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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to have end-caps for all the sizes of fuel tank. They would not have to match the colour of the tanks. The end-caps would have an airlock with a top/bottom indicator or perhaps a built in ladder. These airlocks would not be able to hold a crewman for flight but would facilitate the logistics of the crew. By right clicking the airlock I could EVA any crew-member in the vessel. By telling a kerbal to board at the airlock, the available sections for crew would be highlighted and I could select which compartment to board. In much the same manner as transferring a crew member can be done now. The end-caps would be surface mountable so That I can place a 1.5 end-cap anywhere to use as a regular airlock. I would like this added to 1.2 so please get cracking at your earliest convenience. ( Too far?)
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