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  1. Story The Legendary Unit 203. In 3480 A.E in the war against The Zxatan Imperium. Unit 203 and their Griffin were instrumental in bringing down a key relay that was used as a fuel station for the Imperium’s war fleets. Armed with next-gen stealth technology and deep space Kraken drive can slip in and out undetected. Though in this case, the story took a turn for the worst before only a single crew mate was able to escape heavy damage after setting off the nova core bomb. He died not too long after sub combing to injuries from the blast their ship found derelict some years later after the war ended. Their efforts would still be remembered. Flight controls. Full Throttle - Vertical anti-gravity flight AG 1 Froward thrust Kraken Drive AG2 Control from Up AG3 Control from forwarding AG4 Extend Cargobay and open hact AG5 Toggle Ladder AG9 Open front Canopy AG0 Turn Command Chair. Forward and Back RCS keys (raise lower gun) 100% Stock with DLC no part mods. Needs Flags to complete the look https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUnvzDi7vSJKgpG3CYQZiouIvdm6GaUc/view?usp=sharing https://www.dropbox.com/s/hzvsqb4ui37ih9h/griffin.zip?dl=0 Downloads https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2745092991 https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Griffin
  2. Hello, everyone! Recently, I took a break from my usual space-faring missions to build a new VTOL dropship. The Hummingbyrd VTOL has four Panther engines which are mounted on hinges that allow the aircraft to alternate between VTOL and forward flight postures. The decision to use Panther engines was made because of their ability to make instantaneous thrust changes via the afterburners, which helps tremendously when landing. The engine housings use two sets of small internal docking ports with one of each offset to the other engine to allow for each set of engines to remain coupled despite no actual axle passing through the engine mount. The downward-facing payload bay contains an extendable crew bench, allowing for quick on-loading and off-loading of passengers. The crew capacity is 10: two pilot seats and 8 seats in the payload bay. The vessel is 119 parts. Notice the highlighted docking port in the far engine housing, as well as the corresponding un-highlighted port in the near housing. Both are attached to the opposite engine housing, but remain docked to the non-offset port in the same engine housing. This prevents flight/aerodynamic forces from causing asynchronous engine rotation, leading to unbalanced thrust and instability. Shown above is the center of thrust, mass, and lift placement while in VTOL mode. While in this posture, all three are collinear in the dorsal-ventral axis. All tanks with fuel in them are laid out with symmetry front-to-back, allowing the C.O.M. to remain stationary regardless of fuel levels. This is critical for VTOL operations, as any significant deviation of the C.O.M. from the net thrust vector will cause a persistent pitch bias. Shown below is the center of thrust, mass, and lift placement while in forward flight mode. While in this posture, the C.O.M. is offset forward of the center of lift due to the redistribution of engine mass, leading to improved stability while in forward flight. The rear engine set is offset above the longitudinal axis to the same extent that the forward engine set is offset below, allowing the net thrust vector to remain in line with the C.O.M. Action Groups: AG1) Toggle engine orientation AG2) Toggle afterburners AG3) Toggle landing gear AG4) Toggle payload bay doors and piston lock AG5) Toggle piston extension Gallery: I hope you liked it! This ship is a joy to fly, and I highly recommend you try it out! Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Jamie_Logan/Hummingbyrd Also, Check out my last mission:
  3. D20-TC Goose Dropship Designation 20-Troop Carrier Description Details Type: SPH Class: ship Part Count: 473 Pure Stock The D20-TC Goose Dropship 20-Troop Carrier is our new carrier that will now support light medium and heavy transportation around Kerbin and hopefully around other atmospheric planets. The D20-TC Goose comes standard with 16 merged J-404 Panther Engines using new noclip technology spawned from a local transwarp gate that some big guy wearing green armor happens to drop taking off the head of a what looked like a demonic creature. Nevertheless this has enabled great TWR to support heavy VTOL applications unlike what we had in past models. Also unlike past models we have increased usable space with transport by creating a completely custom cargo bay with built in fuel MK2 Tanks to complete the roof of the Goose. This has increased space and usability. Also in Cargo bay includes a arm for multi use applications and dc Jr x2 ports one on cargo wall one on arm. Outside ports include x2 ports on under belly and chest for fuel and transport. Have tested so far by lifting and carrying the Kerbal Mech Suit to Desert Base for Training facility as well as taking back Bob’s Warthog. Very Stable flight can land pretty much everywhere. Able to carry (tested up to 34 Tons) Flight Controls Press AC1 to Hover VTOL Mode. At full throttle it will raise gradually. Press AC2 will increase speed with wet mode. Press AC3 to toggle forward flight Press AC4 to close cycle AC1: Toggle Panther AC2: Switch Panther Mode AC3: Toggle R.A.P.I.E.R. Engines AC4: Switch R.A.P.I.E.R. Engines AC5: Toggle Customer Bay and Cockpit/Ladder AC6: Toggle Docking Bay Stop Guard AC7: Toggle Cargo Arm Dock Jr. Oh yeah PS we are actually getting Bob a new Vehicle for his Birthday so we included his Warthog in the back for free so have fun with it! Don’t tell BoB! A stock aircraft called D20-TC Goose Dropship. Built with 473 of the finest parts, its root part is adapterEngines. