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  1. Have you ever wanted to exit the game at the end of a hard day's rocket science but felt that using the menu option lacked a little pizzaz? is the F4 button on your keyboard a little sticky from fast food? Would you rather operate your game through arcane unexplained magic rather than the provided perfectly working options? Behold the Kraken Nuclear Option, a device which uses ??? to put your application to sleep tonight. The controls are simple: Load one (1) qualified computer technician into the device's control mechanism. Suspend the device on clamps above your least favourite launch site Activate Action Group 1 This was originally something I made to test the idea of docking together segments for a ring station, but then I discovered its fatal consequences to the instance of the game currently running. While I have submitted this over to the devs for bug reporting, I'm also kind of curious as to whether anyone out there has a machine or setup of the game capable of handling whatever happens when you undock the one port holding this together, so I figured I'd throw this out here in case anyone is amused by it/wants to play around with it and see if their copy of the game runs it. Have fun all of ye: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cNBhrL-JJ8m0Ox-1_fKoBxzRv4dKOOYX/view?usp=sharing
  2. https://kerbalx.com/jounce/nerv-only OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW MUCH DRAG THE ISRU MODULE IS GENERATING WHY???IT SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!IN A FAIRING!!! (other parts work fine,this is the biggest and one of the only two drag sources of the plane,the other being the props)
  3. Since I've experienced some kraken attacks while playing Kerbal Space Program 2, I thought it would be interesting to start a thread and see what other kinds of krakens players are getting attacked by. I'll start this with a video I created showing what happened when I was trying to do a Mun mission in KSP 2 early access. Share your kraken attacks underneath this! I would like it if you can post screenshots or videos showing what happened as well.
  4. Hello, I'm here to share the evolution of the space station building inside the rings of Dres. In this episode we build, launch and dock to the DRSS (Dres Rings Space Station) two new crafts that will expand the Station and bring the first crew to it. This was my first time sending a crew in interplanetary space in KSP2, quite milestone. I hope you may find the video enjoyable and maybe learn something from my rumbling about the manoeuvers required by the mission.
  5. Hey, The release of KSP2 sparked in me new interest in the often overlooked planet of Dres, due to the addition rings around it. For this reason I thought it would be a cool idea to combine the challenging aspects of interplanetary travel and rendez-vous plus docking in a place different from the classic LKO where we all build our usual stations. And what better place than the new introduction to the system? Which btw can also put my hardware ( I play on a 2019 laptop) with all the dust and rocks flying around? Also, in pure KSP2 fashion, there's also a Kraken attack that involves spinning space stations, transfer stages that lose control and entering the surface of Dres! I hope you can enjoy the video and maybe learn something about these manoeuvres.
  6. Hi! It's Kerman Von Kerman here, brother of Wehrner Von Kerman (which has disappeared since the ksp2 release (I'm looking at you, P.A.I.G.E.)) I've been lurking here for quite a while, but have never thought about making a post until now. I am about to expose the whole lot of lore that lies behind ksp 1 and especially ksp2. Are you ready? THE FEATURE EPISODES First of all, let's begin with the feature episodes. They contain crucial information about kerbal history and lore. At the end of each episode, we see different parts of a montage where a rocket goes to the Mun (in ksp 1 obviously) and ultimately crashes on a Mun arch. This results in the ksp 1 update 1.12.5 where they "Added something... on the Mun". That something is a partially broken arch which has something that seems like a stargate coming out from the arch itself. Many have theorized it is a stargate. And they were right! When ksp 2 was released, they removed completely the debris, thus making the whole arch visible. I'm not going to speculate on it, if you want to know more jut go check one of the many threads present out there that speculate on it. (pls read them so u can understand what comes next) The only important thing to know is that the Kerbolar system is depicted on the Mun arch and that it is indeed a stargate. THE ARECIBO (or karecibo) MESSAGE Now, at the end of some feature episodes, there was a part called "something more?" in which not only did we see the montage of the aforementioned lander, but we also heard some weird noises, that can be converted into a kerbal version of the arecibo message. Here we see a solar system chart, a ship, the kraken destroying the ship, some kind of dots, and then another solar system with the kerbals (right) being greeted by squid-like aliens (left). OR AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT YOU THOUGHT!! Here is the actual explanation of the message, my dear konspirators! 