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  1. >>> Support me at Patreon if you like the mod! Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) The stock game doesn't care much about the camera stabilization when you switch between the vessels. You can walk in EVA, enter a pod, and end up with a camera looking in the sky. Or you may want to take a closer look at some part of your big station, but the camera focus is bound to the station's center of mass, and the part of the interest is far away form it. This mod can help you solving these troubles! With EVS: ...the camera will stop jumping around randomly. There are two modes of stabilization that allow preserving the view in the scene (switch with F7)... ...you're able to focus the view on any part of any vessel with a simple mouse click (with O hold, it's configurable)... ...a new active vessel can be selected by simply holding ALT (configurable) and clicking on the vessel you like... ...the basic info of a vessel can be quickly seen by simply hovering over it (with ALT hold)... And this mod speaks 4 major languages in case of some of your kerbals are picky in this sense. Demo media VIDEO: Mod overview + tutorial VIDEO: The part focus feature Languages supported Русский Italiano Español 简体中文 Français Support You can support this and the other of my mods on Patreon. This is where I post my ideas, prototypes and the features development progress. Other useful mods for EVA If you want doing EVA comfortably, you really should consider adding these mods as well: Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). Now you can build and upgrade vessels in EVA! Kerbal Attachment System (KAS). Need to link two vessels? Just send out your kerbals EVA! Don't forget to update their inventories, though. Surface Mounted Lights. Too dark for EVA on the other side of the moon? Problem solved with these ambient lights! How to install Recommended: Install and run CKAN. Search for "Easy Vessel Switch" or just "EVS", then install the mod. Occasionally run CKAN client to update EVS (and other mods) to the latest version. If you follow this path, then all the EVS dependencies will be updated automatically. It may save you a lot of time during the update. Manual: Download the ZIP archive: From CurseForge. From Spacedock. From GitHub. Unzip release archive into the game's GameData folder. Verify the installation: the mod's README.md file must be located at <game root>/GameData/EasyVesselSwitch/README.md. Note, that all the names must be exactly like in the archive or it won't work. Sources are available on GitHub. License: Public Domain.
  2. Zee's "Probes Before Crew" CTT Overhaul KSP Version 1.8 - 1.12+ Update - September 10 2021 The Voting Poll has been retired. Thanks to all that participated. Final Poll Results Here Hello everyone! I would like to present a CTT overhaul I have been working on since the release of 1.6. I call it Probes Before Crew, and it does what it says on the box; it places remote technologies far ahead of crewed alternatives on the tech tree while also placing greater significance and reward on crewed actions and achievements as a result. The intent of this mod is to make your career campaign balanced, intuitive, and challenging by ensuring all the mods that you are using interact with one another in a coherent way on the tech tree. If you would like to have a look through my notes and read a more verbose explanation of my changes and the reasoning behind a lot of my choices, I will place them in a spoiler below. = = = = = The Highlights: Generally speaking, all tech categories were stretched out a bit to enjoy all the new leg-room the CTT gives us. Probe Cores come first, and now possess their own form of crew report, the 'Telemetry Report'. Cockpits don't show up until T4, and Command Modules must wait until T5. A purpose-built, completely optional Contract Pack by Zee that overhauls the economy of the game and aims to make it more challenging. Antenna, Electrical, Science, Utilities, Thermals, ISRU, etc; they have all been re-positioned [and in some cases mildly tweaked] with careful consideration of one another. Science Overhauled and Re-balanced; Experiments are less tedious, more spread out across the tech tree branches, and place higher significance/reward on the experiments that REQUIRE a Kerbal be present. Celestial Body Science Multipliers have been re-scaled so that your career no longer feels finished by the time you reach Duna. PLEASE NOTE: Science rewards have been reduced overall. I recommend you do not set the Science slider below 70%, and that's under the assumption you are at least using DMagic Orbital Science (If not, consider moving the slider higher). This chart is not an exhaustive list of all the vanilla parts I've moved, it just highlights the big players and gives you a general idea of their new relationship to each other. This chart serves as the guideline/reference point for mod support patches as I add them. = = = = = Supported Mods "Supported" Mod means I have gone through every part, science definition, and entry/VAB cost for that mod and placed everything in a way as to be consistent with all other supported mods. This means a unified, intuitive, and logical experience as you progress through the tech tree with all your favorite mods. As of Aug 2021, this list is likely in its final state. All further PBC updates will generally be maintenance updates only. Probes Before Crew covers: Vanilla Parts. Making History Expansion. Breaking Ground Expansion. = = = Core Chart with BG added. Pairs well with Strategia. B9 Aerospace Core Pack. = = = = = Core Chart with B9 added. DMagic Orbital Science. = = = = = = Core Chart with DMagic added. Kerbal Attachment System (KAS).= Core Chart with KAS added. Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). = = Core Chart with KIS added. Kerbal Operating System (kOS).= = Core Chart with kOS added. Kerbalism = = = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with Kerbalism added. = = = (Kerbalism Users be sure to read the v2.7 Changelog Notes below) Near Future. (All 7 Packs) = = = = = Core Chart with NF added. MkIV Spaceplane System. = = = = Core Chart with Mk4 added. Missing History = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with MH added. Planetary Base Systems. = = = = = Core Chart with PBS added. Probe Control Room. = = = = = = = Core Chart with PCR added. RealChute. = = = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with RC added. RemoteTech. = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with RT added. RLA Stockalike Reborn. = = = = = = Core Chart with RLA added. SCANsat. = = = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with SCANsat added. StationPartsExpansionRedux. = = Core Chart with SPER added. TAC Life Support. = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with TACLS added. Universal Storage 2. = = = = = = = = Core Chart with US2 added. USI - Life Support. = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with USILS added. If you use mods not listed its completely fine, they just might unlock at odd times relative to the rest of PBC. If there are mods listed that you don't use, no worries! This mod ignores making changes to mods you don't have, and none of them are required. = = = = = Original Built-For-PBC Contract Pack If you choose to use my contract pack, quick facts you should know: All you need to do to "enable it" is install Contract Configurator by Nightingale. That's it! Another mod by Nightingale, Strategia pairs very well with this contract pack. Highly recommended. This contract pack is purpose built for this techtree, so I'm not releasing it as a separate mod and I offer no support if you try to use it without PBC. The vanilla tutorial and exploration contracts are disabled when running PBC Contracts. Mini-milestones will provide smaller rewards. They will no longer shower us with easy money in the early game! Any vessel you land on a given body that meets all pre-reqs will be a valid candidate vessel to complete the "Return Home" parameter; leaving you to do so at your own pace with any valid vessel you want. PLEASE NOTE: Just like the notice above about Science, I recommend you keep your funds slider at least at 80% if using PBC Contracts. The economy has been overhauled and made much more challenging. You will feel the difference between 100% > 90% > 80%. = = = = = Download / Installation Most Recent Release Post - v2.93 1. KSP Versions prior to 1.6.0 are not compatible. Absolute minimum KSP Version is 1.6+. Recommended minimum KSP version is 1.8+. 2. ModuleManager is a dependency that must be installed first. 3. CommunityTechTree is a dependency that must be installed first. 4. If you wish to enable my Contract Pack, Contract Configurator must be installed. This step is optional. 5. Download the latest version of PBC here. 6. If you are updating a previous install, completely delete any folders from your previous PBC install from the GameData folder. 7. Copy all folders contained within the new .zip archive into your GameData folder. If you're here to update your PBC install and you've enjoyed the mod so far, consider hitting this post with a like. = = = = = Donations: If you're feeling generous, you can donate here. = = = = = Recommended Settings Difficulty will always be subjective and you are always free to play how you want. But as a guideline, these are the settings I personally use when I want a challenging Career using my mod: = = = = = For those who love the details: = = = = = Changelog: = = = = = License:
  3. After discussion with @KospY, who is the author of the original idea, we agreed that I should take ownership over the mod to continue maintaining and developing it. Today, KAS is completely different from what KospY have made in 2015, but his idea is still here - we connect vessels in space! The forum thread for the initial version of KAS can be found here. >>> Support me at Patreon if you like the mod! Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) This mod is another extension to the EVA duty of the kerbonauts. Now they can link different vessels together. Why linking? Well, how about transferring resources without docking? Or maybe two vessels need to stay together while not docked. Even more, this mod has active parts that can work as winches! A great variety of links is supported: Rigid. It's basically a simple strut, but kerbals can set it up or remove being EVA. Bring some of these things on your Mun base and reinforce the structure! Rigid unlocked. It's still the same strut, but the joints are unlocked. It allows the vessels to move, while not getting too close or too far to/from each other. Active rigid. Do you need to tow a vessel? If yes, then you need a tow bar. Only in KAS you can find advanced models of tow bars that can assist steering. Greater towing speed means more fun! Flexible. It's an elastic cable that can stretch at some extent while still forcing the vessel to stay together. Active flexible. It's still a cable, but now its distance can be changed either via an EVA kerbal, or via a remote control GUI. Basically, it's an electric winch. Resource transfer. Zero structure force in exchange to an ability to have some free length. Link the vessels up to the maximum distance and move the resources via a convenient GUI (a way more convenient than the stock one!). Almost any type allows remotely docking the vessels. Once docked, the vessels become a single base where the stock game functionality can work. Demo media VIDEO: Active tow bar usage (TB-60 part). VIDEO: Winch demonstration (W-1 part). VIDEO: Refueling a vessel (RTS-1 part). VIDEO: Big movie of making Minmus station using the older version of KAS. IMAGES: KAS showroom. * The videos above were created using the pre-release versions of KAS. Real appearance can differ. Languages supported Русский Italiano Español 简体中文 Português Français If you are a native speaker of any other language, please, consider adding your translation. Simply ping me in PM if you're willing to do so, and I'll do my best to help you. And don't be shy if your speaking English is not very well, what is required is your native language skill - we're trying to be funny in KAS part descriptions, it can be challenging to make a proper translation. And if you think you don't need extra help, try reading this link - it may save you a lot of efforts while translating KAS. Support You can support this and the other of my mods on Patreon. This is where I post my ideas, prototypes and the features development progress. Other useful mods for EVA If you want doing EVA comfortably, you really should consider adding these mods as well: Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). Now you can build and upgrade vessels in EVA! Easy Vessel Switch (EVS). No more guessing how to switch to "that vessel" - simply point and click! Surface Mounted Lights. Too dark for EVA on the other side of the moon? Problem solved with these ambient lights! How to install Recommended: Install and run CKAN. Search for "Kerbal Attachment System" or just "KAS", then install the mod. Occasionally run CKAN client to update KAS (and other mods) to the latest version. If you follow this path, then all the KAS dependencies will be updated automatically. It may save you a lot of time during the update. Manual: Download the ZIP archive: From CurseForge. From Spacedock. From GitHub. If you have an older version of the mod in your game, you must delete all the old files first! Do not just copy over, this will likely result in compatibility issues. Unzip the release archive into the game's GameData folder. Note, that names of the folders must be exactly like in the archive or the mod won't work. The release archive contains the minimum versions of the required dependencies: ModuleManager and CommunityCatgeoryKit. If your game has better versions, do not overwrite! Verify the installation: the mod's LICENSE.md file must be located at <game root>/GameData/KAS/LICENSE.md. Authors @IgorZ KAS 1.0 concept, coding, and maintaining. Models and textures: @winn75, @Shatten, @Enceos, @IgorZ. @KospY Original idea of the mod. Sources are available on GitHub. License: Public Domain (yes, you're completely unrestricted).