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.9.1. Download Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/D20-TC-Goose-Dropship Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014189900
  4. Halo Inspired Craft Capable of VTOL this is the MKI Variant with cluster of engines on rear. MK II Variant with Rapiers still in testing phaseCraft File: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1963572147Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Aloy-Over-Horizon-I
  5. Let's take a minute to remember the olden days, when jet engines were practically warp drives and the atmosphere was indiscriminate of a rocket's shape. Though years of updates have taken the game a long way, some still long to feel the hypersonic wind in our hair atop a pancake-shaped ssto dropship. Alas, atmospheric drag has made dropships like this infeasible... Until now. How? I've reapplied an old technique tor creating crazy dropships the game THINKS are streamlined, but arent. It just involves stacking fuel tanks on top of each other, like a rocket, and then offsetting them to the sides to create a sideways fuselage. Sadly, all parts have to be oriented into the airstream, meaning it's much harder to make something look aesthetically pleasing. Still i tried my best with these creations. Jerdon's Babbler - Proof of Concept Named after a species of bird that was rediscovered after being thought to have gone extinct. Fitting name. Despite its unaerodynamicness, it's a great SSTO, with 1400m/s of delta v in orbit. Swallow (African Variant) - Heavy Atmospheric Constructor Tested to lift up to 70 tons. Its built-in vernier engines also make grabing payloads easy. To dock with a new payload: 1- Press 1 to disable 6 of the ship's engines, making it easier to control your throttle. 2- Set the ship to point "radial out". This will make the ship always point upwards, making maneuvering much easier. 3- once you get close to your payload, try to keep your thrust just barely below hovering power, and use the vernier engines to maneuver onto the target. You'll bounce a little, but you should dock in no time. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yndudyvw8ykhehp/Swallow (African Variant).craft?dl=0 Monarch Econ - Cheap, Fast, Fun Leisure Craft Designed for consumers who want to have fun. How to get to orbit: 1- Turn horizontal as soon as possible, then pull up to 25 degrees once you reach 500m/s. 2- Turn down to 10 degrees at 8km. Engines should switch over at 1650m/s or so. You should get to orbit with about 1000m/s of delta v. Turning back to horizontal is a tiny bit tricky. Here's a good way to do it: 1- Slow down as much as possible, then point upwards as much as you can. 2- If you can't get vertical, give it a little bit of gas. 3- Once you get vertical, just turn on "radial out" and you should be fine. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/izr61vfy82g9fay/Monarch econ.craft?dl=0 Phoenix M2: Long Range Party Ship Comfortably gets 3 kerbals to orbit with almost 2800m/s of delta v. Flight instructions are the same as the Monarch. Just set your control point to be the top docking port. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdin0atailjr3ke/Phoenix m2.craft?dl=0 Monarch - Luxury Ion Skiff [Under Development] If you can afford the rediculous price of Xenon, this little ship is great for journeys to almost anywhere, with its near 4000m/s of delta v. Still needs some solar panel and aesthetics optimization. Swallow (European Variant) - Under Development Obviously all these designs were inspired by @Cupcake.... I hope i've made dropships worthy of his ingenuity. And yes, i'll post download links... eventually...
  6. After recently completing the campaign to Respawn Entertainment's wonderful FPS, Titanfall 2, on Master-level difficulty, I took a dive into finding the game's concept art- there's a lot of great inspiration there. As a direct result of this, meet the IMK TD-4727 'Phase Raptor' Dropship, a top-of-the-line tactical VTOL craft optimized for military use: Designed around a distributed thrust system, the Phase Raptor has twin cockpits (which on a forthcoming BDA version, will allow for a gunner), and a rear passenger hold with room for up to 6 elite Kerbal pilots. Twin forward-thrust jets in the rear provide long-distance flight capability. Additionally, the TD-4727 has quite a bit of agility when in the hands of a capable pilot, showcased here by Jebediah Kerman: /-/ Action Groups /-/: 1- Toggles VTOL propulsion 2- Toggles forward-thrust engines Abort- activates emergency parachutes Download here!
