for a while. I just now decided to take a break from developing my next, much bigger mod to give it a touch-up and proper release) From Github Screenshots:
  9. Welcome to the Dres Awareness Society! Here you can post things about Dres express love for Dres or just do anything to help spread the word about Dres. Some people out there just don't like Dres, and we need to show them that Dres is a great planet too. So please help to support Dres. Show Dres that you love it, and spread awareness about Dres. I like to believe that us at the Dres Awareness Society do not love Dres more than the other planets, but we just think that all planets deserve equality and that Dres has been cheated out of the equality it deserves. @SpaceplaneAddict made a very cool challenge about Dres here.
  10. Hi guys. This time I made a video of visiting all biomes on Dres and making 10M science. Enjoy the video:) Please subscribe if you liked it and enjoy my other videos!
  11. I don't really post on the forums often, or at all. However, I'd much like to show off the smallest mission I've ever done I did this back in 2019 but I hope it's still worth posting now Could be wrong, but I may or may not hold some kind of record here it's one of the longest missions I've ever done too, in fact when the mission elapsed timer shortened the time to fit the years I actually thought I had somehow broken it Tell me your thoughts I suppose I'm still not super sure how posting stuff like this works so any guidance on where to put stuff like this in the future would be nice
  12. Dres clearly doesn't exist. Between Duna and Jool, there is a big ring of absolutely nothing. If you could, what would you replace the so-called "Dres" with?
  13. This challenge is one involving Dres. Surprised? Well, Dres is AWESOME. There is a huge canyon on it. The challenge is to build a bridge over the canyon that can support crossing rovers. Badge: Rules no rules (except 2), hyperedit is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED coolest/most structurally sound bridge wins bridge must be over widest point
  14. Dres is probably the most ignored planet in KSP and for good reasons, it costs more dV than Bob or Pol (mainly Tylo's fault) and gives less science (I think) than the mentioned moons. And overall does not offer anyting that the Jool system can't (in terms of science and funds.) The solution, give Dres moons. To justify the cost of getting to Dres, these Moons should be small and easy. The innermost moon Lun should be a radius of 85 km (just under half of the mun) and be a cratered grey rock. The second moon out named In should be a little smaller than Minmus at 50 km and be grayish blue. The dresteriod region should have a ring system (Haumea likes this) with 1 Gilly sized moon. The outer region could have up to 5 Gilly to Bop sized moons, some with inclined or retrograde orbits. These changes could make the Dres system a good alternative to Jool or act as a stepping stone for less experienced players to help them unlock more techs before going to Jool. Dres has so much potential! Please give Dres some love devs. Edit: In this scenario Dres would have it's radius increased from ~ 130 km to ~ 185 km (mass would be adjusted too)
  15. I'll just leave it here! Thanks for watching! The list of used mods is in description under each video. Used add-on only to improve the visual part of game. Important: My videos do not claim to be highly artistic works! It’s just cutting some moments from missions to music. Just in case: Sorry for my bad english.
  16. Dres Moons Mod (1.8.1) What Does this Mod Add? The Dres Moons Mod adds two moons to Dres. Pacito: A small, reddish brown moon that orbits near Dres. It is thought to contain a small amount of iron. Ceric: A small, bluish snowball with a bright orange crater and a very faint ring. Quite the curious world indeed, especially since it (like Eeloo) has no surface scatter. Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2328/The Dres Moons Mod?ga=+3102+'kerbal+space+program'> All Rights Reserved
  17. Ok, let's get started with this. Inspired by Turbo Pumped videos, i decided to make a 10,1 ton to Dres. So i get started with the Afterburning engine, with i need to pass 10 minutes to get speed of sound Mach 2 to get to a sub-orbital peform. Now the Spark engines are on, but the "crazy" SAS started to get out of control (why). Peformed an orbital burn of 100k. Now i reached the hard part. Yes, the manuever node to Dres. I went mad when i don't make a target intersect. NOW, finally i get a encounter to Dres. Waitng...waitng....waiting... Ok now capture burn right now. De-orbiting the SSTO. When i tried to land the SSTO....... It exploded....... I WENT SUPER MAD!! Again... So after calming my brain cells i decided to make a rescue mission, in a rocket. So Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val is on it with an extra lander pod. Now getting to back to Kerbin, land and done! Yes... i went mad two times because i know a bit of KSP,, but i suck at encounters.
  18. Original Text After one thread (Which shall not be named) started the Eeloo, fake, society, I've decided to prove that Eeloo is not evil! Eeloo and Dres! We love both! Appreciation!
