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Found 2 results

  1. When I walk home from work, I sometimes look up at the clouds and imagine the re-entry streaks of players coming home from their travels. At night I see the faint glows of interstellar ships burning to leave the solar system. I look off into the distance and in the radiant heat on the horizon I see the contrails of science planes doing research. The park pathways mark the busy routes of my transport rovers. I look at interesting buildings and ask myself: "is this what my colony will look like?". When it rains, I imagine what color the weather is around tall mountain peaks on some distant planet. I talk to AI about space-ship designs, I dream about the future and.. I know that some day I will explore the stars with all of you. Keep the dream alive, keep KSP2 in your hearts!
  2. Seeing that the release date has been pushed to late 2021, I'd love to see something about an Early Access release on Steam or something. Or a Demo to quench my thirst. Maybe taking the KSP1 route is a good idea, because that means you have countless people constantly testing your game, finding bugs, and giving feedback in general. I feel like a lot of people on this forum would be up for testing KSP2 even if it was in a half broken state. They could keep it a closed alpha as well where you have to sign NDA against surprises for the community and stuff. I for one would love an opportunity like this. But, that's just a thought. Keep it up Devs, I love you guys.
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