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  1. Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (LET) A parts pack that is focused on exploring other worlds, and returning safely to Kerbin. The emphasis is on surface exploration, particularly with large rockets and large landers. This pack includes fifteen (15) large parts. By @zer0Kerbal, originally by @NecroBones/ Orvidius adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo Features This mod adds fifteen stockalike parts A four-kerbal Capsule and a three-kerbal Lander Can Two: sets of large landing legs "medium" will handle Mainsails "large" works with Mammoths Three large stackable and radial parachutes Three (1m, 2m and 3m) static ladders Two (5m and 8m) very long deployable ladders Three service bays / rover garages. Youtube review by @Kottabos Gaming Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together:** Modular Rocket Systems (stock-alike parts pack, NASA-like alternatives, and filling the gaps) (Also: LITE version) SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack (stock-balanced large rocket parts, 5m parts, large SRBs) (Also: Expanded upgrade) Color Coded Canisters (beautification replacement models/textures for stock tanks, with color-coded end caps, and auto-closing shrouds) Fuel Tanks Plus (collection of large stock-like tanks with Color Coded Canister style) ColorFuel Lines (color-selctable fuel lines) Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (lander parts, large chutes/legs/ladders/etc) Image Gallery Cabin notes Have a request? Glad to have them! Kindly submit through GitHub. Help Wanted Localization How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal See More Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Installation Directions Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) 1 or 1 Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Supports On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) 3 TweakScale Connected Living Spaces RealChute *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) Current (1) - zer0Kerbal Original (0) - Author: NecroBones/Orvidius Track progress issues here - projects here The Short List Footnotes this isn't a mod. ;P ↩ ↩2 may work on other versions (YMMV) ↩ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date! ↩
  2. Would be perfect if that mountain was not there! Discord server: https://discord.gg/EJmz3kE
  3. Always get a quicksave close by!
  4. Control your descent speed exactly and fine-tune it in 1 m/s increments. Found on the CKAN as Vertical Velocity Controller This mod assumed you will use the Z key to control it. However, as this conflicts with the Set Throttle to Max command the mod is bound to no key upon installation You can use the on-screen buttons to control the mod but the following instructions on how to use this mod assume you have unbound the Set Throttle to Max command from the Z key and bound the Z key to this mod. The closest available alternate key for the Set Throttle to Max command is the Tilde(~) key, all other keys on the left side of the keyboard are bound to something else already. Latest Update: Version 1.32: KSP 1.3 Compatibility update. Localization is not supported in this version, English is still hard-coded. Localization will be added when this mod moves to the new GUI. KNOWN ISSUE: Due to this mod still using the old GUI system, some computers freeze for several seconds the first time a window using the old GUI is made visible in the game. This should only happen once per game session the first time an old style window (from any mod) is shown on screen by KSP. Moving to the new GUI in the next version (barring any bugfix releases that come first) will resolve this. Now, for feedback when your vessel is landed, the "Altitude:" text will change to a green "LANDED" text to indicate you are touched down even though the altitude is still reading a few meters of altitude. Full changlog here. Download: The mod is available on GitHub here. (Version 1.32) Source code on GitHub Module Manager is required for this mod to work. Download it here. This mod's icon will display in the stock toolbar if Blizzy's toolbar is not installed. Blizzy's Toolbar can be found here: blizzy's Toolbar Add-on License: Released under GPL 3 license. What this mod does: -Set a vertical velocity setpoint that will automatically maintained via downwards pointing engines. -The mod compensates for vessel angle off vertical so you can move sideways while keeping vertical speed the same. -Weight changes, such as burned fuel, are also automatically accounted for. -Aerodynamic lift from wings is accounted for. (Tail fins on a rocket will generate lift even when they point straight up.) -The setpoint can be set to the current vertical velocity or to 0 to maintain altitude. -The velocity setpoint can then be modified in 1m/s increments. (Configurable increment.) -Accounts for the presence of SRBs to make this usable during launch to avoid hitting terminal velocity. -Should be compatible with all mods, please let me know of