  7. Although the Fierbird proved more than enough for transporting cargoes to the surface of Duna or other low-gravity celestial bodies, it was not practical for tougher missions such as putting base modules onto Tylo or Laythe or carrying heavy payloads between planets. The Erebus was designed to do both of those things and then some. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmolbswndjkdlry/Erebus.craft?dl=0 (comes with mining/processing module in the cargo bay) Features: VTOL capability: The Erebus has three Vectors and two Thuds on the bottom, which allow it to vertically take off and land with full fuel and 18.5+ tons of cargo on Laythe. Horizontal flight capability: Twice as much thrust as in VTOL mode for the same Delta V and better stability. However, this mode is not good for landing. SSTO capability: Although in some cases it will need to be refueled after getting to orbit, the Erebus can take land on and SSTO from every celestial body except for Eve and Jool when equipped with a mining/processing module. Interplanetary travel capability: With roughly 3500 Delta V when fully fueled, the Erebus can travel between planets and still have more than enough fuel to land. Hidden top docking port Passenger capacity: The Erebus has space for two pilots and eight passengers, not including any you may stuff into the cargo bay. Aerodynamic VTOL thrusteres: When the VTOL thrusters are not being used, the cargo bays they are placed in can be closed to make the Erebus more aerodynamic. Action groups: Toggles the cargo bays that the VTOL engines are in. When they are closed it cannot VTOL but is more aerodynamic Toggles VTOL engines Toggles horizontal flight engines, including the bottom ones. Toggles bottom horizontal flight engines, but not the top ones. This is useful for pitching up quickly on liftoff. Toggles fuel cells Toggles radiators on the mining module Notes: When going fast through atmospheres in VTOL mode it can sometimes have control issues. The vectors can be used to stabilize it when this happens. Be careful with ramping up the thrust quickly in VTOL mode, Sometimes going to maximum power too quickly can cause the front wing and VTOL engine to go flying off, crippling the ship. Make sure not to run out of fuel! When the tanks are completely empty, the Erebus is not only stranded, but also without power and RCS.
  8. A mid-sized Dropship, the Firebird is designed for transporting Rovers to and from the surface of Duna. Thanks to the "Moar Vernors!" strategy used by it's creators, it is extremely agile, stable and ideal for carrying oversized or lopsided cargoes. Imgur album that shows more of the features: http://imgur.com/a/CqfDp Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k4ufjyp1r4v4ok/Firebird x2.craft?dl=0 Features: Descent Autopilot: With an experienced pilot, the Firebird can be landed simply by setting the SAS to keep it retrograde and adjusting the throttle. Claw: Since it has a Claw instead of a docking port, the Firebird can attach to just about anything that can fit underneath it. Vertical and horizontal flight modes: Two Thuds and two Terriers on the bottom for VTOL, two Thuds between the tail booms for horizontal flight Crew transport capability: Space for two Pilots and Eight passengers, A metric kerbton of Vernors: Can do sick barrel roles with ease Two service bays on the top: Currently just used to store Monoprop and fuel cells, but they could easily be modified to store a couple small probes Aerodynamic VTOL engines: The Poodles are stored inside two service bays on the bottom, which can open or close to make it more aerodynamic Hidden top docking port Action groups: Toggles bottom service bays, when they are closed it cannot VTOL but is more aerodynamic. Toggles VTOL engines Toggles horizontal flight engines (I recommend using these while in space, slightly less Delta V but it doesn't need to use the Vernors) Toggles Claw Toggles fuel cells Notes: Comes in pairs for balancing reasons With 1850 delta V, it's not ideal for going between planets. Decouplers get stuck to the hidden docking port when you separate the Firebirds from the transfer stage. This will be fixed soon Lots of aesthetic bits that don't contribute to function Still being tested. I wouldn't be surprised if the current version is incapable of docking. Rover not included
  9. I've seen a few Dropship designs on the forum lately and I thought I would have a go at my own version. 213 Parts. 115 tons. I made a couple of tweaks to the version shown in the video so it now carries 2 pilots and 4 passengers. You can't see the cockpit door but you can still EVA a Kerbal from it. The Mk1 passenger modules can be EVA'd from the cargo bay. Hotkeys: 1) Toggle Rear Engines 2) Toggle thrust reversal on Rear Engines 3) Toggle VTOL Engines 4) Toggle Afterburners on VTOL Engines 9) Toggle Roof Doors 0) Toggle Ramp Door Make sure SAS is on before flight, (unless you like a challenge :)). The ship can hover at 5/6ths throttle. Try not to land vertically harder than 8m/s. The Dropship handles pretty well and has a lot of fuel, (37 mins hover time and 1 hour horizontal flight time). I'm not sure how much she can lift but you can always use the afterburners if you need some extra power. Yaw is pretty good in this plane in either mode. Download here > https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9mK0rPybNaxU0REX1dkX1hSaDQ Enjoy and share your own Dropships if you like!