1. We see the chart of the Kerbolar system (the bigger dot being jool) and a line coming from the third planet: KERBIN 2. A rocket, coming from Kerbin. 3. THE ALMIGHTY KRAKEN, DESTROYER OF WORLDS, PRINCE OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT The Kraken 4. Now, this is where things get tricky. People thought it was either the ship exploding and being destroyed by the kraken, or the ship doing a staging and continuing his interstellar travel. The actual explanation (i'll explain more in depth later) is that the ship is travelling through a stargate (just like the one on the moon) guarded by the kraken. 5. No one guessed this one. The dots are in fact there to measure the distance travelled. For example, the Kerbolar system is twelve dots long. The distance between the stargate and the other system is of 21 dots, or 1,75 times the diameter of Kerbol, which is quite a lot. 6. The ship arrives at the other system (binary system? Debdeb?) and the kerbals are greeted by kraken-human hybrid creatures. THE EVIDENCE But do I have proof? Or am I a speculator just like the others? I HAVE PROOF. Here it comes Ksp 2 players have found some strange structures spawning randomly instead of their ships due to bugs of some kind. Modders immediately checked the game files and found lots of interesting stuff (check out #ksp2-modding in the intercept games discord if you want to know more, there's lots of good stuff. I myself am now making a ksp 2 animation using colony parts taken from the game files (also the crucible engine is gorgeous btw)). They found: ALIEN STATUES: But they have also found the kraken. Nope. It's not a joke of some kind. There's literally a colossal statue of the kraken in the game files. but... That's not the only thing out there. See, in the game files there are TWO kraken statues. One of them has been fused with the Mun's stargate. This proves everything. (also yes that little white dot on the ramp in the first image is a kerbal for scale. This proves that there is some kind of alien tech in game. Stargates? Probably. A bit disappointing for me, as having a way to teleport from one system to another seems a bit too overpowered. However, this has not yet been implemented in game and I trust the devs know what to do. Also the ksp lore says: "Bop is a small moon in the vicinity of Jool. In Kerbal mythology, Bop is believed to be the home of the Kraken, a mischievous creature said to play with the ships of hapless explorers, by spinning them out of control until torn asunder, then casting them into oblivion." So i searched Bop, but could not find the aforementioned megastructure/stargate/kraken thing. However, my ships suck and it's probable that if it's there, i missed it. If you don't know what to do in ksp2, why not go and take a look? I'd be very grateful. FINAL NOTES Do you have thoughts? I'd be glad to hear them. Other ideas for even more speculation? Please tell! More images of these structures? PLEASE SEND I BEG YOU!!! (i'll add them to the post obviously) Thanks for reading, -KERMAN FON KERMAN - Leader of the Kerbin Konspiration Society
  7. Recalling the struggles I had in the past to learn how docking worked back in 2013, I thought it might be a good idea to make a video tutorial giving some tips for whoever may need it. Close to the end the Kraken decided to come and visit too! I hope this can help in some way https://youtu.be/tzliZCIKquE
  8. I built an Apollo-like craft with probably way too much delta-v to get to the Mun. Managed to get into a 20 km by 20 km Munar orbit and found no way to transfer crew, except via EVA. One kerbal EVA ejection later and I'm like, "OK, let's try undocking first." Attempting to undock results in a mission failure (or fission mailer?) but the craft is still in Munar orbit. I can reacquire the craft from the tracking station, but now the undock button is missing. I'm uploading a video example now, and should be viewable in a few minutes. So echoing others, where do we submit bug reports?
  9. Time becomes 999 y, 499 d, all world disappears and i can do nothing. The last mod I installed was Parallax with it's dependencies but it didn't work properly. Think better uninstall them.
  10. Screenshots: Trailer KSP 0.22 ! source of inspiration for Kraken Science. This Part pack include many Science parts with report values: 2 Probe Core, LittleFrog and ScaRaB system with 1 monopropellant engine : 2 Strategies for your career: Download: SpaceDock Development considered completed, this mod will not receive new parts. Licence : Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Installation : Please delete your old Folder before update! ChangeLog: -------------------------------------------------------- I'm French, sorry for my bad english, thanks. If modders detect faults and wishes to use has the correction, to contact I by mp, thank you!