any conflicts -Supports Davon Throttle Control mod to only control engines on Throttle 0 Details What his mod does not do: -Control vessels that generate lift solely with wings. If there are no downwards pointing engines, this mod can not do anything. Combination VTOL's work great though, especially in the horizontal transition as you pick up speed and the wings generate more and more lift. Want to control your horizontal velocity? Horizontal Landing Aid Quickstart: Show interface: Click the VEL button on the Toolbar (if installed) or hit Z to display the mod interface. Note that pressing Z will engage velocity control mode and maintain your current vertical velocity. Click the VEL button again to hide or click the bottom mode button when it is Control Off to hide the mod interface. Show settings: Click the Wrench Icon in the lower right. Vessel Tilt Compensation: This mod will compensate for the angle of your vessel and will maintain the vertical speed as directed. This is limited by your available engine power however, if you tilt far enough over that 100% engine power can not keep you up, the engine will lock at 100% and you will have to adjust your vessel's angle. (Or disable the mod until you recover.) Aerodynamic Lift Compensation: Because of the approximate nature of how KSP calculates lift, rocket tail fins generate lift even when pointed straight up. The mod compensates for this to keep your vertical speed at the setpoint. (In tests, the stock Kerbal 2 rocket was generating an acceleration of 0.5m/s^2 upwards with a horizontal speed as low as 25m/s from the 3 control winglets.) Keyboard bindings: By default this mod uses the Z key, although this can be changed if desired. Otherwise it uses the keys that are bound to throttle control, by default these are Left-Shift, Left-Control and X. This guide will refer to the keys by these defaults, but if you have changed which keys control the throttle, use those keys instead. These bindings correspond to the 4 top buttons (Off, Zero Vel, +1, -1). The Height Control and Operation Mode button have no keyboard binding and must be clicked. Note that you can rebind this key to any key on the keyboard, a mouse button, a joystick button, or a controller button. However, there is no conflict check, if you bind the key to something already in use, both functions will execute when the button is pressed. Velocity Step Size: On the settings screen, you can change the size of the velocity step from the default 1m/s. Note that due to how KSP handles text boxes, you can not enter 0.5 directly, rather you must enter the 5, then cursor back and enter the decimal point. This is due to the fact that KSP 'auto-corrects' the 0. to 0 and deletes the decimal point if no number is after it. Emergency stop: At any time, press any throttle key while Z is not held down will turn this mod off and return to KSP's default control scheme. Note that during orbital descent ("Free Pitch"), pressing a throttle key will behave as normal, but will not disable the mod. To disable the mod during orbital descent requires a double tap of the Z key. The first tap turns off Height Control and goes to Velocity Control, the second tap disable the mod. Altitude: Be aware that the altitude reported is to the vessel's center of mass and so will report an altitude of a few meters even when you are landed. For confirmation you have landed, the "Altitude" text will change to green "LANDED" text when you are touching the ground. Soft landing (Velocity Control): Press Z to maintain your current descent velocity, once near the ground hit Z-X to start hovering. Leave enough height to slow down, this mod can only slow you as fast as your activated engines will allow. Tilt your vessel to slide horizontally with your desired landing spot. Press Z-Ctrl to start descending, each press of Ctrl will increase the descent speed by 1m/s. As you approach touch down, press Z-Shift to decrease your descent speed (1m/s per press) and touchdown at a nice soft 1m/s or 2m/s. Once landed hit X (without holding down Z) to cut engines and disable this mod. Soft takeoff (Velocity Control): Press Z-X to enable the mod and set the desired velocity to zero. Press Z-Shift to increased your ascent rate by 1m/s per press. Press Z-X to set your velocity setpoint to zero to enter a hover, or press Z-Ctrl to reduce your ascent speed by 1m/s per press. Liftoff speed control: Takeoff as normal, once you reach your desired vertical speed hit Z and that speed will be maintained. Once clear of the lower atmosphere, hit any throttle key (while Z is not pressed) to disable the mod and continue your ascent as normal. Note that this mod controls vertical speed only. As you tip over your total speed will increase as your horizontal speed becomes a larger part of your total velocity. Height Control: First, the desired height to fly to must be entered. Click the 'Fly To' text box and enter your desired altitude. Only numbers and special keys (arrow keys, backspace, delete, etc.) are valid. Be aware that while the text box has focus, commands