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Found 9 results

  1. This is a Kerbalism profile to allow it and TAC-Life Support to work together. This removes kerbalism processes of food,water,oxygen consumption and co2 and waste production in favor of TAC. It leaves most kerbalsim systems intact. License:Unlicense Download Link: Spacedock Source: none as its only 2 .cfg files Install instructions. 1.extract 2.copy over kerbalsim install. 3. optional. includes a modified profile for those that dont use MKS. If you dont use mks then install that profile.
  2. My idea is to make the arrangement of modules in the kraft more meaningful Logically, if the habitate modules are not connected by any tunnels or corridors, then to move between them, you need a minimum of EVA. But according to the logic of the game, since these modules are part of the same craft, kerbals can still move between them. For example kerbals can move between modules of this craft I propose to make a system that resembles the fuel delivey system for liquid engines. If engine not connected to fuel system, then it can't waste fuel. And if module is not connected with the interior living space of the spacecraft, then kerbals can't move to this module from anothers. For example right connected modules look like these: On the second picture you can see that modules are connected with tube. And I suggest that tubes can connect habitate modules and/or this function can be made by another parts I propose this change to make the assembly of kerbals crafts more meaningful. This adds a new layer to the assembly process, related to the proper planning of module placement and it will add a bit simulation to the space exploration simulator. I think with this fix will make game immersion is felt stronger, if I may say so. I assume that such a system is being developed for the colonies, but I am not convinced and do not know if it applies to spaceships I thought about this idea after seeing this interstellar ship with planes Of course, although it is pre-alpha, but it is unclear how the crew will get to the planes, except through spacewalking And now my fantasy, which may not appear in the game: if you can't connect some modules on interstellar ship, you can make transport, which is connected to ship's structure and can to drive on it like on rails 500m from the living bays to landers, which saves weight on the long 500 meter corridor I hope you found my idea about realistic movement between habitate modules interesting and convincing
  3. I'm trying to make a simple add-on that just adds the supply resource to all crewed parts. OPT spaceplane parts already has this at a certain ratio of the resource to crew capacity in the part. I changed the ratio in the OPT config files to something I felt was more balanced (by default it's very low), which worked just fine. But for some reason even directly modifying a stock part config such as: @PART[mk2LanderCabin_v2] { MODULE { name = USI_ModuleResourceWarehouse } RESOURCE { name = Supplies amount = 100 maxAmount = 100 } } this doesn't seem to work. Any help? Ideally I'd like to configure it simply to add 50 supplies per crew spot to all command/crewed parts. But I'm fine with manually configuring every crew part in my game.
  4. I've been playing with Kerbalism for a while and I can officially say it's my favorite Life Support mod. With the unconfusing layout, once you get the hang of it, you can easily make your missions feel so much more lifelike. But I recently got inspired to make one of my own after an unfortunate Mars mission. After my Mars lander exploded into about a million tiny little pieces, Artemis Kerman waited above in the Orbital module. As she was alone, she was consuming less than three kerbals would, so that was alright. The big issue, though, is that I had failed to bring extra Nitrogen and thus I didn't have enough to keep my pod pressurized longer than 1 and a half years (which sucks since I have to wait 405 days until my transfer window opens). So this got me thinking. Well, I have PLENTY of O2 left, so why can't I just use more O2 for pressurization. While I know realistically this isn't exactly the best idea, but come on. This is a game about green men. I want to make a mod similar to Kerbalism that employs the ability to change: Pressurized Capsule Gas Concentration (How much O2, N2, or CO2) How pressurized the capsule is (Instead of 1atm, why not pressure the capsule lower in order to preserve resources?) Caloric intake of Kerbals (In fact, kerbals now have a daily caloric intake they need to meet in order to maintain certain health levels. Using too little calories may cause a kerbal to become underweight, while the opposite may cause a kerbal to GAIN weight. A kerbal who has gained weight LITERALLY weighs more, so if a kerbal gains weight during a transfer and then hops in a lander, the lander might have more troubles with weight than you originally thought. Also, this way you can stretch your food supplies in case of emergencies). Sicknesses. So far there aren't (that I'm aware of) any life support mods that