  11. Description After the war of 3480 A.E against The Zxatan Imperium. KDF forces needed a new Carrier after the success of the Griffin Units. KDF designed the Pharaoh, a large multi-role carrier for troops, vehicles or for smaller space fighters to dock for refueling or rendezvous before fleet engagements. After this successful launch KDF will be looking to release its next Destroyer WIP in development. This craft is All Stock with DLC parts only. Also uses a flag for the cockpit. NO MODS. Flight Instructions This craft uses the Infamous Kraken Engine. does not require any fuel but does use Vernor engines for RCS so please use infinite fuel for that purpose as well as infinite energy. Can be flown anywhere and can take off directly from Kerbin without assistance from rockets. Main Throttle - Kraken Engine Anti Gravity 50% Slow Decent 75% - Hover Mode 100% - Anti Gravity Lift Mode Action Groups - AG1 - Forward Propulsion AG2 - Toggle Cockpit AG3 - Toggle Cargo Bay Turn on Infinite energy and Fuel for RCS In case of Kraken attacks make sure to reload and actively save when on long gameplay. When leaving a Planetary Body - Use radial out, be patient and climb to around 215m at this point the Kraken will kick into overdrive and start to lift much faster. (only on high G planets will it be a slow takeoff) Keep vertical accent until you reach around 34,000 meters the nav ball will flip once this happens it will attempt to turn to match the radial out. Switch over to Normal Mode after this continue to rise until your flight path is past LKO from here continue to circularize until you are clear with an orbit. Flag Instructions Place All Files in (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags) Details Type: SPH Class: ship Part Count: 1353 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.3 DOWNLOAD LINKS KERBAL X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Pharaoh-Carrier STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2866014790 FLAG DOWNLOADS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uABZtM2AFGTBiIr-ql92xhERC49ZZW88/view?usp=sharing https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vlpeahfx62spj1/canopy.png?dl=0
  12. Description The Blue Comet has its history debuting back in early 3480 A.E in the war against The Zxatan Imperium. One of the many heroes of the war, Zack Fireball Kerman and his trusty T-9 Specter. While this craft was feared for being a stealthy infiltration, he was known to show off with his flashy blue with reflective polished steel and signature Fireball. Flight Controls Action Groups Throttle - ascending kraken drive Full throttle - take-off (keep on to reach space) Half throttle - descending hover mode AG1 forward thrust kraken drive AG2 control from the command chair AG3 control from the probe unit AG4 open canopy Every time before the flight it will be controlled by default from the Probe unit tied to (action group 3) Press Radial Out and then throttle up to ascend with the vertical lifting Kraken drive. After you have achieved your desired altitude you can lower to half throttle to have a slow hover descend. When you are floating mid-air engage the forward thrust Kraken drive (action group 1) to achieve forward flight. Press (action group 2) to Control from your command chair and deselect Radial Out. Remain in half throttle and fly around in the atmosphere or fly off-planet. Adjust throttle for hovering on other planetary bodies. STOCK REQUIRES DLC DOWNLOADS Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2734498805&searchtext= Kerbal X https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Blue-Comet Downloads for flags that are needed https://www.dropbox.com/s/23w6n1w8zvstdhl/bluecomet.zip?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BliF2g_CnBmm3v4vicypfMlvxJoM-kfi/view?usp=sharing
  13. Hi there, i'm trying to construct a modular surface station concept. This has been my last try: The vessel in the middle have had a ground anchor, it exploded as i docked the third vessel. After i docked the fifth vessel and joined using the KSC tracking station it was kicked few hundred meters up in the air, parically exploded and broke apart Managed to set up four vessels again, next time when i used the tracking station to control it, it was trown up and broke in two parts and exploded again The effect seems worse when i use the KSC tracing station to jump on it, compared to when i approach slowly with another vessel My question now is how may we build a vessel that reduces this effect or how to make it more robust against it or reduce the effects causing it? Already searched the forum and other places on the internet about it - there are few outdated opinions about it, some say more struts, other say less autostruts... As you can see i've got 20 landing struts and 24 wheels, all "locked autostruts heaviest part" - if there's any problem with it, i surely triggered it. May more "real" struts or more ground anchors be a solution? Or may it be better the other way - most flexible joints and no struts? Or is or it solveable with RCS / reaction wheels and SAS? I'm also playing on a DarkMultiPlayer server, that makes it worse i guess. But i think this effect takes place in vanilla as well? Looking forward for ideas, kind regards, Michel_0 KSP Version: v1.12.3.3173 Windows player x64, 1.12.1 Making history, 1.7.1 Breaking ground, Win11 x64 EDIT: The vessels got big reaction wheels, plenty of RCS and liquid fuel thrusters. I made sure to shutdown all thrusters, turned RCS and SAS off before i left the station (and it still was as i rejoined).
