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Found 1 result

  1. As the title implies, show us what electric aircraft you got. Whether they be pure stock, stock + DLC, or modded. I'm very interested to see what you all have. The only rule is that the end-stage (as in the plane itself) must run on pure electricity - no using Lf, Ox, Lf+Ox, or monopropellant for propulsion. If your plane is designed specifically for Duna/Eve/Laythe use, then your delivery rockets can use whatever is necessary to get it to its target (like on my E-38 Earhart and E-39 Earhart Junior). As long as the plane itself doesn't use up any chemicals to move, you should be good. Having those (or ore or xenon) on board the plane is okay if it's for balancing purposes. Just don't use up any to move the plane. Besides, fuel cells aren't exactly a reliable power source when it comes to battery-powered plane propulsion. And xenon is too weak to move anything outside of a vacuum. Being able to carry passengers and cargo are awesome bonuses, but not required. I'll start this thread with my own entry. The E-40 Impulse on display in the SPH It has "PLANE ONLY" in the name since I have plans to take it to Laythe later. In the meantime, I would have to test its capabilities here on Kerbin Its cargo bay is loaded with science station equipment, EVA kits, and repair kits Although I personally don't really know how to operate the science stations. I just placed them close together and hit "Interact." Here's a funny little blooper: Jeb hitting the "Reverse Thrust" button by mistake. At least he remembered to turn the nav lights on (this time). As soon as Jeb was airborne, he turned west in order to maximize the plane's exposure to sunlight If he flew east, he would inevitably enter a dark zone and lose electric charge Nice shot of the E-40 flying over the desert. This was taken before I installed nav lights and rear robot arms in the current prototype. Jeb looking at Engine One from the cockpit, as well as the mountains to the south. Engines are numbered starting with the furthest left (looking forward from the cockpit). 100 km away from the KSC, and the mountains to the west of it are in sight. Under Engine 1, you can barely see the abandoned island airfield. 1 km ASL and ~8 km away from the runway. 5 HOURS, 11 MINUTES, 30 SECONDS Since I was flying faster than the planet's rotation about its axis, I launched mid-late afternoon so I wouldn't outrun the sunny spot and therefore lose a constant power source. E-40 Test Run Performance Stats Crew Capacity 1 pilot + 2 passengers Power Plant (2 x EM-64S) x (4 x R-25) Total Empty Cargo Capacity 12 (all loaded) Cruising Altitude 7 km Cruising Surface Velocity 200 m/s Minimum Throttle Required 2/3 Blade Angle 38 degrees (45 is optimal) Optimum Takeoff Time Westward Flight Mid-late afternoon Eastward Flight Early in the morning (NOT recommended for long flights) But I did not stop there: Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/E-40-Impulse-PLANE-ONLY What do you think? Show us what you've got.
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