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Found 8 results

  1. Planetary Twister What is this ? Planetary Twister is a solar system generator application for kerbal space program. It utilizes pseudo random number generator and coherent noise library (libnoise) to produce unique solar system each time you run it. Features : Build-in terrain generator. Build in orbit parameters generator. Basic copernicus configuration generator. Build-in planet pack exporter. Planned features : Advance map generator. Oceans generator. Atmosphere generator. Ring generator. Surface texture generator. Note : This project is still in early alpha stage. Supported platforms Linux (Windows version is coming soon). How to use? Screenshots Example solar system generated from default configuration : Installation Go to https://github.com/Bill2462/Planetary-Twister/releases and download the latest release. Unzip downloaded file. Changelog Source Code The source code is available on Github : https://github.com/Bill2462/Planetary-Twister Licensing This project is distributed under GNU General Public License v3.0.
  2. Ksp has always had this problem where there was no real reason to use generators, as the engines on your ship have could always just power everything. It’d be nice to actually have to attach generators to your ship to keep the power up. If they do decide to implement this a good quality of life feature would be to have a bar indicating how much power your ship needs vs the amount being produced, kinda like command and conquer.
  3. Don't be shy, brag about your accomplishments! The KSP Ribbon Generator lets you easily create a fancy collection of KSP awards. Ribbons are awards you give yourself for accomplishing feats of daring in Kerbal Space Program, using images created by Unistrut. Things like getting into orbit and landing on another planet - ya know, all in a day's work. The Ribbon Generator lets you choose which goals you've done, and combine them into a fancy image that you can put in your signature, or wherever you like. You can see mine in my siggy below. Version 2.0 ~ Now with the Grand Tour Shield! Kerbaltek is proud to be the home of the KSP Ribbon Generator. Unistrut created all the great ribbons and artwork used by the generator and developed their rules for use; and Moustachauve originally developed the web app, which has been completely rebuilt by us at Kerbaltek. www.Kerbaltek.com/ribbons Please feel free to contact us here or on our site with any support or other issues you might have. We'll do our best to address everything in time.
  4. I made a quick ModuleManager patch that adds two resources, NuclearFuel and SpentFuel, and modifies the ModuleGenerator in the RTG to use NuclearFuel and produce EC and SpentFuel. Code: RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = NuclearFuel displayName = NuclearFuel abbreviation = NF density = 0.0075 unitCost = 5 hsp = 920 flowMode = NO_FLOW transfer = NONE isTweakable = false volume = 5 RESOURCE_DRAIN_DEFINITION { isDrainable = false showDrainFX = false } } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = SpentFuel displayName = SpentFuel abbreviation = SpF density = 0.0075 unitCost = 5 hsp = 920 flowMode = NO_FLOW transfer = NONE isTweakable = false volume = 5 RESOURCE_DRAIN_DEFINITION { isDrainable = false showDrainFX = false } } @PART[rtg] { RESOURCE { name = NuclearFuel amount = 100 maxAmount = 100 } RESOURCE { name = SpentFuel amount = 0 maxAmount = 100 } @MODULE[ModuleGenerator] { INPUT_RESOURCE { name = NuclearFuel rate = 0.000001 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = SpentFuel rate = 0.000001 } } } Edit: I made the fuel and spent fuel massless, since the generator is heavy enough already.
  5. [Beta testers needed!] You, the up-and-coming author of the Forums, are writing the next Great Kerbal Novel. Only problem is, you can't think of any names! Perhaps you turn to your favorite name-generator, only to find that it has died off or does not support female names! The Great Kerbal Novel will be a flop without inventive, non-Jeb names. What a tragedy! Does this describe you? For you, dear customer, we have the perfect thing: KSPNameGen! With KSPNameGen, generate up to 2^63-1 kerbal names at a time*! Male or female! And, should you wish to write a work in the Kerbae ad Astra storyweb, or simply throw off the oppressive chains of the Kerman surname, generate diverse surnames with the Future option! KSPNameGen is a joint project between myself [0111narwhalz] and @TotallyNotHuman_. Its only requirement is a piano with a few black keys**. How to use: 1. Download (below) 2. Extract 3. Run KSPNameGen.exe 4. Specify desired gender, surname type, and name count via the menu. 5. Get back to writing! [Download] (source included) Changelog: 0.3.0 * Added flag-parsing 0.2.1 * Added Makefile for Unix-like OSes 0.2.0 * Much improved interface * Added ability to write to file 0.1.3 * Added customization of buffer size when run in non-interactive mode 0.1.2 * Optimizations for large quantities of names 0.1.1 * Command line arguments 0.1.0 * Initial Public Release 0.1.0-rc3: * Fixed bug in which 0 names would be generated when "0" was specified 0.1.0-rc2: * Nuked unnecessary whitespace * Nuked Help() nonsense * Refactored types to suit their role * Refactored variable names * Added help array to replace Help() function (see above) 0.1.0-rc1: * Rebuilt in C# *Generation of billions of names not recommended. **Db pianos not supported.
  6. the idea came into mind when i saw tons of different kopernicus mods that replace kerbin system, here is what i wondered, isn't there a way to calculate those nasty delta V numbers based on the info "In game" and produce a kerbal in game wiki like system for them? why not? knowing enough about unity programming, i know that if you do smart job, you can instantiate different prefabs (including GUI stuff) on the fly, why not being able to make the ingame wiki more flexible for these type of things? ok, maybe ingame's already existing one is a bit bad idea simply because it may need tons of reflection in programming and more... but a mod that behaves just like ingame wiki? dedicated to get different info from the configs and ingame and calculate and show all the available info "procedurally"? this way, the mod developers wouldn't need to sit and do all the nasty calculactions for the delta v map and many more stuff like geosync orbits and lots of other things
  7. Have you ever wanted to make a debris field around Kerbin and you had to make a cumbersome "Kessler bomb" craft which didn't work as planned? Or it was just a collection of separators that didn't present enough challenge or hazard? Too much hassle building a serious debris layer? Grinding with Hyper Edit? Imagine having a mod that would allow you to put a wanted number of random debris at a defined orbital height and inclination? Plates, girders, tanks, separators, etc., all floating around, making a mess? Tell me what you think about this idea.
  8. I'm trying to put together my first fusion-powered ship, and I just can't get the darned thing to work. Does anyone have any tips on how to make these things work? Perhaps some sort of checklist or diagram?
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