  4. Have you ever said "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"? Now you can! We at Kerman & Kerman Orbit and SurfaceStructures are proud to present you the all new product line for Kerbals who want nothing more than to live on another planet! We at Kerman & Kerman finally got out of the testing phase and now consider our parts to be usable. This mod adds several new parts that are designed to be used in a planetery base for the Kerbals.This includes Habitats, Greenhouse, Laboratory, a Cupola derivative, Command-Center and others. It is designed to fit with the other stock parts and feel as "Kerbal" as possible. Galleries Supported Mods You need the lastest version of ModuleManager to use the supported mods! Life Support: TAC Life Support, USI-LS, Snacks! Continued, Kerbalism, DeepFreeze (Continued), Ioncross, ECLSS, IFI-Life Support Gameplay: (SETI) Community-Tech-Tree, Kerbal Inventory System (KIS), Kerbal Attachment System (KAS), RemoteTech, KabinKraziness, Raster-Prop-Monitor, Connected-Living-Spaces, KeepFit, SCANsat, Surface Experiment Pack JSI Advanced Transparent Pods, Extraplanetary Launchpads, OSE Workshop, Near Future Electrical Propulsion: Modular Fueltanks, Realfuels, Stockalike Realfuel @ibanix, @DStaal, @dboi88, @Merkov and @tsaven are working on a patch to support UKS. You can find the thread here: KPBS/MKS Integration Pack (outdated by now) Download Please remove the folder of older versions of this Mod before installing! TAC-LS Spreadsheet Additional Downloads: Sample Craft, Templates to tinker with, Deprecated parts The source code is available on GitHub Languages Español by @Rafael acevedo and @fitiales Русский by @Dr. Jet 中国语文 by @vosskftw and @q654517651 Deutsch by @DasSkelett and @Nils277 Italiano by @Simog Portugues do Brasil by @VaPaL, @MaximumThrust @Daniel Prates and MarcosEduardo2007 Français by don-vip Looking for help: If anyone is interested to translate KPBS into Japanese or finish Brazilian Portuguese, please let me know! You can find all the texts that need translation here: KPBS Texts. Support and bug reports If you encounter a bug with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, please follow these instructions to report it. Most important: I need the LOG FILE. Otherwise i won't be able to help! License The art assets are licensed under: CC-BY-NCThe plugin code is licensed under: Apache License 2.0 This mod redistributes the Community Category Kit and Community Resource Pack from @RoverDude and contains parts for Deepfreeze that are made by @JPLRepo and @MerlinsMaster. They are licensed under:
  5. The work was originally started by russnash37 who gave a permission to take over and extend his project Supported KSP version: 1.2.2, 1.3.0 License: GNU GPLv3 (included) Source code: on GitHub I've tried to make focus on realism as much as I was able to research the subject so the default settings assume that all kerbals including tourists are trained astronauts wearing G-suits. Pilots are more trained than others, of course. The following G-effects are simulated: Blackouts/redouts Loss of color vision a.k.a "greyout" Tunnel vision as G rises Kerbals grunt while they perform AGSM (anti-G straining maneuver) and take a heavy breath after Blood beating in kerbal's ears on redout (wear headphones with good bass and you'll feel it) G-LOC (G-induced loss of consciousness) Kerbal deaths of a sustained over-G G forces have different severity in four directions: upward, downward, backward, forward, so you may find that a kerbal launched in a rocket stands more G than a kerbal piloting a plane upside down on a circular trajectory. Kerbal's specialization also affects how much he can stand. You can use this mod together with KeepFit by timmers_uk. In this case kerbals' fitness will affect their ability to withstand over G effects (supported by G-Effects v0.2.3+ and KeepFit v0.8.3.3+). Download from SpaceDock (for KSP 1.3.0) Download from SpaceDock (for KSP 1.2.2) If you don't have a joystick it is recommended to use with Analog Control Continued mod for the best aircraft experience Installation: Save the old G-Effects.cfg file if you have changed it. Delete previous version of the mod. Place contents of the zip into your KSP/GameData folder. You'll have to enter the config params you have saved manually into the new version's configuration file because it has several important changes. Stock integration: Stock g-meters and notifications correspond to the mod's state. If you don't need them you may disable "Kerbal G limits" in the game's settings, the main mod's behaviour won't be affected. Kerbal experience and other stock g stats are still ignored. Configuration: Configuration of the mod is done via G-Effects.cfg file. Look through it to have an exhaustive description of its parameters. The major parameters of those you can fine tune are: A common kerbal's ability to resist G effects Restrict video and audio effects to IVA mode only Severity of effects of G forces applied from different directions How much specialization help a kerbal to resist an over-G Disable G-deaths and more The sounds are still a little WIP so you always have an option to disable them via config file if you find'em too annoying. Anyway, after trying the mod please respond to the poll in this thread for I knew which way to move further. Would also appreciate any comments or suggestions. Known issues and limitations: G-forces caused by a ship's rotation don't affect because they are not likely to be severe enough to induce any significant effects. Effects are calculated for the active vessel's crew only. You can switch to another vessel and back and have effects applied as if they have just started. Planned features:
  6. This mod introduces astronauts' health management to KSP. You have to consider health implications when building vessels, planning and executing missions. It covers various factors affecting health including living space, microgravity, radiation, diseases, accidents and more. It is highly customizable and works well alongside most popular mods. Download latest release Wiki Source Features Kerbals have Health Points (HP) that gradually reduce during missions and restored at KSC. Maximum HP is determined by kerbal's level (+10 HP per level). HP change based on several factors such as available living space, presence of crewmates, gravity, and specific ship parts. If a kerbal's health goes below 20%, he/she may become exhausted (technically, turn into a Tourist). They will eventually get back to work after health goes above 20% again. If a kerbal's health falls to 0, they will die! Train astronauts at KSC to prepare them for space travel and reduce their stress. They will also gradually learn to use their equipment during missions. Kerbals are affected by radiation, which permanently reduces their maximum health. It can come from the Sun, including CMEs, radioactive parts, galactic cosmic rays etc. You can protect from radiation by using shielding and choosing safer mission profiles. Planets and moons can reduce radiation within their magnetic fields and atmospheres. Kerbals may fall sick, have health accidents, panic attacks and other contingencies. When kerbals level up, they can acquire quirks that affect their health reactions, to the better or to the worse. All necessary data is shown in the Health Monitor (at KSC and in flight) and Health Report (in the editor). Compatibility patches support a range of parts mods (see below). All of these settings are easily changed or disabled in-game and/or with ModuleManager patches. Health Factors The following factors may affect kerbal's health: Stress (kerbal is on a mission): -2 x (1 - Training Level) x Number of Colleagues HP/day (see details below) Confinement: -2 x Crew / Living Space HP/day (Living Space is provided by most crewed parts depending on their size, capacity, function etc.) Microgravity (orbital or suborbital flight or under 0.1 g, e.g. Minmus): -1 HP/day Loneliness (only one kerbal in the vessel): -1 HP/day Isolation (no working CommNet or RT connection to home): -0.5 HP/day EVA: -18 HP/day Home (in Kerbin's low atmosphere): +2 HP/day KSC (kerbal is recuperating at KSC, i.e. available): +3 HP/day You can adjust all factors' effects in the Difficulty Settings. Quirks of a kerbal may also affect their health factors. You can check current values for a specific crew member in the Health Monitor. Certain parts (such as Hitchhiker and crew cabins) can additionally reduce the effect of a health factor (Confinement in this case) allowing for much longer and healthier flights, at a cost of Electric Charge. Hab rings in some mods can help overcome Microgravity issues for long-term stations and interplanetary missions while cupolas alleviate Loneliness. Stress and Training One of the drains on kerbals' health is Stress. Stress may be reduced in two ways (combinable): training and having colleagues on board. Training level for a part can range between 0% and 100%, and the vessel training level is its parts' weighted average with weights being their Complexity. Kerbals can be trained to specific part types, e.g. Mk 1 Pod or the Science Lab. Only parts that are marked to have Complexity (which is measured in %) need to be trained for; these are mostly crewable parts. The more different part types are on the vessel, the longer training will take. Stupider kerbals will also train slower