  14. At first, it seemed that reddit user Zompidgespons first discovered the Zompi drive. However, before that, apparently KerbalX User Fishinator made this: https://kerbalx.com/Fishanator/Propellant-is-for-ameratures The vessel clearly uses a Zompi type K drive. However, Even before that, forum user @Urus28 was using a mod that added a magnet to the Klaw - and it was 1 way, like the docking port magnets. Urus28 found a way to make a kraken drive from it, 2 YEARS before Fishinator rediscovered it, and even longer before Zompidgespons redicovered it again. As it functioned in the same way as our modern Zompi Drives, I'd say that Urus28 is the actual first discoverer of the Zompi Drive.
  15. Story The Legendary Unit 203. In 3480 A.E in the war against The Zxatan Imperium. Unit 203 and their Griffin were instrumental in bringing down a key relay that was used as a fuel station for the Imperium’s war fleets. Armed with next-gen stealth technology and deep space Kraken drive can slip in and out undetected. Though in this case, the story took a turn for the worst before only a single crew mate was able to escape heavy damage after setting off the nova core bomb. He died not too long after sub combing to injuries from the blast their ship found derelict some years later after the war ended. Their efforts would still be remembered. Flight controls. Full Throttle - Vertical anti-gravity flight AG 1 Froward thrust Kraken Drive AG2 Control from Up AG3 Control from forwarding AG4 Extend Cargobay and open hact AG5 Toggle Ladder AG9 Open front Canopy AG0 Turn Command Chair. Forward and Back RCS keys (raise lower gun) 100% Stock with DLC no part mods. Needs Flags to complete the look https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUnvzDi7vSJKgpG3CYQZiouIvdm6GaUc/view?usp=sharing https://www.dropbox.com/s/hzvsqb4ui37ih9h/griffin.zip?dl=0 Downloads https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2745092991 https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Griffin
  16. Description Dual Seat VTOL SSTO Interceptor the KDF - Dragonfly Using Kraken Technology for thrust and anti-gravity applications. Craft can go anywhere in the Kerbol System. Flight Instructions Toggle AG5 for Yaw Control and Stabilization during flight. Full Throttle for anti-gravity VTOL AG1: Forward Thrust AG3: Open Canopy AG4: Toggle Air Break AG5: Toggle Dragonfly Wings AG6: Toggle Plasma Cannons Requires Flags to complete the look https: A stock aircraft called KDF Dragonfly. Built with 474 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.3. Details Type: SPH Class: spaceplane Part Count: 474 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.3 EDITS Press stage (space) to fire cannons Requires Flags to complete the look https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3agltlbe2ohz6h/Dragonfly.zip?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JUL0j9MJGzaAxN-b1IRO55clAlJ2aId_/view?usp=sharing DOWNLOAD LINKS https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Dragonfly
  17. In my ongoing career, I've had a number of brushes with the Kraken when dealing with space stations. There are three scenarios in play: Docking. The Kraken strikes immediately after docking. The giant invisible tentacles wrap around it and shake shake shake until it falls apart. Undocking. As above, but on undock, and only one craft is directly affected (although the other might get damaged by flying pieces of rocket). Fuel transfers. This starts with a tiny insidious little vibration as fuel is transferred from one craft to another. Sometimes it stops if I quickly stop the transfer, at other times not. If I'm connected with the Klaw, setting Free Pivot may or may not help. Some hypotheses I've come up with: Scenario 1 happened with a long skinny station when I docked another long, skinny, but heavy craft to a port near its centre. Even though the docking event was at a low speed (0.6 m/s or so), the bump appears to have induced an oscillation along the length of the station, which then amplified into a full-scale Kraken attack. Possible solutions: don't make long skinny stations? If you do, don't dock heavy craft near their centrepoint? Scenario 2 happened repeatedly when undocking a heavy spaceplane from a station, or when undocking a cargo module from a heavy spaceplane. I believe I traced this down to excessive use of Autostrut to Heaviest Part. When I undocked, the heaviest part was removed, the autostrut reconfigured itself, and the rapid changes summoned the Kraken. Possible solution: don't use Autostrut to heaviest part, or only use it sparingly? Scenario 3 happened repeatedly in scenarios where I had a heavy craft docked to the station orthogonally and was transferring fuel between the two, which shifted the CoM laterally. I'm not quite sure what the contributing factors to this are, except that Autostrut to Heaviest Part certainly makes it more likely. What techniques are you aware of that would make stations less prone to summoning the Kraken, apart from being very careful when using Autostrut to Heaviest Part? Which geometries are more Kraken-resistant? How do you configure a station that has lots of docking ports to accept different kinds of incoming craft, but doesn't summon the Cosmic Dread Lord when large craft dock with it?
