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  1. So... KSP lore. This has been discussed in the occasional forum now and then, so I figured we needed some kind of megathread to discuss our view on KSP lore. *If something like this already exists, please delete this thread. Who are the Kerbals, anyway? Why is Kerbin so barren? Why do they want to go to space so badly? And what do the Monoliths and Easter Eggs mean? And then maybe some less important lore, like: What do Kerbals eat? How do they survive in a tiny cramped capsule on long voyages? What is Jeb's personality? What about lore about your space program? Who runs it? How do they treat Kerbals? Why do they explore? I'll go first. If it's a long explanation, please put it in a spoiler tab like I am. What do you think?
  2. Welcome! I few months ago I got back into KSP after a fairly long time. I was stunned to find how many new parts packs had shown up on the mod scene since I'd been out. BDB, Tantares, Near Future Technologies, just to name a few. Unfortunately this gave me ideas that will probably upset whichever God or Spirit you may or may not believe in. So welcome to Manatee Aerospace! Please don't get mad. Before I start I should preface as well that I am NOT GOOD at KSP, other than reaching Kerbin orbit and flying to and from the Mun, I'm not good at much else. I unfortunately rely a fair amount on the cheat console options. I would never compare myself to the likes of Scott Manley, Matt Lowne, or the like. I'm just here to stretch my imagination. Also I use a fair amount of craft files from KerbalX and Steam Workshop, so I will try to give credit to those creators whenever possible and if you recognize craft that belong to other creators, please let me know. And hey, if you have any crazy ideas you want to share here too, feel free to!
  3. Hi, I recently downloaded the P.E.W mod with BDA and it seems to not work, all the files are there and I still can't see any of the weapons. Is there some sort of new update I haven't catched onto? KSP 1.12.3 MacOS Mac mini
  4. I have made a helicopter that works except for one part. Once it gets up if it rolls one way i cant get it to roll back without changing the pich of the intire copter. How would i fix this problem??
  5. Remember how creating fake mods was a thing back then? Now it's time to make even more fake KSP stuff! This time, it's fake celestial bodies, rocket/spaceplane parts, and manufacturers. Btw, you can do either or both, it's up to you. My examples: Fake Celestial Body - Gerris: A planet slightly larger than Kerbin but smaller than Eve, it has green oceans, a green atmosphere, and yellowish brown land. It has aliens living on its surface. Orbits between Kerbin and Duna. Fake Part - The AEM-293 Solid Rocket Booster: A SRB that was created because we always need more boosters. Manufactured by Boosterz Co. Fake Manufacturer - Boosterz Co: A solid rocket booster manufacturer. Nuff said. Have fun making whatever your heart desires!
  6. Hi guys, I’d like to know where I can find the color patch by kopornicus. I need it for KSC extended. Please provide a link. Thanks.
  7. Sam67c created a KSP themed LEGO set (Kerbal space program - Modular ship system). I created this topic to help the creator to achieve his goal, to reach 10.000 supporters, so his set could be released. To support him, I leave the link here to his project. https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:7f69cc4b9fcf40c693e8aad1c9d3362e
  8. i have been using a mod called "NeistAir", and i would really like to know how i can make the cabins of this mod scalable, as i want to build a scale-accurate Boeing 707. what changes do i need to make in the parts cfg?
  9. Link to OG post Found and experimented with the Secrets Website for Niako's Other Worlds mod. Used Inspect and found several messages with actual "answers", listed below: After this I found an encrypted message in (possibly?) UTF-8, with it also likely being Base64 although I am not sure what it is truely. The message is: When putting it through decoding websites the most legible is Base64 on UTF-8, with it being: Thank you and please help me with this.
  10. Picture by @AmateurAstronaut1969 Stockalike t/Space, HMX, and more This mod adds vehicles from t/Space, HMX, and some other companies from the early 2000s to 90s. Downloads Spacedock (soon) Github Dependencies B9PartSwitch Community Resource Pack Waterfall Recommended Mods: Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf Habtech by @benjee10 Asbury Western Star Industries by @EStreetRockets How is this balanced? This mod is balanced to a 2.5x solar system and comparable in balancing to mods like BDB Additional screenshots All Rights Reserved.
