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Found 2 results

  1. With the release of KSP2 in EA, the forums have been reorganized. Even if globally I like the new organization of subforums, I think that putting all the KSP1 stuff at the very bottom (after KSP2 stuff, community stuff, and international stuff) makes KSP1 a bit "the thing nobody plays which therefore gets all the way to the bottom". Even if it's probably wrong, as a lot of, or at least some KSP1 players will keep playing KSP1; also it is extremely impractical for these players. So I humbly request (to the forum administrators) that the KSP1 subforums be no longer buried under all that stuff, and come back after KSP2 stuff, but before community and international stuff. Thanks!
  2. I looked for but did not find a thread like this, so I created one. Apologies if I missed an official thread somewhere. The new forums have their advantages and there are still some glitches to be worked out. This thread is to capture the known glitches so that members will know whether an issue they're seeing is already being addressed, so they don't have to report it (and the mods don't have to answer the same question again and again ) This is not a suggestion box for changes to the forum, and calls to revert to vBulletin are most definitely off topic. Also let's not ask for timeframes to resolve these issues. I'd expect the mods and staff are as motivated as any of us would be to get everything running properly as soon as they can. With that in mind, here are the issues I'm aware of that staff or a moderator have said are known and being worked on: 'number of views' count does not update unwanted quote boxes re-appear in editor, some users cannot remove them Members I Follow link (Activity => My Activity Streams => Members I Follow) always returns an error page: I'll do my best to add others as they come in on this thread or as I see them elsewhere. Moderators, please feel free to edit this OP at will to update or correct the list. Thanks for all your work in managing the transition!
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