than smarter ones (depending on your difficulty settings). Training can take two forms: In-flight training takes place automatically whenever the kerbal is on a mission and not landed on the home planet (i.e. Kerbin). They will gradually get used to the parts on their vessel and therefore slowly reduce the Stress they take from spaceflight. More challenging situations provide significantly more training speed, based on their science multiplier. However, this process gives diminishing returns. For instance, an astronaut with 0% training may increase their training level by 1% per day, but when they reach 50% training, they will only get 0.5% per day, and so on. So you can never really reach 100% training, but the experience using a part a kerbal has, the less Stress they will take. Training at KSC has the obvious benefit of preparing the kerbal for their mission without exposing them to its dangers. It is recommended that you train your kerbals at KSC before sending them to where no kerbal has gone before. The drawback is that KSC training has a cap, which depends on your Astronaut Complex level. You can't increase their training level beyond that without actually going to space. The kerbals also have to be healty (i.e. have no health conditions) to train, and they won't recover their health while they are training at the KSC. KSC training level caps based on your Astronaut Complex facility level: Level 1: 30% reduction (i.e. -1.4 HP/day) Level 2: 50% reduction (i.e. -1 HP/day) Level 3: 60% reduction (i.e. -0.8 HP/day) To start KSC training, load the vessel in the Editor, open the Health Report and click "Training Info" button. From there, you can select which kerbals to train. If you disable KSC training in the Settings, kerbals are always assumed to be fully KSC-trained for all parts. In-flight training still takes place as usual. The other way to reduce Stress is to have more than one kerbal of a certain profession on a vessel. Then they are assumed to be working in shifts or helping each other, and their Stress level is reduced accordingly. For instance, a Pilot that loses 0.8 HP/day to Stress when alone will lose 0.4 HP/day if there is another Pilot on the ship. Tourists don't benefit from having more "colleagues" on a vessel. Instead, they get peace of mind from knowing that there is professional crew to look after them. Their Stress is reduced by the number of non-Tourist crew members on the vessel plus 1. For example, a Tourist that normally loses 0.8 HP/day to Stress will lose 0.4 HP/day if there is one crew member, ~0.27 if there are two crew members etc. Health Recuperation Certain parts (such as the Cupola) provide Recuperation bonuses. If a kerbal receives, say, a 1% recuperation bonus, he/she will recover 1% of their lacking health (i.e. of the difference between their current HP and the maximum HP) every day. This change works in parallel with the normal health factors above. Example: A 5-star kerbal (maximum HP = 150) currently has 55 Health Points and is in a vessel that gives him 2% recuperation. The vessel has 10 units of living space, he has connection and he has a crewmate. Therefore he recovers (150 - 55) x 2% = 1.9 HP per day and loses also (0.5 + 2 x 2 / 10 + 1) = 1.9 HP per day. It means that the marginal change balances out the "normal" change and his health will stay around 55 HP (37%) until the situation changes. As you see, this mechanics may allow some kerbals to stay relatively healthy indefinitely. It may look cheaty, but the point is that: (1) there should be a way to design long-term missions without spamming crew space, (2) it requires a lot of heavy parts and therefore still difficult, (3) the balanced health level is usually far from 100% and may fall lower if circumstances change (e.g., new crew arrives and fills the station), (4) these bonuses require a lot of EC, (5) radiation still keeps mounting (see below). Recuperation is not stacked and has crew cap. It means that one Cupola provides 2% Recup for 1 kerbal, 2 Cupolas give 2% for 2 kerbals (not 4%!), etc. If you have more kerbals than the crew cap, Recuperation will be split among them evenly (e.g. 2 kerbals with 1 Cupola will get 1% Recup). Decay is the opposite to Recuperation: for every percentage point of Decay, your kerbal will lose 1% of their remaining health per day. Fortunately, it is very rare. Radiation All kerbals on missions are affected by radiation, which slowly but permanently reduces their maximum HP. Radiation is measured in banana equivalent doses (when you eat a banana, you get approximately 1e-7 Sv of radiation). 1e7 (10M) bananas reduce max HP by 10%; 1e8 (100M) bananas kill a kerbal. The amount of Radiation a kerbal receives depends on many factors. Most importantly, it is determined by their location. Many planets and some moons have magnetic fields that stop some radiation; atmospheres are also very effective in shielding it (see wiki for more). Being close to a celestial body helps screen some rays too. E.g., radiation level at Kerbin's sea level is 1,000 times lower than in interplanetary space just outside Kerbin's SOI. Cosmic radiation is also greater closer to the Sun. To check environment before sending astronauts, you can use magnetometers and Geiger counters provided by supported mods or embedded in advanced stock probe cores. Being on EVA takes away all the protection your ship provides and dramatically increases radiation level. Artificial radiation is created by certain parts like atomic engines and nuclear reactors. You can protect kerbals from radiation (both cosmic and artificial) by adding shielding to the vessel. It is provided by some parts, like structural panels, heat shields and mk3 cargo bays. These parts and most crew pods can be improved by adding Radiation Shielding to them in the Editor. You can never eliminate all radiation, but you can reduce it to non-dangerous levels. Beware of solar radiation storms! They can blast your kerbals in a planet's SOI or in interplanetary space with amounts of radiation ranging from high to enormous. You will be warned, usually, a few hours in advance and the kerbals will automatically take cover in the shelter, if there is one. The shelter is determined as the most protected part (or set of parts) that can fit the entire crew. You will see shelter exposure in the Health Report and Health Monitor details. The frequence of solar storms depends on the phase of the solar cycle going (on average) from one storm every 6,667 days to one storm every 437 days. If you have Kerbalism installed and enabled "Use Kerbalism Radiation" option in the settings, Kerbal Health's radiation calculations will be replaced with those of Kerbalism (but Kerbal Health shielding will still apply). Kerbalism has a more realistic and complex radiation model, but its balance is very different from Kerbal Health's. It is possible to cure radiation by decontaminating a kerbal, but it is hard. To start decontamination, the kerbal has to be at KSC at full health and with no health conditions. You also need fully upgraded R&D Facility and Astronaut Complex. Every decontamination costs 100,000 funds (in Career mode) and 1,000 science points (in Career and Science mods). It cures 100,000 banana doses per Kerbin day and stops if you send the kerbal on a mission. The kerbal undergoing decontamination temporarily loses 70% of their health and will need to rest afterwards. As always, each value can be adjusted in-game. If your astronaut discovers an anomaly, they may also be miraculously decontaminated by unknown forces (but only one kerbal per anomaly). Quirks Whenever a kerbal levels up, there is a 25% chance that he or she will acquire a health quirk (unless he/she already has two). Discovering an anomaly can also grant a free quirk. These can be positive or negative and usually affect kerbals' vulnerability to various health factors and dangers. Chances of getting some quirks depend on courage and stupidity of a particular kerbal. The full list can be found in the Kerbal Health Wiki. Random Events Kerbals' organisms, like ours own, are not always predictable. Sometimes, not very often, you may see unexpected events that can impact your whole mission. Kerbals acquire (or lose) certain conditions as a result of these events. Having parts with a Sick Bay (such as the stock Science Lab) helps alleviate the symptoms. Sickness: A kerbal can become sick and start losing health quickly. His/her crewmates may catch the disease too, including during the incubation period. This condition usually heals itself after some time, but it can also lead to a pneumonia, a really dangerous condition. Having Scientists or Medics aboard helps. Injuries: A kerbal can immediately lose some health in an accident. Stupid kerbals are naturally predisposed to this condition. It may cause sepsis, which is mortally dangerous. Bring your kerbal home immediately or pray Kraken it will heal on its own. Food poisoning: Kerbals are known for their love of snacks and they don't always wash their hands. Food poisoning may not be as bad as some other conditions on its own, but if dehydration develops, they will become unable to do any work at all and effectively turn into space Tourists until it passes. Panic attacks: Though not posing danger to health per se, panic prevents kerbals from doing any useful work. At least it doesn't last long and courageous kerbals are less