are not issued to KSP. However, pressing any non-number key such as W will cause the text box to lose focus and return control to KSP. It may take two key presses however, one to return focus and a second to issue the command. Once the desired altitude is entered, click the Auto Height button to engage and your vessel will fly the desired altitude. The mod will compensate for vessel tilt (up to about 30°) so you can control your horizontal speed by tilting your vessel. Pressing a throttle key will disable height control and return you to the default KSP controls. Pressing Z will enter Velocity Control mode with the Velocity Setpoint your current vertical speed. Height control can be enabled anytime the gray 'Auto Height' button is present. See warning messages below if you do not have this button. Descent from orbit (Height Control): When descending from orbit (or from a sufficient height), there is a special "Free Pitch" mode available. To use, enter the altitude you desire to stop and hover at in the 'Fly To' text box. The auto height button should say "Auto Height (Free)". Click this and the auto height button should change to "Free Pitch". This effectively arms the Height Control mode to take control of the throttle once you are low enough, but does nothing at this height. Continue to control your ship via the normal KSP keybindings to de-orbit. Note that pressing a throttle key does not disable the mod while in this mode. When you are 20 seconds away from the height where the Height Control mode needs to take over to hover at the desired altitude, the "Free Pitch" will change to "Thrust Warning", you then have those 20 seconds to return your vessel to pointing straight up so that the Height Control can take control of the throttle to bring you to a stop at your desired altitude. Height Control Button Warnings: This button can display several different things: TWR LOW: This means that 80% throttle, your vessel currently can not accelerate upwards. More engine power is required for Height Control to work. Velocity Control mode can still be engaged. TWR HIGH: This means that 1% throttle, your vessel currently can not accelerate downwards. This is almost exclusively caused by the presence of Solid Rocket Boosters. Height Control can not engage until the SRBs are expended. Velocity Control mode can still be engaged. Note that if either TWR HIGH or LOW become true when Height Control mode has been engaged, control will revert to Velocity Control with a setpoint of 0 so the craft will attempt to hover until you can correct the situation. Auto Height (gray text): Height Control is not currently engaged (although Velocity Control may). Click to activate Height Control mode. Auto Height (Free) (gray text): Your altitude is high enough that entering Height Control mode will be in the orbital descent "Free Pitch" mode, leaving you with throttle control Auto Height (Now) (gray text): Your altitude is such that Height Control will take control of the throttle as soon as you enter it. Auto Height (Thrust) (gray text): Your altitude is such that Height Control will take control of the throttle as soon as you enter it, but you are in the 20 second buffer zone between Free Pitch mode and Normal Height Control mode. In Auto: Height Control mode has control of the ship and everything is normal. You may pitch the vessel up to 35° off vertical for horizontal speed control and the Height Control mode will automatically adjust your vertical velocity to compensate. OVER PITCH: (Over Pitch in yellow text.) This is a warning condition that the vessel is greater the 35° off vertical and Height Control may not be able to compensate for that pitch angle. Height Control will still attempt to however and if you return to less then 35° off vertical, Height Control will be able to recover and return your vessel to the desired altitude. Free Pitch: This is a special condition that is only present during long descents, usually from orbit. When this mode is displayed you have full control of your vessel, including the throttle. During this time, pressing a throttle key controls the throttle and does not disable this mod. THRUST WARNING: (Thrust Warning in yellow text.) This is a warning condition that the vessel is about to thrust vertically to hold at the desired altitude. When this is displayed, you are leavingFree Pitch mode and you have 20 seconds to return to less then 35° off vertical, otherwise you may overshoot your desired altitude. Skycrane mode As of version 1.18, the compensation for adding and removing loads from a skycrane is now handled silently in the background by the mod. When you attach or detach a load from a skycrane, the mod should compensate for the weight different in a very short time (half a second or less) and you can fly as normal from there. Mod Use (Refer to screen shot above): Current Vertical Velocity: Shows you current vertical velocity regardless of whether this mod is engaged or not. Positive numbers is upwards velocity, negative numbers downward velocity. Velocity Setpoint: Has 3 modes. "---.