  11. hello I've been a player of ksp for a long time and I think it would be good to add a multiplayer. I think these multiplayer features would be the best and serve for ksp: first off adding friends this is simple we have a online username account that well be used to pull up the players account page and you can add friend or join game which means the player is playing with the other players. groups this can be made by any player and a group can serve as just for friends or it can serve for a certain amount of players only like 20 multiplayer players and the user wants 10 he can do that you can also just do you and a friend. this multiplayer wouldn't be a mod it would be built in the game. I hope you consider making this you'll make me and so many other people happy thank you ksp team. any other feature the ksp founders would like to add this is unlimited because they made the game. my opinion I've played a lot of games and I've seen that multiplayer is a lot of fun it can get boring playing a game by yourself this adds a new experience in gameplay there is gonna be dog fights, wars, racing, flying together, operations and so much more this little add will give a huge amount of fun and gameplay and its gonna be so many kingdoms of players are gonna arise and buy the game I know because I have friends and a brother me my friends and my brother we buy games we like that have multiplayer ones that don't we usually look for another one but I really like this game and so does my friends and brother I really think this would help. thank you for your time. for the gamers of ksp multiplayer would add so much fun and a huge experience it would be epic and fun think of the gameplay that would be possible wars and big wars, operations you plan, huge fleet of planes flying, and so much more with our imagination's and what we want to do In the game we can do some pretty awesome stuff thank you community for reading.
  12. computer got accidentally turned off during sub-orbital flight above kerbin quicksaved luckily just before my foot rested on the off switch but when my pc restarts and i load up ksp my career save says 'just started' and when i click 'load' nothing happens any way to fix this issue and recover my hard earned space program? thank you so much for any support this is killing me
  13. Hello everyone, I think it would be a good idea if someone could create a mod (or maybe a separate tool instead) that lets you convert a KSP 1 craft file into a KSP 2 workspace file. However, it would only let you convert a craft if all of its parts had an equivalent in KSP 2. Also, when converting a KSP 1 craft to KSP 2, the tool should be able to let you set the workspace name and description for the craft when setting it up to be converted. And maybe the tool/mod would let you convert KSP 2 workspace files to KSP 1 craft files as well. What do you think? I think something like this would save a lot of time for someone trying to recreate a KSP 1 craft in KSP 2, as you could just convert the original craft instead. Especially if it had a high part count...
  14. I heard a rumor that KSP2 wont be on ps4 is this true?
  15. Hello all cosmonauts! This is my first post in the community, I hope to post this in the right place. I'm a graphic designer, and I've worked on some mods for other games. But KSP is my passion and I would like to collaborate with the community. I decided to do some tests for an improved interface in the graphic aspect, without intervening in the size, functions or positions of the elements, just perform in reskin of the interface. (especially for QHD and 4k) Seeking to unify unnecessary colors to decrease unnecessary visual complexity, and also make those long trips to Elo more comfortable. The idea is to use flatter textures, with greater contrast when necessary and greater clarity in the shapes. This is a very easy redesign job to apply to the game if the configuration and texture files can be easily modified. With KSP I am a little confused on how to start the work so I decided to ask the community for help to form a team and work on the aspects that I do not know about the game. I have always worked alone, without sharing many of the mods I made, but I think that should change, and the KSP community is one of the best to start learning and sharing experiences.
  16. I don't know if this question's already been asked. If it has, please direct me to the answer. Thank you. And if this is not the right place to ask this question, please take me to whatever is. That being said, would we be able to use our craft files from KSP - or, for that matter, craft we downloaded from KerbalX - in KSP2? Sure, none of my craft are designed to go interstellar , but I figured I can start gathering money and science points quickly by using my already-proven-successful spacecraft to explore Kerbin and then the rest of the Kerbol system immediately afterwards. I already have a solid starter plane in my hangar, for instance, so the mid-air and surface surveys should be a snap. Some planets can be easily reached by my SSTOs as well, so there's a huge money-saver right there. At the very least, I can take my first steps into space exploration (again) without having to endure the headaches and test runs associated with starting from scratch. God knows how much we all hate those. When I do go interstellar, I may end up taking some parts of the old design (e.g. relay antenna, ore survey satellite, mobile base, plane) and slap it on the new spacecraft. After all, if I already have a working end-item, then all I would really need is a way to get said end-item to the target. If nothing else, at least KerbalX would still have some use for both games after KSP2 comes out. It could also host the new interstellar bases, spacecraft, et cetera. I hope we can, or else we're all doomed to severe migraines in the first steps alone. Also, on a related note, would MechJeb be compatible with KSP2 - and would it work in the same way as it did in KSP (embedded in command module)?
  17. I will add more information to the thread as it becomes available. Guest list: - ... Who was there? What did they do there? Leaks or impressions about the game?
