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Found 6 results

  1. So I broke my Settings.cfg file, now, let me explain myself. I needed to change the input button for moving around in the both of the builders as for some reason, KSP has this oddly late response rate when pressing the scroll wheel button, plus, I need to put allot of force onto the button for it to actually work and I don't want to break another mouse, so I went into the Settings.cfg file and changed what I thought was the input for dragging my god forsaken self around the builders to 'MouseButton4', a little button on the side of my mouse that does nothing, and much like its original purpose, it does nothing, and to top it all off, I forgot to copy the Settings.cfg meaning I have no fix. I have actually gotten my desired control input by simply changing the buttons input in my mouse settings window, but i cant zoom anymore despite trying several different button names for said input, i think the original input was "MouseWheelButton" and i have tried putting that in but that didn't work, heres the broken line in the cfg file that I need a functioning copy of, if someone would kindly copy their correct version of this line, that would be lovely. (My broken line) AXIS_MOUSEWHEEL { PRIMARY { name = MouseWheelButton axis = -1 inv = False sensitivity = 1 deadzone = 0 scale = 1 group = 0 modeMask = -1
  2. Because my hard disc was full, I've tried launching the game on 64bit without ksp_data files, and it didn't broke. It worked fairy well, the loading and construction and physics and all. Seems like these two files, ksp_x64 data and ksp_data are identical except they use 32/64 bit os. Would it be a problem if I remove ksp_data? (The files are in the Kerbal Space Program folder, in the 'common' in steamapps.)
  3. So when i was building a new spacecraft for my game, my computer crashed, resulting in a broken save file. It says "Error Accesing this save" and "Argument cannot be null. " under the first error message. I really don`t wan`t to lose my save file because i already played on it for 60 Hours. Is there anything i can do ? This is my first thread, so i hope this is the right section.
  4. I'm tried to load a save file, but nothing happened, so I deleted my file and tried to make a new one (mistake). I have an output log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/re34rj9nzm89g8e/output_log.txt?dl=0
  5. i have had this problem only recently (for the past few weeks) but when i go to load a save nothing is there so i just started a new game (hoping it was just a glitch) but when i went to save that again, nothing was there so i went to file,my pc,windows C:,program files(X86) ,steam,steamapps, common, kerbal space program, saves . and all the saves were there but they were not showing up in the game, any Help.
  6. Hello Everyone! I launched my Space Station and finally built it fully. It took 4 launches and over all it was a succecfull mission. The problem is that I forgot that I wanted the orbit to be polar, and now I have no way of changing the orbit without bringing the station on the ground. I would be happy if some one could help me with the parameters of the save file. Thank you. Only thing I need to change is the direction of the orbit. Thank you very much!
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