--" is displayed when this mod is not engaged. "123.12" A number displays when the mod is engaged in Velocity Control mode and shows what the current target velocity is. "Auto" displays when Height Control mode is engaged. Disable Velocity Control: Clicking this button disables this mod (both Vertical Velocity and Height Control modes). This is the same as pressing a throttle key (Shift/L-Ctrl/X) with Z not held down. Set Vertical Velocity to Zero: Clicking this button enables this mod in Velocity Control mode and sets the Velocity Setpoint to 0 (zero). This is the same as pressing Z-X on the keyboard. Increase/Decrease Vertical Velocity by 1m/s: Clicking these buttons will increase or decrease the Velocity Setpoint by 1m/s when in Velocity Control mode. If the mod is not in Velocity Control mode (so not engaged or in Height Control mode), the mod will engage Velocity Control mode and use the ship's current velocity as the Velocity Setpoint. This is the same and pressing Z-Shift or Z-LCtrl on the keyboard. Target and Current Altitude: The current altitude of your ship and the desired target altitude above terrain (not sea level as displayed at the top of the screen) for Height Control Mode. Height Control Button: The button for Height control mode. Operating Mode: Shows you which mode the mod is currently in. "Height Control Mode", "Velocity Control Mode" or not engaged ("Control Off"). Click this button to go from Height Control to Velocity Control, and then click again to go from Velocity Control to Control Off. Direction: Set which direction is up. Click 'Direction' to see the current setting and the Up Down Forward Back Left Right buttons to set the up direction that way relative to the root part's local axis (which can be different then the world axis.) A red arrow will appear showing which direction is now up. This setting saves on a per vessel basis. Known limitations: -Jet Engine spooling is not fully accounted for and the craft will bounce before settling if jet engines are the primary source of lift. (No fix possible) -Does not account for RCS -Only practical near planets surface
  5. M-52 KERMAN Main Battle Tank What better way to come back to the forums, then to post your favorite thing to do: tanks! As usual, this tank is completely stock [NO MODS REQUIRED TO RUN]. It might be a little part intensive for low-end computers. No real need to list and specifications as they are all located on the video or the following album and spoiler below! If you choose to download it, just hit the "DOWNLOAD HERE" to be taken to kerbalX! Enjoy the pictures! and to the few who saw my publicly released video before I posted this here..... well played DOWNLOAD HERE ↓ PHOTO ALBUM BELOW ↓
  6. I have been playing ksp for quite a while now, mostly building mediocre tanks and planes, but recently I created a very silly and surprisingly useful land vehicle. It's powered only by reaction wheels. On it's ends I added wheels and landing legs (for safe spinning on the side and jumping) and also enough RTGs to power it even at full speed. Specs: Part count: 50 Top safe speed: 25m/s Torque: 80 Mods used: Kerbal foundries link: https://kerbalx.com/samuel9900/Spiny
  7. The Elcano Challenge "Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by." - Robert Frost Juan Sebastián Elcano (1476 – 4 August 1526) was a Spanish explorer of Basque origin who completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth. After Magellan's death in the Philippines, Elcano took command of the nau Victoria from the Moluccas to Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain. This challenge is simple. So simple, it's easy. Well...it sounds easy. Those of us who have completed it would probably disagree. The challenge to you is to become the next Elcano. To do what no one, or very few, have done. A challenge to circumnavigate an orbital body, be it moon or planet, solely by ground and/or water. This challenge is a continuation of the original Elcano Challenge, posted and managed by Fengist. (Hopefully I can be as clever with my comments as he was. ) The rules are simple: Basically, you are to circumnavigate, either equatorially or via a polar path. Your path should not diverge significantly from the intended direction. You may do as I did and mark your path via flags. Or you may provide ample proof via screen shots. Using ScanSat BTDT (Been there done that) scanners also works provided you don't have a bunch of different vessels with BTDT. Plant a flag at your beginning spot and return to that flag... the long way around. The main mission and support missions must be launched from the launchpad or runway and delivered to the destination body. Part of the journey is getting the crew/ship there. (i.e. No HyperEditing or save file editing the vehicle into position.) Any combination of launching, refueling, or docking is permitted. The vehicle must be Kerballed during the circumnavigation. The ship does not have to be launched or delivered in one massive mission, but there needs to be at least one kerbal