  18. Description This tough ship has seen many battles and will likely see many more. It serves as a haven for Samus. She can fully charge her Energy, Missiles, and Bombs by entering the ship. No other place recharges Samus to this extent. It’s also a Save location. It’s always a good idea to save your game here when you can. so hit that F5 key! This is Samus’s famous Gunship from Samus 2: Samus returns / Super Metroid. Runs on Kraken Tech to fly and can travel and transverse many worlds. Comes fitted with 2 Plasma cannons to take out pesky Space Pirates Has an energy lift in the back to enter and exit just like Samus does in the games. (be careful because this will launch you like a missile!) Custom Cockpit with rotating chair to easily reposition your character and walk around inside the ship. Comes with 2 cargo bays (compact) that you can carry very narrow items. NO MODS all STOCK Turn on infinite energy Main Throttle - Vertical Kraken Drive. (to lift craft or hover) Stage (space) fire plasma cannons Gear G (Raise Lower Landing Gear) AG1 Forward Thrust (1st Kraken Drive) AG2 Open Hard Light Lift (to enter/exit ship) AG3 Toggle Lift (You will be launched from the ship just like in the game) AG4 Toggle Back Ladder AG5 Toggle From Seat AG6 Toggle from RC001 AG7 Rotate Chair AG8 Leave Chair This will absolutely require these flags to get the full look of the ship. Download here https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Samus-Aran-Gunship Flags below https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd9wwls6u8yd9iy/Gunship.zip?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uHYZLoMjE_qYwjkfeVzYP6iqLt95Xdm5/view?usp=sharing A stock aircraft called Samus Aran Gunship. Built with 509 of the finest parts, its root part is Panel2. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.2.
  19. Hello. I would like to report a problem. You see, my 5m engine plate is decoupling prematurely. Could it be a kraken? If anyone can fix this problem, please reply.
  20. Yes. Today i made a spaceplane that looked very fine to me. One flaw it had was due to the annoying kraken made it spin sideways. Even using RCS or even SAS doesn't fix the sideway-spinning kraken. Even restarting multiple times doesn't fix the annoying kraken. edit: I realized it was that tiny little annoying dragging @ssh0le basically why does even atmospheric drags exist?
  21. Yes. Today i made a spaceplane that looked very fine to me. One flaw it had was due to the annoying kraken made it spin sideways. Even using RCS or even SAS doesn't fix the sideway-spinning kraken. Even restarting multiple times doesn't fix the annoying kraken.
  22. REVELATIONS OF THE KRAKEN Every World must Break a KSP novel, part III of: Every Tower must Fall The Kraken Trilogy Shadows of the Kraken Whispers of the Kraken With great thanks, edited by @Ten Key & @KSK, compiled by @qzgy Ongoing offline PDF compilation available here, updated 8/28/19. Prologue: The End and the Beginning --------------------------------------------------- The White Horse Chapter 1: Wake, O Sleeper Chapter 2: Rules Chapter 3: Awakenings Chapter 4: Patient Zero Chapter 5: Dire Words Chapter 6: While You Were Sleeping Chapter 7: Truth and Consequences Chapter 8: Dead Inside Chapter 9: Pride Chapter 10: The Island of Misfit Toys Chapter 11: The City that Never Sleeps Chapter 12: Questionable Tastes Chapter 13: Ice and Fire Chapter 14: Shatterer of Worlds Chapter 15: Acts of Contrition Chapter 16: One Night in Bangkong Chapter 17: Psychosurgery Chapter 18: She Moves in Mysterious Ways Chapter 19: Night Visions Chapter 20: The Eclipse Chapter 21: Whispers from the Past Chapter 22: Going South Chapter 23: Kermangrad Chapter 24: Telling Stories Chapter 25: Relics Chapter 26: The Sound of Silence -------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Bodies in Motion -------------------------------------------------- The Black Horse Chapter 27: Hurt Chapter 28: The End of the World Chapter 29: When the Mountains Tremble Chapter 30: Visions Chapter 31: Before the Shadow Chapter 32: Perfect Tonight Chapter 33: Monster Chapter 34: Truth... and Consequences Chapter 35: Ivan Grozny Chapter 36: Balance Chapter 37: Fire Chapter 38: Talking at Windows Chapter 39: The Walking Dead Chapter 40: Blood from Stone Chapter 41: Shadow and Flicker Chapter 42: The Heist Chapter 43: Stormwinds Chapter 44: Falling Down -------------------------------------------------- The Red Horse -------------------------------------------------- The Pale Horse
