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Found 2 results

  1. The Idea: The International Space Station is one of humanities greatest achievements. Like many others I love the ISS, mods and Kerbal Space Program, naturally you would mix all 3. A little over a year ago I began an endeavor to accurately construct the ISS in order and document it on reddit. Since then time has passed and I have vastly improved in my ship creation and screenshot taking skills. I knew when I stopped the first time I'd revisit the idea and now is the time! The goal of this whole thing is to use Kerbal Space Program and a vast library of mods to document every flight to the ISS and its construction in order. Myself@lemon cup and @D0m1nu2 work hard on this project and we're very excited to work on documenting the sheer greatness that surrounds the ISS and it's missions! My Inspiration: The idea isn't original and born of several things including another series I created focusing on Shuttle Missions called Shuttle Adventures! These missions are created by not only myself but other like minded Kerbal players. But the Idea isn't mine by any means and I feel inclined to credit those who inspired me, If you like anything I've done you'll certainly enjoy what they've done. @Jay The Amazing Toaster with Kānāwai: Ares to Mars Kevin Gustafson and his amazing among other things ISS & Mir documentaries on Youtube @winged and his amazing among other things Constellation Mars video @Zorg @alberro+and @Pioneer_Stevefor dazzling me with their magnificent screenshots @AmateurAstronaut1969 and their fantastic series on the ETS Space Station Freedom @Jacktical and their awesome series on the IRL concept of Space Station Freedom that goes by the name of Space Station Liberty @D0m1nu2 and their excellent International Manned Laboratory series, a recreation of International Skylab conducted in RSS! @Aviation365 and their wonderful series Go At Throttle Up, an RSS/RO depiction of Shuttle Flights both real and fictional, while obeying Shuttle parameters. The progenitor to this series, Shuttle Adventures, An Album of Kerbalized Space Shuttle Missions, containing real, proposed, canceled and other Shuttle related missions. You can find that here: Mods: Since the inception of Shuttle Adventures the mod list has grown slowly over time and I've tried to keep up with updating the mod list. that will be include in the spoiler below the list of highlighted mods. @benjee10 With Redirect, Habtech 2, and SOCK @DylanSemrau With Photon Corp @Beale With Tantares @tony48 With KSRSS & KSRSSVE And the ReStock team with of course Restock Thanks to those who interact and follow this series! We've been working hard and having a great time making it!
  2. Hello everyone! XCLD, a Lego Ideas user has put together another awesome space set after his old ISS got disapproved (Despite reaching 10,000 followers, Lego decided not to produce it). He has come back with a Nice, Small, but not any less awesome Mini ISS. Here it is: He has made such an awesome little thing that I am sure a lot of people will support. Here is what he is including so far: He makes awesome sets, so check him out here and if you can, support his model here! Wish him luck, and just so everyone knows, I'm not XCLD but rather a person very excited about what he creates. I'll update this page so check back here if you are interested in this. [Edit]: Here's a link to his website for everyone!
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