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Found 3 results

  1. Nevermind this, I saw a thing called Firespitter. I know the engine and engine fx modules already exist but what do I put in my plugin code to make a part produce thrust? I'm trying to figure out how the stock engine module works but I'm having issues with that because I can't see the source for it. I at least know it increments/decrements a vector based on throttle and fuel input somehow and the api documentation at the wiki isn't showing the somehow.
  2. Just on the heels of Azimech's awe-inducing V4 is my no frills, 12 cylinder radial. Inspired by Azimech o' course. It features -realistic radial engine motion -active cooling -6.5 rads/s-ish top speed -see thru cylinders -stop/start anytime I'm pretty proud, so I wanted to share. (Also, I used to be a good speller, but I've had to google so many words lately. You know you can tell when they don't look right, but still gotta look it up.) KerbalX
  3. I think there should be a Liquid Hydrogen resource for them, too.
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