prone to it. Conditions can be disabled or their chances and effects changed in game settings. You can also easily add, modify or remove conditions (see wiki for details). Requirements Module Manager Supported Mods Kerbal Health should work well alongside most other mods and will try to adapt to them with smart MM patches. Some have better, native support though: Atomic Age B9 Aerospace Blizzy's Toolbar Bluedog Design Bureau Connected Living Space (integration can be toggled in the settings) Crew R&R Deadly Reentry Continued DeepFreeze Continued Deep Space Exploration Vehicles Far Future Technologies FASA Feline Utility Rovers FTmN Atomic Rockets (classic and Improved) JNSQ Kerbal Atomics Kerbalism (stress, comforts, living space, and radiation features are disabled by Kerbal Health by default; you can use Kerbalism's radiation model instead of Kerbal Health's) Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Reusability Expansion KSP-AVC KSP Interstellar Extended Malemute Near Future Technologies (Aeronautics, Electrics, Exploration, Launch Vehicles, Spacecraft) Outer Planets Mod Probes Before Crew Rational Resources & Rational Resources Parts RemoteTech ReStock+ RLA Reborn RSCapsuledyne Snacks SpaceY Heavy Lifters SSTU Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Surface Experiment Pack Tantares Tokamak Insustries Refurbished Parts USI Freight Transportation Technologies USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) + Karibou USI-LS (see notes below) Making History expansion is supported too but not required. If you would like to include special support for your (or your favorite) mod, let me know. Conflicts & Incompatibilities Any mod, which can temporarily make kerbals Tourists, can conflict with Kerbal Health if both mods change kerbals' status and then turn it back. In some situations it may mean that your kerbals will remain Tourists indefinitely or become active too soon. Kerbal Health tries to fix some of these situations, but cannot prevent all of them. Custom solar systems with multiple stars can work in strange ways with radiation mechanics. Disable radiation in the settings if you have problems. It is recommended to disable habitation mechanics of USI-LS (and other similar mods) as these largely have the same goal as Kerbal Health. Feedback & Bug Reports I love feedback! Tell me what you think about the mod, what ideas, suggestions or complaints you have. If you have a bug report, please provide an output log while in Debug Mode (use in-game settings to enable) or at least give exact instructions how to reproduce it. License: MIT Enjoy the mod? Buy me a coffee! Changelog
  7. Ship Manifest Current Version:, 28 Apr 2023 -- Download: SpaceDock | CurseForge | GitHub (all releases). Also supports CKAN and KSP-AVC for your convenience in updating. NOTE: This version of SM is KSP version 1.11.0+ Ship Manifest is a tool to manage your ship's "things". I originally started with Crew Manifest as a basis for this work. My great thanks go out to vXSovereignXv for creating Crew Manifest, and Sarbian for contributions to and continuing maintenance of Crew Manifest. I've now re-imagined it into Ship Manifest, Crew transfers are now only a small part of what SM can do. Ship Manifest moves crew, Science and Resources around from part to part within your ship or station. It also manages docked vessel refueling, hatches, deployable Solar Panels, antennas and lights. Kinda like your Ship's bridge... Ship Manifest has a LOT of flexibility and a lot of Options. So much is available that is NOT seen in a default installation (Realism mode set ON by default) that you may be missing a lot of what SM has to offer. Please go to the Settings Window to see what options are available, and play with them. You will be surprised at the number of features that exist in this tool. I believe in choice, so you can configure SM to be pretty much exactly what you want. You want a "realistic" experience? Check. You want to be a god and chafe at realism mode restrictions? Check. I also invite suggestions for things you would like to see. License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Original license on Crew Manifest was do as you want. I felt the original and contributing authors deserve due attribution, since this is a derivative work. Source code (and all releases): http://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/ShipManifest Ship Manifest WIKI: http://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/ShipManifest/wiki No Mod Dependencies!: Ship Manifest is mod independent. You don't need any other mods to use Ship Manifest. However, if you install the mods below, Ship Manifest provides specific support for their features. Toolbar, by blizzy78. This mod is the "original" and a great alternative to the stock toolbar. Connected Living Spaces (CLS) by codepoet. This mod provides the player with graphical information on livable spaces in a ship. It shows you where you could go internally on your ship. Module Manager. This mod allows you to extend the configurations on your parts. Used by CLS. RemoteTech. This mod overhauls the unmanned space program and makes antennas much more important. Very powerful mod. DeepFreeze. This mod provides part(s) for cryogenic freezing of kerbals for long duration flights. JPLRepo has taken over maintenance of this mod. USI Kolonization System (MKS/OKS) Inflatable Modules. Very cool mod for compacting your trips and station builds. KSP-AVC. This mod checks your installed mod versions against the mod's latest version. Let's you know when you need to update. CKAN. The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network (CKAN) Package Manager (CKAN) is a multi-platform app that manages nearly all your mods from one clean executable. Performs installs, updates, and uninstalls of your mods automatically. NOTE TO CKAN USERS: don't expect support for installs via CKAN. if the CKAN install fails, contact the CKAN folks, NOT me. Acknoledgements: Special thanks to @micha for his support the past few years. For continuity, a link to his thread is here: Ship Manifest What's New: Version - Release 28 Apr 2023 - KSP 1.12.5 -------------------------------------------------- - New: Added horizontal window resizing to all windows. SM will remember these settings between saves. - Fixed: Correct window scaling issue where other mods were affected by SM when changing the KSP Scale. This was caused by GUI.skin issues as SM was altering the built in skins. SM now uses a custom skin constructed dynamically from the selected built-in scales, so only SM windows are affected. Issue: Forum post https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/56643-112x-ship-manifest-crew-science-resources-v-6070-25-apr-23/&do=findComment&comment=4277051 - Changed: adjusted window heights for the Unity skin and the KSP skin. This makes window resizing more reliable. Version - Release 25 Apr 2023 - KSP 1.12.5 -------------------------------------------------- - Fixed: Correct error in Manifest window with the vessel name. Was using a nonlocalized name. Now properly localized. - Fixed: Rate Modifier field in Science window was displaying incorrect value. Now properly displays the value. - Fixed: Correct resource display error when RealXfers setting is changed and Saved in Realism settings. Issue: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/ShipManifest/issues/63 - Fixed: Memory leak on SM destruction. One handler was not being removed. Issue: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/ShipManifest/issues/64 - New: Refactored mod to support KSP UI scaling. You folks with the 4k monitors should be able to see the text now. - New: Localized Screen messages in Crew transfers. Note: Many localizations are machine translations. Any help in improving them is appreciated. - New: Added a Settings button to the Roster window when in the Space Center. This button appears if you disable the Settings icon on the toolbar. This setting is in the Config Tab. - Changed: Refactored remaining windows and tabs to clean up display code. Moved a lot of redundant code into GUI utility methods. - Changed: Refactored all windows to cache all localization strings and object size values. Object size values only recalculate if the screen resolution is changed. Hopefully this helps a bit with performance. Installation: 1. Remove the ShipManifest folder from your GameData folder before installing any new version.. 2. Overwrite your GameData folder with the contents of the archive. Ship Manifest is KSP-AVC aware and is CKAN indexed Support: If you expect me to provide support for issues with this mod, I will expect that you have read and will follow these instructions. Change History: This work was originally based in large part on Crew manifest by xxSovereignxx as modified by Sarbian to work with 0.22. It has since been completely reworked and massively expanded. Videos: - Kottabos did a fine review here: (Feb 28th, 2014). It was very educational for me . I've long since fixed the bugs and added much more... Screenshots: Donations: I wrote and support SM (and other mods) as it is an opportunity to give back to the community I love in some small way. But, some folks have asked me how they could donate. It completely blew my mind. So, I've added a donation button. It is Completely voluntary, absolutely amazing, and I very much appreciate the gesture!