  19. Hey There! I've recently created flags for every destination. I tried to make them look unique even tho some moons look very similar. JSA is the name of my very own space program. If anyone wants to use these flags i've also added an Imgur album with all flags without JSA in the middle. Feel free to use them. https://i.imgur.com/Lttoaty.png https://imgur.com/iJ1TCHz https://imgur.com/PjZPFYX https://imgur.com/kyaHOuD https://imgur.com/8moklYN https://imgur.com/jjqLxpO https://imgur.com/pEYk99g https://imgur.com/v1tGpmr https://imgur.com/V2Yr6TU https://imgur.com/MwUDQS0 https://imgur.com/UwfDkg8 https://imgur.com/bNZvrNi https://imgur.com/DYslwWd https://imgur.com/pCp5GeX https://imgur.com/mNQiNDN https://imgur.com/XmElzzB https://imgur.com/wLRJNV5 https://imgur.com/KiOZSR9 https://imgur.com/pHVsPYJ https://imgur.com/xJ8qlkK https://imgur.com/zegL9QD https://imgur.com/k9r34g3 https://imgur.com/81d42iO https://imgur.com/a/5crpBrQ
  20. Does anyone have a table or list of calculator with the upper limits of the Delta-V require to go from say a 50-100km orbit to a safe landing. I get it wrong too often. I just landed a base segment on Minmus with literally 10 times the Delta-V it needed. I ended up just throwing away all that fuel because it was late at night and I had to get to bed. It would also help if the resource you supply me with also listed optimal acceleration figures for landings. That's been on of my problems in these 155 years too. Help me improve my game, please.
  21. When i accelerate to escape kerbins influence it accidently drops my orbit further than the orbit of Dres. Please help, i need to quickly transport a rover to Duna
  22. This is mainly for a submission for @SpaceplaneAddict's Dres Awareness challenge. This is pretty screenshot heavy, so I'm going to put the bulk of them in spoilers for your viewing inconvenience. Mission: Occupy Dres with a single landing base station, space station, 8 satellite network, and 4 Tetra class ISRU Rover/Landers. The Tetra class Rovander will be capable of returning to the station and biome hopping. Mission completion to be done with two launches from Kerbin using convertible Washburn class ships. Mission Flag: Meet The Ships! Tetra Class Rovander: Equipped with 4 LT-1 landing struts, dual aerospikes, SP-G solar panels, Drill-O-Matic Jrs, and a RefineOre Y-600 Mini ISRU converter. This docking-stackable Rovander is capable of endless Station-Surface-Station trips. Connecting Living Space complient... sorta. If you stretch a bit. Holds one Kerbal. Lance Relay Satellite: I'm sure you've never see a relay satellite before! Washburn Class "IDT Maya": The IDT Maya sports copious amounts of living space, research center, science array, and deep space communication/relay abilities. It also features 8 LT-37L landing struts, as Maya's mission finale is a research base landed on Dres. Core is comprised of 6 Large Advanced Reaction Wheels to minimize RCS usage. Payload is 8 satellites. 6 Comm/relay, 1 Survey Scanner, and 1 Narrow-Band Sat. Bottom piece is a detachable-before-launch Kerbal loading system. Also CLS complient if you tweak your imagination a bit. Crew is 6 Kerbals, you'll meet them below. Washburn Class "IDT TinyTina": The IDT TinyTina is very similar to her sister ship, Maya. Differences include additional decouplers to completely detach the 4 engine nacelles. TinyTina's mission finale is a Rovander Waystation / Science station in low orbit around Dres. Other main difference is the payload, of 4 Tetra rovanders. Ship will launch with a crew of 10. Standard 6 positions as the Maya, with an addition 4 rover pilots. Phase 1.1: Loading Maya: Phase 1.2: Launching Maya: Phase 2.1: Loading TinyTina: Phase 2.2: Launching TinyTina: Phase 3: Satellite Distribution: Phase 4: Rover Relocation: Phase 5: Maya Landing: Phase 6 Rovander Landings: ~6.1: Raysel - Random Spot ~6.2: Josen - Trench ~6.3: Leeford - Maya Base ~6.4: Maubert - North Pole Mission Summary (AKA TL;DR) IDT Maya brought a full 8 satellite network, then touched down on the surface for a permanent base. IDT TinyTina brought 4 Rovanders to Dres. The ship became a space station. The rovers all landed at various parts of the surface, including the north pole, Dres trench, and Maya Base. *** A few notes: Yes I know the bright pink visors are annoying. I probably should have gotten that fixed before I did this, but I was too excited about this mission. (As of writing this, I realized I should have just removed TextureReplacerReplaced after the ships were launched, as I only use it for no helmets in atmosphere.) I probably did it incredibly inefficiently. I know it would have been better to stagger operations more, but meh. Probably would have cut a good two years, at least. I hope you enjoyed reading!
  23. https://dawn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news-detail.html?id=6982 Dawn Finds Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants at Ceres So, does this mean someone needs to start modding Dres now?... How on Earth (Kerbin) could such a tiny world host liquid water on its surface? It could have never had an atmosphere dense enough to allow it. ...right? 0.o Holy Crap- I buried the lead; DRES NO LONGER HAS AN EXCUSE TO BE BORING.
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