onboard the rover/boat during the circumnavigation (capsule, cockpit, seat, or loose). Stay on the ground or on/below the surface of any water present. (BRIEF jumps over dunes and such permitted.) The same vehicle that crosses the land must also cross water. No ferrying your vehicle on a boat. You may send replacement vehicles. If you read Fengists' circumnavigation of Eve, you'll see why. Game mechanics are not kind to ground vehicles. Your crew must be transferred to any replacement vehicle and it must be very similar to the original. I understand this is a learning process...and will allow some design changes. You may use aerial and orbital recon vehicles. You may refuel if needed. Use of ISRU (or similar mods) is permitted. Saving and reloading (F5/F9) is permitted. If your vehicle is complex, be aware that saving can slowly corrupt/damage the craft if it’s flexing due to movement or weight. (I suggest you read over Fengist’s journey to see what happened as a result.) Only stock planets and moons are acceptable. Asteroids (stock or modded) or orbital bodies introduced to the Kerbol system via a plugin are not considered valid orbital bodies for this challenge Exception: Circumnavigations on RSS Earth are allowed, given the origin of this challenge. Any rule I haven't thought of that breaks the spirit of this challenge. The point of the challenge is to build a rover/boat, deliver the vehicle, and circumnavigate the body. Proof: Document your journey via images, or as those of us who have manage to complete this feat, by words and pictures. Categories: Stock / Stock Craft / Modded - Mods are acceptable, those who complete this stock will have it noted. Support vehicles used (delivery, replacement, recon, and refueling) also factor into this category. The categories are broadly defined as follows: Stock - Mods can be used before the mission begins (such as using KER for design, HyperEdit for testing, etc), but no mods of any kind used during the record flight. No mods that add or modify parts, information, visuals, physics or any other aspect of the game are permitted during the mission. “Stock” means stock. (If you normally use mods, consider having a separate install if you want to go for this category.) Stock Craft - The craft and all support craft are made from all stock parts with their stock configuration. Installed mods may not modify physics or add/modify parts in use by the craft. Mods that add PartModules to stock parts, but do not alter the stock parameters, are also permitted. Examples of permitted mods are information displays (such as KER), transfer window planners, and visual enhancements (such as EVE). “Stock Craft” means the .craft or save file can be used on a stock install and it looks/works exactly the same way (your mission would remain effectively unchanged without the mods). Modded - Use of add-ons that change physics or add/modify parts in use by the craft are permitted. An add-on’s technology level must be “near term” or of “next tier” type of capabilities as compared to stock. Mods that allow the user to skip elements of the challenge or violate the spirit of flying to and circumnavigating a body are not permitted. (i.e. Slightly better/larger/stronger engines, wheels, fuel tanks, etc. are permissible. Hyperdrives, antimatter engines, wormhole generators, hyper dense or exotic fuels, etc. are not allowed.) This challenge is not for the feint of heart. It will take persistence and a great deal of patience. If you're the competitive type and think of this challenge as a race, it will get boring really quick. If you look at it as I, Fengist, and Wooks did (as an adventure) you'll find plenty to keep you entertained. Since this is challenge is more about the journey than reaching the destination, feel free to create a thread in Mission Reports so that everyone can share in it. It doesn't matter whether it fails or not, everyone there loves to read the stories, even the sad ones. Good luck and um... Godspeed.... And before you grumble about how long this will take... think back at how many hours you spent doing other things in KSP that ended up being less rewarding... Advice to explorers Be cautious when quicksaving. Some vessels in particular (especially with robotics and/or movable parts) are prone to errors with alignment after repeated quicksaves/quickloads. Gravitational and motion stresses on ground-based vehicles are a LOT more than spacecraft. If you quicksave while a part is misaligned due to these stresses and then reload, you just doomed your vessel to a corrupt save. This theory was originally posted by Fengist in his Elcano thread, and seems to strike some vehicles harder than others. CIRCUMNAVIGATORS Grand Master Circumnavigators Those who have circumnavigated all Planets & Moons Claw - Stock - Completed all circumnavigations! Planetary Circumnavigators Those who have circumnavigated both Kerbin & Eve Claw - Stock - Completed both Kerbin and Eve circumnavigations! Master Mariner Circumnavigators Those who have circumnavigated both Kerbin & Laythe via