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Found 4 results

  1. I am a total sucker for old timey airplanes with open cockpits and especially for flying boats. So I thought: Why not making a few cockpits and hull parts, modelled after the beautiful water birds of the interwar period? I'll update this thread as I progress. I'd love to get your feedack and suggestions. Update: Fixed the seams and it looks much nicer now. Older Screenshots:
  2. The launch of a new aircraft from Kestrel, this time a seaplane! More video to come soon...
  3. The Queen of the Pacific Theater Ask any Allied sailor or pilot in the Pacific which plane they'd most like to see overhead and they'll speak the glories of a most un-glamorous twin-engined flying boat called Cat, Canso, or Dumbo. The Consolidated PBY went by these names and more as it did everything except the shooting in the Pacific. It ran search and rescue, flew aerial reconnaissance, raided convoys, harassed enemy troop encampments, hunted submarines, and carried personnel long distances overwater. It was a workhorse which could handle any job you threw at it, and every downed pilot, sunken ship survivor, or military planner would tell you, it did more than any number of fighter planes could ever do. I've loved the Catalina for a long time, so I took GameplayReviewUK's 30's challenge as a sign to finally give the PBY a replica worthy of its legendary service. I pulled no punches here, so I hope the craft speaks for itself. Craft Download: https://kerbalx.com/servo/PBY-Catalina Flight Manual: Happy flying, and sail on! - Servo
  4. I threw this together this morning and I have to say I'm extraordinarily pleased with the final design. This replica of the Beriev Be-10 flying boat is very easy to fly, to the point that if you engage SAS on the runway and bury the throttles this large tail dragger will lift it's tail, then take off into level flight without a single control input. As a consequence it is incredibly well balanced and maneuverable at all stages of flight, and a general joy to fly BERIEV Be-10 Flying Boat STATS Parts - 102 Weight - 29.523t Height - 9.4m Width - 22.5m Length - 21.8m Powerplant - 2 x J-33 Wheesley Turbofans CRAFT FILE EXAMPLE MISSION REPORT SM
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