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Found 6 results

  1. Interstellar Fuel Switch (IFS) is meant for players and makers which want to add resource/mesh/texture switching to their tanks but it also applies a script to all stock Fuel tanks allowing you to switch between a few common resources Interstellar Fuel Switch offers improved versions of FSFuelSwitch, FSMeshSwitch and FSTextureSwitch, FSTextureSwitch2 and FSinfoPopup made by Snjo. Features: - Improved persistence in VAB and in Flight - Improved Multiple texture switching - Improved Initialization - Improved scaling with Tweakscale - Improved in flight switching behavior - Improved tank cost calculation which compensates for resource cost - Improved integration with tech tree - Improved GUI (switching between resouces) - Improved Display (showing remaining resource in mass) - Improved In flight switching (only allows switching after the tanks are empty and tech requirement are met) - Improved Real Solar System support - Improved stock LFO IFS tanks If you want to chat about IFS you can do it at our KSP Interstellar Discord Server Latest Version 3.29.4 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.11.2 Download older versions from here source: GitHub Dependancies Tweakscale ( 999_Scale_Redist.dll only) Module Manager Help For clarification, this is what a typical Interstellar Fuel Switch looks like Explanation of fields: The latest release introduced a new Module named "AnimatedContainerContent": MODULE { name = AnimatedContainerContent animationName = exampleAnim // Name of the animation resourceName = Ore // Name of the Resource to link with the animation animationExponent = 1 // Exponent. How is the animation related to the resource (normal 1; quadratic 2; qubic 3; ...) maximumRatio = 1 // How far does the animation play with the resource. (0.5: at 50% resource the animation is at the last frame.) } What does it? This Module allows you to link an animation with the amount of stored resources on a part. Now we can visualize the tank-status directly on the model. Details on how the resources are linked Without the "resourceName" node defined all resources stored in the part will be taken into account, except resources without mass (EC, Megajoule). This is very usefull for tanks that hold 2 fuels at the same time or use FuelSwitch setups with lots of different setups. Examples One example is the IFS Inflatable Storage Tank that uses this module. As shown in the picture below, the spherical tank grows with the amount of stored Air. This is an example that uses "maximumRatio = 0.5". When the tank is half full, the sphere has reached its max volume (end of the animation) and filling the tank further is not animated anymore. To animate pressurized gas tanks for example. An example with bars indicating the amount of fuel can be found on most of the new tanks. You'll notice some blue (or red) little bars that show how much content the tank currently holds (blue=full, red=empty). I hope this explanation is somewhat useful and you guys have as much fun with it as I did. Happy modding! Credits Original Source: Snjo Programming: FreeThinker Storage containers & Scripting: @Eleusis La Arwall Retexturing: @silversliver Inline Inflatable Liquid Cryo Tank: @SpaceMouse Wrapper tank: @Enceos License: Sourcecode: GitHub Known Mods that make use of InterstellarFuelSwitch NectroBones Fuel Tanks Plus Mark IV Spaceplane System If you which to use this in you mod, please include the InterstellarFuelSwitch Folder in your mod, and notify me. Please leave a comment if you like it. Support & Recommendations: CKAN PatchManager Changelog:
  2. Configurable Containers Requirements ModuleManager AT_Utils (already included) Download from SpaceDock For Players This mod converts fuel tanks and resource containers so that you can change the resource(s) they hold in Editor and in Flight. Supported Mods Configurable Containers support many part packs and mods: TweakScale ProceduralParts Parts with stock resources converted: Stock KW Rocketry Mk2 Expansion Mk3 Expansion SpaceY-Lifters SpaceY-Expanded Fuel Tanks Plus Modular Rocket Systems Standard Propulsion Systems Near Future Propulsion Spherical and Toroidal Tank Pack OPT Spaceplane Parts (made by octarine-noise) Dodo Labs - Stockalike Electron Mk2 Hypersonic Systems Mk-X Hyper Propulsion …more will come. Supported resources: Stock TAC Life Support Extrapalentary Launchapads Near Future Propulsion All USI All KSPIE …more will come. Types of the Containers Tank Type is a set of resources that, gamewise, have