ocean. Check here for details on this specific award. Claw - Stock - Completed both Kerbin and Laythe water circumnavigations! nigelvn - Mods - Completed both Kerbin and Laythe water circumnavigations! RexKramer - Stock - Completed both Kerbin and Laythe water circumnavigations! Chemp - Stock Craft - Completed both Kerbin and Laythe water circumnavigations! Wooks - Stock (I'm pretty sure) - I believe the first to circumnavigate Kerbin by ground, leaving some 70 Kerbals in his wake. Techinically, Wooks broke rule 3 by using boats. But, since he is the first I know of to prove it could be done, I'll allow him some room. Anyone else, no dice. Slam_Jones - Stock - A jet powered, single Kerbal, amphibious monofoil refueled by a VTOL, Slam's EOS Bike X completed a circumnavigation of Kerbin. Geschosskopf - Mods - For a man who's more at home flying on Duna, he makes an impressive Kerbin pontoon. Squiggsy - Mods - And how would you surmount a vertical ice shelf? Claw - Stock - The famous moderator takes a cockroach on a water based circumnavigation of Kerbin. Who knew cockroaches could swim that well? Hagen von Tronje - Mods - In an attempt to circumnavigate every orbital body in the Elcano, Hagen found the solution to one of the big problems, pontoons. Rex Kramer - Stock - Broken parts and flat tires. All part of what it takes to get a Mk3 rover around Kerbin. Bubbadevlin - Mods - How many intakes does it take to make a rover float? nigelvn - Mods - It's better to look good than to feel good and what better way to look good circumnavigating... than in a yacht. RexKramer - Stock - I'm still not sure what to call this thing... an airliner on a park bench? But it seems to circumnavigate well. Azimech - Mods - Ok, this one is definitely a Pontiac. Minus the fins. Van Disaster - Mods - A lengthy trek (six months in the making) and some backtracking, but quite amazing pics of Kerbin. castille7 - Stock - A pretty sweet ride, and an engineer that won't quit. castille7 manages to circumnavigate Kerbin. Chemp - Stock - A catamaran that looks a bit like a pod racer...proof that more thrust can be pretty darn cool. Stratzenblitz75 - Stock Craft - Kerbin succumbs to another navigator. Bill's journey will not be abated as he refuels, climbs the ice wall, and returns to the top of the VAB in style. Dfthu - Stock - A beast of a boat that manages to hold it's own even when out of the water. Chemp - Stock - Chemp finds another way to take Elcano to the next level (if that's even possible) and finishes a circumnavigation in a kerbal powered rover. Damerell - Mods - Damerell takes another Svetlana-designed vehicle on another trip, this time to conquer Kerbin...who knew tanks could float? Alchemist - Stock Craft - The Elcanoplan takes quite the detour around Kerbin, picking up some awesome sights along the way. timmers_uk - Stock Craft - A test run results in an unexpected circumnavigation, ending in a footrace to get up to the runway. gilflo - Mods - A 50 ton ARG makes short work of Kerbin, completing the full trip in just over four days. Martian Emigrant - Stock Craft - Our very own Emigrant from a nearby red planet managed migrating several local kerbals. Will he do it again? RocketPilot573 - Stock - How do you make sure you don't pop balloon tires while circumnavigating the moon? Landing gear of course. Hotaru - Stock - One incredibly detailed excursion around the Mun. B-STRK - Mods - If you like Kerbal dialogue, you'll love this circumnavigation, including the flipping incident. damerell - Mods - Damerell took a lesson from Volvo in the 1980's: Big and boxy, but good. Claw - Stock - Flat tires, crashed rovers and dragons... all part of Claw's circumnavigation of the Mun. Warzouz - Stock Craft - A pair of side-saddle kerbals tackle the tempting Mun...and take a tour of it's secrets. IvanSanchez - Modded - A munar exploration contract takes IvanSanchez' robo-surveyor on a multi-day journey around the Mun. Just Jim - Stock Craft - In a knock-down, drag-out match, Jim rounds the Mun in a rather stout rover. NoPanShabuShabu - Mods - A polar excursion of Eve, including a stop at it's very pointy north pole. Fengist - Mods - A very screwy circumnavigation that used 1 replacement vehicle in the process. I lost count of how many hours it took... yes, that many. Claw - Stock - At the end of a long journey, Claw finally completes his last world, and completes his Elcano collection. Thalamask - Stock Craft - In rapid succession, another victor conquers the expansive...lonely...purple planet. Brotoro - Stock - Tested out the 'new' rover parts back in 2013 by driving AROUND Duna. Though he did this un-Kerballed, I mention him here because he was apparently the first, to do any circumnavigation of any planet by land. His quote as to why he did it, sums up this challenge, "I made the trip for the same reason Roald Amundsen went to the South Pole, and .... Rutan and Jeana Yeagar flew non-stop around the world without refueling, and Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed to the summit of Mount Everest... just because