  23. When Kerbals started to expand to the stars using the now found Kraken technology, murmurs started to spread that an ancient cosmic entity spoke to the scientist and gave them one name Cthulhu. impacted by visions of this unimaginable creature that is said to be a god, Bob Kerman stated that he was enamored to create a craft in the form of the creature he saw. He stated its name... Cthulhu This Craft is Stock with DLC. USES NO MODS using the latest in Kraken Technology from my Pantheon series Comes with vertical and horizontal Kraken Drives for Single Stage to Anywhere operations around the Kerbal System. Each Kraken drive comes equipped with 32 LY-05 and G11 hinges for thrust (x2 for both vertical and horizontal flight). Flight Instructions and Action Groups Set Unlimited Energy and Propellant (for weapons) Stage Fire Front Weapons Throttle Vertical Lifting Thrust AG1 Horizontal (Forward thrust) AG2 Up Flight Control AG3 Forward Flight Control AG4 Kraken Energy Vent (Visual) Flight Instructions (SAS) ON, tap Radial Out, Press AG 2 then Full Throttle to start to rise. after around 200-300m you will start to rise at a fast rate. Be patient as the Kraken kicks in. After around the 40k - 50k m. you start to turn automatically as the Radial out will flip. (DON'T PANIC). At this point, Press AG3, Drop throttle to zero, and you will start to follow the Radial out point. Keep this up until your Apoapsis reaches around your desired height (I recommend at least around 130k m.) At this point turn off Radial out and keep accelerating and correct until your circularise. ( I recommend turning off acceleration until you reach near Apoapsis) From here you are free to go anywhere you choose. Will be able to get on and off every planet that is viable. Does require Flags for some Visual (NO MODS) Flag Downloads: Drop Box: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1cg4u2qgwwu4qaj/Cthulhu Flags.zip?dl=0 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nMp2ztLV0py3NMwu1_UDs-Z98dvKj4dO/view?usp=sharing Downloads Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Cthulhu-Kraken-Corvette
  24. Details Type: SPH Class: ship Part Count: 847 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.2 Description The newest edition to the Phaethon series, Tsukuyomi the Mun Queen Using Dual Kraken Technology to explore the Kerbin system. Capable of landing on the planetary bodies of Kerbin, an SSTA (single stage to anywhere). FULLY STOCK WITH DLC NO PART MODS. (Optional) Required flags for the legs and painted panels if you would like the same look. you can download flags here: Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VAGzfbkZZ2iSP2a6vd_oK9TmlhdsCb17/view?usp=sharing Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ueqt4axq0eod84z/Tsukuyomi.zip?dl=0 Does not require fuel. Recommended infinite energy for max performance Action Groups (note for the main throttle is based on Kerbin gravity decrease a little for lower gravity bodies) Main Throttle Full Throttle (anybody) will have max accent ar around 220 m will start to increase speed ½ throttle (on Kerbal) hover mode with a 1-2 meter a sec decline Gear: Control Custom Landing Gear (x10) AG1 Forward thrust Kraken Drive AG2 Toggle Main Cargo Bay AG3 Toggle Back Cargo bay (to transfer Kerbals to planet surface) AG4 Toggle Docking ports (x4) AG5 Toggle 1st Cargo bay claw AG6 Toggle 2nd Cargo bay claw Flight Instructions Use radial out until you are off-planet Keep vertical accent until you reach around 34,000 meters the nav ball will flip once this happens it will attempt to turn to match the radial out at this point switch over to prograde after this continue to rise until your flight path is past LKO from here continue to circularize until you are clear with an orbit around kerbal. At this point, you have 2 choices. You can use the forward Kraken thruster (docking port Kraken drive) or continue to use the LY-45 Kraken Drive. Have fun exploring the system. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2572756363&result=1 Kerbal X: removed for now. The site deleted my file some how in a error and it refuses to upload the craft for some reason. Will update whenever I hear back from the developer of the site. Have fun! update don't download the kerbal X link for some reason the site corrupted the file and im removing for now. Contacting site moderators the issue.
  25. I can't be the only one who has a problem with the KJR Mods in 1.11 Most of my Crafts, especially with Mod parts wobble around like stupid, no matter which KJR version I take. I also tried Autostrut but it has almost no effect at all, worse than the KJR mods. It also seems like nobody continues the KJR mods anymore and I couldnt do it myself. So is there anyone out there working on a new version? I just want to play KSP peacefully again without being annoyed by constant Kraken effect.
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