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Found 6 results

  1. Is there anyway to change the flight controls that are mapped to the left joystick? I started playing this a few months back on my Xbox(never played the pc version) and I’m struggling to fly anything with wings. Right now pitch and yaw are on the joystick, roll on the triggers which for control of rockets is fine, but flying an aircraft is just painful this way. Is there a setting that maps pitch and roll to the joystick and yaw to the triggers? I’ve tried what I think might impact it but documentation for the consoles is not really helpful and nothing tried seems to make it better..
  2. Hey guys , I know there are already a lots of tweets but i watched already a lots of tutorials etc... Well i tried to built a big cargo-SSTO. On ground it is good to turn left right but i have the problem that it cant take off I have built also another one but it has exactly the same problem. I can built planes i constructed the SR1-Blackbird and it worked well but SSTOS ... are not working ^^. One Problem i could imagine, is that the center of lift is not at line with the center of mass but I am still a noob in planes. I started 4 days ago to build planes xD. kind regards PS: i hope the pictures are there https://imgur.com/PG1H2RQ https://imgur.com/GmihCbH
  3. Alright, so it took me far longer than I care to admit to figure this out. ...maybe I never figured it out and someone told me how to do it. :-D As with all things, once you know the trick, it does seem painfully obvious. I felt a little dumbstruck when it was shown to me, so I figured it might be worthwhile to post a "How To" for everyone. Given a Kerbin day is 6 hours... Every 3 hours the KSC is in the perfect launch window to fly your craft directly into a Minmus inclined orbit. So at any given time, you are no more than a few hours worth of game time acceleration away from a Minmus launch window. Knowing this, there is no reason for me to ever do a secondary burn to adjust my orbital plane to align to Minmus, which obviously speeds along my Minmus missions and saves me fuel. This quick video shows you exactly how to do it!
  4. INTRODUCING... Mabdi's Convenient Tourist Shuttle, by MASA AEROSPACE. [1.3.0] Ahem. This is a shuttle, used for tourism. It has 6 Crew cabins for holding tourists/crew (Duh!). It has 2 Kickbacks, A Mainsail and a Swivel as it's engines. It weighs 138T and has 4,739 m/s of Vac. Delta V. NO PICS, NO CLICKS CRAFT FILE Technical Specifications: Gravity Turn: Like any other craft Shuttle flip: 35km alt. Reentry and landing instructions: Turn on RCS. Burn Retrograde above Crater, until on impact course to peninsula east to KSC. Point Prograde. Turn off prograde and lift nose by 30-40 degrees above hori(s)zon. Turn on bake to open airbrake. No heating problems. KSC Continent @ 35km. KSC/Grassland Terminator at 1km alt. Touchdown at 50km. Turn on Parachute and brakes 2 seconds after touchdown.
  5. Hello, fellow scifi lovers! I'm back again with another science fiction book. This one is called FLY HIGHER, it's a book about a younger boy who starts his own little space program with the intentions of leaving Earth but runs into several roadblocks along the way. A full conversation about it between me and @Spaceception, author of other awesome scifi books such as The Void and The Children Between Worlds, can be found here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/164377-the-raging-sandwich/&status=3130&type=status Also, you may have seen parts of my first book (WIP) Outpost, a scifi story (not necessarily a novel) about a crew going on an intergalactic journey searching for a planet with life. It can be found here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/143762-my-book-outpost/#comment-2675169 So what do you think? Post any thoughts or ideas down below.
  6. I have been playing career mode, and am trying to make a drone plane. But every time I try to fly it, It wont even manage to get off the runway. I have batteries so It has power, and the thrust to weight I believe is enough for lift off. And the CoL is behind the CoM so as far as I can tell there shouldnt be anything hindering this plane, but it just will not fly. This is my craft at the moment. can anyone tell me what the heck the issue is?
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