I could." Hagen von Tronje - Mods - Completing yet another circumnavigation, Hagen takes on the bloody eyeball, something no one has attempted in years! Claw - Stock - 2 Kerbals, a bashed up rover and flying rocks. Claw completes a polar circumnavigation of Duna. Commander Zoom - Mods - Better late than never, the mission of a hearty crew of five takes a long term trip around the red planet makes its way to the public record. Thalamask - Stock Craft - Basking in the warm night glow and finds some rather large, lofty unobtainium...another lofty wayfarer visits the red planet. Juzeris - Mods - Expecting an easy yachting experience, Juzeris and his crew discovered that boating their way around Laythe wasn't as easy as expected. Claw - Stock - The moderator with the most barnacles, Claw becomes the first not only to circumnavigate 2 orbital bodies, he does both by water. nigelvn - Mods - nigelvn completed a circumnavigation of Laythe with one of the most amazing mods created by one of the most humble mod creators. Using Maritime Pack he cruised his yacht around Laythe to include a long distance fuel delivery. Loads of pics. smjjames - Mods - And another boat fanatic takes to the waves and circumnavigates Laythe... though you may have trouble finding the ship for all the engines. RexKramer - Stock - Well, it doesn't exactly look like a boat but hey, when you go stock, you can't be picky. Claw - Stock - In for a second round of Laythe, and on a polar route this time too boot. Chemp - Stock Craft - After a bit of a break, Chemp returns to make a splash on Laythe (and finds one of it's natural wonders). Jean Deaux - Stock - Jean decided that instead of bringing spare parts, he'd just bring spare rovers. Landing 3 of his Ark III rovers on Minmus in one operation he drove one around the poles of Minmus. damerell - Mods - Using a Kerbal Foundries based rover, damerell found Minmus wasn't as easy to circumnavigate as expected. Spudman2 - Stock - Ok, so he spent a lot of time driving with a flat tire. Who knew Minmus had sharp rocks. Hagen von Tronje - Mods - Hagen is a masochist after my own heart. He's attempting to circumnavigate every orbital body and he's completed Minmus. Claw - Stock - Trading in his cockroach for a dune buggy, Claw completes his third circumnavigation. I think he's testing me to see what badge I come up with for circumnavigating all orbital bodies. xendelaar - Mods - While Gilly's terrain may lack color, Xendelaar lit it up like a Xmas tree. The Cardinal - Mods - A man after my own heart. A circumnavigation in a rover that's entirely too big. There's no such thing as excess in KSP. Azimech - Mods - Aside from all the extra wheels, it kinda looks like a 70's Mopar product. But hey, we can't all afford Cadillac's. Dfthu - Stock - Busted wheels, an explosion or two, Kraken in the terrain... all the usual things you'd find in a cirucmnavigation. Hotaru - Stock? - Some long term bases and a high speed rover, Hotaru makes quick work of Minmus. waterlubber - Mods - After a bit of a bouncy ride, Bob and Val finish visiting the sights on Minmus. KN_Namida - Stock - KN_Namida shares a full album of his two kerbals and their incredible four month journey around Minmus. Speeding Mullet - Stock Craft - Rocket powered rovers are never a bad idea. Speeding Mullet takes the plunge, and carries a nearly train sized rover to the minty green hills. suicidejunkie - Mods - An opportune chance turns into a Minmus curcumnavigation, complete with parts delivery and probe deployment. Thalamask - Stock Craft - The ion bike comes out for another spin, this time racing around the flats of Minmus. ryan234abc - Stock Craft - Another brave soul visits the minty green marble by retooling a stock vehicle to fuel his adventure. Xannari Ferrows - Mods - While brave enough to attempt a circumnavigation of Moho with a rover based on a stock rover body and balloon tires, I have to wonder what the Dracula music in the background represents. Claw - Stock - Keeping the hot side hot, and the cold side cold, this little jeep rounds yet another planet...taking a polar trip around the terminator of Moho. Solune - Mods - After losing numerous wheels and having to replace his rover at least once, Solune completed a circumnavigation of Vall, including a stop at at least one anomaly and a flag planting at the pole. Thalamask - Stock Craft - Val takes on Vall in a no holds barred challenge! And finds quite the floating rock to boot. Claw - Stock - Julella and Obemy circumnavigate yet another body, this time finding invisible brick walls and holes to the core of the moon. Teilnehmer - Stock - Teilnehmer discovered that one of the biggest challenges to driving around Gilly was staying ON the ground. ryan234abc - Stock - Another brave explorer who has discovered the low gravity of Gilly presents it's own challenges. ghostbuzzer7 - Mods - Ghost found the easy way to cross Gilly, with a big sail... or was that a solar panel? Thalamask - Stock Craft - Gilly tries hard to buck Thalamask from it's lightweight surface, but persistence