actually contain any actual 'health' requirements for Kerbals. You can change cleanliness settings, such as choosing to launch with a super-steralized pod or choosing to launch without cleaning the pod. You can also choose to quarantine a Kerbal after visiting space/another planet in case they come down with a space sickness (inspired by the actual events of Apollo 11). Kerbals can also get radiation sickness in orbit, and old kerbals with a lot of time receiving those lovely ionizing rays could get cancer (Kancer)! This incentivizes a large pool of astronauts instead of having a choice number of astronauts that do all your missions. A fully fledged kerbal physical health system. Tired of kerbals bouncing on the ground and getting off scot free? What about possible mishaps in zero-g (possibly by Kerbals with more stupidity)? Now, kerbals can break limbs, get concussions, and require medical assitance. I could even add a fourth kerbal type, medic, who can repair broken kerbals in case of injury. But this also means Kerbals don't die instantly in some cases. Imagine a kerbal breaking a limb while on the moon, and begins suffering internal bleeding. You have a timer before the kerbal bleeds out and dies (and a medic could help elongate that time), and you need to get them back to Kerbin before the timer runs out or the kerbal is dead forever (or in the case of the veterans, if one insists, dies for a little while). And remember how I said mishaps in zero g? Well, what if, based on the kerbals stupidity level, accidental injuries could happen randomly while in orbit? Kerbals aren't all perfect. Now, when you hire Kerbals, you can see what pre-existing conditions they have that might effect their strengths and weaknesses. What if a kerbal is sickle-celled? Well, they might be less resistant to low-oxygen environments. What if you choose a kerbal with osteoporosis? Well, they might have bone density issues that could be exacerbated by long stays in orbit. And this also means a kerbal can GAIN a condition. Spent too much time in orbit? They might come down with a bone density issue, or other health problem that effects resource consumption, frequency of health issues, tolerance to g's, you name it! This doesn't mean all conditions are bad though! You could get a kerbal with strong G tolerance, or a kerbal with low-oxygen resilience. You could get a loner kerbal, who PREFERS to be on a mission alone, and doesn't need connection with home to stay sane (which is an idea from Kerbalism). What if you choose a kerbal that's claustrophobic? Well, they might be prone to breakdowns in long missions in cramped ships. Realistically, this all seems simple enough to code to me. A lot of it just effects resource consumption. I'm going to put this as a disclaimer, I AM NOT PROMISING THAT I WILL MAKE ANY MOD. I'm simply interested in trying to learn and pursue. I have no real modding experience and am just learning. I'm also making this to see how big the interest may be for a mod like this. I can see that this may not be the mod for everyone (let's face it, life support is a huge obstacle most of the time). However, some of the most fun I've ever had in this game has been using Kerbalism and running test after test to make sure a mission will go successfully. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me. The real meat of the mod would be in setting up configs for external mods. I know that Tantares, Bluedog, SSTU, Space Station Tech, and other mods would be fundamental for making configs for. However, I pledge that if I do make this mod, I will make in-depth VIDEOS on setting up configs for your own mods. I know the hardest part of modding can sometimes be figuring out how the heck a mod even works in the first place, so providing adequate wiki and tutorials is a goal of mine if this project gets a lot of love. I've said it a couple times, but this mod is heavily inspired by Sir Mortimer's Kerbalism. Because of this, the mod is planned to be similar to how Kerbalism works (especially in the resources). The mod will have: Oxygen Food Water Nitrogen Solid Waste Gaseous Waste Medical Supplies (which might even be divided into two different resources, pharmaceuticals and first aid, or left as one resource that can heal all) Other things that are monitored in the mod are: Stress (Happiness coupled with Hab size and Comfort, all hinging on a Kerbals condition) Heat (Much like how the Kerbalism system works, needing life support systems to keep a kerbal cool) Radiation (almost identical to how Kerbalism works, as I think Kerbalism's radiation system is unbeatable) Sickness (Kerbals get sick and this can effect resource use/life expectancy. Like I said before, Cancer might be a thing Kerbals can be diagnosed with). Physical Health (everything from broken bones to anaemia to a kerbals bodyweight) Retirement (Some kerbals might choose to retire if their health becomes too extreme. This would be up to user preference, though) And other things that aren't related to Kerbals but important to me, since they were in Kerbalism: Engine quality (# of ignitions, possibility