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  1. Hey there. It's actually been a while since I last played KSP, but after taking a look at a few crafts of mine and the way I named, I got curious: What naming scheme do you use to name your ships? I, for instance, used the USAF naming scheme for naming aircraft, and a self-made scheme for naming rocket based on their characteristics, such as: -Total Stages -Crewed (if so, how many crewkerbs) -Carriable cargo, in tons -Ship ID -Ship version -Total delta-V once in LKO, in m/s, sum of all stages Kerbal-X, for instance, would look something like 3 C/3 0 "Kerbal X" A 4302 (note: 4302 is just an example) I'm curious to know how you guys name yours, feel free to share!
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