prevails. Claw - Stock - Like so many before him, Claw underestimates the minimal gravity and the patience needed to finish the job. nigelvn - Stock - Not a lot of dialogue but gobs of pictures! Thalamask - Stock Craft - Thalamask rocks the icy planet with a venerable boxy rover, and rings it with flags. HoloYolo - Modded - Visiting the quiet little snowball apparently froze a rover and kerbal solid. Who said a bug would stop Elcano? Claw - Stock - A dirty snowball, and a big plan. Claw's crew makes yet another trip...this time to the outer reaches. Claw - Stock - Claw discovers a Kraken portal while making yet another polar circumnavigation, this time... of Ike. Thalamask - Stock Craft - Another wide body dune buggy kicks up Ike dust, and Valentina finds a floating boulder. Do or do not, there is no try. TheCardinal - Mods - Now this is my kinda rover. Big, boxy.... kinda like an old Volvo, except for the tracks. Thalamask - Stock Craft - Another big and boxy rover hits it's mark, complete with ion propulsion and an excited Valentina. Claw - Stock - After a quick jaunt around the tiny planet, Claw's ride looks like it's trying to leave without him. Claw - Stock - The trip to Bop is short, but it provides some nice eye candy and the biggest floating rock to date. Thalamask - Stock Craft - A nifty little ion bike makes an appearance, lending it's gentle touch to Bop's low gravity. Thalamask - Stock Craft - Thalamask takes on another world, and shows that "slow and steady" wins the Tylo race. Claw - Stock - Sweet unmerciful Tylo, how you taunt us. Julella and Obemy rejoice as they safely leave the bounds of of the kraken's grip. Claw - Stock - Some rapid pedaling from Duna, Claw finds himself face to face with the minefield that is Dres. Thalamask - Stock Craft - With a huge smile on his face, Jeb makes a polar round trip around Dres. Apparently the mines have been cleared! Some inspiration for you: Wooks circumnavigating Kerbin
  8. Hello, I'm new to the KSP, tried to land my first airplane on the runway. But I keep failing on deacceleration before landing, thus landing on the water. Though I could land on water without any loss, I want my plane to land on the runway, since I've heard that it gives more money back on the recovery. How should I deaccelerate my plane? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I’m using LT-2 Landing Struts to land on Eve, below its tolerance limit of 12 m/s, but they always crash. Maybe I don’t understand how this works, and impact tolerance is not the same as stress tolerance, but when the vessel “lands” it’s going at 9.4 m/s, which I thought was safe. Here are two pics of before landing and after “landing” (all struts explode and then the vessel flips and everything is over: http://imgur.com/a/6SnKY (pics are from different landings, but both were going at the same speed and ended exploding) Thank you very much!
  10. I thought about doing a Land Speed Record for 1.1.x. With the new wheel physics, this should be FUN. RULES: No part/gameplay affecting mods allowed. KER/MechJeb allowed, however. So is eye candy... No ALT+F12, cheating, or HyperEdit. Rocket/jet/MonoProp/Nuclear(?) engines allowed. Entries must be submitted as screenshots or videos, with at least one of the F3 screen at the end of the run. Run must be completed at end of the runway. Let's see how this goes.
  11. Can you land a plane at the KSC runway with 2x Time Warp? Can you do it in Comic Sans? (Please Don't) Then this is a challenge for you! Rules Your plane has to have a minimum of 17 parts. Your plane has to achieve before landing 300m/s. Your plane has to achieve a minimum altitude of 750m. You cannot use modded parts or physics. You have to either record, or submit photo evidence of success! No cheating! You have to land near or on the runway. Time warp has to be engaged after take off. You have to land at 70m/s minimum. Hardcore Rules Your plane has to have a minimum of 35 parts. Your plane has to achieve before landing 700m/s. Your plane has to achieve a minimum altitude of 900m. You cannot use modded parts or physics. You have to either record, or submit photo evidence of success! No cheating! You have to land on the runway. You have to use 4x time warp. You have to land at 120m/s minimum. Time warp has to be engaged after take off. Bonus points for landing at the island runway. Good luck!
  12. What is your land speed record? Mine is 622 m/s (which is 2239 km/h or 1391 Mile per hour). BTW, does anybody know why trying to insert media comes up with " The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."?
  13. Hello! I have a burning question for you... how do you land on other planets? I can fly and everything, but I don't understand the prograde and stuff like that, or the Map tools. I NEED help!!! What I mean is, i can launch, and get into orbit, but I can't, like, land on the moon. I don't understand how to dock( I just select the target and click target on the NavBall) I tried the tutorials. They Dont Help.
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