of failure [WHICH CAN ALL BE CHANGED BASED ON PREFERENCE]) Part quality (how long a part will last, I plan on making this much more lenient than Kerbalism, and also make it a little more in-depth with levels of failure, specific function failure, etc.) Science time (originally why I got Kerbalism. When science can be ran over time, and continue to be run in the background, I almost cried. So much more fun than the stock system. I also plan to make this a little more friendly than the Kerbalism system, allowing science definitions to be seen [and a possibilty to add more science def's based on how much research you've done in a certain biome]) This mod would be designed to hinge on Probability. There's a chance that a Medic causes a health condition to get worse; there's a chance a kerbal bonks their head in their space station; there's a chance that an oxygen tank can explode and we could lose some of our oxygen supply (I'm looking at you, Apollo 13). By adding chance, but not complete randomness, I believe the mod can get us closer to a realistic space simulator that's still fun to use! I WOULD LOVE SOME POINTERS. If you have an idea of how something can be implemented, please tell me! I am open to ideas and I am open to letting someone else take over this project if they feel so inclined. I am also open to working with more experienced mod makers to program this and to have my vision fully realized. What do you guys think?
  5. After deciding to get rid of my last 3 mission report threads I then decided to make a new one! Why do I do this to myself? But this time using Kerbalism! Why do I do this to myself? Kerbal Aerospace Rules: No reverting Quicksaves and quickloads are allowed Full difficulty Kerbalism Career mode Normal mode settings Mod list: Flag: Goals: Not change the mod list (a big problem of mine that leads to major bugs) Land on every planet and moon. Have bases on every planet and moon. Try not to kill the Kerbals. Try not to abandon this thread.
  6. There were plenty of discussions about life support on this forum already. From my understanding, community is currently divided in two major groups. First one argues, that life-support will be a cool mechanics to add into the game, and another argues, that it's not necessary. The major disagreement between these two groups lies in will life support be too complex to have. But the thing is - complexity of life support is almost entirely depended on the way of implementation. There might be countless amounts of parts and resources, required to keep Kerbals alive, which truly might be too complex, and might be just a single part called life support with only 2 resources inside - oxygen and snacks, that drain over time, which is no where near "too complex". My point here is, that there is no reason to argue whether it will be too much for the stock game or not, while we have no idea of the shape on life support, that will or will not be implemented into the game. I want you guys to think about it from a different perspective and be open minded. While discussing possible improvements in KSP 2, a lot of people have talked about how sending a manned missions before drones makes very little sense(i'm talking about the missions that are at least "get to orbit" complex). I agree. Original Kerbal Space Program does not represent the level of complexity included in manned missions, compared to unmanned ones. There was no point in sending reconnaissance and testing missions to your destination. First reason for that is, that all the information about celestial bodies, necessary for the missions, was already available in the Tracking Station. It can easily be solved, by removing all the info from tracking station, and integrating process of collecting said data into the progression system. Necessity of observing the Mun(or any other celestial body) with telescopes, researching acquired data, in order to calculate size/mass/orbital velocities, and sending probes to it, in order to clarify data, instead of blindly sending Kerbals roughly in the direction of the Mun(or any other celestial body), without any idea what will happen, should be essential and even fits well with the concept of progression system through missions in the "Adventure Mode" PC Gamer article talked about. The second reason was, that in KSP 1, in order to send manned mission you only need 3 parts. Crew module, fuel tank and the engine(You don't even need the parachute these days! Every Kerbal has his own!). For the unmanned mission however, instead of crew module, you need drone core. But that's not it. You also need a power source, to keep it running. Solar panels, fuels cells, RTGs, you name it. You also need a decent battery reserves, for your probe to not die, once it enters the dark side of any celestial body. And don't forget about antenna! You have to keep your up-link with KSC in order to control your vessel! Do i even have to mention necessity of relay satellites for the deep-deep space missions? All of that makes unmanned missions 10 times more complex, than the manned ones, which is precisely the opposite of