  8. This is a continuation of Sers awsome G-Effects mod. Originally started by russnash37 and then continued by Ser until KSP 1.3. Check out Sers post for more information and a video showing the effects. Supported KSP version: 1.12.5 It is likely that KSP >= 1.8 will work but there is NO guarantee. License: GNU GPLv3 (included) Source code: github Dependencies: None This mod might be incompatible with other mods that change how Kerbals are affected by g-forces because it replaces the default system with a custom one. Download from Spacedock Stock integration: Stock g-meters and notifications correspond to the mod's state. If you don't need them you may disable "Kerbal G limits" in the game's settings, the main mod's behaviour won't be affected. Kerbal experience and other stock g stats are still ignored. Ser tried to make focus on realism as much as he was able to research the subject so the default settings assume that all kerbals including tourists are trained astronauts wearing G-suits. Pilots are more trained than others, of course. The following G-effects are simulated: Blackouts/redouts Loss of color vision a.k.a greyout Tunnel vision as G rises Kerbals grunt while they perform AGSM (anti-G straining maneuver) and take a heavy breath after Blood beating in kerbal's ears on redout (wear headphones with good bass and you'll feel it) G-LOC (G-induced loss of consciousness) Kerbal deaths of a sustained over-G G forces have different severity in four directions: upward, downward, backward, forward, so you may find that a kerbal launched in a rocket stands more G than a kerbal piloting a plane upside down on a circular trajectory. Kerbal's specialization also affects how much he can stand. IMPORTANT Currently a simple picture is used as an overlay which affects the entire KSP window, including the UI (the ui of some mods may be unaffected). Until I figured out how to use the shader correctly (not my main priority) it'll stay that way. Any help is appreciated, feel free open a pull request on github or write a comment here. KeepFit is no longer supported. Installation: Place contents of the GameData folder of the zip into your KSP/GameData folder Configuration: Configuration of the mod is done via G-Effects.cfg file. Look through it to have an exhaustive description of its parameters. I have also added a ingame menu accessible via modifier key (alt-gr for me on qwertz layout) + F8 This menu allows to enable/disable IVA/maincam visual effects and Kerbal g limits, change the overall sound effect volume from this mod, the g-resistance and the delta g tolerance. Known issues and limitations: Be careful with various tweaks that may lead to some sudden acceleration rise or collision lags, for example ejection or undocking force tweaks, as they may cause crew to lose consciousness or even die of excessive g forces. G-forces caused by a ship's rotation don't affect because they are not likely to be severe enough to induce any significant effects. Effects are calculated for the active vessel's crew only. You can switch to another vessel and back and have effects applied as if they have just started. The overlay can sometimes partially stay and won't fade away. Sometimes the overlay won't get removed, not even while paused. Negative g-effects (redout) can be countered by positive over g and vice versa. To be implemented: using Shaders instead of pictures
  9. With the work I've been doing on Ship Manifest, and the recent breakthrough in renaming and changing the professions of our beloved kerbals, along with the recent mods that actively manage kerbal professions via other means, I decided to breakout the Roster portion of Ship Manifest and expand it into a new Plugin. Since Ship Manifest essentially deals with Flight operations on a vessel, the Roster Feature always felt like an "afterthought". It was part of the original Crew Manifest, which I used as a basis for Ship Manifest over a year ago, but now with the way Ship Manifest has evolved, it makes more and more sense to separate and expand on this feature. I've already got a working shell running with the base functionality of the Roster in Ship Manifest as my starting point. However, this plugin will not end up looking like a rehash of that. My thoughts are as follows: This initial post will be updated as more info and a definition is added. Alpha ( on SpaceDock | GitHub. Installation: 1. Remove the RosterManager folder from your GameData folder (if it exists) before installing any new version.. 2. Overwrite your GameData folder with the contents of the archive. Roster manager is KSP-AVC aware, and will be CKAN indexed soon License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Contributors: Papa_Joe, JPLRepo. Source code : http://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/RosterManager WIKI: http://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/RosterManager/wiki Version 13 Feb 2022 - Fixed bug with Roster Window resizing when in editor. Scrollbox resized, but window did not. - Changed: Refactored loaded scene checking logic to simplify. - Changed: Trimmed Installation notes. Removed version and What's new sections. Redundant with Change Log. Version 09 Feb 2022 - New: Recompiled for KSP 1.12.x - New: Added window resizing to all windows - New: Added kerbal suit selection - New: Added Click through blocking - New: Addded default window position (Persisted) Sets initial window position to a default of 50px from upper left of screen. Version 17 Mar 2018 - Recompiled for KSP 1.4.1 - Fixed: ApplicationLauncher textures no longer render correctly. Increased image size to 128 x 128 to support Unity 2017 compression. - Fixed bug with creating Tourist profession kerbals. Caused endless loop. Version 12 Jun 2017 - Changes to re-compile for KSP 1.3 - Added localiztion based on KSP 1.3 localization. English included to start. Assistance welcome for other lanaguages. - Code style cleanup. standardized strings using string interpolation. - Added some more tool tips where needed. Cleaned up Tooltip display code. - Regorganized settings window to support tabbed sections. - Rebuilt List management to improve performance, and revised filtering and sorting. - Revised Rosterlist headers to display active sort field & sort direction. Version 30 Oct 2016 (pre-release, github only) - Changes to re-compile for KSP 1.2 Version 28 Jul 2016 - Changes to re-compile for KSP 1.1.3 - Added Items to Medical Tab: Kerbal Type, and Roster Status. added validation and warnings to ensure user knows the impact of changing these settings. - Refactored tooltips to improve readability. - Fix bug with Tourist Kerbal Types. Tourist Kerbal Type is now supported. Version 21 Apr 2016 - Update mod to work under KSP 1.1. No other changes at this time. Version 15 Mar 2016 - Fix issue with Loading/Saving causing errors at space centre. - Fix issue when Kerbals are sacked. - Changed DeepFreeze Integration to use new DeepFreeze wrapper API (no more hard dependency on specific versions). - Added Notes function. There is now one Notes area for each kerbal (2k characters max) to record whatever notes you wish, accessed by selecting a kerbal in RM and selecting the Records tab. Version 06 Dec 2015 - Compatible with new KSP 1.0.5 Kerbal Traits/naming process. - Up to date with DeepFreeze Mod integration. - Fixed Filter tab at top of GUI, and added Frozen filter (if DeepFreeze is installed) - Added Salaries option to Settings, also in settings you can set salaries to be paid monthly or yearly. - Salaries are set via Training - Experience Tab in the GUI. Default value is 10000 funds. - Salaries are deducted monthly or yearly, but if you do not have enough funds then the kerbals who aren't paid will go into a contract dispute mode. - Contract Disputes occur when kerbals are not paid their salary. Each pay period the kerbals who aren't paid will ask for a payrise (which goes up each time they aren't paid). All un-paid salary will accrue each time they are not paid. The user can accept the payrise and the kerbal will continue to work for you. However, this will only occur for 3 pay periods. At the end of the third occurrence of them not being paid the kerbal will go on strike (Become a tourist). Until such time as they are paid all owed money. - A Contracts Window is available to see all kerbals that currently are in contract dispute and allow you to accept payrise, decline (they go on strike). Or if you have funds available you can re-pay them all owed monies and they will go back to work for you. - Each month or year (salary period) funds are checked and if there are enough contract disputes are automatically resolved. - Added KerbalLifeSpanInfo including Age and lifespan processing setting for each kerbal. - If this setting is on all kerbals in the game will age over time and eventually die from old age. - If the Repawn kerbal option is on in the main game settings then they will respawn when the die (but as a new freshman again). - If you also have DeepFreeze Mod intalled then freezing a kerbal will stop the aging process whilst they are frozen. - Each Kerbals age is shown in the Attributes Tab for each kerbal and the main roster list. But the age cannot be changed. - Refactored code, cleaned up code style, standardized variables and usage. If you use DeepFreeze, you will need the latest version above to work with Roster Manager. Version 20 Jun 2015 - Initial alpha release - Roster interface based on Roster window from Ship Manifest, but greatly enhanced (sorting, more detail) - In flight controls removed. These will stay in Ship Manifest. Roster Manager will not be visible in the Flight scene. - Kerbal manager Tab buttons for various areas to manage. - Support for DeepFreeze cryo canisters. Frozen kerbals are displayed with assigned vessel. - Attributes Tab, contains kerbal editing found in SM. However, all kerbals can be edited. - Training Tab contains ability to edit kerbal skill and experience - History tab contains kerbal's flight history. - KSP-AVC aware and CKAN listed. Roster Manager - Roster list - From the Roster list, you can select the kerbal to manage - Attributes - This section allows you to change the kerbal's attributes (like in Ship manifest, but more control and no limit on which vessel. Will be affected by realism... - Records (career file) - This is where all management functions will reside. In the personnel file we can manage: o Salaries - Kerbals don't work for free, so some cost for each kerbal should exist. We will pay a salary to each kerbal on the roster, on a Biweekly/ Monthly/ yearly basis, (configurable). Salaries can be adjusted for realism and playablility. o Stats Editing - Editing stats. You can change the Primary profession, name, and other properties of your kerbal. o Notes - A simple editor that allows you to add notes to your kerbal * Training- Training is a means to increase your kerbal's experience through training. Training can consist of time spent away from flight learning specific tasks, or via Simulations such as in HoloDeck mod. - Cross Training (multi Profession) It will be possible to maintain multiple professions. Through training and flights, you can increase a specific profession by selecting that profession for a given flight. o Experience - Experience is gained thru flights. With RM, experience can also be gained thru training on specific tasks and thru Simulator training using HoloDeck. Training will increase the experience level of your Kerbals in the profession for which the training occurs. o Flight / Simulation Log - Flight history and Simulation history will be stored in your Kerbal's personnel file -Vessel flown -Dates of filght -Results -Accomplishments o Crew Performance - Crews that stay together fly better together. It will be possible to improve the performance of a given crew through training and Simulations performed together. Kerbals with more time together will perform better on a given flight. o Accomplishments/Achievements - using Other addons, accomplishments can be gathered and added to your Kerbal's personnel file. o Medals - Medals for significant achievements can be earned. o Medical / Psych - Your Kerbal's abilities can be impacted by their medical condition and sanity. While no insane kerbals are possible (yet), (no suicides, sorry), their mental state will impact their skills. Things like time in space alone, traumatic events like crash landings and such can affect their abilities for certain periods of time. Kerbal Type and Status are now here. Since medical typically approves kerbal for flight status... It made sense to include it here... ther are restrictions to flight status, so if you pick unusual settings, the Medical Team will warn you against these rash choices.... - Recruitment/Termination - It will be possible to hire/fire Kerbals. Fired Kerbals will be removed from the game permanently (Will impact the game save). - Scheduling - It will be possible to schedule kerbal crews and crew rotations, vacations, have impacts to crew due to illness, and medical issues. - Settings o Reputation/Currency o Realism o Scheduling o Recruitment / Termination - Persistence - This Mod will change the game save. This allows the management of many parts of the kerbal's experience, profession, and accomplishments. I'll be placing this in a PDF on the GITHUB site I will be creating to make it easier to read.. The Idea behind this mod is to extend the Kerbal experience, provide some control, and provide an ecosystem around them. I intend to leverage the available mods around this theme and attempt to maintain compatibility as much as possible. At the moment I'm looking at leveraging and compatibility with CrewQueue, HoloDeck, KerbalStats and other mods. Suggestions and comments are welcomed. Your thoughts/suggestions are welcome. If you can think of a better Name for the Mod, I'm certainly up for discussion on that as well... Thanks!