  18. Kerbal Telemetry - Now Standalone! Telemetry addon for Kerbal Space Program. The program uses a server that is running on the KSP side and a client which is capable of running both the KSP side computer or any other one over a web browser. This means you can connect to the server from any device which is capable of running it over a web browser by entering your server computer's local address and selected port from the interface (default 8000), for example: Download Links Github (Direct Link) SpaceDock CurseForge Report Issue Create a new issue (Github) Features Real-time sync with the KSP. Accessible over the LAN. Full-featured 3D Kerbin map with real pinpoints on it. Real-time attitude indicator. Target name, distance and speed. Real-time telemetry data. Controlling the vessel from the interface. (Will be fixed on oncoming updates) Staging from the interface. (Will be fixed on oncoming updates) Cool animation when you reach the orbit (when executed from the interface). Multi-language support (English, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese, French, Spanish). General information about KSP, spaceship and many more. A brand new module to attach to the spacecraft. Translations If you see any problems or if you want to translate the program to your language, please contact me from my Github page. Russian - MekoNix Japanese - MekoNix Ukrainian - MekoNix Turkish - yagiziskirik English - yagiziskirik Chinese - Auto-translated French - Auto-translated Spanish - Auto-translated Dependencies None! Setup Export files to GameData folder as a folder named "KerbalTelemetry". Done! Please be aware of that naming is quite important for mod to work correctly. Make sure you have `Kerbal Space Progam/GameData/KerbalTelemetry` folder and you need to have `KerbalTelemetry.dll`, `Textures`, `WebServer` and `Parts` files in KerbalTelemetry folder. Usage You need to unlock "Engineering 101" tech tree to use the mod in Career mode. Then add Kerbal Telemetry Computer to your spacecraft. Click to the toolbar icon to open up user interface. Select a port (or use default 8000) and start the server via the corresponding button. Connect to your computer's local IP address and defined port (or localhost if you are using the same computer) on your browser on your device preferably from another computer or from which KSP is installed (ex. localhost:8000 or or If you don't know how to find the local IP address, you can follow this link for more information. On the top bar you can see: Spacecraft name Mission time after the take-off Speed Altitude Apogee Perigee Inclination On the first page (Spacecraft Information): External Values page will show you the Location and Atmosphere information. Orbit Information page will show the orbit information. Spacecraft Information page will show information about the spacecraft. Temperature Values will give information about the temperature. On the second page (Telemetry): You can see the charts after you take-off to the point you reach 90km from the sea level (FL900). Also it shows some current values of the spacecraft. On the third page (Command & Control): You will see the extended details about the target. You can see the flight panel control panel. Flight Commands which ables you to command the spacecraft from the web interface. On the final page (Settings): You can select the language of the interface. You can select refresh rate and chart refresh rate. On the bottom bar: Current stage information Stage Now button which initiates the next stage Current planet Current real-time Whether you have communication Initials of the target Target speed / target distance Usage is very simple. Start the game. When you start a flight, activate telemetry plugin from toolbar. You will see the charts will refresh when you are airborne and below 90,000 meters. Special Thanks I would like to thank @MekoNix, @Aebestach, @Genhis and @NguyenAirlines for their contribution and ideas. License
  19. The rules are simple: list as many dumb ways, no matter how big or small, your KSP missions have failed I'll start it off... Confusing retrograde with prograde. You can probably guess what happened next...
  20. I got latest vesion of KSP and latest TweakScale version, BUT there is some problem with that. Like it still working but not so correct. When I changing the size of part (It happend with allmost all kindda parts) it slids inside/outside, like, not staying at spot that usual for part, but moving away inside or outside from initial attachment pont. Like it can be all good, but then, when you doing undo or loading the craft, parts are slids inside/outside from initial attachment pont. How can I fix it?
  21. Anyone know if there is a way to get the KSP soundtrack on Spotify or Apple Music? I don’t really want to use YouTube, so any other apps would be helpful. (mobile, apple phone)
  22. I've took out nearly 100 mods from my game and stupidly made 1 mistake as a ship contains a now missing part... BahaSRadialEngine... I hoped it would mention the mod but it doesn't, and after reinstalling 'BahamutoD Animation Modules' to find it didn't work left me at a total loss. If anyone knows i'd appreciate it! I'm using the latest KSP and set mods to be compatible with anything after V1.8.
  23. Hello. After 4 years of no KSP I decided to reset my laptop and get it up and running again from scratch. 180 installed mods later the game loads but comes up with a big warning about a fatal Tweakscale error that needs fixing, and recommends I ask you guys if you know what I should do? Error here: https://imgur.com/gallery/TqTbFtd Full KSP.log here: https://we.tl/t-bwNFX8FR12 or the top page screenshot below Would really appreciate your input here. Many thanks!
  24. I upgraded my KSP install to 1.124.4 and I use a mac mini for it and for some reason it doesn't work? Like there is only a black loading screen FOREVER! SO I had to downgrade to 1.12.3. I think its a problem with taht new "Private Divison" launcher not working on Mac @Nate Simpsonany idea on what's happening?
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