how it should be and how it was and is IRL. And this can be solved precisely with introduction of life-support. Necessity of having to put oxygen tank and supply of snacks on your rocket, can be the answer on why you maybe should pick unmanned mission over the manned one, for a simple survey, that can be done autonomously and Kerbals are not even necessary for. Inability to produce snacks and oxygen for kerbals in mid-flight, while being able to produce electricity for the probe with solar panels, can be the answer on why you maybe should pick unmanned mission over the manned one, for a mission to a distant destination. Importance of sending unmanned survey missions also benefits from presence of life support, because of ability to measure the temperature/radiation levels/gravity/composition of the atmosphere, in order to use that data to understand, can Kerbals survive there and which type of life-support will they need. And have you noticed how i mentioned temperature/radiation levels/gravity/composition of the atmosphere? That's right! All the science experiments, from original KSP now suddenly have AN ACTUAL PURPOSE, other than just collecting some magical science points, that will unlock new engine for you, which once again fits very well with announced progression system through missions. And since we are talking about progression system through missions - life-support can enhance even that. Think about how you would have to perform test-flights with experimental hardware in order to develop more advanced life-support systems. Don't tell me it won't be fun. Some examples: When you start your game you have nothing. * After you complete your first high-altitude flight and discover, that there is very little oxygen there, you unlock a oxygen cylinder, like the ones, that divers use. * When you complete your first sub-orbital flight and experience zero-G for the first time, you unlock tubes with food for your Kerbals, so you can actually feed them in zero-G and perform flights, that are longer than just couple hours. And so on and so on. Possibilities are almost limitless! And suddenly replicating X-15 flights now also have a purpose! In conclusion i want to quote myself from my post about career mode. KSP is the game all about challenge of getting to space. If you are already enjoying original KSP, you definitely will enjoy new challenges of getting to space in the sequel, once you master them, just as you already mastered the challenges of original KSP. Don't be afraid of complexity. And remember, that this won't be boring by definition, but can become boring only if designed poorly. And just because it can be designed poorly, doesn't mean it will be. Having said all that, i am certain, that life-support will be a good addition to KSP 2, and i have faith, that Nate Simpson and all the guys from Intercept Games are capable of implementing it in the way it will be fun. EDIT And don't tell me how Jeb Kerman, orbiting Kerbin on a Space Chair with scuba diver oxygen cylinder attached and some chocolate bars in his pocket, is not in the Kerbal Spirit.
  7. Hi @SQUAD, When 1.4 is released, I wonder if it is possible to add in a module resource generator that is based on a per kerbal pressence. Currently the resource converter and harvester module will operate regardless of a kerbal being present and require being started. Kerbals then adjust the rate based on trait and skill level. What I would like to see added is ModuleKerbalResourceGenerator that a generates a resource determined by cfg based on a kerbal present (or two with two kerbals or more) (with or without other resource inputs), with an option of it being 'always on' rather than being started through the right click menu in flight. It could then be left to modders to use. I can see lots of modding possibilities utilising - Life Support hooks, colony growth hooks, etc. Thanks and Peace, and thanks for 1.3.1!
  8. Currently several lifesupport mods exist which is great. The user can choose by himself/herself whatever lifesupport mod most coïncides with his/her wishes. What is not so great is that every LS mod uses it's own resources. Take Food. In another mod it's called KolonySupplies, in a third N.O.M.S. My request to all LFS developers is to standardise resource names so parts of different mods can become interchangable.
  9. Has anyone ever done a mission around the kerbin system using TAC, remote tech, Dangit and the parts available from Vens' stock revamp? I'm trying to think of spacecraft designs that would work and if anyone has already done so, could you be so kind as to share how you did it? Even missions to any other planet like Laythe, or Eeloo would be great. I'm also planning on using the parts from nuclear propulsion pulse rockets mod (Orion and Medusa) but haven't gotten around to using them yet. Here is a pic of my Interplanetary craft that I am currently using to push crew and cargo to their destinations, she just had her shakedown mission to Mun, performed a landing mission, and returned her crew back home safely:
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