  10. I would like to suggest that the Starlab does not pause its survey. Ones its deployed and surveying the data, it should continue to do so, until the research is done in the surveyed region. It hinders the pace a bit, especially on planets like Duna where the Biomes changes every few seconds. Maybe i do something wrong, or this is a Bug, but if not, it would be nice to keep the games pace. A alternative would be, that the Starlab automates this procedure, stopping the survey when the region changes, and automatically starts surveying again. I would like to hear some opinions, suggestions or maybe even help, because there is a chance that i do something wrong.
  11. What's this rambling about? Having Colonies locked behind Tier 4 seems like it isn't the right way KSP2 should be played. It would feel too step-by-step I feel. So, introducing it as early as Tier 3 will make the game progression smoother for the colonies, could even put it in Heavy Orbital Operations? And this would probably mean low tech colony parts... And why's that? Colonies are highly anticipated and would change so much to the way we play the game, launching rockets, storing resources, building complex nice looking outposts, this is what would change the gameplay in an interesting way. In KSP1, the way you build stations was nice, but with the addition of colonies, it could be made much easier and user-friendly. And would also make the features get shown to the player much more smoothly, by introducing the concept when it would start to become useful (Like in the quest to go to Jool, you'd build a Duna outpost to make a relay to this planet). An example perhaps. In Tier 3, I'd go on to make a small Duna orbital outpost to coordinate operations to go to Jool, perhaps even launching from there if I could, though this seems rather too advanced for T3... But then, as I progress through the tech tree, I'd have more complex and bigger colony parts to use and expand this Dunian outpost. Like how in the real world cities came from small traveller encampments from the late 1800s and turned into huge cities in the current day... Closing thoughts... I think that colony parts could aid greatly in the exploration of the Kerbol system after T3, as it would serve as homes for science and resources. They'd be the backbone of the Program by aiding crafts in their missions, and providing a command center on the area. Of course, vessels would need to launch a sort of Colony core of some kind... Hopefully the idea is clear, and I hope we would all be able to experience the benefits of colonies even in early game- Limited, but helpful, and expandable in the long run!-
  12. I propose an idea to remove loneliness.. wandering in space or on space planets, you can notice new types of objects an unknown spacecraft it looks like an ordinary device, but it is taken from the player's or official device library. It has the same needs as an ordinary one. You can contact the ship and request resources for money with which you can refuel or repair your ship. if you have a low reputation with the company that owns the ship, you will not be able to contact them, and also if there are no kerbals on board this ship, the ship will float in outer space and it can be stolen, they will usually be broken, but if the ship costs more than 8000 and is not broken, you will be fined reputation and money.if you dock, you can throw out the other kerbals. Do you remember what I said about the low relationship with the company that owns the ship? so, for fulfilling contracts, your reputation will increase as well as in the original version of the game, but only individually. ships can sometimes fly out of orbit and disappear after a while. When negotiating with other ships, it will also be possible to buy science and level-up with money. During negotiations, there will be a dialog window with the pilot of this ship in which you can start trading resources and request permits. Space kerbo pirates can rob your ship as well as you their ship, or they can steal spaceships from each other...but they appear with a negative reputation.
  13. KIS introduces new gameplay mechanics by adding a brand new inventory system and EVA usables items as tools. You want to build a rover on Duna from scratch? Or you've forgot to attach a solar panel to the planetary station? With KIS it's not a problem! >>> Support me at Patreon if you like the mod! Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) The mod offers container parts of various size to deliver spare parts to the orbit or at the construction site. Tiny containers for light-weight rockets. Big containers for serious projects. Mk3 containers for really big constructions ideas! Kerbals now have own backpack to hold small items, and some of them can be equipped on the model. AR goggles? Fancy hat? Or, maybe, a completely new helmet?! It's all possible now! With special tools (provided by the mod) kerbals now can modifying teh existing vessels by adding or removing parts. It's even possible to build a whole new vessel from scratch! * Goggles, hats and helmets are provided by the third-party mods. E.g. "Kerbal Props". Demo media MANUAL: KIS for DUMMIES. VIDEO: Debugging abilities for mod creators. VIDEO: Full support for part variants and TweakScale. Languages supported Русский Italiano Español 简体中文 Português Français Support You can support this and the other of my mods on Patreon. This is where I post my ideas, prototypes and the features development progress. Other useful mods for EVA If you want doing EVA comfortably, you really should consider adding these mods as well: Kerbal Attachment System (KAS). Need to link two vessels? Just send out your kerbals EVA! Don't forget to update their inventories, though. Easy Vessel Switch (EVS). No more guessing how to switch to "that vessel" - simply point and click! Surface Mounted Lights. Too dark for EVA on the other side of the moon? Problem solved with these ambient lights! How to install Recommended: Install and run CKAN. Search for "Kerbal Inventory System" or just "KIS", then install the mod. Occasionally run CKAN client to update KIS (and other mods) to the latest version. If you follow this path, then all the KIS dependencies will be updated automatically. It may save you a lot of time during the update. Manual: Download the ZIP archive: From CurseForge. From Spacedock. From GitHub. If you have an older version of the mod in your game, you must delete all the old files first! Do not just copy over, this will likely result in compatibility issues. Unzip the release archive into the game's GameData folder. Note, that names of the folders must be exactly like in the archive or the mod won't work. The release archive contains the minimum versions of the required dependencies: ModuleManager and CommunityCatgeoryKit. If your game has better versions, do not overwrite! Verify the installation: the mod's LICENSE.md file must be located at <game root>/GameData/KIS/LICENSE.md. If you don't want seeing the fun parts in your game, you can remove them: Find file remove_fun_part_patch.txt in the mod's folder. Rename it into remove_fun_part_patch.cfg. Move it one level up in the directory structure (into the GameData folder). Now the fun parts won't show up even if you update the mod. This mod was originally created by @KospY. I took responsibility on it when we agreed with the original author that I can drive it forward. And I am! The original forum thread can be found here.
  14. Mass Effect Drive Mod for KSP Last update 06/05/2024 This mod adds the Mass Effect Drive from the game series of the same name. The Mass Effect drive is able to warp it's vessel's mass by a percentage using Element Zero, a ressource that can only be found on the far reaches of Eeloo. Mass Effect drives need three things to function : Element Zero, Electric Charge and Flux Capacitors. -Element Zero is costly and difficult to obtain, but on isn't consumed by the drive. Element Zero serves as catalyst for the operation of the drive, determining the Electric Charge to Warped Mass ratio. To simplify, the more Element Zero, the better. When The Mass Effect Drive(s) is running, it'll generate 'Flux' that can only be Discharged around a planet's magnetic field. It must therefore be stored in high-capacity Capacitors. The Mass Effect Drives automatically Discharge the vessel's Flux Capacitors when in low-orbit of a planet, the length of this process is determined by how close you are to said planet, and the number of drives on your vessel. To prevent accidently tearing the fabric of spacetime, the drive will automatically shut itself off when the vessel is altered. The mod currently adds 4 parts : -Provisional Mass Effect Drive : Main part of the mod, found in Utility tab -Provisional Element Zero Tank : Stores Eezo, found in Fuel Tanks tab -S-5TOR Provisional Flux Charge Capacitor : Stores Flux Charge, found in Electrical tab. -Drill-O-Matic Junior Eezo Excavator : Drill that mines Eezo, found in Utility tab -Drill-O-Matic Eezo Excavator : Drill that mines Eezo, found in Utility tab Download Link Want to help ? This mod currently uses placeholder parts to implement it's functionality, due to me not being able to make anything remotely good in blender. if you know how to make parts and want to help, feel free to contact me on discord ! (lucaspec72 id 331059604072955904) if you found bugs, or have suggestions, you can report them here : https://github.com/Lucaspec72/Mass-Effect-Drive-Mod-KSP/issues KNOWN ISSUES : -DeltaV displays completely bug out when warping more mass than the vessel's dry mass. (mass reduction to counter mass of ressources technically makes the dry mass negative, bugging out the displays. Physics themselves seem unafected.) Possible fixes : Add onboard DeltaV display, or add more harmony patches to fix functions that bug out with negative mass. CHANGELOG : Alpha 3.5 hotfix : -Fixed a typo in the Mass Effect Drive Partmodule that mentionned static charge to Flux. -Fixed a crash when starting drive at 0% mass warping and no Eezo in the drives, which caused a division by 0 resulting in a NaN. -Fixed Provisional Eezo Tank being free. Alpha 3.4 hotfix : -Fixed Restock patch for Eezo Tank and Flux Capacitor. Alpha 3.3 hotfix : -Added a Eezo storage tank. Why i didn't think to add one until now is beyond me. Alpha 3.2 hotfix : -Flux now vents on unloaded vessels. Alpha 3.1 hotfix : -Optimised the Postfix Patch. -Made the code running onfixedupdate only run on loaded vessels to avoid possible bugs. Alpha 3 : -Changed Harmony Prefix patch to Postfix thanks to @UltraJohn. Alpha 2.2 hotfix : -Fixed a few typos Alpha 2.1 hotfix : -Added Restock Compability Alpha 2 : -Renamed Static Charge to Flux -Fixed issues with Flux Discharging not working -Changed Time.fixedDeltaTime to TimeWarp.fixedDeltaTime to fix timewarp not properly setting ressources -Made every fixedUpdate code of the vesselModule only run when Highlogic is set to LoadedSceneIsFlight to avoid error spam in console -Boosted the max multiplier for Flux venting to 100 Alpha 1.1 hotfix : -Fixed Error with drive cost that caused it to be negative when empty. -Gets placeholder models directly from the squad folder instead of having copies in the mod folder to be EULA compliant Alpha 1 : -First Release Licence : CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
  15. hello I've been a player of ksp for a long time and I think it would be good to add a multiplayer. I think these multiplayer features would be the best and serve for ksp: first off adding friends this is simple we have a online username account that well be used to pull up the players account page and you can add friend or join game which means the player is playing with the other players. groups this can be made by any player and a group can serve as just for friends or it can serve for a certain amount of players only like 20 multiplayer players and the user wants 10 he can do that you can also just do you and a friend. this multiplayer wouldn't be a mod it would be built in the game. I hope you consider making this you'll make me and so many other people happy thank you ksp team. any other feature the ksp founders would like to add this is unlimited because they made the game. my opinion I've played a lot of games and I've seen that multiplayer is a lot of fun it can get boring playing a game by yourself this adds a new experience in gameplay there is gonna be dog fights, wars, racing, flying together, operations and so much more this little add will give a huge amount of fun and gameplay and its gonna be so many kingdoms of players are gonna arise and buy the game I know because I have friends and a brother me my friends and my brother we buy games we like that have multiplayer ones that don't we usually look for another one but I really like this game and so does my friends and brother I really think this would help. thank you for your time. for the gamers of ksp multiplayer would add so much fun and a huge experience it would be epic and fun think of the gameplay that would be possible wars and big wars, operations you plan, huge fleet of planes flying, and so much more with our imagination's and what we want to do In the game we can do some pretty awesome stuff thank you community for reading.