something in common. For example gases, or liquid chemicals, or metals. There are also two kinds of configurable containers. Simple containers belong to a single Tank Type (which can be changed in Editor) and can hold only a single resource. In flight this resource may be changed only if the container is empty, and only within its Tank Type. Compound containers are in fact collections of simple containers inside of a single part. In Editor you can partition the inside space of such part, creating as many simple containers as you need. The only restriction imposed by KSP is that a part cannot have two identical resources stored. So if you have two containers for liquid chemicals in a part, only one of them can hold Liquid Fuel. Compound containers have a dedicated user interface so as not to clutter part menu: For Modders Source Code CC is a part of the AT_Utils framework. It provides the SwitchableTank module that allows for creation of container parts for predefined sets of resources switchable in-flight. Sets are configured in a separate .cfg file and are intended to contain similar things like gases (one set), liquid chemicals (another) and so on. Another module Configurable Containers provide is the TankManager which enables in-editor partitioning of a container, effectively converting it into a set of independent SwitchableTanks. The third, utility module named SimpleTextureSwitcher allows you to cycle through a predefined set of textures for the model or a part of the model, so a container may be easily identified. It is now part of the main AT_Utils.dll, not the CC itself. Acknowledgments My patrons on Patreon. Thank you for your support! Kevin Casey Bob Palmer Ryan Rasmussen Matthew Zaleski Bart Blommaerts eL.Dude Layne Benofsky Igor Zavoychinskiy Issarlk Meiyo BP Jenna Mitchell Squiddy Ted Achenbach SCESW Patrice Hédé Steve Victory
  3. I've been Kerballing for a while now but I never really noticed until recently that some tanks are bigger than others yet have effectively less capacity... for example:- Oscar-b Tank 18 LF 22 O R-11 'Baguette' external tank 24.3 LF 29.7 O Now as it looks from raw numbers I'm very wrong... but if you look at the physical SIZE of the tanks... you can get THREE Oscar-b's in the same space as ONE R-11... but the R-11 doesn't have three times the fuel capacity! I'm not good at mathematics but I'd be expecting at least double the capacity for the R-11 over the Oscar-b yet it's not! Anyone else thinking we need a balance pass on ALL fuel tanks in the game as well as adding a few new ones? Sometimes you need smaller tanks for small rockets, not everyone makes huge things.
  4. After quitting, relaunching and opening a saved game, this happens, a lot. On some ships there may be 3 or more popped fairings and they won't go away until I restart the game. Only to be replaced by different popped fairings. I suspect Fuel Tanks Plus or TweakScale. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. im begining to work on a few mods. One is going to add planets to the ksp solar system, a part pack, and lastly a flag expansion pack. I want some suggestions. I would like that and also. If you know why sometimes when adding planets to ksp they are white and if so do you know how to fix that. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. But here is a overview of my planed mods. (Soon to have screenshots and possibly videos). Mr.Ciphers Planet Pack Okay first off, i named it because Bill Cipher is my curse account username. It is 0% compatible with OPM. I want to add at least 6 or 7 planets and maybe 10 moons but i need a lil help from the people on these forums to fix the texture issue and help with moon codes. I already have 2 planets made. ************ Parts Pack i put those things that look like snowflakes means that you can post a name in the comments and the one i like the most will replace the snowflakes. Ill add a few fuel tanks and multiple engines and a couple other things. Country flags flag pack Well the name pretty much says everything. My goal is to add most of the worlds flags so you can pretend to be almost any countries space program *this also includes north korea so you can pretend to be the world most hated leader and stuff. Hope you enjoy... That is all i came up with so far. But please suggest stuff.
  6. Would it be feasible to have a dockable engine section with an expendable, replaceable fuel section, or a reusable fuel section, with refueling spacecraft. What are your thoughts?
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