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  1. Latest Release Source Wiki Yes, it's on CKAN! License: Source code is GPLV3, all artwork is All Rights Reserved. Gerra grinned. While the project that she was originally recruited for two years ago was taking longer than expected, Project Blueshift, an offshoot of the original and equally top secret project bore fruit. She sat in the modified Mk1-3 command pod of an experimental spacecraft that was, in theory, about to become the fastest spacecraft ever built. The ship had a single RE-I5 Skipper rocket motor, but that was just for orbital maneuvering. For the ship to go fast- really, really fast- it had a prototype torus-shaped engine that warped the very fabric of space itself. Gerra was about to find out just how fast it could go... "Star Frontier, you are go for warp speed," FLIGHTCOM, the voice of Mission Control said. "Copy that," Gerra responded. "Hit it..." As she throttled up, the warp engine began humming louder and its pitch increased. Kerbin, already small due to her high orbit, rapidly receded into the distance. "Picking up some vibrations, but we're still go... Point 8 C... point nine... One point oh!... vibrations gone, she's a magic carpet ride... One point one, wooo hooo! Ok, Throttling back..." The engineers had done it! Gerra Kerman just became the first kerbal to travel faster than light! She spun Star Frontier around to look at the home she left. It was just a pale blue dot now... "It looks so small from here," she radioed. "Congratulations, Star Frontier, you just broke the light barrier," FLIGHTCOM radioed several seconds later. Gerra could hear the excitement in his voice. “Your accomplishment opens so many possibilities! Today, we can bend space-time and surf the waves. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe someday we’ll be able to build a bunch of wormholes and tunnel through it with some kind of interstellar subway network, or better yet, fold space and jump across!” Gerra caught a glimpse of something off in the distance- way off in the distance. She recognized it immediately, and she smiled. With the new FTL technologies, Grannus didn't seem so far away anymore... *** Blueshift is a parts mod that provides stand-alone faster than light travel. Features include: A set of modular FTL parts that enable players to create custom starships with varying capabilities. A new use for asteroids and comets- mine them for Graviolium, the mysterious substance that makes FTL possible. New Space Anomalies that can be discovered- and might confer technological breakthroughs. Jump gates that can be discovered like space anomalies (if enabled), or player-built. Image Album Real-World References https://thedebrief.org/darpa-funded-researchers-accidentally-create-the-worlds-first-warp-bubble/ Parts Pics Tips And Hints Not required, but highly recommended: Mods that use Blueshift:
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