  16. The caps lock control needs to smoothly increase control surface deflection up to at least 50% of full authority, or a setting on the parts to adjust the authority to the player’s choice. Right now the fine control is almost useless unless you are rolling the craft in the atmosphere.
  17. I think it's good to have a separate thread where we can discuss environment systems that alter gameplay and are not only visual. I'm thinking of: temperature deltas (freezing, melting, boiling etc.) atmospheric dynamics (wind, moisture, lightning) water dynamics (currents, waves, tsunamis, rivers, floods, waterfalls) terrain dynamics (varied surface friction, earthquakes, landslides, mud, quicksand, lava) collidable scatter (trees, rocks, planetary rings) particle aggregation - snow / sand / dust (how they impact solar panels, weight on buildings) global weather systems (types of storms, climate, seasons) space weather systems (electromagnetic storms, radiation pressure, radiation belts) life support parts wear and repair What do you want in the game, beyond just the cool visuals? What do you think would enhance gameplay?
  18. I'm on the first publicly release version of KSP 2, and my game will not let me load a save or enter a new campaign. The game worked relatively well for me for a while, then at some point recently, it will not let me load into a game. I can get to the title screen, try to load into a game, and the game will freeze on pumping sim once. After 15 minutes or so on this screen, my screen will change into this odd black and white screen, and the only user interaction that works is f12 to bring up or hide the aerodynamics overlays. Nothing else works (including esc.). I'm on windows 10, and my computer has an NVDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (graphics card), an Intel Core i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz (processor), and 8 GB of installed RAM. No mods, I haven't found any workarounds that worked for me (though some people had some very creative ones on discord that didn't do the trick for me, like changing OS language to British English and deleting the AppData folder for the game (serious). I have seen other people have this same issue, and for all of them the screen they reached was identical. I have attached an image of it to this post, although it looks slightly brighter than this in person. I believe this is related to the wider issue of people being stuck on pumping sim once, but I don't know for sure how.
  19. While playing this morning, I found multiple bugs and gameplay issues. Not sure where to report them; I don't see an option in the launcher, nor is there an actual Bugs channel on Discord. There is no way in the VAB to orient craft to know which side of the capsule is facing east. In KSP 1, the VAB was open on the eastern end of the building, and you could literally see out to the water. You can't do that in KSP 2, so it's difficult to know which way you are oriented. On the launchpad - and in the VAB, to the same extent - the old controls to orient the view do not work. On the launchpad, the left/right arrows used to spin the view, but in KSP2 they merely move the camera left and right while holding the mouse wheel spins the view. Unfortunately, neither of these allows you to stay centered on the craft itself, and I have found no way to recenter the craft; you cannot simply right-click on the craft and Aim Camera any longer. I have a craft with asparagus staging, but in the VAB there is no dV readout for Stage 0. You can see the fuel lines in the image (I can get a better image if necessary), but you can see in Stage 0 there is no dV readout. 4. When in orbit, I can right-click on Ap/Pe and see the values. However, as soon as you create or click on a maneuver node, those go away and you have no way to get them to stay up there. This isn't so much a problem if you don't create a maneuver as you can see the current values in the lower left. But when creating a maneuver, you need to see the values you are setting these to, and you simply cannot. 5. This is probably the worst thing I found this morning, and it makes the game nearly unplayable. After multiple attempts, I finally got a craft going in the right direction (east over the water). Got an Ap of 100km, and created a maneuver node to circularize the orbit (or, close, anyhow; Ap/Pe were off by about 10km). Clicked to hold the maneuver node in SAS, fired the engines when the time came...and the craft, instead of holding the node, spun uncontrollably on every axis. Relaunched and retried holding prograde, and the same thing happened. I don't mean that the craft wobbled as if it didn't have struts, but rather spun uncontrollably as if there was no SAS control at all. Now, it's entirely possible that something I did in the craft made this happen. But why would the craft not hold the node? That's it for now. I'm taking a break and will come back to this later today, hopefully after someone comes in and answers my questions.
  20. From what I gather from interviews (Nate and EJ_SA for example), mature KSP2 gameplay will have a lot of elements similar to Factorio / Satisfactory / Dyson Sphere Program. I have to say Factorio is one of my favorite games so I really appreciate that. I imagine that we will have to build our extraction / processing / transport vehicles and colonies and set up logistics networks using our creations. I have a hunch this delivery routes system will have its own management interface for automation. I think it's really cool because we'll be able to build "cheap" transports with basic materials we obtain and "expensive" exploration spaceships with more exotic elements. So basically we'll have to adapt to each planet and make the best designs we can (rovers, trucks, aeroplanes, helicopters, boats, rocket ferries etc.). There's a lot of reasons to design a new vehicle and constantly iterate. We'll always have something new to build or improve, even without contracts. But what I found a little bit stale about automation games is the lack of interesting end goals. I think it's a really good idea for KSP2 to have exploration as its main purpose. Discovering the planets inside a new star system and their secrets, entering the atmosphere and landing for the first time, doing scientific experiments, exploring interesting anomalies.. I think that this is a good motivation to "grow the factory". How do you feel about the construction and management simulation elements of the future KSP2? Any specific things you would want KSP2 to borrow from the other games I mentioned?