  10. Sector 7 Space Laboratories - Dropship Division AirLift One AirLift One is capable of transporting small craft for Land Drops or at Sea. After flight test the forward thrust engines were better off being an option, the craft file provided is going to have the Whiplash Engines rather then the Vector Engines, the Vector Engines will thrust the craft forward with a surprisingly quick jolt of speed giving the craft better handling, on the other hand the Whiplash Engines will give more flight time. With three Pilots, two Engineers, a Cargo Operations Chief and Passengers the total personnel is near 40. The Engine Room is much like other large Dropships I've built and the action is very sluggish also. Operations: Engage SAS & RCS at liftoff with full throttle, spacebar will egnite lift engines, when desired pressing spacebar a second time will egnite rear engines to travel forward. Engines are set up to toggle group actions 1 & 2, do not kill the lift engines until a high enought speed is reached to maintain flight. When landing reduce throttle to half and increase as needed using the letter K for the downward RCS thrust to land gently. Note: All large craft that I have built require lots of patience but are challenging and fun. Engineer's Report Parts - 766 Mass - 226.7t Height - 11.3m Width - 23.7m Lenght - 19.7m Craft File - AirLift One
  11. Craft File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y8taoffl62rqb4/AVT-10%20Splinter.craft?dl=0 (NOTE: This comes in a drydock setup with no launch vehicle; I'll eventually try and make one, but for now I'd say your best bet is to either put it in a fairing atop a tall rocket and/or hyperedit it to the planet of your choosing.) Controls: 1- Toggles engines on/off G- Landing Gear Piloting at surface-level is done via the horizontal view (via the internal crew seating or probe core), while in-space piloting is done via the top-mounted docking port for a vertical view inline with the CoT. Supplementary Information: -This craft is partcount-heavy for a small dropship, so beware if your computer isn't capable of handling a 200 parts-or-so craft. -Crew can only be loaded/removed by placing them inside the chairs in the internal "roll cage" cockpit in the center of the hull. To do so, get your kerbal either on top of or under the hull, clip your camera inside, and then place them into the chair by right-clicking on the seat and selecting the menu option to do so. Powered by twin LV-909 rocket engines, the AVT-10 Splinter is a reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and Safe!tm VTOL dropship capable of transporting up to 2 kerbals in style at high speeds on airless worlds (and Duna). With a proper transfer vessel to haul it around, the Splinter is capable of flying on a variety of worlds, provided they aren't Kerbin, Eve, Tylo, or Laythe (high gravity and/or oxygenated air and the Splinter do not mix). A robust design with a high degree of crew survivability means your crew can walk away from even the worst high-speed crash-landings in the Splinter unharmed! Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the Splinter! -ScriptKitt3h
  12. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Dropship Division - Boss Hogg Boss Hogg gets it's name from the old TV show Dukes of Daisy.....uh Dukes of Hazzard, I was not much into the show nor did I like Boss Hogg much, I just looked at the craft and his name came to mind when I saw short fat and you know! ..... It can travel a good distances before needing fuel, landing is extremely difficult and not recommend for beginners. Refueling is a chore but it pays off in the long run, it has a really nice cockpit view. If you need a large crew and some small equipment delivered far away from Mission Control this could be your craft for transportation. Craft Assembly: 24 Whiplash Engine, 8 Panthers, Convert-O-Trons, PPD-12 Cupola Module, Minning Excavator, Holding Tanks, Fuel Cells, Photvotaic Panels, Comms DTS-M1, Big-S Elevon, Radial Air Intakes, Venor Engines, Landing Struts, MK3 Cargo Ramp, MK3 Cargo Bay CVG-50 Engineer's Report Parts:578 with Fuel Tank 604 Mass: 132.2t Size Height: 10.3m Width: 17.7m Lenght: 22.7m Flight Operations: (READ CAREFULLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO FLY) Take on Fuel into all four wings if disired, now engage SAS, RCS, throttle up to full then press spacebar, after craft lifts press spacebar a second time to engage rear Panther Engines, soon the craft will want to lift it's nose you will then need to allow some height before you disengage the lift engines by pressing the number 1 key, if you wait too long the craft could flip over, timing is critical. The craft will start to desend, use this opportunity to gain speed with nose down a little, increase speed near 50 m/s or more and level off, craft will then take flight. Landing Operations: Not an easy task because landing gear is not too strong, these can be swapped with your own idea for better support. I recommend watching the video for an idea on how to land. Flight Controls: 1-Whiplash Engines 2-Panther Engines 3- Landing Lights 4- Cargo Bay Doors 5- Cargo Ramp 6- Headlights 7- Photovoltaic Panels 8- Communications 9- Deploy Drill 10- Start Harvester Craft File Boss Hogg
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