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Found 2 results

  1. Congratulations! You've earned a first class ticket to what hopefully will be the AtomicTech Inc. Hype Train with non-stop service to KSP 2's 1.0 release! Here's your ticket!
  2. With the first Falcon Heavy static fire test complete, I think it's time to get some input on the song I'm writing for it's maiden flight. Tell me, do you think this theme will provide sufficient hype from T- 1:00 minute to T- 0? If you could please assign it a Hype Percentage based on your own judgement of the song, do so in the poll. Critique the piece in the comments. A revision: I would like to know if this much is sufficiently Hyped so that I can strive to provide maximum Hype throughout the video of the launch.
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