  21. The #Artemis mission inspired our team to fly our own recreation in KSP2. We’d be lying if we said we made it to orbit on our first try. From all of us at #KSP2 to all of our friends NASA Artemis there is no shame is reverting to VAB artemis_hires_220902b.mp4
  22. At this point most of us have probably seen the Early Access trailer - including the part where @Nate Simpson showed off the new UI and talked about the tape indicator concept. Overall, it's great that Intercept is looking to real-world systems for design inspiration, but I feel like certain elements of their current UI are a bit lacking in terms of readability and usability (and in fact, could be improved by leaning even harder into modern real-world flight UIs). I thought this thread would be good to summarize some of the comments from the announcement thread and share my own thoughts, including the good parts of the new design! Readability of atmospheric indicator This one was brought up by @poopslayer78, who commented that "the rocket is very tall compared to each atmosphere layer indicator, which makes it ambiguous where layer you're in." You can see the current implementation below: The devs are already working to improve this, which is sweet. Previous concepts below for posterity: It would be nice as well if there was an indicator LED or symbol w/ text to say "You are in space now! No need to worry about drag!" like poopslayer mentioned in their comment, since the topmost box of this UI suggests that there is still some atmosphere with the pale blue dots. Alternatively, KSP1's atmosphere indicator did a great job of indicating that you were in space since the last region of the indicator had no colouring at all: Visualizing the relative depth of the different atmospheric layers as shown in a previous concept would be very cool, particularly if this could change for different celestial bodies. If not, then sticking with equal size boxes as shown is fine. Readability of navball This one was mentioned by @t_v, who pointed out that " the amount of lines and markers on the navball makes it hard to really distinguish specific pitch angles, and the text on the rest of the UI fades into the information surrounding it". I partly agree with this comment, because some views look quite readable for precision orientation (kind of like the KSP1 navball, see first image below), whereas others are definitely hard to read with a combination of dithering at the edges, pixelated numbers, and low contrast secondary numbers (see 2nd image): Nate said that this has already become more legible in a newer build, which is great. The markers shown in the image are different from the KSP1-style normal and radial indicators, but that is most likely because they switch to a KSP1 style in orbit mode. Obsolete criticism below for posterity: Overly "retro" aesthetic of the UI This is perhaps the most subjective opinion, but it's one that I share. @The Aziz said in a post "the pixely font and icons just don't work for a civilization that is about to hit interstellar space. Instead, we landed in the late 90's." I think the dithering and font choice for UI elements is a big part of this, since it causes what would otherwise be a very modern interface to look rather busy, hard to read, and outdated. A bit strange for a society operating advanced jets and (eventually) interstellar technology that is decades or centuries ahead of 2022 humanity. They highlighted these SpaceX UIs which look exactly as modern as you'd expect a flight control interface to be in the 2020s: You can see that SpaceX uses a smooth gradient shadow to indicate the 3D-ness of the navball, without any dithering or pixelation to be seen anywhere I actually don't think the SpaceX navball is a perfect fit for players who will be flying their crafts manually, so having more numbers like the current KSP2 concept and KSP1 is better than having fewer numbers and markings like the older concept below (and maybe like SpaceX too): Personally, I think that something like the real world HUD below would be ideal as a working UI that is in the same style as what we have seen in the past: Everything is easy to read at a glance, highly legible, and uses high-contrast text and colours (even in this photo, which reduced some of the contrast). It also uses the "tape indicators" that the current UI does, so good job devs on implementing them The main area where we could diverge is adding a smooth (non-dithered) gradient to the navball as shown in one of the team's earlier concepts, since we will make more dramatic attitude adjustments than most airliners Summary of likes and dislikes with the new UI Since we were kindly asked to share things we like as well as what we don't like (thank you Fernanda), here is a list of what I think the new UI does well compared to previous concepts: Great stuff The rolling tape indicators are a great way to show critical altitude, speed, and heading information at a glance, and having the indicators scroll based on rate of change will be super cool and engaging. The button outlines on the altitude and speed tapes make it more obvious that you can change between different modes, compared to the older concept I showed above. The mission time is super legible compared to a previous UI concept, and the button makes it obvious that you can switch between MET and UT. Having UI section "titles" like SAS.CONTROL and TIME.WARP = 1.0X will be useful for new and returning players alike The throttle indicator suggests to players that you can adjust your throttle smoothly (including by dragging the handle), which is great for people who may have thought that you can only adjust it in 5% increments or what-have-you. Putting a separate and legible rate of descent indicator right next to the navball is genius, and will probably help a lot of people to not slam into the ground (accidentally, anyway). Hopefully the warning and danger zones update based on local gravity and the strength of your landing gear. The numbers on the pop-out tape indicators are easier to read than the 8 segment style digits of the previous UI and the pixelated numbers of other parts of the current UI. The amount of interval markers on the navball makes it easier to burn at a specific angle and heading compared to a previous UI concept and kind of like the KSP1 navball. The navball will be movable to the centre of the screen to match KSP1's position (source: ShadowZone's October UI video). The radial/anti-radial and normal/anti-normal markers are replaced with North/South and up/down (?) markers when the navball is in surface mode, which is cool and useful (source). At a glance apoapsis and periapsis info is presented well. The map view shows spheres of influence for celestial bodies and more readable icons for when you get in them, which is awesome! (source1, source2) The staging diagram is on the same side of the screen in both the VAB and in flight. The GO button is solid green! And a summary of what was said in the sections above, with some additions: Areas for improvement The previous concept (shown under the aesthetic section) had a very tasteful and legible style of dithering, probably because dithering wasn't used for any elements that were intended to be read. If the team would like to stick with dithering instead of smooth shading, that is probably the way to go. Units should follow SI capitalization consistently to avoid confusion (ex. lowercase "m" for meters", "km" for kilometers, "Mm" for megameters (millions of meters), etc.) - thanks shimmy00! The text on the tapes themselves is a bit hard to read because of the pixelated font. The text in the UI section titles is hard to read because of the pixelated font combined with its small size (the size would be fine if it was used with a normal minimal-serif font). The atmospheric indicator doesn't show neither exactly where a craft is in the atmosphere (KSP1 style) nor the relative depth of the atmospheric layers (older KSP2 concept style) - precision improvements in development The atmospheric indicator implies that a craft is still experiencing partial drag even when it is at its darkest colour due to the chosen dithering. The hinting of where other orientation markers were in a previous UI was very cool (appropriately futuristic) and useful, and that is missing from the latest UI. The removal of normal/anti-normal and radial/anti-radial markers is a step back in terms of rocketry education and general legibility KSP1-style markers are still there in orbit mode! The current navball is hard to read wherever dithering and pixelated numbers interact with attitude lines and oblique view angles (ex. flying straight up from the surface) - more legible in a newer build Having pitch/attitude marks and labels only on the cardinal heading lines like KSP1 would make the overall navball more clear. Because of the dithering on the RCS and SAS buttons, it is not obvious that they are enabled if they are both on. Subjectively, everything pixelated and dithered in the current UI looks too outdated for the level of polish the rest of the game will have. The fuel and oxidiser gauges for engines could get out of hand for a lot of engines (think Soviet N1 level), but hopefully the engine group button lets us collapse all the individual fuel gages into one overall, representative gage. The stage number on the GO button is harder to read compared to a previous UI due to the choice of font and the green on black colour choice. Overall, I know that we're commenting on "pre-alpha" footage and that things could have already changed, but since we're approaching early access, I think its better to get this feedback out now so that we can ensure the best possible reviews at KSP2's EA launch . Thread updated with some of @ShadowZone 's info from his comprehensive summary video, which you should definitely check out!
  23. I was recently having difficulties with converting hours to Kerbin days with the orbital period since the website resonant orbit calculator goes up to double digit hours compared to the 6 hour days. Is there a way to figure that out? Thanks in advance.
  24. The Gold Standard! Version 1.5.2 (2017/06/18) (Now with full SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack Compatibility!) This mod adds the pursuit of gold and an extremely rare resource called Unobtainium to the game! Gold Ore now appears on planets/moons Gold Ore can be mined and smelted into Pure Gold with the Smelter Return either Gold/Gold Ore back to Kerbin for profit Gold is heavier than Gold Ore, which is heavier than Ore Full integration with Vanilla drills and scanners Vanilla Drills and Surface Scanner available slightly earlier in the tech tree Only 8 parts (Under 10Mb download), low memory usage. Get over that mid-career fund grind in a fun and challenging way! What is Unobtainium? Unobtainium is an extremely valuable resource that generally spawns on high-G and extremely distant worlds. You can mine Unobtainium using the vanilla drills without needing a converter in-situ. Drills mining Unobtainium operate much more efficiently with both a scientist and engineer aboard. Unobtainium is a little more dense than gold, so ensure to bring adequate Dv! Finally a monetary reason to land on Eeloo, Eve, Moho/Icarus, or any of the other seldom visited worlds! This mod is not meant to be an easy cash cow; rather, a difficult alternative to contract spam. There is no gold on kerbin, and be careful when choosing a mining site as only deposits of >2% (mini drill) or >1.5% (large drill) will yield gold ore. The gold ore can be returned for an okish profit, but be aware that gold ore is basically 9/10s ore. So there are obvious benefits to smelting in-situ. The Smelter needs power, cooling, and an engineer to function at its full capacity. Pure Gold is, by design and irl, HEAVY! Feel free to post any working ship/base designs! Note on returning with your space booty: Land near or on the space center to avoid diminished returns. Supported mods: - Scansat - Galileo's Planet Pack Downloads Version 1.5.2 for KSP V3: SpaceDock Available on CKAN! *ModuleManager included and required Planned Features Will be adding one more resource beyond Kerbin's influence Community Tech Tree integration Further Weight/Cost Balancing (need feedback) Change Log Update 1.5.2 •Packaged the latest version of MM to bring the mod upto 1.3 Update 1.5.1 •Complete Compatibility with SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack •Changed the way resources spawn on planets (more small concentrated veins, less large low concentrated blobs). Update 1.5 •Improved Weight/Balance/Distribution of resources. It should now be a little easier to make money, and more worth it to make a trip out farther. •Fixed the Unobtainium texture •Cleaned up files •Improved compatibility with Scansat and Galileo's Planet Pack (Thanks go to Jadeofmaar for helping me here) Update 1.4.2 • Fixed stupid typo ftw. Update 1.4.1 • Fixed a value that was preventing unobtainium from spawning in large enough quantities to be mined. Update 1.4 • Finally got of my butt and updated the mod to 1.2.2 • Added Unobtainium • Added support for GPP and Scansat Update 1.3 • Updated to for KSP 1.2 • Fixed a potential problem with unlimited output for both gold smeltery and stock miniISRUVersion 1 Update 1.2 - Updated some part descriptions - Slightly reduced concentrations of gold on Minmus - Made orbital scanner unlock earlier (The satellite targeting gui is disabled until survey scan) - Adjusted Smeltery Output to prevent a very minor exploit Version 1.1 - Cleaned up textures - Fixed radial attachment points - Added Mission Flags Version 1.0 - Release License The Gold Standard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license does not apply to the bundled plugin ModuleManager. This is my first mod so if you have any tips or suggestions don't hesitate to leave a comment below.
  25. Hello All! Lately I have been trying to land on the Mun but every time I get into Munar orbit I can’t change my trajectory and fly right to Mun escape and it seem impossible to alter my trajectory no matter which way I boost. Any tips or ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!
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